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The Adigha Shitle Hyacer, The ASH «Majucie»


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Adigha - Engle bsalago

Adigha - English phrasebook

Anzorey - Prague 2008 5

Ther huahue Greetings, parting If W’ohuce. Hello. Psadegyzh, if oue! Good morning! Mahoer, if oue! Good afternoon! Psihaseha, if oue! God evening! I’e blaga! Welcome! Why D’lagoen oue, De guaper is! We are glad to see you! By W’ohue! Hi! Uzensher oue. Good-bye. If cher. Good-bye. See you later. Arar is. See you later. I haer. See you later. Wimahoer oue. Good luck. In twer. Yes. Ary. Yes. How. No. Dhahaer. Please. Dha am seha cher. Please. Why bsau. Thanks.


Fassiga Adrressing The ucehan Guassa, Apsee! Ladies and gentlemen! Bzaswago lapper aher! Dear colleagues! Nibgeago lapper aher! Dear friends! The ucehan, … Guassa, … Gu Madam …, Mrs ... The ucehan, … Apsee, … Ap Mister …, Mr ... Tzihoega Making acquaintance Fy, thery tzihoe haer? How you met? e … are, Wher C’gatzehoen is. Let me introduce you to my ...; please, meet …; - nibgeago friend, my girlfriend - tly husband - fizz wife Thy C’gatzihoe, Cy ... is. Let me introduce myself, I am … Ce tza are, ... is. I am ... What, We tza are? What your is name? Ce owner tza are, … is. My surname is ... Aey oue, Ce guaper is! Very pleased! Why C’tzihoen oue, Ce guaper is. I am glad to meet you. Ce bsahoegoer is. I am on a leave. Cy wahoe thequer is. I am on business trip. Ce thacoer oue, Cy ka quear is. I have arrived alone. Ce … are Ce gocer oue, Cy ka quear is. I have arrived ... - fizz with my wife - cerbie with my child - bin with my wife and children.


Ce tly are, cerbie are, Ce gocer oue Cy ka quear is. I have arrived with my husband and children. Ce …, Cy as uvehaerar is. I am staying … - haswasse am in a hotel - aihly am at my relatives’ - nibgeago am dey at my friends’ …, Cy hoey it. I would like ... - Cy swihan oue to visit ... - C’eplen oue to look at ... - C’lagoen oue to see ... - Nibgeago aher am Cy swer ubswern oue to visit my friends Ther wiswer Meeting If W’ohuce! Hello! That oue gaswagoang oue Dy ther wiswear! What a sudden meeting! That oue … How … Dow … How … Aey oue Ce guaper is, Why thery C’lagoear are! I am very gladto see you! Dow, Fy bsau ara? How is your family? Dow site, ada-ana are? How are your parents? Dow site, fizz are? How is your wife? Dow site, tly are? How is your husband? Dow site, bin are? How is your children? Dow site, uzenshaga are? How is your health? That sihaer, swa oue? Any news? Swa oue, the aree sihaer aim. Nothing new. 9

Thery site is. Everything as before. The aree, gaswagoang aim. Nothing interesting. Dow site, wahoe aher? How is your business? Ko huetler ara? Any success? Dergoer oue im aquer. Everything goes it. Swagoer aim. Nothing good. The aree, swagoer aim. Nothing good. …, cuade swear oue C’lagoear aim. I haven’t seen ... for a deal of time. Dow site, Aby, I wahoe are? How is he? Ky swy ha, Why as hoswyha. Come to us any time you like. Aey oue, De guaper huen oue is. We shall be very glad. Psadeday psihaseha, … am, Cy sihaern oue is. Tomorrow (in the) evening I shall be ... - owner at home - haswasse in a hotel Why pascher ara? Are you in a hurry? Ihaer, taque, ka D’gaqueh. Let’s take a short walk. Swahe, Dy thery lagoen oue C’oguiga. I hope, we shall meet again soon. That as goer, der in dey, Dy as ther wiswern? Where and when shall we meet? Psadeday ka bsala. Call me tomorrow. Ce telephone are, … My telephone number is ... Ce address are swa is. I have new address. Dhy it, … Please, write in down. Swahe oue Dha am Dy ther hoe I’gazer! I hope I’llsee you soon!


Namice, sane The formulas of politeness Why bsau. Thank’s. Thank you. Why bsau, Ce … Many thanks indeed for ... - aerpycoago your help - aermalago your support - acklago understanding Fiswer, B’hoe C’osch. I am very grateful to you. Crihaer. Please. Dhahaer. Please. Yaga chin aim. Don’t mention it. Hoey aim. It’s all right. C’hoer gagoe. Sorry. Ky C’hoer gagoe. Excuse me. Dow site, We uzenshaga are? How is your health? Dow, Why site? How are you getting on? That, khibare? Any news? Dow, Why bsau ara? How goes it? …, Ce guaper schy it. Be so kind as ... Aerffe cher, Why shhe! Help yourself, please! Aey oue, guaper is! It’s very nice! Ce guaper oue! With pleasure! C’faffe didder oue! With pleasure! Cy are We anamate is. You have done too much for me. … am, C’hoey huahuege. Give my regards to ... - Ownagoer your family - Fizz your wife - Tly your husband - Ada-ana parents Nahoe laffe W’ich! Good night! 11

Wymahoer oue! Good luck! Nakhiffe cher. All the best. Arathyng Consent Ary. Yes In twer. Yes A twer. Yes Dowich, ry. Yes, of course. Yes, certainly. Dowich, in twer. Yes, of course. Yes, certainly. Dowich, a twer. Yes, of course. Yes, certainly. Fachensher oue. By all means. Huen is. All right. Erahue. O’kay. Cy arathy is. I agree. Ce guaper oue. With pleasure. Shatchensher oue. Undoubtedly. Perge didder oue. Absolutely correct. Why thahoer is! You are right! Perge is! It’s correct! Thahoer is! It’s correct! Dow! Certainly! C’swa aim. I do not object. C’da aim. I’m not against it. C’o da! I’m for it! Sehaucegoer Refusal How. No. Aermale, I haer aim. By no means. 12

Cy arathy aim. I disagree. C’lachin oue aim. I can not. C’da aim. I object to … A are, huen oue aim. It is impossible. A are, perge aim. It’s not true. Ce guiga am cher, Why thahoer aim. It seems to me, that you are not right. Why miguzaver. Do not worry. Lawe Request C’hoer fi it, … Be so kind as ... Ce guaper schy it, … Would you, …, please B’lachin oue pa ara, … Could’t you ... Cy hoey it, … I would like to ... … it. Please ... - The taque, ky ther zhyer wait a bit - Cy galagoy show - Ky wihy open - Ther hoerschy close - Swer ganer switch on - Gaunchiffy switch off - Ke djer call - Ke gablaga invite - Ka psyter repeat - Ka bsala telephone Hoeet Cy sche, … oue. Permit me ... - Cy swy han to enter - Cy blerchin to pass - ji C’haern to tell 13

- Cy ubswern to ask - C’efern to have a smoke …, huen oue? May I ...? - Cy in olawe ask you … - C’ster take ... - C’eple look at - Cy in swy ha come in - Swer C’ganer smoke Ky C’der aerpycoy it! Help me, please! Huahue, hucer Congratulation, wish Cy in ohuahue, … am cher! I congratulate you on ...! - Labke Mahoer your birthday - Barasture the holiday Ealacy Swa am! Happy New Year! Cy in ohuce, … cher. I wish you ... - nacipe happiness - khaire success - uzenshaga bidder good health - ko huetlern good luck - Gaswa chyh long yours of life - Goague Mahoer a happy journey Wimahoer oue! Good luck to you! Uzensher oue! Good bye! If cher! Good bye! Nakh swahe oue, thy gahuege! I hope you’ll be getting better soon! Thy humerge! Take care of yourself!


Jagoer, sigoer Regret, sympathy Dhamisture! What a pity! That oue, bsaquade! What a pity! That oue, sehauzeh! What a pity! That oue, guaperger! What a nuisance! That oue, guizavergoer! What a misfortune! Aey oue, jagoer is! It is a great pity! Ce jagoer, huear is. I regret it so much. De jagoer is. We regret it so much. Ce gu am, I’e woear is. I am very much upset. A be hoerder oue thery huar are, De jagoer is! Such a pity it’s turned out this way! Aey oue, Ce gu B’swer ogoe! I sympathize you very much! Why miguizaver. Don’t worry. Why te miguizaveh. Don’t be so upset. That cher, Cy B’der aerpycoefen oue? What can I do for you? Blaga Invitations That, …, B’scher are? What are you going to do ...? - noba today - in sehaba tonight - psadeday tomorrow - psadeday psih tomorrow evening …, Why sehahoeet? Are you free ...? - Shadgagoer in a uzh am after dinner - In sehaba tonight - Sabbath am on Saturday


Hoeet Cy sch , … am, Whey C’gablagan oue. May I invite you to... - cino the cinema - mouzey a museum - theatre a theatre - restaurant a restaurant Fy in aquer concert am. Let’s go to the concert. The … B’hoer C’wahoe, huen oue? May I offer you ...? - coffee a cup of coffee - cigarette a cigarette - sana bgia a glass of wine - wimile an ice cream Hoeying, siswerng Need …, Cy hoey is. I want to ... Cy hoey it, … I would like ... Ky ther t it, … Give me, please ... Cy galagoy it, … Show me, please ... Ky C’hoer hi it, … Bring me, please ... Ky C’jehaer it, … Please, tell me ... Cy goassear is. I have lost my way. C’e zashar is. I am tired. C’o majatler. I am hungry. Dahaer, bsyowner are? Where is the nearest toilet here? Aerswaga Professions What oue, Why thery leazher are? What are you?, What is your profession? 16

Redactor oue, C’o leazher. I work as on editor Why what, aerswaga cher? What is your speciality? Aerswaga cher, Cy egadjaquer is. I am a teacher by speciality. That, We aerswaga are? What is your profession? That, B’scher are? What are you engaged in? Theatre dhyder am C’o leazhe. I am engaged in a history of theatre. Da in ner, Why as leazher are? Where do you work? … am, Cy as oleazher. I work ... - Chysse at a factory - Bank at a bank - Cimmagersse at a hospital - The Hoter Inctitute at a research institute That oue leazher ara, We fizz are? Who is you wife? Ce fizz are, ownerice is. My wife is a house-wife. Cy student is. I am a student. Da in ner, Why as edjer are? Where do you study? … am, Cy as odjer. I study in ... - College a college - Universite a university - Academe academy That hoerder faculte am, Why as edjer ara? What faculty do you study at? … faculte am, Cy as odjer. I study at a … - Bzawe philological faculty - Sehace economic faculty - Apergeh faculty of law Ethraner course am, Cy as odjer. I study at the third course. Da in ner as leazher ara, We ada-ana are? Where do your parents work? 17

Aher are, pensioner is. They are pensioners. Nibge Age Ealace dapser Why hue ara? How old are you? …, C’ohue. I am ... - Psyqueble seventeen - Twoasch ara blle twenty four - Bllesch ara bgoe forty nine Why that ga? When where you born? Cy ga blesch ara he is. I was born in seventy six. Ealace-eithree cher, Why nakhizh is. You are three years older than me. Ealace-eitwo cher, Why nakhiswa is. You are two years younger than me. Miguiver oue Ce Labke Mahoer is. My birthday is very soon. Aher are, gy aree, swalerwer is. They are still very young. Ownagoer Family Ce ownagoer are Wher C’gatzehoen oue Cy hoey is. I would like to introduce you to my family. Im are, Ce ada is. It is my father. A by, I tza are … is. His name is ... Im are, Ce ana is. It is my mother. A by, I tza are … is. Her name is ... De ownagoer are bin-eithree D’ohue: Cer, Ce shibru, Ce dalhoe are. There are three children in our family – me, my sister and my brother.


Cer nakh, Ce shibru are ealace-eithree cher nakhizh is; Ce dalhoe are ealace-eidhoe cher nakhiswa is. My sister is two years older than me, my brother is five years younger. Why derquear? Are you married? Cy derquear is. I am married. Gy aree, Cy derquear aim. I am not yet married. Fizz, We haer? Are you married? Fizz, Ce haer is. I am married. Cy sower is. I am single. Cy fizzinsher is. I am divorced. Etwoaner oue, ka C’shergear is. I am married for the second time. The tle ara cerbie-eitwo ara, Ce haer is. I have a husband and two children. The fizz ara the coa ara, Ce haer is. I have a wife and a son. Bin, De haer aim. We have no children. Ce ada-ana are, bsau is. My parents are alive. Ce ana are thery tler ara, ealace-eithree im a hue. My mother died three years ago. Bza Language … cher, Why bsala ara? Can you speak ...? - Adighabza Adighabza - Allemanibza German - Englibza English - Faranchibza French - Urussibza Russian Adighabza cher, … I … Adighabza - Cy bsala aim can’t speak 19


(taque) C’obsala speak a little (taque) ky C’gury ower understand a little ky C’gury wer aim do not understand Cy ko djer, a oue, Cy bsala aim can read, but can not speak Adighabza are, taque ky C’gury ower, a oue, Cy bsalafe aim. I understand a little, but I can not speak Adighabza. That hoerder bza, B’swa are? What language do you know? …, C’oswa. I know ... - Adighabza Adega - Allemanibza German - Englibza English - Faranchibza French …, C’odje. I study the … language - Danibza Danish - Italibza Italian - Spanibza Spanish Eagy, Adighabza cher, nakhiffe oue W’obsala. You already speak Adighabza (very) well. Siwoga cuade thery C’schy are Ce jagoer is. It is annoying, that I make many mistakes. … ther C’gaswern oue, Cy hoey is. I want to learn to speak … - Adighabza Adigha - Englibza English - Finnibza Finnish Cy ky B’gury wer ara? Do you understand? Ji C’haer bso aree, ky B’gury wer ara? Do you understand everything I say? Why ky C’gury wer aim. I do not understand you. Ka psytergy it. Repeat, please. 20

Nakh hoam oue, ka psytergy it. Please, speak a bit slowly. Ky C’hoer gagoe! Sorry! Dow, ji B’haerar? How did you say? That, ji B’haerar? What did you say? Weriwater, Cy hoey is. I need an interpreter. That, im be dey, dhear are? What is written here? That, a are, the I aice? What does it mean? Dow, im bsala am, ky thery edjer are? How is this word read? Zaman Time the mascale a second the minute a minute the cihate blleaswer a quarter of an hour the cihate nicoer a half an hour the cihate an hour the mahoer a day the dhamahoer a week the mather a month the blleaswer a quarter the ealacenicoer a half-year the ealace a year the ga a year the ealace-eisa a century the ealacemeen a millenium Cihate dapser? What time is it? cihate-eight (chusch oue) – 8.00 – eight o’clock (sharp) Ce cihate am … By my watch ... We cihate are ther persse? Is your watch accurate? Ce cihate are, … My watch is … 21

- thahoer oue im aquer accurate - ky chary ohoe slow - taque perite is a bit fast Cihate dapser am i, C’swa aim. I do not know, what time is it. Cihate nicoer cher Cy ky chary ohoe. I am half an hour late. Zaman are Ce mascher is. I have very little time. Da pser is? When? What time? Dapser am? When? What time? Cihate dapser am? When? What time? cihate am at one o’clock the am at one o’clock cihate-eiblle am at four o’clock cihate-eitwo blleaswernsher a quarter to two cihate in a uzh am in an hour cihate-eithree in a uzh in three hours cihateper cher an hour ago cihate-eitwo in a uzh am after two oc’clock psadegyzh am in the morning shadgagoer am at midday mahoer am in the afternoon psih am in the evening, tonight jasse am at night jassibghe am at midnight noba today psadeday tomorrow psadeday misture the day after tomorrow vacemahoer the day before yesterday mahoerper am the day before psihaseha am late in the evening psadegyzhiper am early in the morning 22

gy now gy bsto now eatwaner later uzh later uzh cher later a be as goer then cuade schear oue long ago – cuade mische oue recently swahe oue soon – guvear oue not very soon Im ga am. This year. Ealace … am. … year - churcer Last … - syper The … before last - peacer Next … - liquer Next … Mahoe–eibsche cher. In ten day. Im dhamahoer am. This week. Dhamahoer peacer am. Next week. Dhamahoer liquer am. Next week. Dhamahoer churcer am. Last week. Dhamahoer syper am. The week before last. The mahoergoer Time of the day mahoer afternoon psadegyzh morning shadgagoer midday psih evening jasse night jassibghe midnight


Calendar Calendar Mather Month Januar January Februar February Mart March Aprele April May May June June Jule Jule August August September September October October November November December December Januar am in January Marte am by March June-August am from June till August Jule-September am from July till September Octobercue lander from the middle of October Novemberchur huehoe by the end of November Decemberper lander from the beginning of December Dhamahoer mahoer Days of the week Bliseha Monday Gobje Tuesday Barazhay Wednesday Maho cue Thursday Maraim Friday 24

Sabbath Saturday Dha Mahoer Sunday Bliseha am on Monday Gobje aher am on Tuesday Barazhayace oue by Wednesday Mahoacue am fa mich oue not later than Thursday Maraim - Dha Mahoer am from Friday till Sunday Noba, that mahoer? Witch day is it today? Noba, Barazhay is. Today is Wednesday. Noba, that paller? What date is it today? Noba, August am I psyquetwo is. Today is the twelfth of August dhamahoer mahoer day of the week mahoerzh working day mahoersch non-working day eazh mahoer a day off eazh mahoer aher are days off dhamahoer weekend Baraceture a holiday Labke Mahoer birthday Climate, mahoer Climate, weather That hoerder, Fe climate are? What is the climate in your country like? De climate are, ‌ is. We have a ‌ climate. - continental continental - continental prasher sharp continental - Hyper sea - subtrope subtropical 25

Fe dey cher, bsyhaer are wive (paswer)? Are you having high (low) humidity? Fe dey cher, Swy Mahoer are dkie (saba)? Is wunter in your country severe (soft)? That hoerder, Fe dey cher storiture are, … am? What is an average temperature in your country in ...? - Swy Mahoer winter - Gadher spring - Ga Mahoer summer - Bgiha autumn Plus … (Laoin). Plus ... (Degrees) Minus … (Laoin). Minus ...(Degrees) Swy Mahoer am, Fe dey cher oce sihaer? Have you snow in winter? Da pser is, im by, oce as ece are? When does snow fall here? Da pser is, im by, Gadher are as iha are? When does spring come here? Wher, swyhaer are tynsh oue I’e B’hach ara? Do you stand heat badly? That hoerder, nobarey mahoer are? What weather is it today? Noba swib are, … is. Today it is ... outdoors. - pstor hot - swyhaer cold - oceahyreeler rainy - oam stuffy - pshaga cloudy - swyhaer-tyhaer cool - zhybga windy - bziga fine - oaer frost 26

- boran blizzard Oafur are, … is. The sky is ... - sroanter blue - bziga clear - pshaptzer cloudy Zhybgashhoer ko pser The strong wind blows. Oceahe, ko shhe. It is raining. Oce, k’oce. It is snowing. Oa, k’ohe. It is hailing. Why r’iderqueyin oue, ko shhe. It is pouring cats and dogs. Swyhaer-tyhaer huar is. It is getting cold. Dgoacer, mahoer bso am, … is. Yesterday ... all day long. - hoabar it was hot - swyhaerar it was cold - oceahe ke shhear rain was pouring - oce k’ecear snow was falling Noba, wore oue, Diga k’obse. Today the sun is shining brightly. Noba, ka oaffigear is. Today the weather is much better. Noba, mahoer telliger is. Today the weather is wonderful. That I aerthergoer, psadeday mahoer am? What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Psadeday, … oue is. Tomorrow it will be ... - hoaban warm - pstorin hot - swyhaern cold - oceahyreelern rainy - pshagoern foggy - oalbanern a thunderstorm - boranin a storm 27

- bsybsern waterspout - ka ucobbeyin sandstorm That hoerder, noba, bsy storiture are? What is water temperature today? That hoerder, noba, Hyper woller are? Is the sea very choppy? That, I karu? What is the wind force? Hyper are, im a ucobbey. The sea is stormy. The gabsech are, zaran is. Swimming is forbidden. Fur Colours nawer scarlet beige beige hoezh white shadefur marsh sanafur claret-coloured sroanter blue goazh yellow udzefur green dissabse golden goafur chestnut goabjer brown coassinifur brown plizh rad sroantaptzer lilac maraquafur crimson goazhiple orange tziple purple purple purple dhambilefur pink 28

rosafur pink dizhinnifur silvery sroa grey swihoe dark blue mora violet fitza black fitzasroa khaki cirihoe light finche dark the furgo one-colour ther furgo one-tone furgo-eitwo two-colour furba multi-coloured bswaloan motley coloan-bswaloan motley Figoer Qualities if – ae good-bad daher – midaher beautiful - ugly zhyler – swaler old - young zhy – swa old - new colley – colleycise rich - poor nasriffer – nasrae cheerful - sad guibziga – guibzaguer clever - silly lasse – maher strong - weak ean – tzique large - small chyh – chasch long - short bgoer – bgoezer wide - narrow passer – paswer fat - thin 29

lagher – lagsher high - low cuu – change deep - shallow cirihoe – finche light - dark lapper – pood expensive - cheap bsynser – haller light - heavy saba – prasher soft - hard hoabge – hoam fast - slow tynsh – mitynsh comfortable - uncomfortable gosser – bsyfe dry - wet pstor – swyhaer hot - cold wive – tquatquer thick - thin aerffe – imaerffe fasty - tasteless sue – misue salty - tasteless aerffe – didge sweet - bitter tzue - scoler bright - dim bziga –furgoer clear - gloomy digay – pshaga sunny - cloudy ther persse – cottear serviceable - broken Bsyowner Toilet W – Psassa peash W – Ladies room C – Sower peash G – Gentlemen room Bjeler The numerals Bjerture Quantitative

0 1

How many? zero one

Dapser? the aree the 30

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one twenty two thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety one hundred

two three blle dhoe he ble eight bgoe bsche psyquethe psyquetwo psyquethree psyqueblle psyquedhoe psyquehe psyqueble psyqueight psyquebgoe twoasch twoasch ara the twoasch ara two thrasch bllesch dhoesch hesch blesch eightsch bgoesch sa 31


sa ara the

110 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100

sa ara bsche seitwo seithree seiblle seidhoe seihe seible seight seibgoe meen meen ara sa

2000 10000 1000000 1000000000

meen-eitwo meen-eibsche million billion

one hundred and one one hundred and ten two hundred three hundred four hundred five hundred six hundred seven hunded eight hundred nine hundred one thousand one thousand and one hundred two thousand ten thousand one million one billion

Bjeaner Ordinals

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Da pseaner are? aper, yaper, thaner twoaner thraner blleaner dhoaner heaner bleaner eightaner 32

Which? the first the second the third the fourth the fifth the sixth the seventh the eighth

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 101 200 300 400 500 600 700 800

bgoaner bschaner psyquethaner psyquetwaner psyquethraner psyqueblleaner psyquedhoaner psyqueheaner psyquebleaner psyqueightaner psyquebgoaner twoaschaner twoasch ara thaner thr schaner blleschaner dhoeschaner heschaner bleschaner eightschaner bgoeschaner saner sa ara thaner seitwaner seithraner seiblleaner seidhoaner seiheaner seibleaner seightaner 33

the ninth the tenth the eleventh the twelfth the thirteenth the fourteenth the fiveteenth the sixteenth the seventeenth the eighteenth the nineteenth the twentieth the twentieth first the thirtieth the fortieth the fiftieth the sixtieth the seventieth the eightieth the ninetieth the hundredth the one hundred first the two hundredth the three hundredth the four hundredth the five hundredth the six hundredth the seven hundredth the eight hundredth

900 1000

the nine hundredth the thousandth

seibgoaner meen thaner

Sicoey, percent Fractions and percents 1/2 – the twoaner; twoaner, nicoer one half, a half 1/3 – the thraner; thraner obe third, a third 1/4 – the blleaner; blleaner one fourth, a fourth 4.75 – en-eiblle ara blesch ara dhoe four point seventy five hundredth 1% - the percent one persent 3.5% - the percent-eithree ara nicoer three and a half percent Sehaper abswer Personal pronouns Cer - I - Cy Wher - you - Wy Are, Aby - he, she, it Der – we - Dy Fer – you - Fy Aher, Aby aher – they Sehaper asher Possessive pronouns Ce – my - Cy Cey We – your - Why Whey I - his, her - I’e De – our - Dy Dey Fe – your - Fy Fey I’a – their - I’e 34

Ubswer bsala, bsalafur Interrogative words and expressions What? Who? That? What? Why? What for? How? Dahaer? Where? Da in ner? Where? Da in (ner) dey? Where? Da in (ner) deyge? Where? That as goer? When? Da pser is? When? That, as ha cher? Why? As ha? What for? That hoerder? What? Da her ner? Which? Da her ner are? Which? Da in ner? Where? Where … from? Da in cher? Where? Where … from? Dow? How? That hoerder oue? In what way? Da be hoerder oue? In what way? That hoerder furser oue? In what way? That hoerder schyture oue? In what way? Dapser? How many? How much? What i …? With whom? That i …? With what? What, a are? Who is it? Who is there? What, im are? Who is it? What, Are? Who is he? Who is there? What didder? Who exactly? That, ka huar are? What has happened? 35

That, im are? What is it? That, a are? What is it? That, im are (mo are, a are) the i swice (aice)? What does it mean? That, im bsala am, k’iche are? What does this word mean? That, ji B’haerar? What have you told? That, ji B’haerar are? What have you told? That, Why hoey? What do you want? That, Why the hoey are? What do you need? That, B’scher are? What are you doing? That, F’scher are? What are you doing? That, C’schern oue are? What should I do? That, ka huar are? What’s up? Dahaer, bsyowner are? Where is the toilet? Da in ner, im are? Where is it? Da in ner, a are? Where is it? Da in ner, Dy sihaer? Where are we? Da in cher, Dy sihaer? Where are we? Da in cher as C’goaten oue, … are? Where can I find ...? Da in ner, Why as uvehaerar? Where are you staying? Da in ner, Why as bsau ara? Where do you live? That hoerdeathe cher? How ling? That huehoe (cher)? How ling? Dow, a by, Dy in acifen oue? How can I get there? Dow, im by, Englibza cher thery edjer are? How is it called in English? Da pser is, W’ezherge ara? When are you going to leave? Cihate dapser? What is the time? Cihate dapser am? At what time? What, thy hoer C’gazern hoey? Whom should I address to? 36

C’e bsala huen oue pa ara, …? Can I speak to ...? Cy in W’olawe huen oue? Can I ask you to …? Why ky C’der aerpycoefen oue pa ara? Could you help me? B’lachifen oue pa ara, …? Couldn’t you ...? Acklago Why ky C’der huefen oue pa ara, …? Will you agree ...? Da in cher, Why ky the d’ichear are? Where have you come from? Im by, a are, per jizher? Is it far from here? Dapser, paller oue I’hin oue? How much time will it take? Cy ky B’gury wer ara? Do you understand me? Perge oue, Why ky C’gury wear? Have I understand you correctly? Bsalature Common adverbs Da in cher? Where? a by cher there im by cher here mo by cher there ad cher there per cher forward swib cher back eazh cher to the right cimmague cher to the left Dahaer? Where? a be dey(ge) there im be dey(ge) here blaga oue close 37

jizher oue far gonago oue near eazh am cher on the right cimmague am cher on the left per am cher in frint swib am cher behind seha am above swag am below Dow? How? a be hoerder oue so im be hoerder oue so if oue well ae oue badly lagher oue high lagsher oue low tynsh oue comfortably mitynsh oue uncomfortably daher oue beautifully midaher oue ugly hoabge oue quickly hoam oue slowly goagoer oue loudly sahoe oue quietly Kacige, nacige Arrival and departure Passport nahoer Passport control If W’ohuce! Hello! Im are, Ce passport is. Here is my passport. 38

Ce net are, … is. The purpose of my visit is ... - tourism tourism - wahoe business - seha wahoe personal … cher, karale am Cy sihaern oue Ce guiga is. I am going to stay in the country for ... - The mahoe-eitwo, three several days - The dhamahoer a week - The mather a month … am, Cy ky as uvehaerar is. I shall stay at ... - Haswasse a hotel - Ce aihly my relatives’ Cy ethy gablagar are, … The relative, who has invited me ... - … am as oleazher works in ... - … address am cher as obsau lives by the address ... Ce haer are, mahoe-… thaler viza is. I have a unitary visa for … days. Ce haer are, baswer viza is. I have a multiple repeated visa for this year. Ce viza are, … in oce. I have a visa up to the … of … Ce … am, cerbie are I’idhear is. The child is entered ... - passport in my passport - fizz am I passport in my wife’s passport Fe karale am Cy swerche coddey is. I am just passing your country. Periohue Customs Im ice, Ce periohue baian are. Here is my customs declaration. … C’iche oue … nace C’oquer. I go from … to … 39

Ce baggage are, aerih are herte oue, … im a hue. My luggage, including hand luggage, consists of … pieces. Ce baggage am herlle aim, … I have no …in my luggage. - aersser arms - afian drugs - aerisch ucer antiquities and subjects of art …, C’aig is. I have with me ... - Dollar Us dollars - Uruss arser Russian roubles Pound the bjeaner, ... oue. pounds in amount of ... …, Ce haer is. I have about myself ... - The tootn bloc a carton of cigarettes - The arker bassorba a bottles of vodka - Sana bassorb-eitwo two bottles of wine Import licenser i, Ce haer is. I have a licence for import. That hue ara, C’tyn hoey borshy bswer are? How much customs duty must I pay? Im are, Cy the humer policer is. Here is my insurance policy for the time of the trip. Ce gocer oue in oquer, the … I have a domestic animal with me ... - giadu a cat - ha a dog C’e zherge huen oue? May I go? Why bsau. Thanks. Shague am, aeroport am At the railway station, at the airport Da in dey as C’sterfen oue, baggage guesser? Where can I take the carriage for my luggage? 40

That hoerder jgay, i C’lhan hoey? What coin should I insert? Da in ner as C’huage huen oue, guesser bswer are? Where can I exchange money for payment of the luggage carriage? Ce jagoer is i, the aree ky C’wiswear aim. Unfortunately, nobody has met me. Da oue, … am, Cy in acifen oue. How can I get to ... - kala the city - haswasse the hotel … Dahaer, autobus uvepper are? Where is the bus stop? Dahaer, taxi sitepper are? Where is the taxi stand? Da in ner as C’sterfen oue, machiner hahoe? Where can I rant a car? autobus am in the bus If W’ohuce! Hello! The billet, … nace. Please one ticket to ... Dapser, Wher C’tyn hoey? How much must I pay? taxi am in ataxi Why nasch? Are you free? … am, Cy sher it. Please, take me to ... - … oram ... street - … haswasse the hotel ... … am cher, garch. Turn ... - Eazh to the right - Cimmague to the left Ka uvehaer it, im be dey. Stop here, please. Dapser, Wher C’tyn hoey? How much do I have owe you? 41

Dapser, C’telle are? How much must I pay? Ky ther ty it, seaprer are. Give me the receipt, please. Bank Bank Da in cher sihaer, im by, … are? Where is the nearest ...? - bank bank - arser huage currency exchange office Dollar are, … cher, C’huagen hoey is. I want to exchange dollars for ... - mark German marks - crown crowns - shilling schillings - franc francs - lira liras - euro euro Dapser, uleahoer are? What is the commission fee? Arser are, … cher, C’ster huen oue? Can I receive money by ...? - credit card credit card - goaguaner cheque traveller’s cheques - satu check commercial checks Ky ther ty it, billet the bjeaner are hurey oue, adrey aher are – jgay oue. Give me, please, some notes in large denominations, and the rast – in small denominations. Im by, the taque, hoer came is. It is not quite enough. Im by, ley is. This is too much. Ka psytergy it, gy aree, tha. Check up once more, please. Da be dey, aerper swer C’lhan? Where must I put the signature? Im are, Ce passport is. Here is my passport. 42

Im are, Ce plast card is. Here is my plastic card. Arser are, … oue C’ty huen oue? Can I carry out ... payment? - hathor cash - imhathor non-cash Arser are, … cher C’ty huen oue? Can I carry out ... payment? - credit card by credit card - check (cheque) with check (cheque) If cher! Good-bye! Haswasse am At the hotel If W’ohuce! Hello! The peash, peacer oue, kalan C’schear it. I have reserved a room beforehand. Ce tza are, … is. My name is ... The peash, … oue, C’stern it. I would like to receive a ... - sehahoer single room - twoaler double room - wanna swerte room with a bath - bsypre swerte room with a shower - balcon i haer room with a balcony - … tepler i haer room with a view of ... - etagy seha room on one of the top floors - etage laswer room on one of the bottom floors Im by, … cher Cy sihaern oue is. I shall stay here for ... - the mahoer a day - mahoer the bjeaner some days - dhamahoe-eitwo two weeks Peash am swerte, …? Is there a in the room ... ? - zhyhoe conditioner 43

- safe safe - wanna bath - bsyowner toilet - telephone telephone - televizor, TV TV set - swyhaer refrigerator - televizor cabler, TV cabler cable TV That wocer, the … peash are? How much is the room ...? That wocer, the … bageand are? How much is the rent ...? - fatare of a flat - owner of a haouse - mahoer for a night Da in dey, … huen oue? Where can I ...? - machiner are C’gauve park my car - arser are C’huage exchange currency - the machiner hahoe C’ster rent a car Haswasse am sihaer, …? Is there a ... in the hotel? - baggage peash luggage office - fitness-cabina fitness-hall - bassain swimming pool - sauna sauna - tennis-court tennis-court Da in cher sihaer, lift are? Where is the lift? A peash am, C’eple huen oue? Can I look at the room? How, a are, Ce gu I r’ih aim. I don’t like the room Im peash are, Cer thag aim. Sorry, it doesn’t suit me. …, Fe haer oue pa ara? Have you anything ...? - Nakhiffiwer better - Nakh eaniwer larger - Nakh poodiwer cheaper 44

Dergoer is, im peash are, C’oda. This room suits me perfectly well. Cihate dapser arar, zhyshher are? At what time is the breakfast? …, C’o zherge. I am leaving ... - In sehaba this evening - Psadegyzh tomorrow morning Seaprer are C’hoer gahathory it. Prepare the account, please. Im by, the … cher, Cy sihaerar is. I have stayed here for ... - mahoe-eithree three day - dhamahoer a week Bswer are C’ty huen oue, … cher? Can I play ...? - goaguaner cheque with traveller’s cheques - credit card by a credit card Hathor oue, C’tyn oue is. I pay in cash. C’faffe oue Cy sihaerar is. It was very pleasant here. Why bsau. Thanks for everything. If cher! Good-bye! Haswasse dhabzascher Hotel services Ce baggage are peash am, C’hoer hi it. Please, take my luggage to my room. Cer, … are, C’higen is. I shall take this ... myself. - proanter suitcase - sumb bag Ky ther ty it, peash winchibza are. Give me, please, the key to my room. Psadegyzh, cihate-eible am, Cy gaush. Wake me, please, at seven o’clock in the morning. 45

Ky ther ty it, … . Give me, please, ... - gy aree, the naper-lasch one more towel - gy aree, the sehanter one more pillow - the cerhoeller an ashtray - the dhyllimper naper writing paper - the post sumb some envelops - the aernnarseha lamp a desktop lamp - the maceter-widaner a needle with a thread - the soabn a bar of soap - the paroma vase a vase for flowers - gy aree, the bkaw-eitwo two more hangers Zhyshher are, peash am, ky C’hoer F’hifen? Can I ask you to bting my breakfast to the room? Ce peash am, psihashhe-eitwo, C’hoer wahoe. I want to order supper for twp to my room. C’hoey ty it, … am. Please take ... - swagswalle are zhisching my linen for washing - goanshadje are hotlerng my trousers for ironing - costume are kabserng my suit for cleaning What, a are? Who’s there? Ky swyha! Come in! The minute cher. Wait a minute, please. Da in cher (sihaer), … are? Where (is) ...? - salon a haidressing salon - sehasse a barber’s shop - bar a bar - restaurant a restaurant Dahaer, zhachur-ubse abgoa are? Where is the socket for the shaver?


Ce peash am lamp, are i cear is. A bulb in my room has burnt out. C’hoe ther huerchy it. Replace it, please. C’hoer huagy it, … are. Change ... please. - naper-lasch a towel - tepang bed-linen Ky C’hoer gaquer it, aerswer are. Please, send a technician. Ce peash am, … ... in my room - wohe are cottear is A switch has broken … - lamp are i cear is A bulb has burnt out … - wipruer am guigoe oue they gazer Blinds will not turn … Ce peash am winchibza are, ky swer C’near is. I have forgotten the key to my room. Da in dey as C’schygifen oue, … are? Where can I have my … repaired? - cihate watch - zhachur-ubse electric shaver - lign shoes - bota boots … Please, ... - C’hoer wahoy it, taxi are, cihate-… am. Order for me a taxi at … o’clock - Cy gaushy it, psadegyzh, cihate-eight am. wake me tomorrow at eight o’clock in the morning - Ky C’hoey djer, the guare am, Ce baggage are I r’ihahen oue. send somebody to take down my suitcases - Ky C’hoer wahoy it, taxi are, k’aquer am. let me know, when the taxi will arrive 47

Restaurant am In a restaurant Cy shhern oue, Cy hoey is. I am hungry. C’efern oue, Cy hoey is. I am thirsty. Da in dey, Cy as …, huen oue? Where can I ... here? - edzaker have a bite - shadgagoashher have dinner - psihashher have supper Cer seha cher, the tzihoe-eithree aernner, I’a aig is. There is a table for three persons reserved for me. The tzihoe-eiblle aernner, Dy hoey is. We need a table for four persons. Cy hoey it, the aernner, … am dey. I would like a table ... - blleanaper in a corner - sehagobja at a window - swib outdours Goaswerce, ky C’hoer hi it, …. Waiter, please, bring ... - the menu the menu - gy aree, the aernner one more chair - gy aree, the sicoe one more setting - the guahuer a fork - the cyer a knife - the jamishhe a spoon - the fuller a glass - the sana abge a wine-glass - the wiper-lasch a napkin - the dza-lasch toothpicks - the cerhoeller an ashtray Menu, Adighabza cher, Fe haer. Have you a menu in Adighabza? 48

That hoerder, Fe aerswaga shhyng are? What specialty of the house do you have? That hoerder … shhynigoer, Fe haer? What … dishes do you have? - labke national - prarseha vegetarian Dahaer, bsyowner are? Where is the toilet here? Cuade ara D’ezhyern oue, shhyng pstor am? How long should we wait for the hot dish? Ky C’hoer hi it, the … Please, bring ... - bsymile carafe decanter of water with ice - cyra bgiatzique a small (big) glass of beer - cyra bgiashhoer a big glass of beer - tootn sumb a pack of cigarettes - sana abge a bottle of wine - bsyfawe mineral water - chocolate pstor a cup pf hot chocolate Coffee are bgi am ite, ha mer, coffeegaver arar? Do you serve coffee in cups or in a coffee pot? Ky C’hoer hi it, coffeegaver are. Please, bring a coffee pot. Bsyfawe are - gasinsher oue. Mineral water without gas, please. Gy aree, C’wahoen it, … I would like to order ... Wocer are. The bill, please. Dzakergoer Appetizers (ly, bdzazhay) assortie (meat, fish) platter anchovies anchovies ly-goar ham agabague mushrooms 49

bdzazhay lybger jellied fish lybger jellied fish hogue … caviar ... - plizh red - lach salmon - fitza sturgeon calama squids capers capers nacuille … sausage ... - gavear cooked - gagoar smoked crab crabs crevette shrimps langost spiny lobsters lobster lobster lach … ... salmon - suiga salty - swyhaergoe cold smoked - storigoe hot smoked olive olives homar lobsters giadeture zheaprer omelet(te) pasta paste … salad ... salad - prarseha vegetable - hawe mushroom - cartoffe potato - ly meat - tomate tomato - nasser cucumber 50

- jaguinda red-beet - balyger radish - cabbask white cabbage - crevette with shrimps galantine galantine croey ‌ ... cheese - bidder hard - saba soft - swihoe blue - prasher brie croey assortie cheese platter croey laller cottage cheese oyster oysters giadeture eggs giadeture-na-keeje freeg eggs Hantruebse Soups giash hantruebse pea soup cartoffe hantruebse potato soup giade khancale chicken noodles bgin hantruebse onions soup lyabse meat broth prarseha hantruebse vegetable soup bdzazhay hantruebse fish soup male lyabse mutton soup huiddor noodle soup spinach huiddor thick soup with spinch tomate hantruebse tomato soup giarsh hantruebse bean soup 51

giarsh khancale lentil soup Ly, ly shhynigoer Meat, meat dishes bgagu bacon bistey beef-stake bilimile (malile, croale) ‌ beef (mutton, pork) ... - gazhear fried - gavear boiled - verprear stewed bgagule brisket (bacon) bgagu smoked ham ‌ boulette ... cutlet - malile mutton - bilimile beef - croale pork dhamswigo liver croa-shire a young pig zhazhey kidneys croa dzajer pork ribs ly-zheaprer roastbeef salcha sausages croale bswatear pork chop croale gazhear fried pork gu heart jaroumer frankfurters tanale veal shashlik shashlik schnitzel schnitzel bzague gavear boiled tongue 52

Giadekazz, giadekazz shhynigoer Poultry, poultry dishes kazz goose guaguish turkey giade hen giade ‌ chicken ... - bga-lyguba pigeon-chests - damer wings - lacoer feet babysse duck giadezhay chicken Psharih Game dhaquimachyh hare croapasser, croanizh wild boar shiler giade partridge nibgoer quail maze giade black-cock pheasant pheasant Hyper erisky, bdzazhay Fish and sea foods hogue caviar calama squid plaice flounder karaush crucian carp carp hamcer sprats eperlan smelt 53

crab crabs crevette shrimps langost spiny lobsters blei/pagel bream lobster lobster lach salmon caballa/scomber mackerel lamprey lamprey perch perch homar lobster maron sturgeon maron vagoaller stellate sturgeon halibut halibut sazan sazan spira sprat herring herring salm salmon tima white-fish zander pike perch morue cod tuna tuna anguila eel oyster oysters forelle trout ha-bdzazhay pike Gash shhyng Dairy products yoghurt, shhoy aerffe yoghurt shhoy kefir 54

margarine margarine truetziner butter sha ‌ ... milk - wive fat - paswer low-fat - -bse fat removed shata sout sream shatabse cream croey laller cottage cheese Prarseha Vegetables albahach basil aubergine eggplants giansh beans giarsh haricot giash peas agabague mushrooms hawe mushrooms giash tziner green peas calaba marrow cabbask hoezh white cabbage broccoli broccoli Brussel cabbask Brussels sprouts China cabbask Chinese cabbage kohlrabi kohlrabi cabbask plizh red cabbage Savoy cabbask Savoyy cabbage cabbask coloan cauliflower cartoffe potatoes 55

nartehoe corn bgin ‌ ... onion - tziner spring - kalere leek - sweriquer large marjoran marjoram pry carrots shibjie pepper badrajan tomatoes tomate tomatoes balyger radish sweriquer turnip jaguinda beet swy gunnihoe celery nibgoer zhao asparagus giade-gun thyme cab pumkin kantruirey parsley, dill (fennel) gunnihoe horse-radish shy-duo chicory bginnihoe garlic giadze spinach sha-gafawe sorrel Da, maraqua, prarseha-myseha Fruit, berries, nuts hoarager apricots ananas pineapple tamy oranges kharbiz water-melon 56

josm grapes balie cherry granate pomegranate grapefruit grapefruit da tzique walnuts crozh pears khavan melon kiwi kiwi swy maraqua strawberry lemon lemon mamcotte raspberry mandarine/tangerine tangerines swyptzer swy-da almonds nectarine nectarine shoftale peaches kiptzer plums sana ‌ ... currant - plizh red - fitza black bjanibger dates shajer bilberry dazhay-aericer filbert balie-aericer sweet cherry my-aericer apples Ther ferng Drinks feader alcoholic drinks aperitife aperitif brandy brandy 57

vermouth vermouth sana … ... wine - hoezh white - dessert dessert - plizh red - bidder fortified - aerffiptze semi-sweet - gossaptze semi-dry - aerffe sweet - gosser dry (brut) shagr table wine whisky … whisky ... - nace genuine - mile with ice - soda with soda arker vodka gin (tonic) gin (and tonic) swerjebse guaswer bitter liquor campari campari cognac cognac liqueur liqueur Madeira Madeira Martini … ... Martini - hoezh white - rosafur pink - plizh red cyra … beer ... - arkernsher non-alcoholic - hoezh light - fitza dark 58

- guaswer bitter port … ... port - hoezh white - plizh red rum rum cider cider tequila tequila sherry sherry champagne … champagne ... - brut brut - aerffiptze semi-sweet - gossaptze semi-dry - aerffe sweet - gosser dry bsyhaer soft drinks … water bsyfawe mineral sodabse soda water gasibse soda water milebse iced coca-cola coca-cola bsy-aerffe/lemonade lemonade prarsehabse fruit juice maraquabse berry juice


bsyver hot drinks coffee ... fosugoensher coffee without sugar cappuccino cappuccino Turk coffee Turkish coffee jabzer instant shabse coffee with milk fosugoe coffee with sugar shatabse coffee with cream coffee fitza black cocoa tea ... fosugoensher tea without sugar tea udzefur green lemon tea with a lemon tea kara with milk fosugoe tea with sugar tea fitza black chocolate Dessert, confette, aerffeture Desserts, confectionery sponge sponge jam jam jelly jelly cake cake compote (Fruit) compote 60

‌ aerffiture ... sweets - caramel caramel - chocolate chocolate cream cream marmalade marmalade fo honey wimile ice cream mousse mousse zheapre cookies pasta zheapre pastry pudding pudding chocolate chocolate Shhyng tzariwer, shibse Names of dishes, garnishes cabbask zheaprer stuffed cabbage cartoffe ‌ potatoes ... - zheaprer baked in a foil - zhear fried - vear boiled - hajear stuffed cartoffe ubear mashed potatoes macaron macaroni pancake fritters giadeture zheaprer omelette pizza pizza pilaw pilow ragout ragout spaghetti spaghetti giadeture zhearprer fried eggs 61

giadeture … egg ... - vear hard-boiled - ivechear lightly-boiled - verprear soft-boiled Dawoer Cliams Ky Der ty it, nagoasch aernner. Give us some other table, please. Im arar aim, C’wahoar are. I haven’t ordered this dish. … C’wahoar is. I have ordered … Im are, Ce gu I r’ih aim. I don’t like this. Nagoasch, C’wahoe huen oue? Can I order some thing different? Nagoasch shibse, Cy hoey is. Can I ask for another garnish? Ly are, … Meat is ... - prasherwer is too hard - zherpear aim underdone - zherwear is overroasted - suigawer is too salty - liptzer is with blood - tziner is raw Im are, … is. It is too ... - guaswerwer bitter - aerffewer sweet - suigawer salty Shhyng are swyhaer is. Meal is cold. Goaswerce, ky C’hoey djer it, apeajer am. Call the head waiter, please.


Thequer, goaguaner Travel, trips Aerilane cher By plane That mahoer oue teche ara aerilane are, … nace? On what days do the planes to ... fly? Da pser is, … k’ace ara, aerilane are? When does the plane arrive in ...? That I chyhag, latehing am? What is the duration of flight? Da pser is wiche ara, … liquer goaguaner are? When will be the next flight to ...? Noba sihaer the goaguaner, … nace? Is there a flight to ... today? The … billet, … nace, Cy ubiden oue Cy hoey is. I want to reserve one ticket to ... in ... - business-class - sehace class - tourist class Ky ther ty it, billet-eitwo, … goaguaner am. Give me, please, two tickets for light to … That wocer, the billet … are? How much is a … ticket to …? - nicoer one-way - bso return That wocer, the elace-ei… cerbie billet are. How much is a ticket for a child of …? Ce baggage are C’humer huen oue? Can I insure my luggage? Da it her ner aeroport am teche ara, Ce aerilane are? What airport does my plane take off from? Da pser is teche ara, Ce … goaguaner are? When does the flight number … take off? Da in cher sihaer, … khare are? Where is indicator-board of ...? 63

- nacige departures - kacige arrivals Im sumb are, ky the der C’stern oue Cy hoey is. I want to take this bag with me. Im sign aher are, baggage am i C’ote. I’m going to register these things as luggage. That huy ara Ce baggage ley are? What an excess weight of luggage I have? Dapser I’e C’tyn hoey are, baggage ley am? How much should I pay for the excess weight of the luggage? Da be dey, borsh-nasch (duty-free) tiquan are? Where is a duty-free shop? Da be dey as r’agaticeha ara, … goaguaner am? What’s the boarding gates for the flight …? Ky C’der aerpycoy it, … oue. Help me, please to ... - bghyribhe are swer C’bhern fasten belts - ticepper are C’gasweyin tip up the seat Da in cher sihaer, bsyowner are? Where is a toilet? Ky C’wiswear aim. I have not been met. Radio am cher B’wahoe huen oue, khare am Cy as I’ezher oue? Is it possible to announce over radio, thet I am waiting under an indicator board of arrivals? Ce owner tza are, … My surname is … Ce proanter are C’goatige aim. I can not find my suitcase. Da pser is C’wahoe huen oue, baggage quadeture are? Where can I apply for the lost luggage? Da in cher sihaer, aeroport police are? Where is a policer service of the airport? Im ice, Ce quadeture sehaucigoer are. Here is my application concerning loss of luggage. 64

Ce baggage are humear it. My luggage was insured. … haswasse am Cy as uvehaern oue Ce guiga is. I am going to stay in a hotel ... Da in cher sihaer, aeroport changeasser are? Where is the information service of the airport? Aeroport am as C’sterfen oue, machiner hahoe? Can I rent a car directly at the airport? Da in dey as C’serhoefen, kala naper? Where can I buy a plan of the city? Dahaer, kalaquer autobus are? Where is a stop of the bus going to the city? Mafague cher By train Da in cher sihaer, kala sehawe cassa are? Where are the ticket windows for suburban trains? Billet-eitwo Cy hoey is: … nace, … mahoer oue, ... am. I want two tickets up to … on … in … - express mafague a fast train - passenger mafague a passenger train - toutnifer wagon smoking carriage - toutnmifer wagon non-smoking carriage That wocer, the … billet are. How much is the ticket for ... - goallipper sleeping carriage - passenger passenger carriage The billet …, Cy hoey is. I want a ... ticket. - nicoer one-way - bso return That wocer, the ealace- … cerbie billet are? How much is a ticket for …year old child? 65

Dapser cher quer ara mafague are, … nace? How much time does a train go to ...? Da in cher falle, mafague dhyga are? Where is the time-table? Da pser is, as I’ezher are, … mafague are? When does the train to ... start? Da pser is, ky as I’ezher are, … mafague are? When does the train from ... arrive? That hoerder shague am Cy as techifen oue, … nace? From what station can I reach up to ...? Dow Cy in acifen oue, … shague am? How can I get to … station? Da be dey, … are? Where is ...? - changeasse bureau an information bureau - nacige khare a board of departures - kacige khare a board of arrivals - ther wiswer peash a waiting-hall - baggage office a luggage office - buffet a buffet - bsyowner a toilet - quade-lihue office lost-property office That hoerder goaguaner am k’ace ara, … mafague are? What line does the train from ... arrive to? That hoerder platforma am teche ara, … mafague are? From what platform does the train to ... start off? That hoerder goaguaner am teche ara, … mafague are? From what line does the train to ... start off? Ticehagoer are k’a wahoear cher? Is boarding already announced? Ce ticehan oue cher? May I board the train? Im ice, Ce billet are. Here is my ticket. 66

Da be dey, … are? Where is a ...? - baggage wagon baggage car - wagon-restaurant dining car Ky C’hoer gagoe, im are, Ce pa is. Sorry, this is my place. Im pa are, ubiddear is. This place is occupied. Ther D’huage huen oue pa ara, De pa are? May I exchange places with you? Wihe (Hoersch), sehagobja are. Open (Close) the window, please. B’dan oue pa ara, sehagobja are wy C’hy am? Would you mind my opening (closing) the window? Mafague are, im shague am, minute dapser cher site? How long does the train stay at this station? Dahaer, fubge gorthe are? Where is the emergency brake? Da in dey as C’stergifen oue, baggage are? Where can I receive my luggage? Ce proanter are, C’fa quadear is. I have lost a suitcase. Mafague am, Cy ky pyhoar is. I have been left benind the train. Croh cher By ship Da pser is wiche ara, croh are? When does the ship for ... sail? Da in dey as C’serhoefen oue, the croh billet? Where can I buy tickets on the ship? That wocer, the billet are, … nace? How much is a ticket to ...? Ky ther ty it, billet-eitwo, … oue. Please, give me two ... tickets. - aper class first class - twoaner class second class - thraner class third class 67

Cuade ara ercen oue? How long will the trip last? Da it her ner bkaw am wiche ara, croh are? From what terminal does the ship sail? That hoerdeathe cher Dy siten oue, … dey? How much time shall we stand in ...? Da pser is, Dy as in ace are, …? When do we arrive to ...? Da pser is, ticehagoer are? When will the bording begin? Da in cher, … kajuit are? Where is cabin ...? Da in cher machiner i happer are, ondagoe lague am? Where is a car entrance to a cargo deck? Da in cher, … are? How can I get to ...? - lift the lift - they quapper a promenade deck - café a café - bar a bar - restaurant a restaurant - bassain the swimming pool - digale a sun deck Cy seha jagoer is. I am feeling unwell. Cy swey ubsecher. I am seasick. Doctor am ky C’hoey djer it. Call the doctor, please. Sitepper blaga am wifur am C’iche huen oue? Can I go ashore on the nearest station? Autobus cher By bus Da in cher sihaer, gare are? Where is the bus station? Da in cher sihaer, billet cassa are? Where is the ticket-window?


Billet-eitwo, … autobus am, … mahoer oue, cihate-… wichigoer am. Please, two tickets on the bus to … on …, departure at … o’clock … minutes. The billet, goaguaner blaga oue, Cy hoey is, … nace. I want one ticket on the nearest run to ... Dapser, C’tyn are? How much must I pay? Why bsau. Thanks. Da bkaw am as wiche are, Ce autobus are? From what stand does my bus go? Ky C’der aerpycoy it, sign are baggage am i C’lhan oue. Please, help me to put my things on a luggage compartment. That videofilm, goaguaner am D’agalagoen are? What video film will be shown to us during the run? Autobus am, … are, as C’wahoe huen oue? Can I order … in the bus? - zhyshher a breakfast - psihashher a supper Machiner Car Benzinehuer am At the petrol station Dahaer, im by, benzinehuer are? Where is the nearest petrol station? Ky ther ty it, litr twoasch, … oue. Give me, please, twenty litres of ... - super super - diesel gacing a diesel fuel Ky ther ty it, the … wocer benzine. Give me, please, petrol for ... I gahuer it, canister am. Fill the canister, please. 69

Dahaer, bsyowner are? Where is a toilet? The Aerscher Cuasch am At the service cerntre …? Could’t you ...? - Im goaner are, B’gabidergifen close this puncture - Im trypper are, te B’tzalergifen paint this scratch - Ce machiner are, B’dhaschigifen wash my car Machiner goague am On a road in the car … cher, machiner hahoe C’stern oue Cy hoey is. I want to rent a car for ... - The mahoe-eithree three days - The dhamahoer a week That I wocer machiner hahoe are, the bageand mahoer cher? How much is the rent of a car per day? Humaquer are herte oue? Is insurance included? The machiner hahoe, sweriquer gocer oue Cy hoey is. I want to rent a car with a camping trailer. Im ice, Ce … are. Here is ... - licencer my driving licence - passport my passport Da in dey as C’serhoefen oue, goaguaner naper? Where can I buy a map of the car roads? Dow, Cy in acifen oue, …? Sorry, how can I get to ...? Dahaer, im by, goague sehaper are? Where is the main road here? Dow Cy tehan, goaguelay am? How can I get to a highway?


That hoerdeathe ara quern hoey, … nace? How much time does it take to get to ...? Im be dey, Cy as uve huen oue? Sorry, may I park here? Dahaer, uvebswer automate are? Where is the parking payment collector? That wocer, cihate sitebswer are? How much is an hour of parking? Dahaer, im by, … are? Where is nearest ...? - bswernsher uvepper free-of-charge parking - lague uvepper paid underground parking Im be dey, … is. There is ... here. - ejerchipper a detour - the gazeapper a turn - dague a dead end Dahaer, im by, telephone are? Where is the nearest telephone booth? Fe telephone am cher C’ibsealich huen oue pa ara. Can I make a call from here? Ky C’hoey djer it, police am. Please, call the police. Im are, Ce tza is, Ce address is. Here is my name and address. B’lachin oue pa ara, Ce syhat Why huen oue? Couldn’t you be my witness? Weriwater Cy hoey is. I need an interpreter Ce machiner am the guare cottear is. Something has broken in my car. Aerswer are ky C’hoer B’gaquerfen haer? Could you send me a mechanic? That zaman I’hin? How much time will it take? Evacuator Cy hoey is. I need an evacuator car. Ce machiner are B’lafifen oue? Can you take my car on a tow? 71

Im are, Ce cabser is. Here is the tow-line. Machiner am the guare as ocice. Something is wrong with my car. Ce guiga am cher, … are tamame aim. I think, that … out of order. - accumulate an accumulator - generator a generator - mafa an ignition - ozdiga the spark-plugs - sharg aher the wheels - labse a gearing box - motor an egine - lahoe pedal an accelerator pedal - lakh pedal the clutch pedal - gorthe pedal the brakes pedal - shicoe the steering wheel - aerbger the handbrake - starter a starter - bhyr a coupling - peabke gorthe the forward brakes - chubke gorthe the back brakes Motor are ther swerner aim. The motor will not get started. Radiator am k’oje. The radiator leaks. Shicoe are swey ubsecher. The steering wheel vibrates. Da pser is, ka B’goatefen cottear are? When will you manage to find the fault? That zaman I hin, schyge am? How much time will it take to repair it? B’hoer schygen oue? Can you repair it? Aerbselabse We haer? Have you spare parts? 72

Dapser, I wocern are? How much will it cost? The guare C’hoey scher, Cy in I’gacigifen oue, … Help me to get to ... Hathor? Is everything ready? Ce machiner am Why ke woar is! You have struck my car! B’lagoe ara, … Look at the ... - I damer (nabke, bja, baggage) cuemb are dent ao a wing (body, door, boot) - phare are cottear is broken headlight Dy ke gadjer, police am. Let’s call the police. Ce machiner are humear is. My car is insured. Im ice, Ce policer are. Here is my insurance policy. Aerscher Cuasch am Dy swer han is i, schygebswer are hoer D’gauven is.. Let’s call in a car-service centre and estimate the coast of repairs. Schygebswer are franchise cher nakh mascher am, hathor oue Wher C’tyn is. If it is less than the sum of the franchise, I shall pay in cash. Goague Mahoer! Have a good trip! Post office, telegraph Post office, telegraph Dahaer, im by, post are? Where is the nearest post-office here? Da pser is, post are as leazher are? When does the post office work? … are, Cy utipsen hoey is. I want to send ... - Dhyga a letter - Arser a money order - Post-sumb a book-post Ky ther ty it, … . Please, give me ... . 73

- naggisse-eitwo two stamps - the post dhyllimper a post paper - sobre-eithree three envelopes - the huahue cuathor a congratulation postcard C’hoer dhy it, address are. Please, write me the address. Da it her ner wipper arar, … are as I’e C’tyn are? In what window can I pay...? - mobilebswer a bill for usage of a mobile telephone - uvebswer a fine for wrong parking Da be dey, post proanter are? Where is the nearest post box? Telegram, Cy utipsen hoey is. I want to send a telegram. Ky ther ty it, telegraph seaprer. Give me, please, a telegraphic form. Dapser, I bswer are? How much should I pay? Telephone Telephone Dahaer, telephone are? Where is a telephone here? Telephone cher, Cy bsalan hoey is. I want to make a telephone call. Da be dey as C’serhoefen oue, telephone card? Where can I buy a telephone card? Da in dey, Ce bsalich huen oue? Where can I make a call from? We telephone are, C’gacerbape huen oue? May I use your telephone? Why bsau. Thanks. Dapser, We telephone are? What is your telephone number? Dhy, Ce telephone are. Write down my telephone number. Mobile card, 50 cher, C’serhoen oue Cy hoey is. I want to buy a card for ucing a mobile telephone for 50 ... 74

Dow huen oue? Where can I do it? Hullo! Hullo! In twer! Yes! If ohuce! Hullo! Cy in odawer! I am listening to you! … C’e bsala huen oue? Can I speak to ...? Mahoer, if oue! Hullo! … ky C’hoey djer it. May I speak to ... Are, da pser is sihaern oue, … am? When will he (she) be ...? - I pa at the place - owner at home What, Cy ther bsala are? Sorry, whom am I speaking to? C’hoe jehaerge, ka … Please, tell, that ... - bsalar are, … is called ... - bsalagen oue I am waiting for his call Ce telephone are, … is. My telephone number is ... The minute cher! Just a minute! Ky ther zhyer it, kamzey are ka C’sterhoe. Wait, please, I shall take a pen. Minute-eibsche cher, in a C’schygen is. I’ll call you back in ten minutes. Uzensher oue! Good-bye! If cher! All the best! The plihaquer Sightseeing … cher bsalafe weriwater Fe haer. Is there a guide, speaking ... - Adighabza Adighabza - Urussibza Russian - Allemanibza German 75

- Faranchibza French Da in cher sihaer, … are? Where is a ...? Ky C’jehaer it: da in cher sihaer … are? Tell me, please, where is ...? - … oram ... street - … utecue ... square - theatre a theatre What, im cerhe are hoer agauvear? Whom is this monument put up to? What, bzabse are? Who was the sculptor? Im are, that bsawoller? What is this building? Im by per jizher, kala cuasch are? Is it far from here up to city centre? A are, … is. It is ... - per gonago close - per jizher far - koaper eazh am cher to the right behind the corner - oram chubke cimmague am cher to the left and then straight to the end of the lane - per mijizher not so far - per jizherwer very far - per blaga near Aey oue, Cy hoey it, bsyhuer tram cher ka C’jehin oue. I would like to go on the river on a river tram very much. Da in cher sihaer, cassa are? Where is a booking-office? Da pser is wircech ara, … are? When does the next ... sail off? - coh-plih pleasure-boat - croh ship That huehoe cher, ercen oue? How much time will the sailing last? 76

Da in cher sihaer, bkaw are? Where is a berth? Perge oue Cy quer ara, … am cher? Am I on a right way to ...? - theatre a theatre - musey a museum - Wassepark (Zoopark) the Zoo Da in dey, im by, … are? Sorry, where is a ... nearby? - post a post office - restaurant a restaurant - bsyowner a toilet Cy hyamer is i, kala are C’tzihoe aim. I am a foreigner and I don’t know the city. Why ky C’der aerpycoefen, … are ka C’goaten oue? Couldn’t you help me to find a ...? Ce guip am, Cy chary hoar is. I missed my group. Cy goassear is. I have lost my way. Ky C’der aerpycoy it. Help me, please. Cy galagoy it, kala naper am cher, Cy the der sihaer swypper are. Show me, please, on the plan of the city the place, where I am now. Im by, kala cuasch are per jizher? Is it far from here to city centre? Da in cher sihaer, kala hablazh are? Where are the oldest quarters of the city? Da in dey, im by, … ? Where is the nearest ...? - autobus macaner bus stop - tram macaner tram stop - cirb gare underground station - taxi macaner taxi stand Ky C’jehaer it: dow Cy in acifen oue … haswasse am? Tell me, please, how can I get to the hotel ...? 77

Kala transport City transport Ky C’jehaer it: that hoerder … cher Cy in acifen oue, kala cuasch am? Tell me, please, what … route can I get to the city centre? - autobus bus - tram tram Dahaer, im by, … macaner are? Where is the nearest ... stop? - autobus bus - tram tram Macaner dapser cher Cy quern hoey, … am nace? How many stops must I ride through to ...? - theatre a theatre - musey a museum - Wassepark (Zoopark) the Zoo - kala cuasch the city centre - cathedral a cathedral Im autobus are, … nace quer ara? Sorry, does this bus go to ...? That thery edjer are, im … am? How this ... is called? - macaner stop - cirb gare underground station Da be dey, cirb gare are? Where is the nearest underground station? Dow Cy in acen oue, … am? How can I reach ...? Da be dey as C’serhoefen, cirb naper? Where can I buy the map of underground? C’serhoe huen oue, the … paller billet? Can I buy a season ticket for ...? - mahoer a day - mahoe-eithree three day 78

- dhamahoer a week - dhamahoe-eitwo two weeks - mather a month Da in cher quer ara, im … are? Where does this ... go to? - autobus bus - tram tram If ohuce! Hello! Ky ther ty it, the billet. Give me, please, one ticket. That paller cher bswer I haer, Ce billet am? What time is my ticket valid for? y bler gachy it. Let me pass. Im pa are, nasch? Is this place vacant? Ky C’jehaer it: da pser is huen oue, … macaner are. Tell me, please, when will there be a ... stop? Dahaer, macaner swio are? Where is the stop button? Dahaer, taxi sitepper are? Where is a taxi stand here? Da it her ner telephone am cher C’edjerfen oue, taxi am? On what telephone can I call (order) a taxi? Taxi! Taxi! Why nasch? Unoccupied? Kala cuasch am cher, C’equerchen oue Cy hoey is. I want to have a ride through the city centre. Cy sher it, … am. Please, take me to ... - shague the railway station - aeroport the airport - … haswasse the hotel … - stadion the stadium That hoerdeathe ara Dy quern oue, … am nace? How much shall we go to ...?


Huen oue am, nakh hoabge oue: Cy ky chary ohoe. Can you drive more quickly, I am getting let. Im be dey, as uvehaer it. Stop the car here. The terleai cher ky ther zhyer it: ka C’gazergen is. Wait for me, please, I’ll be back in some minutes. In ezher, ad cher. Let’s go further Dapser, C’telle are? How much should I pay? Mer it. Here you are. Jgay am, Cy hoey aim. No change. C’hoer dhy it, seaprer. Write a receipt, please. Quade-lihue office Lost-property office Da in cher sihaer, quade-lihue office are? Where is a lostproperty office? Da it her ner telephone cher C’schyfen, quade-lihue office am? What is a telephone number of a lost-property office? Ce sign are, … am, ky i C’near is. I have left my thing in a ... - autobus bus - trolleybus trolleybus - tram tram - taxi taxi - mafague train - aerilane plane … are, C’fa quadear is. I have lost ... - Bourser a purse with money - Document aerller a wallet with documents - Aermper a bag - Suratetehe a camera - Sumbcase a suitcase 80

- Attaché case an attaché case - Aba a raincoat Ce aermper am … illear is. There where ... in my bag. Ce proanter am … derllear is. There where ... in my suitcase Ce bourser am … derllear is. In my purse there was ... Bourser (proanter) are, … it. A purse (a suitcase) is ... - goabjer brown - fitza black - plizh red - udzefur green Da be as goer Cy in a bsala huen oue, gy aree? When may I call you again? Sign are ka C’goatige am, im phone am cher ka bsala, … If the thing is found, call me, please, on the phone ... The gabsahoeng Leisure Theatre am At a theatre Theatre am Cy quern it. I would like to go to the theatre. That spectacle noba sihaer are, … theatre am? What play is given today in … theatre? … billet, sihaer? Have you tickets for ...? - Nobarey today - Psadedayrey tomorrow - Sabbath on Saturday That wocer, the billet are, … am? How much does one ticket ... cost? That as goer thy I ubler ara, spectacle am? When does the performance begin?


That as goer thy I uhe ara, spectacle am? When does the performance end? Ky ther ty it, parterre billet-eitwo, … mahoer oue. Give me, please, two tickets in the stalls for ... Da in cher as C’serhoefen oue programme? Where can I buy a programme? Da in cher Cy querfen oue, … am? How can I get to the ...? - palco boxes - balcon balcony Da in ner ky i C’hyn oue, naripler hahoe? Where can I hire an opera glasses? De pa are Cy galagoy it. Please, show us our places. Dapser cher site, antracte are? How long does an interval last? Dahaer, im by, bsyowner, tootn peash are? Where is a toilet and a smoking room here? Spectacle are (aey oue), Ce gu I r’ihar is. I liked the play (very much). Spectacle are (the chee) Ce gu I r’ihar aim. I didn’t like the play (absolutely). … role oue gerguar are, Ce gu I r’ihar is. I especially liked a performer of ... part. What, a artist (gio) am I tza are. What is a surname of this actor (singer) ...? Cino am At a cinema Cino am, Cy quern oue Cy hoey is. I want to go to the cinema. Dahaer, im by, cino are? Is there a cinema nearby? That, noba sihaer are? What is on today? What, cino are they are? Whose film is it? 82

What, director are? Who is the director? What, sehaper role are? Who are starring? Da in dey as C’serhoefen billet, … am? Where can I buy tickets for ...? - sihaer séance the current film-show - psyh séance an evening film-show … séance am billet-eitwo Cy hoey is. I want two tickets for a ... film-show. Mijizher oue, pa cuirite aher are. Not very far, places in the middle, please. Da pser is, the I ubler ara séance am? When does the film-show begin? Dahaer, bsyowner are? Where is a toilet here? Cy bler gachy it. Sorry, let me please. Why bsau. Thanks. Cinouffe is. A good film. Gerguetureffe is. A perfect performance of actors. Cino saba is. A weak film. Concert am At a concert C’e dawern oue Cy hoey it, … concert. I would like to listen to a … music concert. - symphone symphonic - camera chamber - organ organ - weriwater folk - jazz jazz - pop pop Da in cher sihaer, … are? Where is ...? 83

- concert peash a concert hall - concervator a concervatory That wocer, the billet are? How much does one ticket cost? What, noba diriger are? Who conducts today? Concert are (aey oue) Ce gu I r’ihar is. I liked the concert (very much). Musey, Surate Galle am In a museum, picture gallery Bgiga are C’ogaswagoer. I am interested in painting. Dhyder Musey am Cy swihan it. I would like to visit a historical museum. Dow, Cy in acen oue … am? How can I get to ...? - Barasture an exhibition - Surate Galle a picture gallery - Art Bsago Musey a museum of modern art … Barasture are ka C’plihin oue Cy hoey is. I want to see an exhibition ... Cihate dapser am … ara, musey are? What time do they … the museum? - wer ahe open - hoer aschyge close That wocer, the billet are? How much is an entrance ticket? … weriwater Cy hoey is. I need a guide speaking ... - Adighabza Adigha - Urussibza Russian - Englibza English Da in cher as ther herte, … aerisch ucer are? Where are ... pieces exposed? C’ogaswagoer are, … are. I am interested in ... 84

- bgiga painting - bzap e sculpture - graphica graphic art - Peacerey Art art of the Ancient world - Renaissance Art art of Renaissance - Gothe Art Gothic art - impressionism impressionism - Bsago Art modern art - Art Guiga abstract art That wocer, … are? How much does a ... cost? - dhyllwater guidebook of a museum - Barasture dhyga catalogue of the exhibition - im surate seaprer reproduction of this picture Adighabza …, Fe haer? Haw you a … in Adighabza? - dhyllwater guidebook - dhyga catalogue Surate, te C’he huen oue? Can I make photographs here? Im peash am, camera cher, as te C’he huen oue? Can I shoot in this hall with my videocamera? Adighabza excoursisher, Fe haer? How you a gide speaking Adighabza? Bassain, bsypark am In a swimming pool, aquapark Da in cher sihaer, bassain are? Where is a swimming pool here? A are, bassain bgan? Is it an indoor pool? Ga Mahoer am, bassain bgan am, Cy as ercen oue C’faffe is. In summer I like to swim in an outdoor pool. That wocer, the … billet are? How much is a ticket for ...? 85

- baleeg an adult - cerbie a child That huehoe, im by, Cy sihaerfen oue? Fro how long may I stay here? Da in cher, badoler swyhapper are? Where is an entrance to a changing room? That hoerder jgay, proanter bza am, i C’lhan? What coin should I drop in the closet lock as a pledge? Dahaer, bsyowner are? Where is a toilet here? Dahaer, bsypry bja are? Where is a door leading to a shower? Bsypre nauzh am, sauna am thy as C’gaplin oue Cy hoey is. After shower I would like to take a steam bath in a sauna. That oue if oue thy D’gaplear! How well we have got warmed! Eagy, bsypre am, eatwaner, arguare oue D’ercin is. Now againunder the shower and to swim. That oue bsyffe! What a pleasant water! Im bassain are, Ce gu I r’oh. I like this pool. Ercing cher Cy r’icoar is: Fy in aquer bar am, the wimile D’shhyn is. I’ve had a good swim already, let’s go to a bar and have an ice cream. Da in cher sihaer, bsypark are? Where is an aquapark situated? That wocer, the billet are? How much does a ticket cost? That hue ara, the séance are? How long does a session last? Dahaer, badoler are, bsypre cabina are? Where are changing room and shower cabins? Turk hamam am thy as C’gaplin oue Cy hoey is. I want to steam in a Turkish bath. Eatwaner, Roman am i, sauna am i. And then in Roman and in sauna.


Im wannabse are swyhaermile is: a are, hamam nauzh am - if is! This tub has an ice water, it is wonderful to take it after a bath! In aquer, wanna-shitter am Dy herllen is. Let’s go and lie down in a massage bath. The séance are cihate-eithree cher I’oquerch: Cy ka majatlear cher is. The session lasts for three hours, I have already got hungry. In aquer bar am, D’edzakern is. Let’s go to the bar to have a bite. Mahoer, if oue! Good afternoon! K’a ster it: the nacueller, cartoffe nasch-eitwo, cyr-eitwo. Please, two helpings of fried potatoes with sausage and two beers. I’a bswer are, séance nauzh am, jihaerswer am dey, Ce peash aerhue am her bjer. Payment on my number of a bracelet after a session at the manager. Why bsau. Thanks. Swahe oue, bsy am! Let’s run into the water! Swib am, Cy as ercen oue Cy hoey is. I want to swim in the open air. Im are, aey our bsyswer wore is, lasse is: Why pe mircer. And here is an underwater current, it is very strong, do not try to swim against it. That oue daher: palma, liana, stor chyga aher are! How nice it is here – palm trees, lianas, tropical plants! Ce sehats are, fan cher, C’gagossen oue Cy hoey is. I want to use a dryer for my hair. That wocer, the fan cerbapegoer are? How much is the use of a hair-drier? 87

The uzhiture Entertainments That cher thy der B’hahe ara? What are you interested in? Dow I’e B’hache ara, We hoeetigoer are? How do you spend your spare time? … oue C’faffe is. I like ... - Ka C’quehin to travel - Laderjer cher, C’ejerhen to ski - Larijer cher, ka C’jyhin to skate - C’ercen to swim … ther hoe C’ohace. I collect ... - Post naggisser post stamps - Abacy coins - Budge badges - Post cuathor post cards - Poster posters … cher, thy ty C’o gawoe. I am interested in ... - Bsago musica modern music - Suratefurser photo - Naritehe videoshooting - Bdzazhayaser fishing … oue C’faffe is. I love to play ... - Guitar, C’ewoern guitar - Tennis, Cy gerguen tennis - Golf, C’ewoern golf - Billard, C’ewoern billiards De haswasse am , …, sihaer? Is there ... in our hotel? - bassain a swimming pool - billard a billiard room


Im by, golf hanshak hahoe as C’sterfen oue? Can i hire golfclubs here? Psih am, discothequer, Why querfen oue is. In the evening we can go to a disco. Kafan, B’faffe? Do you like dancing? Jasse club am Dy F’gaquer i, nakhiffe is: gergue D’eplin is. We’d better go to a night club and see a show. Ce guaper oue, kala am, lacoerigajer cher ky as C’jehin it. I’d take a ride about the city on a bicycle. Da in dey as C’sterfen oue, lacoerigajer hahoe? Where can I hire a bicycle? That wocer, lacoerigajer hahoe are, the mahoe-eidhoe cher? How much is a hire of a bicycle for five days? The cyra bgia, bar gonago am, W’efern oue Why hoey haer. Would you like to have a glass of beer in the nearest bar? Da in cher sihaer, casino blaga are? Where is the nearest casino? Bsyhuer wifur am ky as C’quehin oue, C’faffe is. I like to go for a walk along the river. Tiquan, serhoeng Shop, shopping Da in cher sihaer, Fe … are? Where is ... here? - Satu Cuasch a shopping - Bazarsehaper a supermarket - bazar a market


Bazarsehaper, Satu Cuasch am In a supermarket, department store Serhoeng guare aher are, C’schyn hoey is. I want to make some purchases. Wybza, ka C’serhoen hoey is. I want to buy gifts. Dow leazher ara, tiquan are, im … am? How does the shop work ...? - dhamahoer on weekdays - dhamahoerper on weekends …, ka C’serhoen hoey is. I want to buy ... …, Cy hoey is. I need a ... Da in dey, …, as C’serhoefen oue? Where can I buy ...? That wocer, im are? How much does it cost? Da it her ner seapper arar, …, as aser are? In want department are ... sold? …, ky ther ty it. Give me, please ... …, Fe haer? Have you ...? …, huen oue? Can I ...? - C’eple look - Ther C’gapser try on Da in cher sihaer, … are? Where is ...? - pseapper a fitting room - lift a lift - escalator an escalator C’hoerffeng, Cy galagoy it, … are. Be so kind as to show me ... Im are, C’hoer … is. It is ... for me. - ean loose - tzique tight - bihue wide - zave narrow 90

- chyh long - chasch short - if just right Im fur are, Cer que aim. This colour does not suit me. Cer aree, a by Cy hoey it, a oue, nagoaschy fur oue. I would like the same, but of other colour. A are, C’stern oue is. I shall take it. Dapser, I bswer are? How much must I pay? Im … are, ther C’gapsern oue Cy hoey it. I would like to try on ... - lign shoes - bota boots - lay low shoes Im bota (lay, lign) are, C’hoer … is. These boots (shoes, high boots) are ... - tzique small - ean a bit big - fibse just right Nagoaschy fur, Cy hoey is. I need some other colour. Nagoasch seaprer, Fe haer? Have you some other models? Da it her ner dihoe arar, nakh C’hoer B’gafurser are? What perfume would you recommend me? … dihoe are, Ce gu I r’oh. I love perfume of ... Dahaer, im dihoe tester are? Where is a tester of this perfume? Ky her D’gahy it, dihoe am hoer furser deodorant. Help me to pick up a deodorant of the same style with the perfume. Ky ther changeassy it: that hoerder poudra nakh Cer que are? Would you advise me, what powder suits me more. Im pomade aree, … is. This lipstick is too ... - tzuuwer gaudy 91

- finchewer dark - cirihoewer light Dahaer, … poudrabse tester are? Where is a tester of creampowder of the firm ...? Im sehats lac are, bidder? Is this hair-dye stable? Manicure lernister ara, yee tzique ara, Cy hoey is. I want a manicure scissors and a nail file. Why bsau, arar is. Thanks, it is all. Mo suratetehe are, Cy galagoy it. Show me this camera. I leazherture am, C’eple huen oue? Can you show me how it works? The suratetehe ara, thery miswa suratenapper oue sumb-eitwo ara, C’stern is. I shall take the camera and two packings of a film of different sensitivity. Ky ther ty it, videocassette sumb-eitwo, … oue. Give me, please, two packings of a film of different sensitivity ... - Minute-eisa ara twoasch one hundred and twenty minutes - Minute-eisa ara eightsch one hundred and eighty minutes - Minute seitwo ara bllesch two hundred and forty minutes Im videomagnitophone am hoabge-eitwo I haer? Is it a two speeds videorecorder? Im mack-cuasch are thery leazher am, C’e dawern oue Cy hoey is. I want to listen how this musical centre works. Serhoebswer are, … cher, C’tyfen oue? Can I pay my purchases ...? - goaguaner cheque with traveller’s cheques - credit card by credit card 92

Dahaer, Fe, Adigha dhyll seapper are? Where could I find books in Adega in your shop? Art dhyll is, nakh C’gaswagoer are. I am interested in the books on art. That hoerder Adigha journale, gazette F’ser ara? What magazines and newspapers from Adigha do you sell? Ky ther ty it, the … Give me, please ... - kala seaprer a plan of the city - post cuathor-eitwo two post-cards - the journale a … magazine Dapser, bso am i? How much is for all? Dahaer, … seapper are? Where is a ... department? - aerswer dhyll technical books - aerther dhyll books on medicine - aerbsaller dhyll dictioneries - buquinist dhyll rare books C’serhoen oue Cy hoey it, Adigha detective. I would like to buy a detective novel in Adega language? C’serhoen oue Cy hoey is, …. i want to buy ... - cigar cigars - menthol cigar cigarettes with menthol - cirb tootn pipe tobacco Ky ther ty it, the … Give me, please ... - mafa a lighter - cigarette bloc a carton of cigarettes - cigarette sumb a pack of cigarettes The paroma aeramer Cy hoey is, … am seha cher. I want a bunch of flowers ... - nibgiswa Guassa for an elderly lady


Ke shihachy it, bsyhaer guare pygajepper am, psih huehoe imuhoalern oue. Wrap up, please, the cuts in damp cloth for the flowers not to fade till evening. The wybza ky her C’hyn oue ky C’der aerpycoy it, … seha cher. Help me to choose a gift for ... - tzihoebze a woman - psassa a gird - tzihoehue a man - cerbie a child That, C’hoer B’gafurserfen? What would you recommend me? The wybza milapperwer, Cy hoey is. I want something for a gift, but not too expensive. That, gy aree, ky C’hoer B’wahoefen? And what else can you offer me? Why bsau, im dhago are, Ce gu I r’oh. Thanks, I like these earrings. C’hoer schy it, Barasture sumb. Please, make a gift packing. Dapser, bso am i, ther uwe oue? How much is all in all? A sum am, her C’wahoer huen oue, borsh nasch (tax free) are? Can I issue with this sum a tax free for tourists? Fe tiquan am I wahoe ara, tax free? Does your shop make a tax free issue? Fe tiquan am, dhabzascher office am as awahoe oue ji B’haerar is, borsh nasch (tax free) are. You told, that in your shop it is possible to issue tax free in a service bureau. Da in cher sihaer, a are? And where is it? Borsh nasch (tax free) C’wahoen am the sum hoer came? Is a small sum needed for tax free issue? Atwer, im dihoe aree her C’serhoern is. Then I shall buy this perfume. 94

Cuade, eagy? Now is it enough? Im are: Ce passport is, cheque is, serhoeng is. Here is my passport, receipts and purchases. C’hoer wahoy it, borsh nasch (tax free) are. Issue me, please, tax free Sign C’serhoear are, … huen oue pa ara. Is it possible … the bought thing? - C’tyge to return - C’huage to change That paller cher? During what time? That as goer the I ubler ara, … Serge am. When will … sale begin? - Ga Mahoer summer - Season seasonal - Huroma Christmas That wocer cher, Serge am the r’ihahe ara? What percent are the prices reduced by at a sale? C’ogaswagoer, … are. I am interested in ... …, apper oue, Cy hoey is.. I need a large lot of... - Vaca footwear - Chagua jackets - Tzihoehue giana man’s shirt’s That I bswer, … aerpper am, … bjega oue? What is the price of a lot of … in quantity of … pieces? A are, Ce dey cher, lapperwer is. It is too expensive for me. That hoerdeathe cher wocer are elitear taie am? How much does the price of purchase depend on volume? Aerpper oue as aserhoe cher, wocer am der F’tchyhe ara? Do you give the discount for purchase of the large consignment of goods? 95

That hoerdeathe cher da F’tchyhe ara? What is the size of the given discount? Hapship are, hathor cher C’serhoefen oue? Can i pay for the goods in cash? Credit, aery F’lha ara? Do you give a credit? Da pser is, hapship are, ky C’aerihan? When can I receive the goods? Fe siteture are, C’o thag. Your conditions suit me. Fe sherng paller are, Cer thag aim. The terms of deliveries do not suit me. … are, Cer thag aim. The … does not suit me. - Wocer price - Bswer tyture terms of payment Erisky seapper am In a food department C’hoer shatchy it, … Weigh me, please ... - ly-goar gramm seitwo two hundred grammes of ham - the giade gazhear one grilled hen - hawe salad kilonicoer half a kilogram of mushroom salad - croale bswertear-eitwo two pork chops Dahaer, Fe … are? Where is ... here? - prarseha pizza a vegetarian pizza - coffee jabzer caffeinensher an instant coffee without coffeine …, Cy hoey is. I want ... - Crevette kabzer oue kilonicoer half a kilogram of cleaned shrimps


- The bdzazhay, imean didder oue one fish of medium size Bdzazhay are ther aihe, usue i, vacuum cher C’hoe ther quatzy lhage. Please, cut the fish, salt it and make a vacuum packing for it. Da arar, ketchup … are? What ketchup is the ...? - nakh cire most piquant - cirefur less piquant Ky ther ty it, josm aeramershoer-eitwo. Give me, please, two large bunches of grapes. Im croey are, cire? Is this cheese strong? Ky ther ty it, the croey kilonicoer, micire oue. Givw me, please, half a kilogram of mild cheese. Da in cher telle, swacroer prasher are? Where is a wholemeal bread here? Surate schyge am Developing of film, photo printing Surate napper are C’gauzh oue, surate aher are C’schygen hoey is. I want you to develop a film and print photos. Da pser is, surate aher are hathor huen oue? When will the photos be ready? That wocer, ther per psyquetwo-eibgoe (ther 12x9) surate are? What is the price of one photo of nine by twelve centimeters size? I bswer are C’othag, a oue, Cy hoey it, bsynserwer oue ky C’aerihan oue. The price suits me, but I would like to get snapshots quickly. Psadegyzh, furmper aher are, B’schyge huen oue? Can you make snapshots by tomorrow morning? 97

Why bsau. Thanks. Dapser, C’telle are? How much must I pay? K’aster it, the dhygoer kalan, formatishhoer oue. Please, accept an order for large format printing of shots ... That wocer, the bkaw kace? What is a price of each frame? Im aher are, ka C’stern is. I shall take these ones. The goae bloc ara, the furmper 200 photoalbum ara, Fe dey as C’serhoen oue Cy hoey is. I want to buy here a photoalbum for two hundred snapshots and a case for storage of negatives. Dapser, bso am i? How much must I pay? Why bsau. Thanks. Police am Appeal to the police If W’ohuce. Hello. Ky C’der aerpycoy it: Ce … I’a digoear is. Please, help me, my ... - passport are passport was stolen - document are documents were stolen - havia billet are an air ticket was stolen - arser bso aree all my money was stolen - machiner are car was stolen Taxi (Bus) am, … are, ki C’near is. I have left my … in a taxi (in a bus) - aermper bag - proanter suitcase - attaché case attaché case The swypper, … are, as C’fa quadear is. I have lost my ... somewhere - bourser purse 98

- aerller wallet A by derllear is: … are. There ... in it. - arser was money - goaguaner billet was a travel ticket - seaprer were receipts Ky C’te woer aree, aermper are, C’aer swer atrear is. Some people attacked me and snatched out my bag. … am, Cy chary hoear is. I’ve been left behind by ... - Mafague a train - Autobus a bus - Croh a ship A by, Ce sign, arser, document are, ki near is. My things, money and documents remained there. The gurisroer i, gu li C’tear aim. I did not noticed anything suspicious. Ce ufarazeh oue, the guare sitear is. Some strange fellow kicked his heels near me all the time. Aby, I tepler cher … is. His appearance is ... Cy tourist is. I am a tourist. Hyabzansher oue, C’a ubiddear is. I was detained illegally. The hielag i, they C’har aim. I have not made anything reprehensible. The guare am, Cy her agagoassear is. I have been mistaken for someone. Weriwater are, ke blaga huen oue? Will you call an interpreter? Bso aree, F’gury the gawern is. I shall explain everything to you. …, Cy ki chear is. I have come from ... Ke F’gablaga it, … jihaerswer are. Please, call an official from ... - ambassy the embassy 99

- consulate the consulate Aerthergoer Medical aid Doctor am dey Consalting a doctor … I ...

- Cy uzensher aim feel unwell - Cy cimmager is am ill - Cimmager, Cy huar is has fallen ill - Cimmager, C’ohue am getting ill - Cy sehajagoer is feel bad …, Cy hoey is. I ... - Doctor need a doctor - Therapeut need to consult a physician - Surgeon am bsynser oue must urgently go to a surgeon - Dzawitch must go to a dentist Doctor sihaer, haswasse am? Is there a doctor in the hotel? Dahaer, im by, … are? Where is the nearest ...? - policlinic policlinic - cimmagersse hospital Ky C’hoey F’djer it, doctor. Please, call me a doctor. Da it her ner telephone am cher, … am? What number is for ...? - Cy ke djerfen oue, owner doctor house calling a doctor - the hey C’gadherfen oue, doctor making an appointment with a doctor - Cy ke djerfen oue, ambulance calling an ambulance Ky C’hoer F’gaquer it, …. Send, please ... - owner am, doctor a doctor to my place 100

- ambulance an ambulance Cy her F’dher it, doctor am dey. I want to make an appointment with a doctor. Cihate dapser am ka quern oue, doctor are? When will the doctor come? Aerther policer, Ce haer is. I have medical insurance sertificate. Dzawitch am dey At the denrist’s Ky ther B’changeassifen, dzawitchiffe? Could you recommend me a good dentist? Ce dza … I have ... - are, im a uze a toothache - sehale are, baghear is a gingivitis - are, shin is a dental abscess - am, plomb are k’ihoear is a filling dropped out - are, goaner is a cavity in a tooth - are, guer schichear is a piece of a tooth broken away - tange are, cottear is a broken crown - am, shin I r’ischear is an abscess on a gum - sehale are, liche is bleeding gums Ce dza ... are, im a uze. I have a toothache ... - eazh on the right side - cimmague on the left side - swag in the bottom - seha on top - pea in the front That as goer Cy ka quern, gy aree? When must I come again? That as goer Cy ka quern, liquer oue? When must I come next time? 101

Apotheca am At a chemist’s Ky C’jehaer it: da be dey, apotheca are? Tell me, please, where is the nearest chemist’s here? Im hyabza am cher, Fe dey, huisroa C’serhoefen oue? Can I get here a medicine according to the prescription? Swahe, hathor huen oue? Does is take much time to make it? That as goer hathor huen oue? When willnit be ready? …, Fe haer? Have you ...? Ky ther ty it, the …. Give me, please ... - multi-vitamin multi-vitamins - multimineral multiminerals - laxative a laxative - uze-thaga a sedative - oadisch a remedy for loosing weight Ky ther ty it, the … huisroa. Give me, please, something for ... - bsetcher a cough - piswa-uze a cold - seha-uze a headache - niba-uze aches in a stomach Dow, im huisroa are, ther C’hatlern oue? How should I take this medicine? Shher aper am? Should I take this medicine before meals? Shher uzh am? Should I take this medicine after meals? Dapser ara, mahoer am? How many times a day? … dapser? How many ...? - Tablet pills - Tquabse drops


Belgily, dhyga Signboards and inscriptions jihaerscher, Jhr. manager, Mgr. Ceack! Caution! Ceack! Auto! Caution! Cars! dhabzascher bureau (office), DB service bureau (office) Nahaer! Attention! happer, Ha entrance happer aim no entrance happer nasch entrance free proanter tyge Parcels Delivery proanter paller post restante chypper, Ch exit chypper aim no exit chypper nasch exit free W – Psassa (peash) W – Ladies (room) wischear is closed bidder is occupied cassa pay desk (Cash desk) Tzihoega, T information ther Wiswer peash, ther WiP waiting hall chypper ley, Ch-L emergency exit the Humer Bureau, the HB lugage office chubke uvepper, Ch-U final stop mo by cher, mob pull im by cher, mib push The gabsech are, zaran is! Swimming forbidden! Whey mifer! Smoking forbidden! (No smoking!) eferng, ef smoking S – Sower (peash) G – Gentlemen (room) 103

Shinagoer! Danger! Ceack! Ha sehariwer! Beware of the dog! Ceack! Lear is! Caution, fresh-painted! wihear is open nacige departure kacige arrival police police baggage aerihe luggage reception thy the swer bher fasten the belts nacepper, N passage queapper, Q passing Nacepper aim!, N-aim No passage! Queapper aim!, Q-aim No passing! Serge Sale Miwicer! Do not touch! jgay discount changeasse bureau, ChB information (Inquiry) Site! Stop! sitepper, St parking sitepper aim, St-aim parking forbidden (prohibited) surate mihe no photographs Seha mylcue, sm private property Seha niger, sn private beach


Hallag, chyhag, psyaller Measures of weight, length, volume Tquatquer psyaller Volume of liquids millilitre millilitre litre litre hectolitre hectolitre pint pint gallon gallon barrel barrel the pint 1 pint = 0,47 l yer or = 0,568 l the gallon 1 gallon = 3,785 l yer or = 4,545 l the daga barrel 1 barrel of oil = 158,9 l yer or the daga cay 1 cask = 1145,6 l Hallag Weight milligramme milligramme gramme gramme kilogramme kilogramme centner centner ton ton the ounce 1 ounce = 28,35 g the pound 1 pound = 454 g Chyhag Length millimetre millimetre 105

centimetre centimetre decimetre decimetre metre metre kilometre kilometre the inch 1 inch = 2,54 cm the foot 1 ft = 30,48 cm the yard 1 yard = 91,44 cm the mile 1 mile = 1,609 km the tenghize mile 1 nautical mile = 1,852 km


The Adigha Shitle Hyacer, The ASH «Majucie»