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Farah Griffin Professor of English and Comparative Literature and African-American Studies; Former Director of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies Undergraduate Courses

Literature Humanities (Core); African-American Literature Survey I and II; Remapping the Black South; Recent undergraduate adviser for thesis titled “Nonwhite Women as Transformational Agents in Disney Animated Films.” The author of several books, Professor Griffin writes and speaks extensively on American and AfricanAmerican literature, music, history, and politics.

“I love working with undergraduates — helping them discover their talents and capacity for intellectual growth. I love sharing my enthusiasm about the study of literature and music with them. I learn so much from my students. It enhances my own reading, research, and writing.” 58

Klaus Lackner Chair of the Earth and Environmental Engineering Department; Ewing and J. Lamar Worzel Professor of Geophysics, Earth and Environmental Engineering; Director of Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy, The Earth Institute Undergraduate Courses

Alternative Energy Resources; Energy, Minerals, and Material Systems

Professor Lackner is developing a revolutionary device — modeled on tree leaves — that reduces carbon dioxide in the air. He is a pioneer on the clean use of fossil fuels and other solutions to climate change. “It is great to work with undergraduates because they can look at new ideas without preconceived notions. They can challenge you, and force you to get things right because you really have to explain it well, and can’t resort to shortcuts.”

Sunil Gulati Lecturer Department of Economics Undergraduate Courses

Global Economy; Principles of Economics; Sports Economics

Professor Gulati, a popular lecturer in the field of international economics, is the president of the U.S. Soccer Federation, and has been instrumental in developing the world’s biggest game in the United States. “I get to believe in and live the fountain of youth 28 times every semester. Seeing the world as we saw it when we were in college is a fantasy for most people. Being a faculty member at a place like Columbia allows me to live that fantasy every day.”


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