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WELCOME TO HATCH INTERIORS At Hatch we don’t sell furniture, we sell properties. As an owner-managed firm with over 20 years of experience, Hatch has an unrivalled depth of experience, scope and commitment to customer care. We understand that interior design is an essential tool in the competitive world of build-to-rent (BTR). So, our designs are eye-catching and inspirational, our delivery and installation seamless, but critically our schemes are shaped to minimise voids and maximise returns, delivering tangible financial benefits for our clients. Please take a few minutes to browse our BTR brochure. We hope that you will find some inspiration here and also learn a little more about our approach and track record. Our team is always happy to chat speculatively, so when you are ready to talk do please make contact. We look forward to hearing from you.

Darren Phillips, Founder and Managing Director




RETURN ON INVESTMENT Effective interior design is critical to commercial success, and this is truer in BTR than any other sector. Effective interiors can drive interest, build a competitive advantage over other local properties, increase the rate of lettings and justify premium rental rates. At Hatch, we partner with our clients to shape unique schemes to reflect the personality of each BTR development. Whatever the location, demographic or price point, we ensure that our design drives engagement and creates a marketing buzz. From individual apartments, through communal areas, to view units, our BTR service is scalable to any project. Understanding the complexities of build projects, we are responsive to timelines and proven to deliver against the bottom line. Modern apartment design must be practical, sustainable and play an active role in the wellbeing of the resident. Our interiors are all that, and they’re Instagram-worthy too!

THE HATCH BTR TEAM Real estate is in Jodie’s DNA. She previously headed up the Octavia Hill Estate Voids team over the course of 5 years at the Church Commissioners, then moved to work with Daniel Watney LLP for 8 years, where she was responsible for a diverse portfolio of properties. She also holds a BSc (Hons) in Real Estate Management, with a dissertation looking specifically at the Private Rented Sector and its role within the UK. Since joining Hatch in 2013, Jodie has utilised her industry experience as well as a strong interest in both tenant wellbeing and design, to help in delivering over 20,000 properties to both private and institutional investors.

Jodie Wardell, Head of BTR BSc (Hons) Real Estate Management Responsible for over 1600 apartments, including the UK’s largest BTR scheme Clippers Quay

“This sector has the potential to create numerous opportunities for providers and their stakeholders, but the profile and demands of clients are changing, and we must respond to that. There is an increasing demand from tenants who don’t just want to sit on a comfortable sofa, but also want to know its origin and environmental impact. Hatch can identify such needs to assist our clients in creating offerings that are fit for the future.”

Darren Phillips MD & Founder Over 20,000 apartments furnished

Danielle Gold Interior Designer Specialising in BTR design

Stephanie Koball Head of Creative BSc Architecture

Mark Gilbey Client Services Manager 10 years service at Hatch

Claire Bunn Project Manager First Class BA (Hons) Business Management

Phoebe Winter Marketing Executive First Class BA (Hons) Management and Marketing



INCREASINGLY COMPETITIVE BTR SECTOR BTR data is unequivocal: this is a sector in growth, a sector expanding across regions, environments and audiences. It’s a sector that is innovating and redefining the rental market. But with growth comes competition. BTR is no longer a niche offering, it’s now mature and mainstream, meaning that tenants have the widest choice of rental options than at any other time. Against this backdrop, we must use every tool available to us to gain that competitive advantage if we are to secure the best and most profitable tenants.

London’s build-to-rent sector is forecast to grow by 30% per annum across the next five years

148,046 build-to-rent homes complete, under construction or in planning in the UK

94% of London tenants expect furnished property

560,000 additional households expected to be living in the PRS sector by 2023





A UNIQUE APPROACH Hatch is so much more than just furniture. We understand what our interiors have to deliver: for you and your tenants. We see our role as being: • Tenant engagement: creating schemes that match the needs and motivations of target tenants • Point of difference: helping to give each property standout in its market • Unique offering: providing unique products, designed to create impact and add the wow factor • Premium: creating interiors that justify a property’s price premium over other local rentals • Marketing buzz: using design (and our marketing skills) to create a social media buzz around your property • Conversion: making tenants fall in love with their new home and sealing the deal • Stress-reduction: understanding the demands of the property market and using our proven logistical processes to ensure that we are part of the solution, not the problem

LIVE, WORK, PLAY The modern tenant wants more from their property than just somewhere to sleep. We work to make every property the ideal place to live, work and play. Creating quiet environments in which people can work, relaxing areas in which to unwind, and fun places to hang out and celebrate. Our properties reflect the needs of the modern tenant.




PARTNERSHIP As an owner-managed business, our sole focus is on our clients. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so our approach is flexible. We have great pre-styled packs for ease and creative interior designers for a unique approach. We can help with every element from teaspoons to window dressing, high volume projects to individual dress-outs. Design isn’t everything and we focus as much on service and logistics as we do design. From ensuring that we hold extra products in stock to meet requests for replacement items, to up to six months free storage should completion dates slip, we safeguard our clients from risk. And critically, our approach is scalable: as relevant to price sensitive urban renewals as to aspirational heritage properties. We guarantee a truly turnkey experience for all, enabling you to concentrate on your business.

WELLBEING Wellness isn’t just a fad, it’s a growing £2.8 trillion global business and an essential counterpoint to the stresses of modern-day life. We apply the psychology of design to create a strong sense of wellbeing focused on the three Cs: • Clutter • Comfort • Colour Our approach is to focus on those elements that have the most positive impact on wellbeing, so look to us for high quality mattresses for a good night’s sleep and natural finishes in urban environments.


14 12

RESPONSE TO GLOBAL CHALLENGES The world we live in is changing at an unprecedented pace, and not entirely for the better. At Hatch we help our partners to stand up for what they believe in, delivering homes that conscientious tenants are proud to live in. Our commitment includes: Socially responsible supply chain Becoming a supply partner to Hatch is not an easy feat. Every manufacturer has to commit to our Environmental, Social and Ethical Policy, with its clauses governing slavery and child labour, living wages, the right to representation, workplace safety standards, and anti-discrimination pledges. Health & Safety From a thorough health and safety induction for all our staff, through to Safe Contractor status, we are committed to ensuring the highest safety standards in all of our projects. Waste management We take waste management seriously. All packing is removed from the properties that we dress and returned to our HQ for recycling. Zero to landfill is always our aim and something that we achieved when dressing +60 rooms for a boutique hotel. UK manufacturing Supporting UK manufacturers has two benefits; the British economy and also reducing the miles travelled by our furniture. At Hatch we boast an enviable network of manufacturing partners across the UK, making exclusive items to order for our clients. Environmentally friendly materials Our furniture need not cost the earth, which is why we are on a constant mission to source and use materials that have minimal environmental impact. Our Environmental, Social and Ethical Policy commits every Hatch supplier to use only timber from verified known and legal sources, to favour recycled materials, and to avoid the use of harmful chemicals. Sharing success We are committed, not only to safeguard our staff at work, but to ensure that they share in our success. That’s why we operate a company bonus scheme, enabling all of our team to benefit from the success that they help deliver.



LOCAL SOURCING Sourcing from the Far East may be the only option for some projects. In these cases our team works closely with proven partners, visiting their plants and building relationships that benefit our clients. However, we recognise that the shipping industry is one of the biggest contributors to global CO2 emissions, so we are doing our best to reduce our impact. We are able to provide locally sourced products when schedules are tight, to minimise the impact of Christmas and Chinese New Year (periods when securing transport can be challenging), and to minimise the distance our furniture travels. This makes our local sourcing policy both visually attractive and environmentally friendly. Our in-house furniture design capability, combined with a network of responsive UK and European manufacturers, enables our BTR clients to feature unique hero products in their fit-outs. Ensuring that every element is designed to bring the property to life and create a buzz with prospective tenants.



“If the shipping industry were a country, it would be ranked between Germany and Japan as the *sixthlargest contributor to global CO2 emissions.� While the furniture business is heavily reliant on products sourced from the Far East, we see benefits in shopping closer to home. Our network of British and European manufacturing partners enables us to be more responsive by avoiding restrictive shipping times, to create unique products and reduce carbon emissions.

* International Council on Clean Transportation


COMMUNAL SPACES FOR THE WIN In 2020, a sense of community is everything, and for a rising number of millennials, committing to moving into a living space on their own can be a daunting prospect, especially having experienced the joys of flatshares at university or moving with friends. This considered, appetite for homes that allow tenants to feel


independent whilst maintaining the social aspect of living is a growing hugely this year. This is where communal spaces become a game-changer. Providing tenants with the best of both worlds, BTRs with shared living areas boast all of the benefits of living alone, whilst offering the option to unwind, socialise and meet new people -

without even having to leave your building. With more people renting and working remotely than ever, the appetite for buildings with these kinds of spaces is growing and a BTR with a TV area, games room or workspace that welcomes everyone (even furry friends) can set one rental option apart from another.


SUSTAINABILITY IS KEY More of a movement than a moment, sustainability was arguably one of the most important buzzwords of 2019 and with protecting the planet at the top of consumers’ agendas, the trend for all things eco has a huge influence in 2020 too. So what does this mean for living spaces?

Furnishings, finishings and fabrics that have either been upcycled, built to last or sustainably-sourced are growing in popularity for prospective tenants, offering not only aesthetically on-trend pieces, but design solutions that (literally) won’t cost the earth. Natural wood aspects with a heavy

focus on rattan, bamboo and wicker are the perfect solution for a bright and airy space, whilst fleece upholstered furniture adds warmth and cosiness.

BUILT TO LOVE AND LAST When considering a new home, one thing more appealing than a flat furnished with the latest geometric patterns or rose gold accents is one that boasts well made, beautifully designed pieces that are built to be used and loved over time. For today’s generation, rental properties are no longer seen as short-term


solutions, but more long-term homes designed to grow and change with the tenant. In fact, two-thirds of renters in the UK have no intention of buying a home - which makes spaces with the potential to personalise and add unique stylistic touches much more desirable. Good quality, durable and useful furniture in

soothing neutral tones allow for a tenant to truly make their space their own while delivering a furniture solution that won’t be outdated with every contract renewal. This is timelessness at its best.


GENERATION PARENT As ‘Generation Rent’ (otherwise known as the millennial group) grow into their 30s, so do their life plans. No longer a group of single flat-sharers, renters are expanding their families and require an expansion in living space with design solutions that match. For 2020, we’re encouraging BTR providers to prepare for the growing number of babies

born into rental accommodation (statistics show families with children privately renting have risen by 94% in a decade). When it comes to furnishing, the industry standard currently equips bedrooms with furniture perfect for a couple or single person (including a double bed, chest of drawers and bedside

cabinet) which wouldn’t be suited to those planning to extend their family. Instead, renters are seeking a long-term home that can house a growing brood and cater to the needs of babies and small children, including baby-proof options, safe and smart finishings and children’s furniture.




28 Clippers Quay


Grainger plc Scheme

Clippers Quay, Manchester

The biggest BTR scheme outside of London, Clippers demonstrated our ability to work at scale. We delivered three distinct looks to this Salford Quays development reflecting local history and landmarks, working in close collaboration with the client’s design

No. of units


partner. Our installation programme mirrored the site’s phased completion.

30 Clippers Quay

Consultation & Design

Stephanie Koball, Head of Creative We created three very distinct looks for different phases of the development. The Athletic concept featured flashes of bold colour, and contemporary, pared back lines. The Creative look was based around a soft colour palette, with light natural finishes and pastel accents. Finally, the Industrial concept drew heavily on the history of the area, black metal details featured heavily alongside raw wooden textures and an atmospheric palette.

32 Clippers Quay

34 Greengate


La Salle A pioneering flagship scheme from one of the world’s


leading investment managers. We furnished 100% of the

Greengate, Manchester

nearly 500 units at Greengate, plus the entrance lobby

No. of units


and communal lounge. The site attracted unprecedented demand from prospective tenants.

36 Greengate

Greengate resident @wmassey_


40 Finzels Reach


Grainger plc Scheme

Originally home to sugar refiners and brewers, Finzels Reach was Bristol’s first BTR project, creating one of the most exciting mixed-use developments in the South West. We overcame the

Finzels Reach, Bristol

challenges of a compact apartment size and limited access into a

No. of units

contributed to the scheme being fully let within weeks.


pedestrian area, to deliver two unique tenant-pleasing looks that

42 Finzels Reach

Consultation & Design

Esther Jackson, Interior Designer Finzels Reach is divided into two distinctive looks – Storm and Breeze. The Storm scheme is inspired by a darker colour palette and industrial living, with the addition of rich woods and metal detailing throughout. Accents of leather sit alongside woven fabrics to create a contemporary apartment ideal for the Bristol lifestyle. The Breeze look is designed in contrast to feel light and airy with a subtle nod to Scandinavian design. The pairing of rustic woods, natural weaves and pastel fabrics keeps this scheme fresh and welcoming.


46 New Garden Quarter


Folio London Scheme

New Garden Quarter

Creating a point of difference in a highly competitive area was the challenge at New Garden Quarter. Two distinct looks were delivered through a phased installation programme. They have created the ideal backdrop for social media campaign films featuring long-term tenants.

No. of units


48 New Garden Quarter

Consultation & Design

Hannah Lodge, Senior Interior Designer New Garden Quarter, in the heart of vibrant, buzzing Stratford, is an international destination for living, working, shopping and entertainment. We were asked to design two looks: the first a contemporary look with sleek edges, city vibes and bold colourful patterns to create the perfect clean living space for tenants; the second look was calm and collected. The “outside-in� look was created with the idea to represent an urban natural/botanical living space using beech woods, woven fabrics and greenery.

50 New Garden Quarter

52 Abbeville


Grainger Scheme

Abbeville, London

The crucial first stage of the urban regeneration of Barking. This was a fully-comprehensive project for Hatch, including the furnishing of 100% of the units and the design, manufacture and installation of all window dressings. The scheme was a great success – being fully let in just eight weeks.

No. of units


54 Abbeville

56 Royal Wharf


Folio London Scheme

Royal Wharf, London

The first project in what has become a long-standing partnership with Folio. Our remit included installing blinds in every window across the development, all designed and manufactured by our in-house team. Installations were scheduled and view units rolled out across the site as development phases completed and tenants moved in.

No. of units


58 Royal Wharf

60 Tolworth Tower


Meadow Partners Scheme

Tolworth Tower London

The conversion of an existing office block to mixed commercial and residential use created unique challenges at Tolworth Tower, requiring us to work around key office hours and be sensitive to existing tenants. Four inventories were created,

No. of units


each styled to suit the smaller units. Even the impact of a leak was accommodated.

62 Tolworth Tower

64 Fizzy Hayes


Fizzy Living Scheme

Hayes, London

Hatch is present across this innovative site, from the stylish interiors inspired by the site’s previous life as an old vinyl factory, to the view units, hotel suite and lettings office. Fizzy is pioneering BTR and Hatch is an essential partner, developing interiors for family-friendly townhouses and pet-friendly living spaces.

No. of units


66 Fizzy Hayes

68 Fizzy Walthamstow


Fizzy Living Scheme

Walthamstow, London

The first stage of the regeneration of Tottenham Hale and the Blackhorse Road, our creative approach to the site was heavily influenced by its local surroundings – from the industries of the past to the iconic dog track. The scheme celebrated the local community, enabling the site to become a catalyst for the

No. of units


changes now being witnessed in Walthamstow.

70 Fizzy Walthamstow

72 Fizzy Lewisham


Fizzy Living Scheme

Lewisham, London No. of units


Attracting the attention of young urban tenants was the challenge, and one that we met by developing two looks, attracting everyday and premium renters. The scheme was installed in two phases to help Fizzy to realise rental incomes in the shortest possible timeframes.

74 Fizzy Lewisham

Fizzy Lewisham resident @arlow_theyellowlab




Grainger Plc Scheme

Brook Place, Sheffield

Hatch and Inko by Hatch combined forces to create a host of amenity spaces at Brook Place. From workspaces, a games room, kitchen experience areas to a roof-top terrace offering views across


Communal Lobby Kitchen Experience Games Room

the city, all areas were designed with Grainger plc’s high-quality homes and Sheffield’s strong graduate retention rate in mind.

78 Brook Place

80 Brook Place


Fizzy Living Scheme

Hayes, London

We helped to create a new way of living at Fizzy’s ground-breaking


developed, each creating a buzz on this fun youthful site. From

Reading Room Pet Room Tropical Zen Room Games Room Party Room

Hayes site. Five unique communal areas were designed and living walls of moss with bespoke neon lighting, to games rooms for adults and families, our inventive solutions created a genuine buzz that drove social media sharing.

82 Fizzy Hayes

84 Fizzy Hayes


La Salle Scheme

Communal areas succeed when they are embraced by tenants. At Greengate the concierge lobby creates the

Greengate, Manchester

perfect first impression, while the communal lounge has


their excitement and pain around key matches.

Large Communal Lobby

become the home of football, bringing fans together to share

86 Greengate

88 Greengate


Grainger Scheme

Working with leading design consultants Hemingway Design, Hatch brought their mood boards to life in the

Abbeville, London

site’s communal working area, realising their vision right


creation of a working letting office that was both practical

Communal Lounge

down to the smallest detail. The project also included the and also created the perfect tone.

90 Abbeville




Folio London Scheme

Royal Wharf, London

Folio’s new brand identity was brought to life for the first time in the design of their East London marketing suite. Being the centre of this important area for Folio, the Marketing Suite needed to show off exactly what the brand are all about to any potential new tenants and to


East London Marketing Suite

provide a space of ongoing support to their renters.

94 Folio Marketing Suite

96 Folio Marketing Suite

View Units A part of the Hatch BTR service includes bespoke view units, designed and styled by our creatives at Inko. We strive to make them memorable and increase renters’ interest through our innovative and considered design, whatever the target market.

98 View Units

98 Fizzy 100 ViewView UnitsUnit















DELIVERY PROCESS Eye-catching design is all very well, but when it comes to delivery, the devil is in the detail. At Hatch we have taken control of our process: from exclusive manufacturers, through our 50,000 sq ft warehouse, to employing our own drivers and installers, we guarantee quality control. Every project benefits from the input of a professional Project Manager, who creates detailed plans to ensure that all product are delivered and installed on time. Storage arrangements allow for project delays and we hold additional stock of key items in case of damage. Site restrictions are the norm for us and our flexible team works around access and logistical issues. Our QA process is rigorous: from the removal and disposal of all packing to the approval of our design team for every element of the installation. We ensure that our service is truly turnkey.





Quality assurance

Installation team Our fully retained team of installers construct and install all items, from bespoke furniture to teaspoons. Their attention to detail ensures that every premises is left in pristine condition.


BUSINESS STATISTICS In a sector prone to financial instability, and where the ability to scale can’t be guaranteed, Hatch Interiors has the numbers to support our claims.

Profitable trading for

20 years

Stock for

500 properties

87% Client retention

50,000 Warehouse





Projects delivered

Apartments a week



To landfill


hatchinteriors.co.uk @hatch.interiors @Hatch_Interiors Hatch Interiors Ltd

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your design and furnishing needs.

Jodie Wardell Head of BTR jodie.wardell@hatchinteriors.co.uk

Darren Phillips MD & Founder darren.phillips@hatchinteriors.co.uk