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Comply With Government Regulation Through A Program For FAA Drug Testing It should be no surprise that the federal government through the FAA makes sure that the employees having to do with commercial flights must have an FAA drug testing program in place. Even though testing makes common sense for the aviators, what about testing for the other personnel? Working under the influence particularly for an employee of a commercial airline is incomprehensible. If the baggage handlers were intoxicated a lot of things could happen. What would happen to schedules if the personnel at the ticket counter had limited judgment? Any member of the control tower coming in drunk and working may potentially be deadly for many. In any of these cases, not only do hundreds of lives hang in the balance, but the reputation of the airline and the public's confidence in air transportation as well. Any company involved in air travel may be expected to apply DOT FAA drug testing because of the necessity for a sober work environment. This may include companies that give air tours as part of a sightseeing package. It can include shuttle companies and company-owned flight delivery routes. Other resources as well as training and a comprehensive package of information will be included in the DOT drug and alcohol testing applications. Some companies consider probably the most important of these to be the DOT program manual. All aspects of the program can be understood by companies required to implement it. Staff are able to consult the manual when questions or special situations occur, where they are able to learn how to manage a wide range of situations and events. For those areas the program manual does not cover, or for other questions an employee may have, the program is supported through phone or by email. Clients who use these programs are encouraged to contact the seasoned staff with any questions particularly when the program first came out. A particular time when a client company could use support and guidance is just prior to a DOT drug abatement audit. Before an audit happens, it's beneficial to find any potential problems and correct the issues immediately rather than the audit point out areas of deficiencies. During the audit, each noncompliance is documented, and the company has to go through significant work to rectify the problem. If enough noncompliance incidents are identified during the audit, the company can be tremendously penalized. One or two noncompliance incidents will be found in spite of how much planning and support is provided although most do have a particular goal of having a perfect record. For this reason, it is important for a company approaching their regular audit to be as prepared as possible. A range of testing services should be offered through an efficient testing program. Administering standard random tests for existing employees in addition to a qualifier for potential new employees is beneficial for any business. Testing is important and should be performed in a timely fashion if an incident occurs. Post accident testing becomes even more important if liability issues are concerned. One key for the successful application of an FAA drug testing program is useful and complete training. Employees are educated in drug testing procedures, and after training, each employee is fully aware of the requirements of sobriety for their job. This training is a powerful deterrent to

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Comply With Government Regulation Through A Program For FAA Drug Testing errors by employees, and is a superior way to deal with potential infractions through education before they have a chance to take place. Most companies understand the importance of drug testing programs and thorough initiative while being a lot of work, can and do protect both employees and their clientele. When you require to know that all work surroundings are secure, utilizing FAA drug testing procedures will help maintain the proper environment. Visit for much more specifics about Western Aeromedical Consortium.

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Comply With Government Regulation Through A Program For FAA Drug Testing