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Ce aper Adigha-Engle surate aerbsaller

Ce aper Adigha - Engle surate


2008 Prague

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Apequa Aslan

Ce aper Adigha - Engle surate

AERBSALLER Ealace 5-7 cerbie dhyll

Anzourey - Prague 2008


Nn [en]

Bb [bi:]

Oo [ツォV]

Cc [si:]

Pp [peI]

Dd [di:]

Qq [kweI]

Ee [je]

Rr [テビ]

Ff [ef]

Ss [es]

Gg [dZi:]

Tt [teI]

Hh [eItS]

Uu [ju:]

Ii [jI]

Vv [veI]

Jj [dZeI]

Ww [weI]

Kk [keI]

Xx [pseI]

Ll [el]

Yy [waI]

Mm [em]

Zz [zeI]

anter an eel

armue a hippopotamus

aslan a lion

attacke a cock

babysse a duck

babysseper a platypus

badge a spider

baja a fox

bchower Đ° grasshopper

bdzazhay a fish

bga an eagle

bgia a bee

bgiaper a rhinoceros

bla a snake

bsy-herwoer a heron

btzasroa a swallow

bzue a sparrow

bzue-hacuacue a skylark

bzue-magsher an ostrich

cachalot a cachalot

chacher a sea gull

chameleon a chameleon

chupre a squirrel

cockatoo a cockatoo

condooz a beaver

crab a crab

croa a pig

croanizh a boar

dhaquimachyh a hare

dharicoer a pigeon

digoezh an wolf

dinosour a dinosour

dissa-giade a peacock

dombay a bison

dzigoer a mouse

dzigoer-nafe a bat

elan a marmot

elyrkash a crawfish

fey a rat

gey a whale

giade a hen

giadezhay a chicken

giadue a cat

giraffe a giraffe

guaguesh a turkey cock

guagueshan a turkey

guepard a guepard

guu a bull

ha a dog

hadzigoaner a wasp

hambloo an worm

hamlasque a snail

handarabgoer a butterfly

handarkoakoer a frog

handarkoe a toad

hapatzer an insect

harhuipe a hoopoe

Hy croa a dolphin

hyv a buffalo

jame a cow

joumaran a hamster

kamzagoe an ant

kangaroo a kangaroo

kanger a magpie

kaplan a tiger

kashirga a falcon

kazz a goose

kazzan a goose

koargg a crow

korshy bga a griffin

kow a swan

krow a crane

leopard a leopard

lyande a pike

magsher a camel

male a sheep

marrahuer a shark

maze attacke a black grouse

maze giade an wood-grouse

misser a bear

noumin a monkey

orangutang an orangutang

owzher a weasel

panda a panda

panther a panther

pheasant a pheasant

phoque a seal

pile an elephant

polyp a octopus

pra-uwe an woodpecker

shherbse a jelly-fish

shiler-giade a partridge

shindrhuo a lizard

shy a horse

shyd a donkey

shylague a tortoise

squid a squid

swycoe Đ° badger

swy-wibe Đ° mole

syh a deer

tynue an eagle-owl

tziv a beetle

vympoo a penguin

vy an ox

wirperwerge a parrot

yak an yak

zebra a zebra

zhindu a owl

The Adigha Shitle Hyacer, The ASH «Majucie»

Adigha-English image dictionary  

Adigha-English image dictionary