From the Depths, Summer 2013 "Conversations"

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Katherine Givens The Wallflower & Confidants Katherine Givens is a museum employee by day and a writer by night. Her fiction has been published in The Copperfield Review, The Enchanted File Cabinet, The Rusty Nail, and Daily Live. her poetry has been in several magazines, including Nazar Look, MUSED, and WestWard Quarterly. Kristen Yamamoto Feed the Fish & Letter To My 2 Year Old Cousin Kristen Yamamoto was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai'i. She loves to surf, hike, and dance hula and tries to incorporate her passions into her writing. She attended Pacific University in Oregon, where the English department helped her writing skills to flourish. She is looking forward to seeing where writing will take her in the future. Clay Steakley Learning to Shut Up Clay Steakley is a writer, actor, and musician based in Los Angeles. His fiction has been published in Slake Magazine and the Belmont Literary Journal, and will appear in an upcoming issue of Fiction Fix. He was a 2013 finalist for a PEN Emerging Voices Fellowship, and his play "Wolf Spiders" will receive its first staged reading this summer. Tiffany Bess New Year’s 2011 Tiffany Bess is a recent graduate from West Virginia University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English focusing on poetry. She has a strong passion for poetry, and hopes to someday make a difference in someone's life. She spends her days reading and writing as much as possible. She hopes to continue to further her career as a poet. Mary Marie Dixon Pickalilly Mary Marie Dixon is a visual artist and poet with creative works in periodicals and a collection of poetry, Eucharist, Enter the Sacred Way, Franciscan University Press, 2008. Her focus on women’s spirituality and the mystics combined with the Great Plains and the spiritual power of nature appears in visual and poetic form.


Pamela Arlov Letting You Go Pamela Arlov is a teacher, a writer, and a textbook author. Long a writer of concise, utilitarian prose, she is dipping her toes into the midnight waters of peotry, considering a swim, half-hoping to drown. Jakob Guanzon To Lie Without Weight Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jakob Guanzon currently lives in Madrid, Spain where he is working on his first novel "We Were A Family," among other projects. To see some of his other work, please visit Claire Fuller The Stranger’s Letters Claire Fuller is the author of many short stories. She is reaching the end of an MA in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Winchester, UK. She has just completed her first novel and is represented by Lutyens & Rubinstein. Her flash fiction can be read on her website at Elizabeth W. Seaver Loves Me, Loves Me Not Elizabeth W. Seaver got a BA from Smith College in Government, so it stands to reason that she spends her days painting in her art studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop and her early mornings and evenings scribbling stories and poems. Besides the natural world, she most likes to write about the lines which connect us and the spaces between us. See her art and writing at Donna McLaughlin Schwender Words of a Feather Donna McLaughlin Schwender is a self-professed word nerd, feather finder, heart stone hunter, and synchronicity searcher. Due to the support of her dear husband Tim and an amazing tribe of boot-wearing, wing-sprouting writers, she's recently begun to pursue her lifelong passion for writing. She's currently working on a book that features birds as the main characters. Feel free to eavesdrop on her life by visiting her Heart Stone Feathers blog at