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Math, Measurements, & Motion Eric Schwartz Hometown: Milwaukee, WI Columbia Engineering Major: Applied Mathematics 1:10 pm

University Writing: Workshop our lens essays in groups. Mine is about ballet and Newton’s laws of motion. My friends are writing theirs about Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lady Gaga. 5:30 pm Hear Sig Gissler, administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes, lecture on the prizes’ history and the selection process over the years.


9:10 am

Intro to Computational Math and Physics: We discuss Fourier transforms and their role in JPEG encoding. 10:30 am

Head to CEPSR (Schapiro Center) to spend a few hours taking measurements using single photon avalanche diodes and a high-powered laser in Professor Ken Shepard’s lab. I’m an undergraduate assistant to the research group.

Afternoon and Evening Acts Emily Nagel Hometown: Ridley Park, PA Columbia College Major: English and Drama and Theater Arts 5:00 pm Pop by the TIC to pick up my ticket for Columbia night at American Idiot on Broadway, including talkback with Michael Mayer, Billy Joe Armstrong, and Tom Kitt!

7:00 pm

Downtown to a production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying starring Daniel Radcliffe that I won tickets to in Columbia’s Urban NY lottery.


Drop by my adviser’s office to talk about proposing my thesis. 1:00 pm

Hop the train to Brooklyn for my internship at TADA! I assist in staging a musical written and performed by first through fifth graders. Today we’re teaching the choreography to Little Shop of Horrors.

7:55 pm

Arrive at rehearsal for The Varsity Show. We’re doing a song about the new Ferris Booth Commons dining hall, but don’t tell anyone! The Varsity Show has a century-plus tradition of secrecy! 10:00 pm

11:30 pm

Curl up with my copy of Ulysses and finish my reading for tomorrow’s class.

Time for my Resident Adviser meeting to plan the next social event.

Times Square, a.k.a. New York’s famous Theater District cuts a swath through Midtown Manhattan between Sixth and Eighth Avenues from east to west, and West 40th and West 53rd

Streets from south to north. A bonus benefit of being a Columbia student is free and hugely discounted tickets, as low as $5, to major Broadway shows.


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Columbia Viewbook  

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