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The Greatest Scientific Revolutionist (Tycho Brahe 1546-1601)

Tycho Brahe is the greatest Scientific Revolutionary because:  He revolutionised astronomy through challenging the existing theories. theories

 Passing on his knowledge.

 Paving aving the path for other revolutionary theorists.

Challenging existing ideas and the search for answers

 Brahe challenged Aristotelian division of unchangeable heavens.  He believed that heavens were changeable and established that there are bodies above the moon.

 Brahe did not accept the (heliocentric) Copernican theory  He developed own theory: Earth in center of the universe, moon and sun revolve around it.  It became a popular world system for those who could not accept the Copernican alternative.

ďƒ˜ Brahe was the pioneer of the revolution because he challenged the existing ideas, proving them wrong and putting forth his own theory of the universe. ďƒ˜ He kept the best of both worlds, making the Earth the center of the universe with the sun and moon revolving around it (Tychonic theory).

Passing on the Knowledge

(Creation of Brahe)  Brahe designed and built instruments.  He checked their accuracy and calibrated them.  He revolutionized astronomical instrumentation and his instruments were used by many scientific revolutionists.

 Brahe changed observational practice: sent out his assistants to observe bodies throughout orbits.  Observations more accurate than other theorists  Orbital anomalies were made explicit

ďƒ˜ Brahe passed his knowledge by creating instrumentals for others to use after him, and changed the observational practice making other theorists deductions more accurate.

Paving a path for other scientific revolutionary theorists

 Brahe’s findings paved the path for Johannes Kepler who discovered planets move in elliptical orbits due to Brahe’s accurate observations.  Kepler spent nine years working with Brahe’s data and created his laws based on the data Brahe conducted.

ďƒ˜ Brahe paved the path for theorists (mainly Kepler) by leaving behind his research and observations for others to use. ďƒ˜ Kepler was able to conduct his research using the previously left data by Brahe.

Tycho Brahe  
Tycho Brahe  

Tycho Brahe, the greatest Scientific Revolutionary.