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Go with Safari HQ to satisfy your craving for some real adventure The word “Safari’ owes its origin to the Arabic word “Safar” that literally means “to travel”. From there on it entered the Swahili and much later the English language in the 19 th century. Originally referring exclusively to long trade routes travels initially undertaken by the African and Arabic traders, it evolved later into the journey for adventure holidays making it more relaxing than the earlier ones that primarily focused on the exchange of the precious wares between cultures. William John Burchell and Gustav Fischer were the people behind redefining this word by exploration throughout Africa. To add to your knowledge of what’s more to this adventurous excursion, check this out here. It broadly refers to a journey over the land, more often in context to a tour of Africa particularly for hunting and capturing the wildlife in pictures. It however may go beyond to include sight-seeing and mountaineering. The safari style of expedition refers particularly to beginning your day on a relaxed note followed by an enthusiastic rambling and finally a ceremonial dinner and a session of sharing stories of one’s experiences at the dusk. Nowadays the connotations of the word have drifted from being just an adventure expedition towards more of an extravagant holiday. The word “Safari” entails a specific style of clothing like belted bush jackets, khaki clothing, animal skin designs. This term has evolved from a raw inexperienced trip to a more organized affair with a larger role to play in the economy of the host nation by promoting revenue through tourism arousing the interest of many big companies in this lucrative industry. In many eastern and southern African countries, it has exceeded the more conventional industries of agriculture depending on the inherent topography of the region and the support structure they offer to the tourists. Accordingly these locales market exclusive safari experiences ranging from mobile tented safari, river safaris, and horseback safaris to walking guided and fly- in safaris. They even offer safaris for the especially able people. The most authentic safari experience is a feature of the mobile safari due to the environment friendliness as opposed to the others where the major drawback is the animals getting acquainted with the presence of humans. They are also a means of enlightening the people about the native ecosystems of areas like Australia and Africa through specialized services and reliable transportation. Continue reading to know the various interests you can pursue during this luxury holiday. Video shooting, Adventure tourism, photography and hunting are the most popular pursuits during a safari. You can go to the site of these tour providers, to know more. Being a type of Eco tourism, many safari services have spiked up all over the continent with each one alluring the clients through their one above the other customized travel quotations. In contrast to many companies, Safari HQ manages to keep the adventure alive in a safari owing to the local familiarity, wide spread knowledge and utmost professionalism. They will come up to your expectations right from the beginning of the expedition to the finish. Their up market services are widely spread to cater in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The 300 plus lodging facilities and lots of activities they offer, you can be

assured of your journey to be one you are going to cherish forever. See here for more services-

Go with Safari HQ to satisfy your craving for some real adventure