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Advice ‘Mark my words, not my name’ campaign

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Student Enterprises Find out how to start your own enterprise and more!

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Penrith show they are environmentally friendly

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Penrith Events coming up

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VP’s Blog Emma Green - VP of Penrith Students’ Union

Hello Penrith! Well, it’s been a busy start to the year… We’ve had a mental Refreshers’,Vitality Week, and now we are coming to the end of a fantastic Go Green week, and throughout it all there has been stacks of snow and some freezing conditions! It has been great to see the Newton Rigg spirit still going strong during all the events so far, especially the Live Band night with Birds vs. Planes headlining… What a great night! Onto other things, there have definitely been some changes to your courses and your student experience as a whole since 2008 ended. Some of you may have noticed that Brambles has had a ‘re-launch’, something we have all been pushing for since the beginning of September! However, we want to know what you think about it! Do you think it’s better, worse, or even exactly the same? Looking ahead into the coming months, we have got a lot lined up for you! You said- ‘We want a Carlisle Pub Tour’, well we are giving you one in April! There will be loads more varied entertainments for you to get stuck into right up until the end of the year. Everything from Karaoke and live music nights, to a Battle of the DJs and (maybe even) a Gig On The Grass! Keep your eyes peeled for those adverts! Have you ever been annoyed with the SU? Disagreed with something that has been done? Or (hopefully) thought it was great but had some more ideas to add to the pot? WELL, if so, it is well worth your while picking up an elections pack from the SU, it will give you all the information you need to run in the elections to become anything from sports officer to Vice President, or even President (yes the top dog!) After all, the reason we are here is for YOU! Even if you are not going to run for a position, make sure you vote! If you have any interest in what the Students’ Union does, or what you want to see us doing in the future, then get involved with the elections! Finally, we will soon be having some campaigns on anonymous marking and the use of receipts when handing in assignments, so if you are interested in helping out, or even just really passionate about it, then let us know! Anything at all you want to make comments on, ask for advice on, or even just have a chat about, feel free to contact any of the officers (contact details on the facebook site or in my office) or me, by phone, email, text, or even the dreaded facebook! Whatever your opinions, we want to hear them! That’s it for now, see you all soon!

Emma Contact Emma on or via ‘UCSU Penrith’ on facebook


Elections 09 Special

GO LET THE VOTING BEGIN! Monday 9th : Campaigning Begins Friday 13th : Evoting Opens midnight Monday 16th : Penrith Question Time (12noon) Gin Case Bar Tuesday 17th : Carlisle Question Time (12noon) Calva Bar Wednesday 18th : Lancaster Question Time (12noon) SU Lounge Thursday 19th : Ambleside Question Time (7.30pm) Barn Theatre Thursday 19th : Evoting closes midnight Monday 23rd : Paper Balloting 9am – 5pm Tuesday 24th : Paper Balloting 9am – 5pm Wednesday 25th : Paper Balloting (until 12noon) Wednesday 25th : Count & Results Announced (9pm)


Elections 09 Special

THE CANDIDATES Andy Swales – Ambleside Vice President Candidate I’m Andy Swales, 23 years old, and I’m currently in my 3rd year on the Outdoor Studies course. This year I am running for Vice President for Ambleside Campus. Through my position on the SU as environmental officer, a particular project I have strongly been involved with this year has been GO GREEN alongside other environmental meetings and events. I have been in direct contact with the local community, sharing and receiving ideas about how to improve both the university and Ambleside’s community as a whole. I feel the recycling points we have are being put to good use but more could be done on this matter. Before I started my uni life here I had been in a variety of leadership roles which I believe will help me with this role. Two years ago I was a learning support assistant in which one of my roles was to help support students with educational matters which caused problems for them and I relayed this information to the staff so as the problems/issues could be resolved. As students are the best source of ideas we, as a union have, I intend to ensure that my door is always open and that students are always welcome to come forward with any ideas, and indeed worries, they may have. I feel having an SU that is approachable and friendly is key so that every student feels valued as an individual.

Barry McGurk – Lancaster Vice President Candidate Howdy, I’m Barry McGurk; I’ve been a student here at the University of Cumbria for the last four years whilst I have been studying Primary Teaching with English. For the last two years I have been lucky enough to work as the Clubs and Societies Officer here in Lancaster, and be a member of the University of Cumbria Students Union Lancaster Campus Committee. I have watched as we moved forward from being St Martins College and been able to play a part in this new fledgling Students Union as it has evolved and grown in the last two years. I am hard working, committed and approachable and would bring this to the role of the Vice President. Whilst working as the Clubs and Societies Officer I have been able to work alongside many students to set up student activities and clubs plus have worked alongside other officers and students to arrange events and as the RAG society President last year I was an influential part in the organising of our first RAG week where we raised over £2000 for charity. I want to be able to make our Union the best Union it can possible be so please Vote Barry for your next Vice President and I will bring my passion and dedication to keep our Students Union going from strength to strength.

Elliot Bloomfield – Penrith Vice President Candidate My name is Elliot Bloomfield and I am running for Vice President. I will fight for you next year, as VP: I am dedicated to Newton Rigg and Cumbria students and giving them a voice! You’ve probably seen me around University promoting Newton Rigg as a Student Ambassador, I listened to your views as your Equality and Diversity officer in 2008 -2009 and as your E and D officer I pursued better academic assistance for all students. In all my years here at Newton Rigg I have been involved in academic issues as a student rep for outdoor Education. I am absolutely committed to improving all students’ experience of the University Cumbria students. Because I believe in openness and respect, equality and student collectivism. Since starting the university I have been keen and interested in the work of the union and its various activities. And I believe that all students, regardless of their racial, cultural & religious backgrounds, must be heard fairly & democratically. I want to lead a UCSU which fights as a team for the welfare of students at Newton Rigg and delivers on its pledges. Even if that means changing what we, the students union do; I want to lead a Students’ Union that is passionate about making a real difference for students.


Elections 09 Special Danny Morville – Carlisle Vice President Candidate Hello there! For those who don’t know me, my name is Danny Morville and I’m here urge you to vote for me for Vice President Carlisle. I am currently finishing a sabbatical year in which I have been working hard to ensure that YOUR student experience is the best it can be, and I believe that I am the best candidate to do this for one more year! I am extremely dedicated to the job and feel as though I still have a lot to offer to Carlisle and urge you to make the right decision and VOTE ME BACK IN!Before I was a sabbatical officer, I studied for 3 years in Carlisle at Brampton Road. This year I have found out just how much goes on there but also down at Fusehill Street as well! Whilst I was a student, we didn’t really have much and it is that that drives me on to make sure that the student experience is HUGE in Carlisle now! So far this year, I believe that the FE students have been given a poor deal as we have been able to provide little for them. With the knowledge now gained after attending an FE within HE conference, I believe I can help to deliver a positive experience for everyone FE to POSTGRAD. I feel as though I STILL have a huge amount to offer to the student experience in Carlisle and feel as though there are still things unfinished from my first year that need a little extra time to pass this on!

Emma Green President Candidate Hi! My name is Emma Green and I am running for the position of cross-campus President. I have recently graduated from a 3 year degree in Outdoor Leadership, and am currently the Vice President for Penrith. Because of the position I currently hold, I already know how the Students’ Union works, and how to get the most out of it in the most effective way. If you elect me as your President then I will be able to launch straight in to the work which has already been started this year, meaning that you will have MORE done for you, FASTER. As a Vice President for Penrith I have spent my time lobbying the University and looking after what may seem to be a relatively small site. However, because I have studied AND worked in Penrith, I KNOW what it’s like to feel a little ‘out of the loop’ with not only the Union, but the University as a whole, so if you elect me, I will DEDICATE myself to improving on cross-campus communication and relations for ALL SITES. Whilst the University is in it’s first few years, it is incredibly important that we establish a name and reputation for ourselves as an INDEPENDENT UNION, so that we can continue to make BIGGER and BETTER changes for YOU. If you elect me, I pledge to be ALWAYS be YOUR VOICE and FIGHT FOR YOU tirelessly. When it comes to YOU and YOUR STUDENT NEEDS, I will ALWAYS stand up for what is best for the students, no matter what the University may think. If you elect me, I PROMISE to always do what is RIGHT for the students, not for the University. YOUR welfare is my NUMBER 1 PRIORITY.

Tariq Kulkhan – President Candidate Hello there, my name is Tariq Kulkhan as you can see from the thing above and I am currently finishing a degree in Primary QTS with a Special Educational Needs specialism. I have sat and poured over the past manifestos from previous president elects in the hope of finding some kind of inspiration and understanding, instead I have noticed nothing has really changed. It’s only been in the past two years with the last two presidents that any change has started to occur. The Student’s Union can only function if it has a president that will speak up against anything that will go wrong and a president who will work collaboratively with other campuses so that there is a strong enough team that can support the students, because its all about your voices, to get anything done here I have learned that we’ve got to make noises in greater amounts, so open your mouths lads, every voice counts! . I have an open door policy as a friend and as a trainee teacher and I hope that if I was elected, you as a student could come to the student union office with any problem you were having, or e-mail me should anything be wrong. In real politics, a government is only as good as its constituents and if that person in charge has no time for its constituents then it shouldn’t be running. If I have no time I will make time because in the immortal words of Dr Seuss “a person’s a person no matter how small”


Elections 09 Special Mike Skelley – President Candidate My name is Mike Skelley and I am running for the position of Cross Campus President for the forthcoming academic year 2009/2010. Having studied at firstly St. Martin’s College and then at the University of Cumbria (at the Lancaster Campus) for a degree in History, I have become increasingly aware of how much work the Student Union does during the course of a year. I first became involved in the Student Union at the end of my first year when I began to work as a member of door-staff and have remained so for the last two years and in my final year; the other members of the squad nominated me as Captain of the Men’s Rugby Union squad. During my time in the Student Union, I have captured the enthusiasm, excitement and drive I believe will be imperative to run a successful Students Union for YOU. Having a sporting background has given me, I believe, the qualities to run a successful Students Union. Sport is about teamwork, the ability to talk to each other, problem solving and creativity. But most importantly when part of a team is the fact that you want to be there. I WANT TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT! Organising a team is no easy task and I feel I have performed to the best of my ability during the past season. I want to be part of a close-knit, hardworking, creative Students Union and make the next year an experience that hopefully none of you, be it 4th year or Fresher, under-graduate or post-graduate, will never forget! Remember...It’s YOUR Students Union. Lets make it the BEST it can be!!

Candidate List To vote for your favourite candidates you can vote online from 13th to 19th March or vote through your local Students’ Union Office from 23rd to 25th march until 12noon. Cross Campus

Penrith Specific

President -Tariq Kulkhan, Micheal Skelley, Emma Green Union Council Chair - Craig Sample Student Director - No Candidates* NUS Delegates - Holly Dobson

Vice President - Elliot Bloomfield Academic Affairs - Nikki Scholes Clubs & Societies - Ian Mirfin Entertainments - No Candidates* Environmental - Miriam Kunde Equality & Diversity - No Candidates* Sports - Christopher Woods Student Executive - Lucy Carpenter Student Media - No Candidates* Welfare - No Candidates* SNR Faculty - No Candidates* Under 18’s - No Candidates*


* Position Vacant; Nominations will re-open for these roles in the May Bye-Election



Volunteering by Emma Egglestone


On 4th February, we ran a very successful training session in Lancaster on ‘How to put volunteering in your CV.’ If you would like to attend this course on your campus, please email Emma and we’ll set it up if we get enough interest. On 21st February the Rally Marshalling Training Course took place at our Fusehill Street Campus.This was an excellent opportunity for those who want to gain experience of sports events volunteering. A student-led volunteer mentoring scheme was delivered to year 10 and 11 pupils at Worden Sports College in Leyland. This project ran for 8 weeks, from mid November to January, focussing on revision techniques and career paths as the pupils were encouraged to consider studying further and going on to University. The volunteer mentors are currently planning activities for the Year 10 pupils as they visit the Lancaster Campus on 29th April to gain an insight into a ‘day in the life of a University student.’ On 25th February, this year’s NW Regional Volunteering Event in collaboration with all the Universities in the North West of England took place at Beacon Park, near Edge Hill University. This was a large scale conservation project involving about 100 volunteers where we were able to make a huge difference to the environment for the benefit of those visiting the park and the local wildlife. The 7th & 14th February saw 28 student volunteers attending ‘Catch Up Literacy’ Training sessions with a view to Teaching Literacy to Travellers’ Children in partnership with the Lancashire County Council.This is a fantastic opportunity to gain extra curricular skills and experience and at the same time benefiting local communities.


We are currently looking for volunteers at Newton Rigg to help run the Recycling Scheme. You would need to commit to a maximum of ½ an hour per week. These hours soon add up and can count towards your final UCSU Volunteering Certificate. P


The National Student Volunteering Conference is taking place from 6th– 8th March. After promoting two free tickets to this conference, to students across all campuses of the University of Cumbria the winners are Jeff Pedley and Alan Cree. At this conference, Jeff and Alan will have the opportunity to attend five (out of 42) training and informative workshops in relation to a whole variety of subjects. For example, setting up student-led projects, project management, creativity in volunteering, using drama in volunteering, volunteering and the law, as well as having the opportunity to network and socialise with student volunteers from across the country. We are holding a meeting on 11th March for those who signed up for the Duke of Edinburgh Award and would like the challenge of going for gold! The 25th March sees 50 students attending an ‘Autism Awareness’ Training Session at the Lancaster Campus. This session is now full. Elections Focus If you are elected into a Students’ Union Officer position, please remember to register with ‘UCSU Volunteering’ as all your hours of volunteering whilst here at the University of Cumbria, count towards your UCSU Volunteering Certificate. This is available just before you graduate, in time for when you start applying for jobs. It looks great on your CV and impresses potential employers! If you are volunteering already why not register with ‘UCSU Volunteering’ to gain accreditation for all your time spent volunteering whilst studying at the University of Cumbria? For more information about anything on this page get in touch with me, Emma Egglestone on or for more details go to our Facebook group ‘ucsu volunteering’.

Advice by Trish Lee

‘Mark my Words, not my Name’

Throughout the rest of this academic year, the Students’ Union will be taking part in the National NUS ‘Mark my Words not my Name’ campaign in order to press for the University to adopt anonymous marking for assignments. In addition to this we will be campaigning for the introduction of double blind marking. As you are all aware, assignments that you submit currently display your name and are therefore clearly identifiable to Tutors as your work. Initial pilot research, conducted by the Students’ Union last year, showed us that the overwhelming majority of students that we questioned felt that it made a difference to their mark if it was marked by a Tutor that knew them. Each year we also have a number of students that contact the UCSU Advice Service with concerns about the fairness of a mark or a set of marks. As YOUR Students’ Union we want to know what you think about current assessment marking and about whether you would support a campaign for the further introduction of anonymous marking for assignments and assessment where possible. You may or may not also be aware that only assignments with more than 20 credits are guaranteed to be second marked. At our University only a sample of assignments that are worth less than 20 credits (which is the majority of them) are second marked. Currently the University’s second marking procedures mean that the first grade and comments can be seen by the second marker. National research conducted by Queen’s University Belfast, suggested

that second markers may subconsciously adjust their own grade in response to a visible mark from the first marker. We feel that the only way to guarantee that a second marker is not subconsciously influenced by a first mark is to ensure that they mark a clean, fresh copy of your assignment without seeing the first mark. This is called Double Blind marking. This might mean submitting two copies of every assignment, which some students may not be happy about. But what do you think? We’ll soon be out and about asking for your views, input and opinions on anonymous marking and double blind marking. This is an issue for every student at the University of Cumbria and we want to know what you think. In the meantime, if you have an opinion on this, then please email the Students’ Union Student Adviser:

Graduation Ball Dig out your gown and dust off your suits, the graduation ball is coming! More Details to be confirmed very 11 soon!

student Enterprise’s Inspiring Enterprise! Do you have dreams of being your own boss? Want to be the next Peter Jones? Make a living from your core skills? Run your own creative business? Set up a social enterprise to make a positive difference? Are you likely to be self-employed? Will you be asked to manage a budget or project within your school or health centre? Are you full of great ideas? Driven and determined? Passionate about what you do? Resilient and able to take on challenges? Are you a self-starter? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you have the inspiration for enterprise! Enterprise isn’t just about business, companies and finance – it’s a mindset, an approach to life, work and play. Developing your entrepreneurial qualities and skills can help in many different situations whether it’s getting a community sports team together, finding ways to get paid for what you’re good at or starting the next Virgin business empire.

UCSU Enterprise Society The new SU Enterprise Society is the place (virtual and real) to go to find out what’s on offer and to get involved. The Enterprise Society is the first UCSU cross-campus group. You can find out more about the Enterprise Society by contacting your SU team or Jo Chaffer, NWDA Enterprise Champion on 015394 30354 or look on the Enterprise Services web pages.

Bring your dreams – make them happen! Our University tells us to ‘bring your dreams’ – the Enterprise Society is here to help you make your dreams happen! We can do this through one-to-one support, helping you build your personal enterprise development plan, mixing and mingling with local entrepreneurs and experts, inspirational guest speakers, master-classes in enterprise skills, workshops, company visits, mentoring and much more!

Be your own boss! Flying Start programme – March 30th, 31st and April 1st in Penrith 12

An intensive enterprise development programme combining hands-on tasks master classes and mentoring with lots of targeted information, guideance and advice from enterprise experts - real people who’ve been there, done it and learned from it! As you progress through this three day journey you’ll develop the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your own entrepreneurial aspirations. Participants also receive 12 months’ mentor support to help them get their own enterprise ideas off the ground. We have places for 30 students and graduates! Students should be in their second, third or postgrad years, passionate, determined and up for a challenge! Closing date for applications is MARCH 9th. For more information and to regsiter go to

Health Careers Fair Goes Virtual In June the University of Cumbria will be hosting its first ever virtual PEOPLESKILLS Careers Fair (1st – 19th June), replacing the event previously held in the Fusehill Street Sports Hall each year.

Enterprise at Newton Rigg All Kinds of Everything is the name of the business set up and run by a group of Entry Level students studying animal and horse care at the Newton Rigg Campus. The students were inspired by a recent visit to Loch Arthur Community Farm (part of the Camphill Trust) where everyone contributed to a wide range of successful enterprises. Thinking of an idea was the first challenge for the group. Their decision was to produce key rings featuring pictures of animals. A joint Christmas Sale was organised with Entry Level horticulture students selling cards, produce, key rings and fridge magnets. Due to demand for personalised key rings and fridge magnets a second Christmas Stocking Filler Sale was quickly organised on campus by the animal care group, adding to the list of items for sale… accessories, jewellery, gift tags, mouse mats, etc. The latest venture for All Kinds of Everything is a St. Valentine’s Day Sale with a large variety of affordable gifts and cards to suit everyone. An educational/ commercial display has been set up in the Library and Resource Centre on campus. The group are also selling a number of these goods through the Llama Karma Kafe near Penrith. It is important to utilise student skills to develop a successful enterprise. Kevin and Sarah – senior sales team, Robert and Mark – promotion and IT, Karole – finance, Jo – creative design, Adam and Richie – public relations.

The event will give our students and graduates the opportunity to meet scores of local and national employers who offer opportunities in Nursing, Social Work, Social Care, the Allied Health Professions and more. A virtual careers fair is an entirely online event – potential applicants can interact with employers from any computer with an internet connection. It is an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and no advanced computer skills are required. More specifically, they will be able to: +Find out more about different employers +View vacancies and apply for jobs +Take part in 1-1 chat sessions with recruiters +email recruiters directly with their queries +Post CVs online for employers to search +Receive careers advice by email At the end of last month, we emailed 150 potential employers and exhibitors and, with over three months to the event, several have already indicated their intention to attend: Event organiser Colin Taylor of SDAS said: “The virtual format will mean that a lot more of our students and graduates will log on for PEOPLESKILLS as they will not need to travel to Carlisle as in the past. One very new feature will be the opportunity to upload their CV for employers to scan and it will be interesting to see how many people get job offers by this method.” Entry to PEOPLESKILLS will be free for students and graduates and more information will be emailed to Health Faculty students shortly. Meanwhile, you can watch for more news on PEOPLESKILLS by following the link from careers

The future of the enterprise will be selling key rings and fridge magnets as the core business, and occasional sales targeting celebratory days. The group are being supported by the NWDA Enterprise Champion programme with one-to-one mentoring; they’ve taken part in the Flying Start rally and are sending a representative along to meet the Dragon’s Den and the Apprentices at an enterprise training event in Harrogate. They are also been assigned support from specialists in social enterprise and a range of other essential business areas. All this is available to their group and others through the UCSU Enterprise Society.


student Enterprise’s

RACES Media crew on location at Sharrowbay Hotel, Ullswater

Creative Commercials Filmmakers from the University of Cumbria have produced a series of commercials and short documentaries for a luxury Cumbrian hotel. The Sharrow Bay Hotel near Ullswater is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and its parent company, von Essen Hotels, commissioned the University’s Research and Creative Enterprise Services (RACES) to commemorate the landmark with a series of short films. University students and staff have worked together on the filmmaking, which involved a ten day shoot in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, London and Berkshire, working with professional actors, director of photography and voice over artiste. Sharrow Bay Hotel was the first country house hotel in the UK and has a Michelin 1* restaurant. The commercials are intended to raise the profile of the hotel and promote its services to a new audience, appealing to potential customers from Edinburgh to London.


As part of the shoot we interviewed chef Heston Blumenthal, actor Christopher Biggins and former Chairman of Marks and Spencer Sir Richard Greenbury. Mark McFarlane (2nd Year Media Production) 1st Assistant Director on Sharrow Bay: 60 Years of Excellence said: “The biggest, most valuable thing I got out of the whole experience was working with industry professionals.” RACES are the enterprise, knowledge transfer and research arm of the University’s Faculty of the Arts. In addition to commercial filmmaking services, their activities include graphic design, multimedia, media and project management for both external and internal clients. RACES have worked on film projects for Cumbria Army Cadet Force, Cumbria Farmers Network and Cockermouth Fire and Rescue to name a few. For more information about RACES, visit their website at

Enterprising UoC students’ competition success University of Cumbria students Chris Marwood, Sarah Edmundson, Hayley Butler and Ruth Bentley were highly praised by business bosses and entrepreneurs in the Dragons Den in the regional FLUX500 competition at Manchester Metropolitan University last Thursday (19th). Over 60 students took part from the NWDA Enterprise Champion university partners across the region pitching against Dragons from some of the UKs most successful national firms, enterprise agencies and flourishing start-ups. Jo Chaffer, UoC’s NWDA Enterprise Champion said “Last minute drop-outs meant that we were unable to have our own Cumbria team. Happily Chris, Sarah, Ruth and Hayley are highly adaptable and didn’t mind teaming up with students from Salford, Liverpool and MMU to take the enterprise challenge”. The competition, run as part of the NWDA Enterprise Champion programme, pits teams of student entrepreneurs against each other to develop and present an innovative, achievable business pitch to the Dragons who then test the metal of both the team and the pitch through some tough and incisive questioning. The teams are given a product or service and some basic information then use the enterprise game Xing to help develop their enterprise model. Once they have an outline the Dragons are on hand for advice and guidance, but with only 8 minutes per Dragon the teams need to be focused and succinct! Chris’s team took second place with their pitch for discrete smoke alarms. The Dragons were particularly impressed with the teams’ well-thought through marketing, particularly their routes to market, the soundness of their financial planning and their excellent pitch. Chris said “It was really nerve

wracking standing up their presenting our ideas to the Dragons and It was pretty intense working with a group of strangers to develop a single business plan in such a short time… and some of the advice we got in the expert sessions was quite hard to take on. But it was great to get stuck in there and really challenge myself. I was shattered at the end of it but totally excited. We definitely need to get our own team together and do more of these. I’m sure we could win.” Jo explained “This was the first time Cumbria has ever taken part in an event like this so none of us, me included, knew quite what to expect. I’m really proud of our group.They did exceptionally well given the circumstances and the quality of the competitors – some of the other teams have been doing this for years!” Student and graduate enterprise has only just come into focus at UoC with the start of the Enterprise Champion programme and the new SU Enterprise Society. “We’re developing a whole range of opportunities and activities for our students and graduates to develop their entrepreneurial qualities and skills. After our success in FLUX500 we’ll be getting our own version of Xing and running our own competitions across the campuses!”


Lunchtimes Open 11am -2pm Any sandwich + a packet of McCoys + hot drink or pint of lemonade or coke


BUY 1 GET 1 FREE OFFER on selected draught products Offer applies to draught Carlsberg, Fosters, Snakebite, Strongbow & John Smiths. To recieve your offer please fill in your email and hand into The Gin Case bar. ..............................................................................................................................................................

If you do not wish to receive information from UCSU please tick [ ] If you do not wish to receive offers from UCSU please tick [ ] One voucher per visit and per customer. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Valid from 9th March 2009 until 20th March 2009.Valid in The Gin Case only.

Impact Housing Association is Cumbria’s most exciting & innovative housing provider WeowntheOldMaltings,HallsofResidenceand welcomestudentsfromallbackgroundstoenjoy studentlifeinourrelaxingandsupportive surroundings. 

If you are one of our students, well done!

If you are coming to the end of your first or second year, why not stay with us next year?  Impactprovidesawholerangeofservicesforstudentsandothers–for example,inDentonHolme,Centre47(only10minswalkaway)provides goodqualityfurniture,bricabracetc.andhaveanexcellentcheapcafé. Oneoftheotherthingswedoisworkwithchildrenandyoungpeople, throughouttheCounty.Youmayhaveseensomeoftheschoolkidsthat webringuptoCarlisleeverysummertotryoutUniversityLife.  Anyway,ifyouwanttoknowmoreaboutourorganisation–for exampleyouwouldliketobeavolunteerwithuscontactanyofthe staffattheHallsofResidenceson01228597352.


Championed by the National People and Planet Network ‘Go Green’ week has been running for 2 years. Go Green week for 2009 took place between 9th and 13th of February with hundreds of schools, colleges and universities getting involved. Every year 12.3 million tonnes of CO2 is emitted from the UK’s schools, colleges and universities. Many of the aims during this ‘Green’ week are to try and encourage these institutions to reduce their emissions and become more environmentally friendly. They also aim to educate the public about climate change as well as a variety of other current social and environmental issues.

Students from Newton Rigg campus got their hands green, quite literally, and got involved with our own Go Green week. To start off the week students went round campus providing fellow students with information on energy saving in the home. There was also a successful Go Green stall obtaining many signatures for our petition to gain new bike sheds on campus. For those slightly more adventurous there was also a white sheet that, by the end of the day, was covered in green hand prints. On Tuesday the Gin Case hosted a Green theme night while on Thursday many gathered down at the Yurt to roast marshmallows and practise their circus skills. Friday ended the week with a CSI night in the Gin Case.The petition was available throughout the week and we got many signatures supporting both the bike shed petition and other environmental developments planned for the campus. Thanks for all the signatures and a big thanks to all who took part. Remember….small changes make a big difference. Report by Brent Holloway, Chairman of the Conservation and Environment Society Contact if you are interested in joining the society and being involved in environmental projects and events.

NEW COLOUR HOODIES GREEN & PURPLE available at the Students’ Union

while stocks last

£23 or £20 with NUS

Students teach staff a thing or two about football Staff played students in a friendly, but competitive football match on Wednesday 18th February. Staff found the net once, but were outclassed by the younger counterparts who eased to a considerable victory of 5-1, showing that “youth prevailed over experience�.



Guide Your complete guide to everything going on in and around the Students’ Union at Penrith

Thursday 5th March Quiz Night @ The Gin Case Prize for winning team. 8pm start. £2 per team. Followed by Blue Jay Way

Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd March Welfare Week For more details see page 19.

Tuesday 17th March

Sunday 8th March Poker Night @ The Gin Case. 8pm start. FREE

T.U.N.E.S Luck of the Irish, Paddy’s Day @ The Gin Case. Bar.

Tuesday 10th March

Thursday 19th March

Battle of the DJ’s @ The Gin Case. For more detaiils see page 16.

Elections Evoting closes midnight Blue Jay Way Student Night @ The Gin Case

Friday 27th March Quiz Night @ The Gin Case Followed by Open Mic Night or Guitar Hero.

Monday 30th March Wednesday 1st April


Flying Start Enterprise event. If you want to be your own boss then this is the place to be! See page 12 for more details.

Tuesday 31st March

Duke of Edinburgh Award meeting. For more details see page 8. Pool and Darts Competition. @ The Gin Case. £1 entry. Winner takes all.

Saturday 21st March

T.U.N.E.S ‘In the Army’ @ The Gin Case. Bar. £1 before 9pm, £2 after. last Disco before Easter!

6 Nations showing @ The Gin Case. Bar opens at 2pm

Wednesday 1st april

Friday 13th March

Elections Paper Balloting in The Students’ Union 9am - 5pm Mon/ Tues Ends 12 noon Wed

Wednesday 11th March

Elections midnight




Saturday 14th March 6 Nations showing @ The Gin Case. Bar opens at 3pm.

Sunday 15th March 6 Nations showing @ The Gin Case. Bar opens at 2.30pm.

Monday 16th March

Monday 23rd - Wednesday 25th March

Tuesday 24th March

Cross Campus Sports Tournament @ Newton Rigg Campus.. Look out for posters or email your local VP.

Friday 3rd April END OF TERM SURPRISE! Look out for posters.

T.U.N.E.S Karaoke and DJ @ The Gin Case. Bar. £1 before 9pm, £2 after.


Wednesday 25th March

Sunday 19th April

Elections Count Results announced 9pm

Welcome Back BBQ @ The Gin Case.

Penrith Elections Question Time @ Gin Case Bar. 12 noon


The Scene Penrith March 09  

The University of Cumbria Students' Union publication March 09