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SEO Link Building Strategies: Free Link Directories, Do They Still Work For SEO? These links are for life, it's worth checking them in the in future in case they remove you to maintain their own 'link juice' and PR. Quicker Submissions: Go to a directory and you will be given some empty fields to fill in. Set up a word or note document so you can draft some descriptions. • Title • Description (200 or 500 characters) • Meta Description (160 characters) • Keywords (pick between 4 and 8 related to what you're trying to rank for) • Have an email address that you don't mind getting filled up with email verifications and marketing subscription emails.

When you've filled in your first one and you're happy that it is a good listing, copy and paste into all the other directories the same information to speed up the process. Please note that this is a fraction of any SEO process. Smaller local businesses stand to gain more from this respectively than any other size of business. Almost all businesses have one very common trait. As soon as they enter the field, they get a website. A website helps market the business and the services and products it has to offer. The problem now is to make this website visible to people trawling the web. Many companies offer a service called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO will increase the visibility of your site and will result in more people visiting your site. The more you spend on SEO, the more people will visit your website, eventually resulting in improved business. The use of link directories to spread around your website is the first and by far the most popular step. A link directory or a web directory is a directory of various websites on the web. These directories put your website under a category depending on the purpose and service of your business. If anybody were to search for this category of service, your website would now come up in the result. The traffic your website receives and the number of directories your website is in will determine how early a position, or how prominent your website, will be in the search results. This is why it is advisable to put your website in many directories. There are two types of directories: paid and free. To get your website on to a free directory, you first have to first pass a review. Unless you have a name in the market, it will be hard for you to get on to these directories. The other option is paid link directories, which charge you a certain amount for putting up your website link. Depending on the size and popularity

of the directory, the charges can vary. You have two options to get your name into the directory. You either contact them yourself or hire someone for SEO services, which will include a complete package that takes care of other matters, as well as paid link directories. Getting into a link directory not only increases your visibility, but also has other advantages. It gives your business or company a stamp of assurance, so that people will trust you and approach you. Visibility by itself is not enough. Many sites come up regularly, but get ignored because nobody trusts them. Free Business Link Directory

SEO Link Building Strategies: Free Link Directories, Do They Still Work For SEO?  

Here are some of the main benefits of submitting t...

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