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Free Business Link Directory Write quality content and don't forget to add a resource box at the end because it will provide a quality link. You can also include a call to action in the resource box. This, too, is an important inclusion from a marketing perspective. Directory submission is one of the most proven methods of getting a website noticed on the internet. It is a marketing tool that rarely goes wrong. Today, every website tries to get its URL submitted into two or more directories. This ensures visibility in searches. Nondirectory sites are rarely picked up by search engines. What Is Directory Submission? A web directory is like a yellow page on the World Wide Web. There are many directories available on the site. It involves the submission of the site URL to the web directory. The URL and site details are categorically arranged under various heads. People who are interested may browse and click on the URL under the relevant category to go to the website. It usually involves the creation of back links. Clicking on these links takes the person to the website of the business. This increases the traffic in the site and is also good for the business. These links have to be created with care in order to function properly and take the user to the right page. For this to happen, it is essential to employ the services of a directory submission service. Directory Submission Services A reputed directory submission services company will carry out only manual submission to the directories. Automated submission permits submission to several directories at one time but does not always ensure quality in submission. Manual directory submission means that the company hired takes great care to fill the form one by one and work is done with precision. This includes a careful selection of the categories under which the website should appear as well as selection of an apt title for the URL. Directory submission in this way also ensures that the website is submitted only to a select few directories. They also carry out proper research to find out which key words should be included in the title to get more hits under the category and add those words. Automated submission may result in the website being blacklisted as a spammer by search engines as they have the habit of submitting the same URL to too many directories. This is because automated submissions are carried out by software and it does not use common sense and intelligence to group the sites. It just does it as per certain preset parameters. This could go wrong on many occasions. A submission service that carries out automated submission should always be avoided. Manual submission can be considered as the first step towards effective link building and making one's company known in the virtual world. Another advantage of services that do manual submission is that they charge a lower rate

than those who carry out automated submission even though the work involved in manual submission is more cumbersome. The biggest advantage of it is the fact that it ultimately leads to search engine indexing. Proper directory submission means that the search engine spiders will select the links provided in the submission. Free Business Link Directory

Free Business Link Directory  

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