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We’ve heard from many classmates who are excited about our upcoming 40th Reunion, and we’re expecting a big turnout! Events as of this printing include Friday night cocktails and a private tour at the Cleveland Museum of Art (May 20), as well as Saturday evening drinks and dinner at The Hanger for class members and their significant others (May 21). Don’t miss out on the fun; make your travel plans if you haven’t already done so. Contacts for the weekend are Nancy Crossman McGuinnis, Susie Kent and Julie Sullivan Hahn. See you May 20!

1972 Nanci Fox Taylor

Once again, we start with the sad news of the loss of a classmate’s parent: Tish Fabens’ father passed away in early December. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tish and her family. Josie Lowden Chapman attended the memorial service and says Tish did a great job of giving a touching eulogy of her sweet father. “St. Paul’s Church was packed as you would imagine, as so many people know and love the Fabens family,” she reports. “I got a chance to meet Tish’s lovely children and see her whole family.” Ellen Rosendale came from

Patricia Latimer 1965

Chicago for the service (Josie says, “Ellen looks just as I remember her from the Senior Room at HB! She seems great and remains a close friend with Tish!”). Lila Meacham was there too, as were Nancy Weil’s parents. Lila lost her mom last summer, too, and she has continued to stay in touch with all her mom’s friends at Judson Park where she (and the Fabenses) had lived for several years. Josie is still living and selling real estate in Shaker Heights. Her youngest son will graduate from US in June and her other son is graduating from Wheaton College in Massachusetts in May. Her 25-year-old daughter is a paralegal for a firm in downtown Cleveland. It seems appropriate that the winter issue arrived in my mailbox on 1/11/11, a noteworthy date in and of itself, but also the release date for Dori Jones Yang’s novel Daughter of Xanadu. Dori says she did two bookstore events the first weekend the book was out at two local independently owned bookstores in the Seattle area, and more than 50 friends and supporters came to each. She gave a talk and showed pictures of Mongolia, then took questions and signed books. “Lots of people said they enjoyed the events (!) and bought books,” she says. “I also arranged 12 ‘appearances’ on online book-review blogs during January 10-22, either writing guest posts or answering questions. I have 13 reviews so far on, with some lovely comments.” You can find more info on Dori’s website, Marjo Talbott writes, “I am now in my 17th year at Maret and we are celebrating our Centennial, which is great fun. Four of our teachers went in November to HB, which hosted a national conference, The Education Innovation Summit − they were impressed. I am traveling quite a bit to see alums around the country and get to also stop in and see my daughter, Becca, who is directing an after-school program in San Francisco. Our younger daughter is a junior at Skidmore and is the captain of her volleyball team. It was fun to get holiday cards from a number of HB classmates.”

Mara Unger 1970 and her mother, Sonja

Mara’s artwork

Susie Owen Bookshar reports that son Robbie, a senior at US, and two of his classmates released their first LP (CD) last December at the Grog Shop in Coventry. You can check out the band, Above the Atlantic, on Facebook and iTunes. They are trying to decide how they can continue to play and attend college near one another. In December, Luda Anikienko Grossman and 14-year-old daughter Stacy took a Girl Scout trip to New York City, thanks to Stacy selling enough Girl Scout cookies! Luda is in her 31st year of teaching in Cleveland (she plans to retire after her 35th year) and plays her cello in the Suburban Symphony Orchestra. As I write this (in mid-January), John and I, Nanci Fox Taylor, are looking forward to a trip to France in early March. Daughter Joanie is in her final year of business school at Tuck (Dartmouth) and she’s studying in Paris for 11 weeks this winter, which definitely calls for a parental visit. (Once again, we’re reminded that we’d like to come back as one of our children in our next life!) We’ll also spend a few days with a cousin who lives in Annecy, a little town in the French Alps not far from Geneva. I hope to hear from more of you and have more to report for the next issue. This time next year we’ll be looking forward to our 40th reunion! Hope to see many of you in Cleveland next May.

1973 Katherine Spring Clancy

Karen Ekelman Tucker

We hear from Barb Wolfenden Frey that her son Jay is a junior at Depaul University. Her daughter Morgan is teaching third-graders in Lombard, Ill. and Barb has been in accounting for 14 years with an affiliate of Central DuPage Hospital. She

Dori Jones Yang 1972 promoting her book, Daughter of Xanadu

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Hathaway Brown Spring 2011 Magazine

Hathaway Brown Spring 2011 Magazine  

Hathaway Brown Spring 2011 Magazine