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Dear reader, In 2006 I had the pleasure of being invited to invest in LiqTech International, with a vision to develop a ground breaking technology in liquid technology membranes.

“The company will change our entire perspective on the treatment of one of the planet’s largest, but most unevenly distributed, resources; WATER!”

ALDO PETERSEN Chairman, LiqTech

I had invested in a number of companies, but never in a company that was developing a new but already profitable - technology.


“ Close to you. Not over seas!” - Lasse Andreassen, CEO and Founder


WELCOME TO LIQTECH In the following pages we aim to inform you about a unique company that is LiqTech. In essence LiqTech was created out of the need for new technologies to meet ever increasing demands for cleaner air and cleaner water. It was born from a vision that technology companies with the right products and management could deliver sustainable profits and growth. LiqTech is a Danish based technology company, who for the last 11 years has been at the leading edge in developing and marketing its own proprietary products to the environmental industry. At its core is the ability to manipulate Silicon Carbide (SiC) - one the most durable of manmade materials - which has allowed it to make a high value, high performance product for liquid and gaseous filtration products.

Core strength From its facilities in Copenhagen LiqTech develops, manufactures and supplies its expanding network of sales offices around the globe. As such it retains full control of the development, manufacturing and sales process. It is the understanding of the market place combined with its rapid response to the demands of the customer that has allowed LiqTech to compete successfully in two distinct Industries involved in the delivery of clean water and clean air. • Control of exhaust emissions from diesel en-

gines. As air quality continues to be a major is-

sue, sources of particulate and Oxides of Nitrogen from diesel engines are a major concern. LiqTech is one of the leaders in the supply of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). These technologies will remove up to 99% of the particulate emitted by the diesel engine. The LiqTech DPF has found its way into engines both old and new and has been a major component in addressing “clean air zones” around the world, including cities in Europe, the USA and Korea. Future opportunities for the DPF continue as increasing legislation calls for significant reductions in diesel exhaust emissions especially in rapidly industrialised areas like China and South America.

LASSE ANDREASSEN CEO and Founder Background in industrial engineering Kampsax and Niro Atomizer, where Lasse Andreassen worked

• In support of its DPF business LiqTech designs

and manufactures a suite of proprietary automotive catalyst coating technologies, designed to meet the latest stringent emission standards in both NOx and PM.

with the removal of bacteria from milk using Polymeric membranes.

• Water treatment

The industries involved in the production and the reuse of water, have seen a massive growth as the resource we know as water, becomes a more valuable commodity. Most notably LiqTech has - in its patented SiC technology - an outstanding new ceramic membrane delivering superior flow rate (Flux) with unparallel levels of filtration. This performance combined with exceptional durability, enables membrane technology to be considered for entirely new and important areas.


20 00 1999


• Lasse Andreassen forms LiqTech

• First sales to USA of SiC membrane

A/S and opens an office and production facility in Copenhagen. The Company’s initial target was to produce novel SiC membranes technology for liquid filtration.

carrier to be coated with an Oxide membrane.


“ We soon realised that we had a winner on our hands.”

2001 • LiqTech introduces its own proprie-

tary SiC membrane coating technology for its SIC substrate - result a new high performance membrane was born.

- Johnny Marcher, Product Developer Manager

2000 • Manufactures its first Silicon Car-

bide (SiC) substrate for liquid filtration suitable for coating with third party Oxide membrane coating.


2002 • Significant new sales of DPF start.



• Poul Andreassen (Founder of ISS)

• LiqTech makes its first sale to auto-

joins the LiqTech board as Chairman and injects USD 850 k of new capital.

• Investment in new in house fur-

nacing to meet growing demand for LiqTech.

motive OEM.

• CoMeTas formed to focus on bring-

ing the SiC membrane to market. Office and Labs established at the DTU Symbian in Copenhagen.



• Developed a range of high perfor-

• In support of LiqTech’s growing

• Entered into agreement with Saint

• CoMeTas commercializes the first

mance automotive SiC DPFs and entered the growing European/US retrofit emission control market for cleaner air.

Gobain and APV ltd to develop novel food and dairy membrane for bacterial removal from milk.

DPF business, the sister company CoMeTas produces a range of Catalytic coatings for the emission control industry.

liquid membranes for water treatment.




• LiqTech NA Inc formed.

• Introduction of Aldo Petersen as

Don Debelek joins as CEO and Director to focus on production and sales of all LiqTech’s products into the NA region.

Chairman to LiqTech and an injection of new investors and capital to seed growth. • LiqTech wins Gazelle award for the

• LiqTech wins the prestigious Gazelle

second consecutive year.

award and is recognized as the fastest growing company in Copenhagen.

• Sales into Korea start. (DPF)


2005 • LiqTech diversifies its DPF range

with new DPF products to address larger Marine and Locomotive markets.

“ ...LiqTech and CoMeTas have a great potential for the international market...” - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Competition Jury


2006 • New membrane commercialized for

produced water. A unique water and oil separation technology designed to meet the stringent requirements for the North Sea oil exploration.

20 07

2008 • 2008 business milestone CoMetas

wins award in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year competition in the Cleantech category. The jury said: “...LiqTech and CoMeTas have a great potential for the international market because of the future restrictive laws in the environmental area.” • LiqTech announces record sales of


its DPF filters to customers supplying the London Low Emission Zone and Californian retrofit program.

• CoMeTas wins the Gazelle award.



• Major emission control system com-

• LiqTech develops and patents the

panies world wide obtain product verifications with LiqTech filters.

Back Pulse Hammer, which allows for continual operation of membrane in service ideally suited to the robust nature of LiqTech’s SiC membranes.


20 10

“ LiqTech’s

products are a safe choice for us” - Customer, London LEZ.

2009 • LiqTech Italy is formed. Focussed

on water.




• CoMeTas develops a pilot plant rig

• Building on the companies strength

to enable easy and quick evaluation of the membrane at the customers own premises.

as a manipulator of SiC. LiqTech launches a range of SiC Kiln Furniture products. Aimed squarely at the ceramic industry requiring support of their products during high temperature firing. • LiqTech membranes undergoes po-

sitive evaluation with water treatment giant Siemens. Who are looking for next generation Ceramic Membranes for future water treatment.


2010 • Partnership with Provital A/S to de-

velop Swimming pool systems using CoMeTas membranes to replace Sand Filters. • World wide agency network esta-

blished to distribute LiqTech’s Kiln Furniture.



• LiqTech A/S and CoMeTas merge

• LiqTech GmbH formed. A wholly

under one company LiqTech A/S.

• New production and HQ opened

in Ballerup Denmark. Production expanded from 400000 litres to 1400000. • LiqTech International A/S listed on

the US OTC markets.

owned German regional office opened in Frankfurt servicing the German water treatment industry. • LEA formed. A Partnership based in

Paris serving the French water treatment industry. • LiqTech International announces

record growth in Revenues and profit for 2011.

2012 • LiqTech opens an office in Singa-

pore representing the entire LiqTech product range in the South East Asian region.

2011 • New asymmetric DPF produced

targeted at the automotive OEMs. Strong initial interest from Korean market. • Complete range of Catalyst products

commercialised for the London Low Emission Zones.


“ LiqTech has specialized in 3 business areas�


BUSINESS AREAS LiqTech has for more than a decade developed and manufactured products of Re-crystallized Silicon Carbide. Among these, LiqTech has specialized in 3 business areas: Emission Control, Ceramic membranes for water filtration and Kiln Furnitures for the refractory industry.

Emission Control Diesel Particulate filters (DPFs) Diesel Particulate filters (DPFs) for the control of soot exhaust particles from diesel engines. LiqTech’s range of SiC Diesel Particulate Filters remove 99% of particulate soot from the diesel engines exhaust. Emission Catalysts Emission Control Catalysts for the control of emission from diesel vehicles with a focus on the automotive industry LiqTech can develop and coat catalyst on a wide range of materials (including its own SiC DPF) to help our customers achieve stringent emission standards. LiqTech operates in the following business areas:

Diesel OEM

Diesel Retrofit

Gensets /Marine

Catalytic Converters




Ceramic Membrane The Silicon Carbide (SiC) material provides the membrane with unique benefits. It is chemically inert, temperature resistant, has a high affinity to water (hydrophilicity) and extreme hardness, which makes it a very durable product. Our membranes can be applied to the processing of industrial waste water, produced water and pretreatment of drinking water. For ceramic membranes, the following areas are in focus:

Produced water

Principal Products LiqTech produces an extensive range of sizes and configuration of SiC membranes dependant on the operation and application. They can be classified under two distinct product groups. Aqua Solution Aqua Solution is a dead-end filter solution for liquids with low amounts of suspended solids. The membrane substrate has a dead-end design, which yields a more cost efficient filtration performance compared to other filtration principles. Aqua Solution is the ideal alternative to sand filters, thanks to the reduced operating costs, superior filtration and ease of handling. Sand Filter Replacement for:

Pre-filtration for Reverse Osmosis

Ballast water

Industrial applications

Drinking water

Waste water treatment

• Pool & Spa • Pre-treatment of RO • Wastewater Treatment

CoMem CoMem is a ceramic membrane element and is a cross-flow solution for filtration of liquids with a high amount sof suspended solids. The membrane substrates as well as the coating are made from Silicon Carbide. CoMem combines the material characteristics of Silicon Carbide with a cross-flow structure to handle higher amounts of suspended solids.


“ Our competences within the field of manufacturing Recrystallized SiC (RSiC) also involves slip casted products�


Kiln Furniture SiC’s resistance to very high temperatures, combined with good mechanical strength, makes it an ideal material for manufacturing supports and associated ”kiln furniture” in the firing of Ceramics and other refactory products. LiqTech offers a wide range of high quality Kiln furniture for the refractory industry. Key industries are: • • • • • • • • •

Sanitary ware Mining Tableware Artware and pottery Refractory ceramics Mineral processing Industrial process heating Technical ceramics Filtration



FUTURE PROJECTS Anti-virus membrane

Ceramic RO membrane

The aim of the project is to develop a ceramic membrane with removal of both bacteria and viruses. The target pore size is 0.02 micron. The membrane will be tested in China in collaboration with our Chinese test-partner in 2012. The test will be filtration of tap water from different locations in China and should result in 99.9999% removal of bacteria and 99.99% removal of viruses. The project is funded by the Danish Ministry of the Environment.

The vision for this project is to develop a robust ceramic reverse osmosis (RO) membrane to provide advanced desalination treatment for the growing drinking water market with low energy consumption and high robustness.

As predicted by Lasse Andreasen back in 1997, the SiC structure for the membranes is similar to that used for particulate filters in cars today.

“Our work focus on the future and how we can innovate and improve in this area of business.� The project is funded by the Danish Advanced Technology Foundation and the total project budget is 3 million USD.


DENMARK LiqTech International A/S Industriparken 22C DK-2750 Ballerup Denmark Phone: 0045 4498 6000 Fax: 0045 4498 6001

USA LiqTech North America Inc. 1804 Buerkle Road White Bear Lake, MN 55110 United States of America Phone: 001 651-773-5850

SINGAPORE LiqTech Pte Ltd. 28 Ayer Rajah Crescent #03-03, Singapore 139959

GERMANY LiqTech Germany GmbH Robert-Bosch-Str. 7 61267 Neu-Anspach Phone: 0049 6081 576163

FRANCE LEA Technology Group 4 Impasse de Lorraine 38120 Echirolles, France Phone: 0033 344 40 63 08

KOREA HIOIL E & T CO. LTD 160-5, Seokchon-Dong, Songpa-gu 138-844 SEOUL Korea Phone: 0082-2-413-7911 Fax: 0082-2-413-7910 20

Future Filtrations by LiqTech International  
Future Filtrations by LiqTech International  

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