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Issue 16

Haunted Southampton

June 2013

At The Workhouse Robert Brown Talks to the Paranormal Press

Special Report

The Guardians Of The Stones

On the search for ghosts in Germany

HAUNTED SOUTHAMPTON Haunted Southampton arranges and hosts paranormal investigations across the South of England.

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Based in Southampton, England. Haunted Southampton is a team of paranormal investigators undertaking investigations of a variety of locations that have reports of unexplainable occurrences. Since 2009 we have investigated over 60 locations and still find the experience fascinating , enjoyable and great fun . The majority of our investigations are available for members of the public to join us , using the extensive range of equipment we use and experiments we undertake to try and establish if indeed these venues are as haunted as they claim to be. You can find out more about our investigations through our website and Facebook group page - with over one thousand pictures posted of investigations by people who have joined us investigating the paranormal we hope you too may want to become part of our work. Haunted Southampton is (left to right)

Juliet Collins, Patrick Collins, Pete Collins, James Lysandrides & Rebecca Lysandrides


Inside This Issue Features Regular Features INVESTIGATION SPOTLIGHT A look at our investigation of The Work House.

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR Stuart Bazga takes us upon a journey of Haunted Castles Part 2.

THE APPLIANCE OF SCIENCE The use of Full Spectrum Cameras. JULIET WRITES IT DOWN Thoughts about the world of the paranormal.

—————— THIS MONTHS ARTICLES Andy Ford talks to Robert Brown for The Paranormal Press. Special feature: The Guardians of the stones

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Paranormal Press June 2013 Issue 16 EDITORIAL Content Peter Collins _____ Contributing Articles

Andy Ford James Lysandrides Juliet Collins Dennis Woods Tom Pedall Theo Grigore

Connections With ….Tom Pedall from Germany A Scotish curse by Theo Grigore To creepy to occupy - Dennis Woods Famous Ghost Hunters. Dr. Nandor Fodor

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Robert Brown Loyal Arthurian Warband

An interview with: Medium Robert Brown by

Andy Ford. Andy Ford caught up with medium Robert Brown. Robert what led you to develop your mediumistic ability and where did you do this?

Robert Brown

I had some experiences as a young child, which, at the time, did not disturb or harm me, it was when I was a teenager that I started questioning, religion, life and ultimately, death. I first attended The Spiritualist association of Great Britain, 33 Belgrave Square, London in the early 1970s, by 1974 I was mentioned in Psychic News for a demonstration of mediumship I had done as a student of Gaye Muir, it was also at Belgrave square, that I had a fantastic experience, which validate some of the things I had experienced as a child, I have recounted many of these in my book "We Are Eternal, what the Spirit's tell me about life after death". Published by Warner Books in the U.S and by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK. I went on to become the youngest ever tutor at the SAGB at the invitation of Tom Johannson, the General Secretary, he asked me to run development classes for the under '30s, I was just 20 myself.

What was it like being taught by Ivy Northgate one of our finest mediums? Ivy Northage was indeed one of our finest mediums, she was a tough task master and many thought her over zealous in her corrections and harsh criticisms, but Ivy knew that if mediums are to be taken seriously they need to be disciplined, earnest, honest and to aspire to do the very best they can, never accepting limitations. My three main tutors were Gaye Muir, Peter Close and Ivy Northage, I cannot conceive of a finer representation of teaching mediums for anyone to be guided by, I would like to share a few of Ivy's sayings, some I retold when asked to speak at Ivy's remembrance service held at Pembridge Place: 1) Mediumship is rather like a surgeons scalpel, in the hands of the trained and dedicated it can create near miracles, in the untrained and unscrupulous it can make a bloody mess: 2) In later life, when I asked why she had never praised me when, as a teenager I had done exceptionally well, Ivy responded "If I had told you how good you were, would you have tried to be even better"? 3) I would not wish being a medium on my worst enemy, to be a medium one has to have the sensitivity of a Deer, you are dealing with people’s feelings, and you had better grow the hide of a Rhino, for when others come after you! Does anyone else in your family have psychic/mediumistic abilities? My older brother certainly had some experiences, my three sisters all are very intuitive, my mother was extremely superstitious and my father very sensitive. I do believe "birds of a feather flock together", I think though the these abilities are just a matter of degrees, I believe Mediums are born, but that we have the freewill to develop .In my case I wanted to know and I dared to ask! You demonstrate your mediumistic ability all over the World. Do expectations differ between Countries? I think a lot has changed since my early days at the SAGB, there is no doubt that the U.K led the way for many years both in standards of mediumship and places for mediums to work. These days though there has been a remarkable upsurge in interest all things parapsychological all over the World. I think in the U.K we still expect and demand more facts and evidence than some places. In Germany I have found people are genuinely interested in the workings and "how to" of mediumship, the same goes for Switzerland, I work in Zurich and Basle at least 5 five times a year and our workshops are always well attended. In India, I found people wanted more of insight and guidance and are keen to understand what are the spiritual implications of life continuing. When I visited New Zealand some years ago, it was a great joy to see and witness new, young mediums working alongside veterans who worked very much in the style of the Britain of yesteryear. However the biggest growth I have seen is in America, where there are a number of places that welcome mediums from all over, America had bad press in the past with regards mediums, but these days some of the very best Mediums are from America, the genuine desire to

know and learn and to understand along with an honest desire to serve has seen mediumship levels sore in the U.S. I know that 14 years ago when I started the "Original Medium's Boot Camp" in Freeport Bahamas, we had quite a mixed response from all over, in the past 5 years we have had 80 -90% attendance from America and we are full each time, 2 or 3 times a year. I think the need to understand is strongest in America. Do you still demonstrate and teach in England and if so where can people see you? I have been travelling so much that my time working in the UK has been limited, until fairly recent years I did try to honour the invitation I always got from Seaford Church and always looked forward to going there, I think they recently relocated and I have not heard from them for awhile, however, recently speaking with Pembridge, The London Spiritual Mission, of which I am a life member, I agreed to a Special evening Demonstration with all proceeds to the much needed Church funds, I also asked that the evening be in honour and memory of my dear friend, Rev. Larry Taylor who passed to the higher life in October. We are looking at a date in February 2013 I am still very busy with commitments around the World, booking now for 2015, but if any Church or centre in the UK would like me to work with them, I am always happy to hear from them, when I am home there are usually some days were we can fit an evening in, and though I believe years ago I served the Churches well in the U.K (2pounds, a cup of tea and a sandwich) Spiritualism and Mediumship has been good to me, and it is always nice to be able to give back. Why did you decide to write your book 'We are eternal'? People kept asking me to write, I must admit there was a dearth of contemporary books on the subject, most that I grew up with came from the fantastic library of the SAGB and not many of them were published after 1920s. Also my good friends James Van Praagh and John Edward were forever telling me that the stories they heard from me needed to be shared, I think the book was quite something and to the best of my knowledge one of the few that has James, John and Colin Fry writing endorsing it. I think also I wanted to share with people what I had found to be true. Could you please tell us about your involvement with the television series 'Dead History'? As I have recently heard, Aegis films are currently talking with the History Channel, I was approached about 2 years ago to do a programme with Aegis ( they are the force behind the soon to be seen Crossmaglen, starring Sir Ben Kingsley) the CEO Arianna Eisenberg is adamant that she wants to use this Medium, the concept . as I read it, is very interesting, for any update people should visit http://www.aegisfilmgroup.com/ You are running a mediums week in the Bahamas and a retreat in France next year. So what can the attendees expect to experience on these weeks? The Weeks in Bahamas are great fun buy they are also work. A typical week runs Saturday to Saturday, we usually start with a demonstration on Saturday evening, then each day we have 2/3 class/workshop/lecture events, they run from 10am -12noon 2.30-4.30 and some evenings 7.30 -9pm. We do hold meditation on the beach from 8am for those who wish to attend, and also this year have our World class Zumba teacher for the very energetic at 5 pm! The venue is outstanding, right on one of the Caribbean’s best beaches and all inclusive hotel (rooms, food, drinks) and since we have been going there for many years we get an incredibly competitive rate. We have other guest mediums giving classes and workshops before retiring Peter Close was a regular, Ann Burbedge another. Other friends drop in for a few days to give a class, John Edward has kindly done this 3 times, it is a great week of learning, sharing and understanding, with opportunities to enhance your own innate abilities. France, my second home, is going to be a new venue for us, this will be held in August, we have held one other before and it went extremely well, now after a 3 year gap, so many have asked to return, I am currently working on the programme details and accommodation, we will have 20 or so stay at our hotel where the event will be held and I am currently dealing with the details of other accommodation, this week will be for the classes and lunch only we are going to give people the option of the type of accommodation they wish to book and where to eat in the evenings, but again details will be posted on the website very soon. Being held in Brittany it will be easier for most in Europe to reach and the ferry goes from Plymouth to Roscoff and we are just 40 minutes from the ferry so this should be good for those who wish to attend from UK! Thanks to Andy Ford for taking the time to catch up with Robert , you can find out more about the work of Robert at his website, sign up for his newsletter and follow upon Twitter.


To Creepy for Occupancy ? The Most Haunted House In Savannah. Dennis Woods The most haunted house in Savannah, Georgia is the Hampton Lillibridge residence. It is the scene of several tragic deaths and the source of true scary stories about real ghosts‌.Dennis Woods explains more The most haunted house in Savannah, according to old-timers, is the Hampton Lillibridge House at 507 East Saint Julian Street on Washington Square. The home was originally built by Rhode Islander, Hampton Lillibridge in 1796. When Hampton Lillibridge died, his widow remarried and disposed of the property. The home passed from owner to owner, and eventually became a boarding house. A sailor hung himself in one of the third story guest rooms during that period.

Jim Williams himself reported numerous abnormalities during his tenure in the house. For example, he once followed a shadowy figure to the end of an upper story hall where it mysteriously disappeared through a door. Williams tried to open the door himself, but it was locked tight. On December 7, 1963 the distraught Williams at last conducted an exorcism of the haunted house under the auspices of an Episcopal bishop. Unfortunately, the cleansing was ineffective as the paranormal activity resumed within a week. There are no willing buyers because of the many true scary stories associated with the most haunted house in Savannah. Neighbours report shadowy figures in the windows and eerie music and laughter as if some paranormal party is underway at one of Savannah's most haunted places.

No one would live in the house for a number of years after that until it was finally purchased by intrepid antique dealer Jim Williams in 1963. The house was rapidly deteriorating. Williams also purchased the house next door, with the intent to restore both. However, a labourer was crushed to death during the move of the second house, another victim of the curse attached to the structure. Workers involved in the 1963 relocation, conceivably stumbled on the source of the paranormal activity associated with Savannah's most haunted house. To their horror, workmen uncovered an ancient crypt as they were preparing the foundation to move.

Once again the house is up for sale - who will be the next owners of this most historic of houses ?

Judging from the crypt's tabby construction, it dated back to early colonial times. Workers reported that the crypt was empty and so they had simply sealed it up and reburied it. Williams now suspects this to be the source of the haunting and regrets not having investigated more thoroughly at the time. There is an abundance of macabre events associated with the Hampton Lillibridge house. Tools and equipment of men working on the restoration mysteriously disappeared or were relocated. Mocking laughter and footsteps were reported on several occasions.

Previous attempts to understand the paranormal occurrences have been undertaken, The American Psychical Research Foundation in North Carolina investigated, and they, too, affirmed the phenomena, as did a team from Duke University, hired by subsequent owners. It is noted that part of the house is painted "haint blue," a colour used to ward off spirits. Apparently, it doesn't work. Current owners make no comment, although the house is for sale ($2.8 million).

Jim Williams

“The Glamis Horror�. Theo Grigore explains more about a Scottish curse

There are serious witnesses that speak of ghoulish apparitions and these are different from ghost stories. In Europe, people believed that ghouls are the restless spirits of people that dies under violent circumstances and that has not been buried properly or, because of their mistakes and way of life, were not accepted in heaven. Stories of haunted houses are a main element in ghoul stories. It is said that Great Britain is the place with the most houses haunted by ghouls - maybe because it is popular for modifying and expanding old buildings in favour of new ones.

Impressive houses but also modest family homes will often be in competition for the title "the most haunted house". In Scotland, one will find the Glamis castle as being one of the main attractions of the place. This is where Queen Elizabeth was born and not only is this castle fascinating architectural construction but it holds a story much more exciting that any history book can ever tell. Almost 600 years ago, on a Saturday night, Patrick, the 3rd Count of Strathmore was gambling together with Count Crawford. One of the servants came to tell them that Sabbath was close but Patrick said he would keep on gambling regardless of whether it was Sabbath or not and that even the devil could join them for a game. At midnight, the devil did show up... he told the two that their souls were lost and they have been sentenced to gamble in that very room until Judgment Day. In 1957, a servant at Glamis Castle told a local newspaper that around midnight she hears the two Counts throwing dices and cursing, making the woman afraid.

A Tale from Glamis Castle One Sunday, Earl Beardie was guesting at the castle. After a heavy drinking session with the Earl of Glamis, he was returning to his room in a drunken rage shouting for a partner to play him at cards. Nobody wanted to play on the Sabbath, and finally he raged that he would play with the Devil himself. Inevitably there was a knock at the door, and a tall man in dark clothes came into the castle and asked if Earl Beardie still required a partner. The Earl agreed, and they went away to a room in the castle, slammed the door shut, and started to play cards. The castle was rocked with the swearing and shouting from the room, and one of the servants, giving in to curiosity peeped through the keyhole. A bright beam of light blasted (in some versions) through, and blinded the servant in one eye. The Earl burst from the room and rounded on the servant for spying on him. When he returned to the room the stranger, who was the Devil, had disappeared along with the Earls Soul, lost in the card game. The Earl is said to play cards with the stranger in a walled up room, another slant on the secret room legend.

There is something even more terrible about Glamis Castle. It seems that somewhere inside this castle there is a small room built inside the walls. This room old a secret which is often refer to as "the Glamis horror". This horror is a great mystery which was passed down from relatives to servants and then back to relatives. The 13th Count that died in 1904 told a friend that "if you could guess the nature of this secret, you would kneel before God and thank Him it's not yours." His successor, the 14th Count told the story to the land administrator who then told the daughter-in-law of the Count: "You are lucky not to know about it and never being able to know about it because if you did, you could never be a happy woman again."

Dining Room at Glamis Castle


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James Marsh was born during the first year of the Second World War and many of his infant years were spent in air-raid shelters outside his home. Bombs rained down from the German Luftwaffe as they tried to destroy the city of Southampton,.

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Connections with …..

Peter Collins

ghosthunter-nrwup from Germany

In August 2012 was our German Ghost hunter-Team of Ghosthunter-NRWup founded by Claudia and me (Tom). But we are working since 2010 as Ghost Hunter in an other Team and we left them and founded than GH-NRWup. We have now six members (Markus, Daniela, Irene, Peter, Claudia and Tom). In the last years we made with our old Team and our new Team some investigations in private flats, ruins, different castles (Castle Frankenstein, Chateau Burg, Castle Vondern, Castle Satzvey, Castle Altena). Old castles has a special kind of flair and it is very interesting to check old myths or stories about the famous “white Ladies”. On Castle Satzvey we could hear footsteps on a stair, but nobody was there. And on the Investigation on Chateau Burg we did record a few good EVPs, also one with the sound of the moving from furniture.

Düring an investigation within a bar at a local a Sporthall, we could during the investigation suddenly smell fresh popcorn. A female Medium told us, that she could see in the bar, a bar keeper and he told her, that his daughter liked fresh Popcorn. During another investigation all male persons in the room could smell peanuts puffs. But only the male persons; a medium, who was also there, told us, that the spirit of a young girl like peanuts puffs. During this investigation I could feel a touch from these young spirits on my left arm. A few hours later at home, I woke up and I saw these spirit, she walked around our bed and observed us (me and Claudia) and than she left us.

For me, to be a Ghost hunter is a new form of life, because a ghost hunter can help persons to find the reasons of activity, to take their dread, you can meet interesting people also from different countries and with different philosophies of ghost hunting and paranormal. activities. It is very interesting to talk with other people with the same hobby. Sometimes we are working also together with Radio, TV, Newspaper. Over this way we can show the people that there are humans, they want to help and they have a “free ear” for your “paranormal problems”. And one important thing is: We take no money from clients for to make investigations. This year (2nd half) we want to do some investigations in foreign European countries together with two Teams from the Netherland (P.I.N. – Paranormal Investigators Netherland and NPRT – Nederlands Paranormaal Research Team). So we are founded a Co-Operation. And we think, that all ghost hunters are searching for the same thing, anyone has his own working method and if we work together with another teams, so each one can see (maybe) new things or get ideas for his own working method.

More information about Tom and his team can be found at


By Pete Collins

Famous Ghost Hunters Ghost stories have been around for many years ...but who where the early investigators? Dr. Nandor Fodor was one of the leading authorities on poltergeists, hauntings and other associated kinds of paranormal phenomena. Fodor, who was at one time Sigmund Freud's associate, wrote on subjects like prenatal development and dream interpretation, but is credited mostly for his , Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science, first published in 1934. Two of Fodor's important investigations were to have far-reaching results. These were the Ash Manor Ghost and the Thornton Heath Poltergeist, fully reported in Fodor's The Haunted Mind (Helix Press, 1959) The year 1934 was an important one for psychical research in Britain. On June 6, the University of London Council for Psychical Investigation was founded, to take over the work of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research which had been founded by Harry Price in 1925. Price presented the Council with his library, laboratory and equipment. He had carried out interesting investigations, but on the whole Spiritualists objected to laboratory tests by sceptical investigators and scientists. In a vigorous newspaper article, veteran Spiritualist Hannen Swaffer commented: "... high-sounding degrees do not impress anybody except newspapers, and they have used it all before, as their files will show, about other institutes, all of which ended in the same way as I prophesy this one will - in nothing. Spiritualism would rather have one medium than the enquiries of a thousand scientists." Early in 1934 another organisation came into being - the International Institute for Psychical Research, with a Council of both Spiritualists and non-Spiritualists, dedicated to a sympathetic and unprejudiced investigation of psychical phenomena. Professor D. F. Fraser-Harris was announced as Research Officer, but resigned through a misunderstanding with the Council. In his place, Dr. Nandor Fodor was appointed, and thus began his years of practical investigation into psychical phenomena. It was not until 1938 that Fodor too was involved in an unhappy misunderstanding with his Council. Meanwhile he undertook a number of careful investigations into mediumistic transfiguration, production of apports, direct voice, levitation, hauntings, poltergeist and materialisations. He also edited a series of valuable bulletins issued by the Institute. It must have been a great satisfaction to Fodor that the first of these, dealing with poltergeist phenomena, was a collaboration with his friend Dr. Hereward Carrington, who was Research Officer of the American Psychical Institute of New York. Later on,

Dr Nandor Fodor May 1895 – May 1964

their modest 44-page booklet became the basis for a more substantial book Haunted People (New York 1951), British edition titled The Story of the Poltergeist Down the Centuries (London 1953).

Two Investigations by Fodor During the 1930s and 1970s several ghosts besieged residents of Thornton Heath, Croydon. The case was investigated in 1938 by Nandor Fodor, who claimed that the victim of the poltergeist was in a sense possessed by the spirit of a murderer, stating that the visions and nightmares she’d been having were in fact memories of something akin to a past life. The case was never solved, as various spiritualists condemned Fodor’s methods of investigation. It was in 1936 that he investigated the strange dramatic story of the Ash Manor Ghost, in which it seemed that hauntings took place because of abnormal sexual relationships in the family concerned. Suppressed sexual energies appeared to provide an atmosphere in which a phantom could continue to manifest. Amazingly enough, the basic diagnosis of the case was through the spirit-guide of a medium whom Fodor brought into the case. This medium was Mrs. Eileen J. Garrett, who was later to head the Parapsychology Foundation in America.

The latest book from author Penny Legg

Southampton has one of the darkest and most dreadful histories on record. The city has been assaulted by the Romans, Vikings, Normans and the King's men, razed to the ground by the French and bombed almost to extinction by the Nazis. Inside the walls, violence, terror and destruction raged, from the horrors of God's House Tower gaol to the dolorous deaths of the Southampton Plot ringleaders, who were tried on the spot occupied by the Red Lion today and executed outside Bargate. A city with a most martial of histories, Southampton has seen millions of soldiers flood out from the port towards the battlefields of Europe and beyond - many never to return. With bombs, blood and battles, famous disasters such as the Titanic and the awful destruction of the Blitz, read it if you dare!

Penny Legg. Books Haunted Southampton Explore the darkest secrets of Southampton's past with this collection of stories telling of the inexplicable occurrences and ghostly apparitions that have haunted residents of the city for centuries. From the Roman soldiers who pervade Bitterne Manor to the Grey Lady at the Royal Victoria Country Park, the site of a former military hospital, the city is host to spirits not yet departed who send a shiver down the spines of the living. No matter where you are in the city, incidents of unexplained phenomena have taken place nearby. The Tudor House Museum is frequently visited by poltergeists, while numerous mysterious figures have spooked the staff at the City College. Southampton is 'alive' with ghosts and, for those who dare, their stories can be discovered in this chilling book. Under the Queen’s Colours, which is a book of the reminiscences of service men and women who have served under the Queen’s colours in the sixty years of Her Majesty’s reign. The book raises money for three service charities. Promoting the book has led to my making appearances at the War and Peace Show, several veterans events around the country and at Australia House in London. I have been privileged to meet some super people and it is great to know that the book will, in a small way, go towards helping those who have served their country in both Britain’s and the Commonwealth’s armed forces.

You can find out more about the work of Penny Legg by visiting her website, where also signed copies of her books can be purchased ..



The Southampton Workhouse

The Work House Investigation Date. May 2013 Time 7pm - 06am

Haunted Southampton Team

Located within the St Marys area of Southampton, the old workhouse was opened to its “inmates” in 1868. At it’s time it was to house the destitute, poor and infirm people of the city. At it’s peak of operation it housed over 400 people, conditions were slightly better than living on the streets, but the consequences of living at the workhouse were to be separated from your family, work a 16 hour day and adhere to it’s strict rules , for many years reports of unusual paranormal activity had been reported , so upon their request we were asked along to find out what is going on for the whole night.

& 15 City College Students

Psychic Team Darren Chambers

Several months prior to the investigation we undertook our usual in-depth research. Over the many years the workhouse was operational, numerous people had come and gone, it was quite easy to find out who had entered , what was a challenge was establishing what happened to those who didn’t leave walking out of the door, maybe their departure was of another nature. The historical records show that the inmates ranged from 96 years of age to several weeks old, including numerous births taking place upon the premises. The strict routine of workhouse life was overseen by the master and his wife. In 1881 this duty was bestowed to a young 36 year old Edward Kingman and his wife Harriet. With their staff of nine they oversaw the whole operation from beginning to the end of workhouse life.

“Rattle the stones Over his bones He’s only a pauper Who nobody owns”

The Southampton Workhouse , Hampshire. England

When the workhouse ended it’s purpose, the building was used for several different projects until the 1960’s when it became an education institute and today is a small part of the Southampton City College - and it was through working with the college that an opportunity came about to undertake the very first paranormal investigation of this building, parts of the building were especially opened up, underground areas that for many years had been left in the condition from the workhouse days. Some of the students staying the night at the alleged haunted workhouse. Raising money for local charity The Piam Brown Ward

So the investigation started , upon arrival the team were invited to meet the vice principle of the college. He presented us with several items to use , including the original masters hat, a set of keys used during the workhouse days and an extremely heavy slate board that was used each day to record the daily movements of ins , outs, deaths and births. Not bad for some trigger objects to use during the night , so all set with two members of staff, 15 students of the college who were raising money for Piam Brown Ward at Southampton General Hospital the investigation commenced. We started a walk around the venue with everyone in tow, the size of what remains of the workhouse is impressive , corridors, rooms and then finally to the recently opened up underground areas - we knew we had twelve hours at the location so the walk around took some time, so much to see and areas to undertake various vigils it seemed we were spoilt for choice where to start first. Our first vigil commenced at the main entrance, with its imposing spiral staircase. It was explained to us by one of the venue staff that this area had experienced what could be described as playful activity as if during the night when the place is empty, someone wanted some attention. What was experienced by everyone was the sound of what could be described as a squeaky wheel, quite distant but also quite audible. Darren our clairvoyant who had earlier on during the initial walk around had picked up upon a little girl who appeared to be searching this area, pushing a toy pram on her journey. Daren explained that this young girl was searching for her mother, the name of the little girl was also sensed. Upon historical research of the attendees of the workhouse, it was discovered that indeed a young girl aged four, was admitted to The Workhouse and the details of parents, unknown !!! They were never registered, so was this young girl here in spirit searching the corridors.

The atmospheric setting of the workhouse The intrepid investigators, all Level 3 Hairdressing and Beauty students, stayed put all night and raised a total of £825 in aid of the Southampton-based Piam Brown Children's Ward, the students' chosen charity. "It has been a tremendous year for success in both academic achievement and fundraising. It was a brilliant night to end the successful year on. We would like to thank Haunted Southampton for dedicating their time to support us with the fundraising!"

Julie Burrows Other vigils during the night included small groups entering the underground areas, the original plans show this area as the morgue. Again, some very interesting results came back from the experiments undertaken . As a side note, all pauper funerals were very basic, no flowers or religious service, this was left to the inmates. To send off fellow inmates a poem was usually said as a measure of respect , a small refrain of the poem “rattle the stones over his bones, he’s only a pauper who nobody owns”. Now, we thought that by reciting this poem we may encourage any responses in parts of the workhouse, at times we did indeed experience some unusual activity upon the instruments we took along as this poem was being recited. So, this little insight to our night at The Workhouse is just a taster, as the Haunted Southampton team aim to return in September 2013, upon Friday 13th for a public investigation Maybe we will see you on the night and you yourself can experience the ghostly occurrences of this wonderful Victorian building .

Special Report from Loyal Arthurian Warband : Guardians of the stones THE STONEHENGE GUARDIANS King Arthur Pendragon, Titular Head and Chosen Chief of The Loyal Arthurian Warband and Battlechieftain of The Council of British Druid Orders, speaks here about his continuing campaign to have ‘The Guardians’ re-interred at Stonehenge. Many of your readers will be aware of Stonehenge whose origins are lost in the mists of time, and many, if not all will be aware that it is circular in shape. Some will be aware of the 360 or more ancient burial mounds that encircle the Stones in the surrounding landscape. Stonehenge is a Temple to some and a Monument to others ,dependent on your belief as to how you see the Great Circle of Trilithons. Whatever your belief it is at the epicentre of the Ancestral burial Ground. Some will be aware that the word ‘Henge’ means a circling bank and ditch which may also be observed to this day. What many of your readers will not be aware of is an unseen circle of ‘post holes’ between the Bank and Ditch and the great stone circle. This circle, invisible to the naked eye, is referred to as The Aubrey Holes named after the one who ‘discovered’ them. First thought to be wooden ‘post holes’ now believed to be the original placement of the ‘Blue Stones’ brought from the Preseli’s in Wales over five thousand years ago, and likely to predate the Great Henge we see to this day. Before (on the erection of what we now think of as Stonehenge) the blue stones were repositioned inside in the horse shoe formation that we now see.

The Guardians When a number of the Auberry holes were excavated between 1919 and 1926, they were found to contain Cremated Human Remains, either interred before the original placement of the blue stones or after their removal. The jury is still out on that one, but I personally ere on the side of the former rather than the latter. Ether way, these earthly remains were originally positioned with care and deliberation like a Talisman; they had encircled the Temple since time immemorial. It is these great Ancestors of ours, possibly the very founding fathers of this Once Green and Pleasant land that we refer to as the Guardians. After their original dis- interment they were ‘stored’ in various places including a potting shed and under the Archaeologists bed. After several years of being ‘touted’ to various museums, unsuccessfully with no interest from the curators, who viewed them as shards of ‘burnt bone’ with no exhibiting value. They were eventually re-interred into one of the original cremation pits, Auberry Hole 7 in the nineteen thirties. Unceremoniously jumbled up together, the charred and burnt fragments of nearly sixty individuals were deposited into one pit and returned once again to the Sacred landscape. Not satisfactory by any means but for now they were at least back at Stonehenge, if not quite encircling as was the original intention then at least part of the circle they had once been.

The Protest Thus was, the story so far, but all that was to change in late August of 2008; Pictured here, Calliope Muse Priestess and Steve Mugglestone, accredited Psychic Medium on the ‘Picket’ at Stonehenge.

'Who's Guarding the Guardians' King Arthur Pendragon, (first appeared in The Western Daily Press) On the twenty ninth of August two thousand and eight, cremated Human remains were removed from Stonehenge, in a sad little Tupperware box. They had originally been excavated from the 'Aubrey holes' encircling the Henge, between 1919 and 1926. The chard fragments of bone where re-interred into one of the excavated pits, (Aubrey hole seven) in the 1930s and it was this cache that the archaeologists re-exhumed as part of the 'Riverside project' in 2008. Pagans and Druids were asked to 'bless' the dig, but on learning that the archaeologists had no intention of returning the remains (referred to by the Pagans as the Guardians) to their resting place at Stonehenge, they refused. For, after all, as the archaeologists themselves asserted, they had laid there for thousands of years before their disturbance in the early twenties. Enter King Arthur Pendragon, Frank Summers, and Kazz Smith, three Druids so appalled at the prospect of these ancient remains being permanently removed from the Sacred Site they had guarded since before time immemorial, that they set about challenging the decisions that allowed this unacceptable development. Frank, as is his forte set about finding what right for redress, was provided to challenge under British Law, looking also into the funding of such projects and where pressure, if any, could be brought to bear. Arthur and Kazz for their part took the message to the people as part of their 'Stonehenge Picket' for better access at Stonehenge. They also fired the first shot in their battle with the authorities, by invading the temple at night for a 'naked' Ritual. Vowing to fight for the Guardians return, a vow they would later renew at a full Druid ceremony Vernal equinox 2009, and again a year and a day later at Aubrey hole seven. attending with attendees from English Heritage who manage the site. The archaeologists for their part put the case for retaining the remains for future research and informed the druids that they would apply for 'variance' to the existing order that allowed them two years for analysis. The Druids for their part suggested retaining a sample for future analysis or looking into the possibility of reburial in air tight biodegradable plastic containers so, should forensics move on in the next century as the scientists would have us believe then they could be re exhumed, before returning to the earth. The archaeologists disagreed. They did agree however (later to be put in writing) to inform the Druid, in good time to appeal, to the Department of Justice, who would be granting such an order. By all accounts a 'rubber stamp' formality. The Stonehenge Picket came to a close after the government intervened with the promise of a new visitors centre and better access for all. Still the Archaeologists insisted on retaining the remains for future testing, still the archaeologists refused to listen to the pleas' of Arthur, Frank and Kazz to return the guardians to what should have been their final resting place. So, on the sixth of June 2009 the three Druids reinstated the Stonehenge Picket. Robed Druids, Banners flying, enlisting the support of, unsuspecting, and in the main, illinformed, tourists. Many archaeologists visited the 'Picket' and many came to agree with the Druids position, from Inspectors of scheduled monuments to Heads of Department, it is even rumoured that the co-director of the 'dig' in question is supporting a Druid 'Bring back the ancient Dead' badge. As are a number of English Heritage employees at Stonehenge and wider a field. There is no great animosity between the two camps and the Druids are regularly updated on the progress made at the lab of Sheffield University where it has been ascertained that all were male and in relatively good health. All that remains now is to carbon date them and return them to the temple they once guarded according to the Druids petition.

To show this was and is not a purely Druid or Pagan issue religion was included on the petition aimed at the Department of Justice, who will decide as to whether or not the archaeologists may retain the remains permanently. Nationality was also included to show how widespread it was and is, this belief in what the Druids called 'common decency': "Let those we lay at rest - stay at rest" reads their banner. They're still there, at Stonehenge, the Druids gathering signatures, Agnostic, Anglican, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Evangelist, Spiritualist, Druid, Hindu, Jew, signing along side Presbyterian, Unitarian, Taoist, Islam, Muslim, Sikh, to name but a few. People from every Nation and every faith agreeing without rank on this one issue. If only their leaders could see it the same (or should that be sane?) way. It looks like the Druids have happened upon the Alchemical mix that could eventually lead to World Peace. Common Decencyrespecting the Dead, the one thing WE can all agree on. It's a start... Nb, In the event it was I and not Frank who sought redress under law and it is I that shall continue to do so until this situation is resolved.

And what do the ‘Guardians’ think of all this attention they are getting? We may not be able to ask them, in the accepted sense, although many messages have ‘come through’ from various International psychics, both visiting Stonehenge and through contacting Arthur. However when Kazz and I as Priest and Priestess renewed our ‘Guardians vow’ in Stonehenge; Who by Fire, who by Water, who by Earth and who by Air, Who by Sun, who by Moon and Standing Stone will solemnly swear, To hold this place, the Giant’s Dance. I by Sword and Holy Lance, And, I by Guile and I by While, And, both will smile upon this trial, For; We will stand, and we will stay, until the Guardians are returned on another day…..

They put in an appearance;

For more about Arthur see;

http://www.facebook.com/ TheTrialsOfArthur And, For more about the work they do;

www.warband.org.uk UK citizens can sign the petition on line at;

http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/ petitions/38910

This photograph, taken at Stonehenge at the Winter Solstice shows shadowy figures in the ‘mist’ in the Centre of the Druid Circle. No one witnessed any ‘mist’ at the time, and it wasn’t until the American tourist who took the photo had the film developed back in the good old US of A, that the image came to light. Are these Bearded Hooded figures in the mist? And if so; Are They The Stonehenge Guardians? We’d like to think so,

Blessings from Stonehenge

Arthur /|\

Guest Contributor:

Freelance writer Stuart Bazga The Ghosts of The Tower of London: Part 2 In this final installment of The Ghosts of the Tower of London, you will learn about fate of Catherine Howard and discover the treachery behind the death of Lady Jane Grey who was Queen of England for only nine days. The most grisly execution and thus haunting is that of the 70 year old Countess of Salisbury, the last of the Plantagenets. King Henry VIII had her executed for political reasons. The feisty Countess refused to put her head on the block like a common traitor. When her executioner came after her she ran, but was pursued by him, with his axe in hand hacking at her until he had hewn the Countess to death. Her ghost has been seen reliving this truly gruesome act. Also the shadow of a great axe has been seen falling across the scene of her murder. At one time the Tower of London was home to the Royal Menagerie. Lions, leopards, bears, birds, monkeys and an elephant, that was a gift from the King of France, were kept on exhibit. On the stroke of midnight in January of 1815 a sentry saw a bear from this menagerie emerge from a doorway. He lunged at it with his bayonet, it passed right through the apparition. The Sentry was later found unconscious, it is said he died of fright within two months of this encounter. Something unseen and very frightening is in the Salt Tower. This is one of the most haunted areas of the Tower of London complex. This is a very old section, dogs will not enter this ancient building, and ever since one of the Yeoman Warders was nearly throttled by a force unseen, they will not go in the area after nightfall. In 1864, a soldier whose post was to guard the Queen’s House at the Tower of London, saw a apparition so real, that after ignoring the soldiers three challenges, he charged with all his might at the intruder with his bayonet, only to go straight through the figure. He was found unconscious at his post and was court-martialled for neglecting his duty. Luckily there were two witnesses who corroborated his story. The soldier was eventually acquitted. Lady Jane Grey is another tragic story of a young life cut short at the Tower, due to the actions of others the most despicable of who was her own father. She was the granddaughter of Mary (Henry VIII younger sister) and Louis XII of France. The Duke of Northumberland would lose everything if Henry VIII’s son was to die and Mary, who was Catholic, would become queen. Her father was involved in a rebellion against Mary I, Lady Jane and her husband were placed in the tower. Lady Jane watched as her husband was taken to Tower Hill where he was beheaded. She saw his body being carried back to the chapel, after which she was taken to Tower Green where she was beheaded. She was only 17 years old. “Lady Jane Grey, also known as Lady Jane Dudley or The Nine Days' Queen, was an English noblewoman and de facto monarch of England from 10 July until 19 July 1553. She relinquished the crown and was subsequently executed”.

Lady Jane Grey Lady Jane Grey’s ghost was last seen by two Guardsmen on February 12, 1957, the 403rd anniversary of her execution. She was described as a "white shape forming itself on the battlements". Her husband, Guildford Dudley, has been seen in Beauchamp Tower weeping. Catherine Howard escaped from her room in the Tower of London. "She ran down the hallway screaming for help and mercy. She was caught and returned to her room." The next day she was beheaded. Her ghost has been seen sill running down the hallway screaming for help. Other strange sightings at the Tower of London have been "Phantom funeral carriages" and “A lovely veiled lady that, upon closer look proves to have a black void where her face should be." This concludes the brief insight to the Ghosts of The Tower of London. I hope this has fired your imagination enough so that you want to learn more about the Towers most GRUESOME PAST. If you want to read about more haunting tales about haunted castles please read my next article within the next issue. Best Wishes and Have a Great Day

Stuart Bazga

Tools of The Trade The appliance of science within paranormal investigations By Peter Collins

During any paranormal investigation it would make good practice to look at the various pieces of equipment used to try and establish or even discount if any paranormal activity is occurring. So often I see or am made aware of some thing new coming onto the market that is supposed to enhance the toolbox of any paranormal investigator, and often I am quite surprised when I see items for sale with a large difference in the price because something is labelled for ‘ghost’ detection. In my experience often the eyes and ears are the best pieces of equipment - however I do enjoy using equipment as neither I, nor any of the Haunted Southampton team, claim any psychic ability. Here are some thoughts about some of the specific equipment we use during investigations.

Full Spectrum Cameras So, your on an investigation armed with your digital camera in the hope of finding some evidence of paranormal activity. But, a digital camera takes a picture of what you see after all the camera never lies. So what do humans see? Well it is called the Visible Electromagnetic Spectrum . However, this visible part that us humans can see is actually a very small part of the full spectrum of light—so what if we had a device that enables us to see information and data beyond our limited view as humans, what will we find.? Full spectrum camera use for paranormal investigators has done exactly this, enabled us to see and record data from the low ultra violet through to infra red. Ordinary digital cameras are designed to replicate the human eye view with some modification (its not easy) but you can rearrange the way a digital camera allows the full spectrum light through the lens thus taking pictures beyond our human capability and seeing into a different world of light which is invisible to the human eye.

A Full Spectrum Camera

The above device is one we use during all of our investigations. The benefits of this particular model is that the ranges available enable you to use a wide range of settings for all environments. Looking at the graph below gives you an idea on how full spectrum cameras work. The full spectrum of light from ultra violet through to far infrared is a pattern of different wavelengths and the small section labelled visible light is the small part of light that the human eye can only see . Using a full spectrum camera opens up our eyes to all aspects of light , having the ability to view data , pictures and video offers a different aspect to the investigation of paranormal activity. As with all cameras using a mono or tripod keeps that image still and best practice is to not take one but several pictures of the exact area at the same time. We can set our full spectrum camera to take multiple images in several seconds , so far results have been encouraging .

Full Spectrum ; The Theory You have your full spectrum camera for an investigation and clicking away snapping every part of a location using your tripod . Looking at the pictures post investigation , all look very nice of high quality , but what exactly are we looking for and why does full spectrum photography take on a role within paranormal investigations?. Firstly, a common perception is that many people have encountered the “corner of the eye phenomena” dark shadows moving quickly , but we just get the faintest of glimpse of that movement. There is a theory that ghosts and spirits can only be “viewed” in the upper and lower regions of the spectrum of light, the areas humans can’t see which is handy for the ghosts but not us investigators. In the same scenario many accounts of full apparitions have been witnessed by the human eye, so a quandary to see or not to see !!! All sounds confusing , theories abound but what is the point of a full spectrum camera, well you may have to have a degree in Physics to understand, however, a little knowledge can go a long way to understanding the strange world of the science of ghosts. Lets say for example, that ghosts have an energy sometimes known as the electrical energy we all have as humans. Thinking about one the laws of physics ; “The Law of Conservation of Energy" Energy cannot be destroyed only transferred so where does the electrical energy we have as humans go when we die? Some theorists explain that it is this energy that enables ghosts / spirits to move around , which is one hypnotises, the movement people often see is just that the soul of a human having energy transferred from the human alive body to the soul upon death, again hard to prove as it is just a theory. So can this movement be captured with the naked eye? In order to see some thing it has to have a mass - a form of solidness , but if you are able to see beyond the human level , “full spectrum” maybe you don't have to be a mass or slightly solid to capture on film?

This exploration within the South Pole has nothing to do with any forms of paranormal activity, but, it can suggest that we have not yet discovered all on this planet of ours. The set up to actually capture photographs of these particles was immense, if spirits and ghosts are on the same level of particle movement we need to look at the alternatives of photography to try and capture such movements, hence using the possibility of full spectrum photography to capture some thing we as humans can’t see. So, to sum up, if we accept that ghosts have an energy, leaving the human upon death, energy cannot be destroyed only transferred ( “The Law of Conservation of Energy" ) that energy enables the movement of particles at a speed or wavelength we as humans cannot view maybe a full spectrum camera can enable us to view that movement. It is just a theory with scientific theories of ghosts but it is one that cant be eliminated , unless you know different ?

It is all theory based and subject to different interpretations but the fundamentals of things we cant see as humans do in fact travel through solid mass such as walls has been discussed. A recent experiment at The South Poke detected and photographed high-energy neutrino particles. These particles it was found , as neutrinos pass, they very rarely bump into the nuclei of atoms in the ice, producing a brief flash that the detectors can catch. With more than 5,000 detectors catching flashes at different times, the direction of the neutrinos' arrival can be determined.

A picture using our Full Spectrum cameras , to analyse a corridor that has had reports of movement of shadows and people experiencing corner of the eye phenomena.

JulietWrites It Down Paranormal Community – great place to be!

I have recently been slightly taken aback but pleased to see that our Face book page and our Paranormal Press has been read in so many different countries. Who'd have thought that just over four years ago something that the Hubby, myself and the Brother in Law started as a hobby would take over so much of our lives and help us make so many friends – many who have become very

On our Face book page we have postings from Germany, America, Malaysia, and I have even had chats with Australians! So what, I have though to myself, makes us so appealing? On consideration however, I believe that it is not particularly us that is the appeal but the fact that paranormal experiences are something that we all like to talk about – whether we are British, German, American – no matter what country we originate from we all have our stories and experiences. And it is much more enjoyable to talk about then to people who are like minded, rather than the guys at work who though are very tolerant of my escapades, tend to regard me more like the local village idiot than a fearless explorer of the night! But even they are intrigued – I often walk in to a chorus of 'Here she is – the Spooky Lady!' and they all ask me what I have been up to recently as if they are waiting for the next episode in a soap opera.

The human experience is one that has certain commonalities the world over – we all have certain inevitable events that we share no matter where or who we are – school life, siblings and marriage, births, death and celebrations...it is a part of who we are and what being a human being involves. Barely a day passes without us recounting to somebody an aspect of our past that we share – whether it is the rotten weather, the boss at work's attitude or the kids illnesses and antics as they make their journey to adulthood. The common threads throughout our lives gives us a basis for communication – a means to be able to talk to perfect strangers comfortably and to be able to share our moods and experiences. However for us paranormal peeps it is a little more than that. Our 'hobby' can seem to most people a little oddball – even downright weird, and it makes some people uncomfortable talking about such things – often a person's religion can have implications as to their acceptance of our pastime, or their own experiences can colour their beliefs. I have often been told that I shouldn't be 'dabbling' with things I don’t understand, or that I need to make sure that I am protected.

The Paranormal Community however provides somewhere we can go to talk openly, without criticism or adm ishment about something we love doing. The sharing of stories and experiences helps us reach out to others with the same frame of mind – something we sometimes are made to feel self conscious about. Are we Nerd Undoubtedly! But we are nerds with hearts – and to be able to shout about something we all enjoy is also a common human experience – and sharing the love surely is worth shouting about! Paranormal Unity!! Long may it Reign! Hope to see you soon on an investigation...

Juliet Collins

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Paranormal Press. Issue 16  

The latest edition of the Paranormal Press from Haunted Southampton

Paranormal Press. Issue 16  

The latest edition of the Paranormal Press from Haunted Southampton