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Last Call for Nominations


Success Awards Short Lists


National Student Volunteering Week


Are You ‘Fit to Sit’?


Hold Your Course Reps to Account


Submit your artwork for our front cover Each cover of The Scene has a theme, the next issue’s is the number 6. If you feel you can illustrate the number 6 in an interesting and creative way, or if you have any existing work that loosely ties in with the theme then please email it to and you could be featured on the cover as well as inside the magazine. It is a great chance to have your work viewed by 13,000 of our members, as well as getting a hard copy of The Scene for your portfolio. |3

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  

           

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Last call for

Put yourself forward f

NOMINATIONS CLOSE 13TH March 2012 Success doesn’t just happen, you make it

What is your passion, what do you want to

happen! By putting yourself forward and

change, who do you represent! Put yourself

making a difference you make success

forward and make it happen. You are the

possible. Time is running out to volunteer to

Success. Stand up and be counted (and do it

be elected as a Students’ Union Officer.

quickly). Visit to get involved.

r Nominations

for the UCSU elections

Other Important Dates Campaigning STARTS 14th March 2012 to 30th March 2012 Voting OPENS 19th March to 31st March 2012 |7

AND THE SHORT LISTS FOR THE SUCCESS AWARDS ARE... During the first phase of our Success campaign

NSS Award

we called for nominations for our 2012

Shortlisted nominees:

Success Awards... WOW! We had almost 300 nominations from across our campuses and

Education Placement office

across our courses. This is a testament to the

Tower Hamlets campus facilities management

calibre of the people here at the University of

Jen Hutton

Cumbria. We are pleased today to announce

University NSS Group

the short list!

Carolyn Reade

The awards ceremony will be on the 22nd

Out of Sight Award

of March. All Short listed candidates should

Shortlisted nominees:

have already received their invitation and are welcome to bring up to 3 subsides guests along.

Dave Hurn

The ceremony will feature a speech by Vice

Jane Barker

Chancellor Peter Strike. For more information

Bev Graham

please contact

Claire O’Hara

or visit our website www.ucsu.met

Vikki Brown

Elected Student Officer of the Year Shortlisted nominees: Alex Walker Lewis Walker Rahul Mehrotra Matt Tennant John Sharp

Lecturer of the Year

Student Group Member of the Year

Shortlisted nominees:

Shortlisted nominees:

Chris Buxton

Clarissa Sorlie

Jen Bibby

Jon Daynes

Alison Buckley

Laura Rowell

Graham Hallet

Sian Lucas

Ken Beesley

Tom Southern Daniel Manning

Volunteer of the Year

Ben Patrickson

Shortlisted nominees:

Support Staff of the Year Katy Wainwright

Shortlisted nominees:

Lee Jones Jonathon Dawson

Claire Clarke

Emma Pilgrim

Lucy Roberts

Robbie George

Sajad Hoffman-Hussain Peter Dixon

Student Academic Rep of the Year

Helen Milroy

Shortlisted nominees:

Lesley Harding

Zoe Heathcock

Personal Academic Tutor of the Year

Hannah Glancy

Shortlisted nominees:

Lizzie Simpson Sabina Yasmin

Jane Dixon

Elaine Breen

Victoria Torrance Nicola Bishop

Community Award

Laura Baxter

Shortlisted nominees:

Ken Beesley

Jane Barker Paul Nedved Sam Riches Stuart Hyde |9

456%&/5 -&% "35 4&44*0/4 '03 -0$"- 3&4*%&/54 WEEKLY SESSIONS BEGINNING WEDNESDAY 8TH FEBRUARY AT THE BRAMPTON ROAD CAMPUS Student led sessions on drawing, painting, embroidery and photography. If you’re interested contact Tom Underwood on Tel: 01524 590817 or Email:

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All details correct at time of printing: July 2011 |11 |12 |13

Community volunteering reaps rewards for all Students from the University of Cumbria have

community members at the Brampton Road

been working with community groups as part

campus in Carlisle and conservation work at

of National Student Volunteering Week.

Heathlands in Carlisle, part of the Glenmore Trust.

The university students from the Carlisle, Penrith, Ambleside and Lancaster campuses

The Lancaster IT sessions were led by Lauren

joined students from all over the country

Lloyd. Lauren said: “I was a basic volunteer

who were making a difference to their local

last year and this year I am the project leader.

communities through events organised by the

I am running the IT sessions for the elderly

Students’ Union.

residents and we are helping them with their basic computer skills. As well as helping the

The University of Cumbria students took part in

residents learn a new skill, we are portraying

various activities, including IT sessions for retired

a positive student relationship with the

local residents in Lancaster, art workshops for

community.� |13

The volunteering week also included the

Kati Brown, Students Union Volunteering

second Community Arts project session in

Facilitator for the Students’ Union is pleased

Carlisle. The student led project invites local

with how the week went. She said: ‘It’s been

residents onto the Brampton Road campus to

great to see so many different students getting

try their hand at different creative arts such as

involved and giving volunteering a go. Some

drawing. Twenty members of the community

of them have taken part before but some

are already involved.

people got involved for the first time.

Student Volunteer Danielle Spratt said: “Some

“It’s also great that we can bring together

of the local residents who attended the

the community. As well as volunteering at

session had never drawn at all so we taught

Heathlands, we were able to support five

them different skills. It’s rewarding and fun. I’m

of their members who are attending our

getting to interact with people who aren’t my

community art sessions as part of their OCN

own age and it’s just a bit different.”

qualification in art.”

To finish off the week, ten student volunteers

“There are many volunteering opportunities

carried out conservation tasks at Heathlands,

available to students and we want to continue

near Harker, Carlisle. Chopping, digging and

to raise the profile so that more students get

sawing tasks were carried out at the inclusive

involved in volunteering in their community,

day centre for adults with learning disabilities

giving them valuable and rewarding

to improve access to the garden area

experience that will have a positive impact on

for the members.

other people.” |15 |15 |17

Are you ‘Fit to Many students find that they encounter

Major household problems e.g. fire.

difficulties during their time of study which can

Acute personal or emotional trauma,

have a serious impact on their coursework

e.g. acute anxiety or depression, family

and examinations. For many students though,

breakdown or the breakdown of close

problems can be easily remedied if you ask

personal relationship.

for help before your situation gets worse.

Major and unplanned changes to employment circumstances or patterns of

There are many means of support within the

employment (EXCEPT Full Time Students).

Students’ Union Advocacy & Advice Service and the University Support Services (LISS) to

Everyday occurrences such as colds or

help you through these difficult times, seeking

known conditions such as hay fever will not

help as early as possible is always advisable.

qualify unless the effects are unusually severe. Avoidable situations such as printer or travel

If you are experiencing difficulties and

issues will not be deemed to be valid. To apply

have genuine reasons, you can apply for

for EC’s, fill out a form that you can download

Extenuating Circumstances (EC’s) up to 5 days

from the university website, UCSU Advocacy

after the submission date of your assessment.

& Advice Service have produced some guidelines that can be found on our website. If

The University considers extenuating

you are struggling to fill out the form, contact

circumstances to be “serious and exceptional

a Student Advisor; they will be happy to help.

circumstances outside the student’s control” which are “normally unforeseeable and

Evidence must be submitted with EC’s forms

unpreventable”. Essentially the University may

for them to be considered, you will not know

consider the following to be extenuating

whether your EC’s have been accepted


until after the EC’s board has met and their recommendation has passed through the

Serious ill heath (not already covered by

University Assessment Boards. Evidence that

special, pre-arranged examination provision).

can be included:

Personal accident or injury. Death or serious illness of family members

If an examination or an assessment

or close friends.

performance is affected for medical |19

to Sit’? reasons then you should try to seek a medical appointment on the day/a.s.a.p. and attach a medical certificate/Doctors letter/Prescription to your form. Where extenuating circumstances are personal the University recognises that providing some sort of ‘official’ evidence may be more difficult. In those exceptional cases the University will accept evidence in the form of statements, and detailed discussions with your course leader etc. What can UCSU do to help? UCSU Advocacy & Advice Service is available for you to discuss your circumstances in confidence either in person, over the telephone or via email. A Student Advisor can also help you to prepare a statement and support you through the process. UCSU Carlisle: 01228 616253 UCSU Lancaster: 01524 590810 |19

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Ladies Hoodies £28.00 or £25.20 with an nus extra card!

Hoodies and much more available in The Shop on Lancaster campus.You can also purchase hoodies from your local Students’ Union office or online at

Toilets Smarties Lounge

Donald Coggan building Entrance

 

   


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                

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        

 

      

                          ! |21

Student Submissions We love celebrating the successes of our fellow students here at UCSU. One way we do that is by publishing work from across the Uni. To see your work featured in The Scene send examples to


The UCSU debated increasing the role of

The subject was debated, during discussions

course reps at their Annual General Meeting

of the Democratic Structures Review Motion,

on Dec 12, with talk of compulsory

proposed by Tom Underwood, who called

attendance at SU talks.

on students to ‘hold your Course Reps to account’. He said: “if your course rep on your course isn’t attending these sorts of things they should be…we push things through the course

reps, so hold your course reps to account. They

can pass policy in a general meeting and 25

[students] put them forward for your course so

through an assembly. This is less than 3% of the

they should be telling you these sorts of things

student body and could be seen as

as well. We try to do as much as we can but I


cant be in every classroom of every campus.” UCSU has taken on the management of Robbie George, Student Trustee and Sports

Student Academic Reps (SARS) over the past

Officer argued that course reps should be

2 years and there is now a dedicated member

obliged to attend meetings, saying

of staff to mange and support the SARS.

“apparently we’ve got 518 course reps and

Debra Robinson Representation Facilitator

how many of them are here? I’d say if every

said “We have been really encouraged by the

single one of them came down that would

increased involvement of Reps this year. Being

be what you could call truly representative.

a Student Academic Rep is a really great way

Does that need a motion passing to make

to get involved with UCSU and make a real

them more accountable?” However Lorri

difference to your course”.

Millar, Academic Sabbatical, argued against making attendance mandatory. She said

UCSU has a number of assemblies coming up

that: “It would be absolutely brilliant if every

in March and would encourage anyone who is

course rep was here, but students have other

interested in getting involved to come along.

commitments, you’ve got assignments coming up round here and you’ve got your course,

Activities Meeting

so for me I think course reps work incredibly

Mon 19th March - 17:00

hard on the stuff that they do already. I think

Academic Meeting

by making it compulsory to make them attend

Mon 19th March - 18:00

these things I don’t think that’s the right way to

Inclusion Meeting

go about it”

Tue 27th March - 17:00

The subject was brought up during discussions

All meetings are streamed via VC to Lancaster,

of the Democratic Structures Review Motion,

Brampton Road, Fusehill St. and Penrith.

which aims to make meetings more representative of the large UoC student population. The motion reads: “Attendance has been poor both at General meetings and Assemblies with a maximum attendance of 46 at a singular assembly. Policy states 30 people |23

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Every Tuesday from 8pm, the OFFICIAL student night |27

The Scene 5/3/2012  

The latest installment of the UCSU magazine, the best place to find all you need to know about what's current in your University.

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