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From the Editor

LOVE TANK It sounds so trite but if there is one quality I value most, it’s kindness. For me, the word ‘kindness’ in itself is a close cousin to mercy, almost a synonym. Recently, I was getting kind of hung up in reflecting on a negative matter and a friend slowed down the conversation and paused to concertedly ask “you know that’s not what you’re about though, right?” It’s these moments that stop me. Sometimes it’s just in the grocery store, in a turn of phrase or a bit of banter between strangers whilst standing in line. Other times it’s in the exchange between girlfriends and my wonderful family. These are moments where kindness will swoop in and restore the vibration back to that which is pure and whole. That old meme about how every one of us is fighting a battle the rest of us know nothing about, is very true. Most of us are walking around with flesh wounds. Kindness, love, a moment of pause – these are the things that temporarily patch those wounds back together. When we aren’t all hung up in a state of ego, the human condition is simply beautiful. I wanted to call this editorial The Importance Of Being Kind but it felt kind of cheesy. However, it’s probably one of my most fundamental 8

• Hat Trick Magazine •

teachings. Have you ever seen an emotion wheel? In my view, 50% of the wheel represents a lack of love and kindness, and the other 50% represents what we feel when we are truly full. When people tell me all the things that are wrong with the world, I remind them it’s really one thing – a lack of love. Lack, in general is a powerful poison. What’s more is that love, whether it is self-love or that of another human being, is soul food. It’s also a two-way street. When I treat my clients with reiki, I also receive a treatment. Love and kindness work exactly the same way. When I am especially down or feeling particularly poor inside, the best possible solution is to give back and enter a state of gratitude. This is how I fill up my love tank. Those flesh wounds I talked about before? Think of those as a drain in your bathtub. It could be the most beautiful bath you have ever seen in your life, but all of them still have a drain. When we are dependent on the acts and verbal affirmations of others to fill and keep our tanks full, it is a vicious cycle. No amount of external love can ever keep us full. A glimmer of kindness in the form of compliment will fill us for a time, but if we are smart, we will find a way to insert a plug and keep our self worth. For me, that plug is gratitude and whenever I can tell that I’m struggling to plug the tank, I make a concerted effort to pay forward the kindness I receive. That’s how you keep the love tank full. I want you to make an effort to pay forward some compliments, some encouragements, and see the difference in your vibration. You will be radiating and literally beaming with joy. It’s contagious. Spread love in the world and you’ll change it in ways you may never personally witness – but certainly will feel in your own constitution. #HatTrickYourLife

By Michelle Fitz, Editor-In-Chief

Michelle Letter From the Editor, Michelle Fitz •


Cover Story

Become Your Best Self By Michelle Fitz

ennifer Howard, Ph.D., is a recognised thought leader on psychology and spirituality, an internationally-known licensed psychotherapist, life and business coach, Integrated Energy Healer, Nondual Kabbalistic Healer®, professional speaker, and radio talk show host. She combines over 20 years of experience with extensive training and expertise in mind-body psychology, meditation, and the healing arts. She teaches the art of conscious living—being more awake, aware, and alive in every moment. She’s equally at home sharing ancient spiritual wisdom, the latest scientific understanding, and the proven and practical life-changing techniques she’s developed in her work as a psychotherapist, coach, energy healer, and spiritual teacher. She is an author, many times over, with an exciting new book: Your Ultimate Life Plan: How to Deeply Transform Your Everyday Experience and Create Changes That Last.

“Most of us didn’t have a perfect childhood, mainly because we were raised by humans and none of us are perfect!” 12 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Are you ready to live the life you’ve always dreamed of? This “workshop in a book” is the missing how-to for getting unstuck and moving past your problems into a richer, more meaningful life. It will help you do more than understand Wholeness, you’ll experience it. Why settle for average, when the potential to live an amazing life is inside you, right now. Step boldly into your next, deeper level of happiness, wholeness, transformation and success.

Dr. Jennifer was named one of the Top 25 Celebrity Doctors on Twitter, as well as being dubbed, “The Funniest Shrink on Twitter.” She’s also gained a reputation on Facebook for her compassion, as well as her wit. Her blog is regularly visited by many of her 120,000 Twitter followers and over 7,000 Facebook friends and fans. Her website was named one of the Top 100 Health websites.

Introduce yourself to the audience. Tell us a bit about who Dr. Jennifer Howard is. I’m Dr. Jennifer Howard and I’m so thrilled to be in this month’s Hat Trick. I’ve had the great honour of helping many people grow, change, and reach their goals and greatest potentials. I’m a New York City based licensed psychotherapist and life coach (for over 20 years), and the author of Your Ultimate Life Plan: How to Deeply

Dr Jennifer: Become Your Best Self •


Transform Your Everyday Experience and Create Changes That Last, which won a 2013 Gold Nautilus Book Award, a Silver Benjamin Franklin Book Award, and is a finalist in the ForeWord Book of the Year Awards and the Readers’ Favourite International Book Awards. To continue and deepen the work presented in Your Ultimate Life Plan, I lead Conscious Living 2.0™ classes, workshops, and retreats; mentor helping professionals; and offer private life and business coaching as well as psychotherapy services. Your Ultimate Life Plan Workbook has recently been published, and The Keys to Healthy Relationships and Paths of Healing: Meditations for Relaxation and Healing, are available on my website –

If I’m a potential new client, walk me through how you’d get started with me. As a psychotherapist and life coach my job is to meet you where you are, and then act as a guide on your journey to greater selfawareness and freedom. To do that I’ll ask you some questions to get the conversation started. Questions like: "What brings you here, today?" Or, "What’s going on in your life that prompted you to reach out, right now? How might I help you?" Then, depending on what someone says, I start with what’s currently difficult for them in their lives and help them look at what from the past might be keeping them from moving forward toward what they want, or even knowing what they want. The work I do is in relationship with the other person. Together we create what is essentially a transformational conversation on multiple levels of being. In some ways it’s like Satsang, which is a Sanskrit word meaning association with Truth. My job is to 14 • Hat Trick Magazine •

hold a space, through both conversation and silence—using psychotherapy, energetic, and sometimes spiritual means—for you to meet your deepest truth in a moment-by-moment peeling away of the layers of historical programming that keep you from your authentic self. The doorway to this meeting with your authentic self is being fully present and conscious in the moment, willing to question your assumptions, be aware of and meet your sensations, feelings, thoughts, and inner stirrings. It’s also important to remember that we don’t grow and change in a straight line but rather in a spiral, moving ever inward closer to the True Self. People will say, “I know this already.” Yes, you may know some of this as a concept but if you knew this in your deepest recesses, you would shift, move, and this issue would be lighter or not there any more.

What led you to this career path? What would you say to anyone who wanted to follow in your footsteps? After graduating George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University with a BS, I moved to New York City to pursue an MFA in dance at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. I was in bliss. Finally, I could dance all day long and eventually teach dance in a college. Nine weeks into the MFA program, I tore the ligaments in my hip and had to give up the performance program. I was devastated. This had been my dream. What now? Since I had paid many of my expenses through college by doing commercials and print work, I decided to turn my attention to acting, singing, and television, and still danced a little. Of course just like every actor in New York, I took various jobs to pay the bills. I was fortunate and did a fair amount of commercials, soaps, small Dr Jennifer: Become Your Best Self •


“Your true passion is a calling, an ache inside that’s summoning you to be the person you were meant to be, so you can make the contribution to this world only you can make.” parts in movies, and print advertising. I did the second female lead in one pre-broadway tour and spent four months singing and dancing on a cruise ship. In between acting gigs, I spent a lot of time waiting tables and spraying perfume at Bloomingdales. Even though I was in the top 98th percentile of Screen Actors Guild, I began to wonder, “Is this it? Is this really the right path for me?” I had wanted to move people in some way and when I was on stage I could feel that sometimes. But I also felt a deeper call to really make a difference somehow. I kept thinking, “Am I making a difference?” I also found myself feeling anxious at auditions. It always felt like so much was on the line. Sometimes when the stakes were high, I found myself trembling and it was hard to read the scripts. From my personal history, I often felt that I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t this enough or that enough. This prompted me to start looking for ways to fix this problem which led me, of course, toward ways 16 • Hat Trick Magazine •

to transform my life. I began studying meditation and developing a regular meditation practice. I became deeply immersed in studying healing modalities, and took many other classes and transformational workshops, as well, from weekend seminars to a variety of multi-year and decade-long, or longer trainings. In my book Your Ultimate Life Plan, I talk about how true passion flows from the deepest/highest Source or God connecting with the True Self, through your essence, and then out into the world. Your true passion is a calling, an ache inside that’s summoning you to be the person you were meant to be, so you can make the contribution to this world only you can make. year or so into my spiritual studies, I added my personal psychotherapy into the mix. That’s when I began seeing more significant change in my life. I could feel big shifts happening, and the journey was absolutely thrilling! My heart and mind began to open, and I thought, “This is a way I could help people, too.” I felt as though I’d come home. I’d found my true path, and it connected me with my deepest intentions, enabling me to experience a greater sense of alignment and resonance with my life. Becoming a psychotherapist, while continuing to deepen spiritually, would allow me to work at the interface of psychology and spirituality, which was clearly right for me. So I would ask you, is the path you’re on flowing from your true passion? If it is, follow your heart, dive deep and learn all you can. Even though I’m very intuitive, creative and right brained, I knew I also needed to learn, explore, and study, exercising my left brain. Be willing to meet ALL of your feelings and thoughts. Work to clear out and integrate your own childhood programming that is blocking Dr Jennifer: Become Your Best Self •


you from your deepest self that knows what path is right for you. Create a regular meditation practice. Please know that the passion of today might not be your ultimate desire and life’s purpose, but could be a step on the way. Stay awake and aware, and you’ll be guided on your journey.

What benefit can someone get from working with you? I love working with people who are in the very beginning of their journey inward, but I think I’m at my best when someone has already done a lot of work on themselves. Because of the combination of extensive training, my own personal work, and a developed intuition, I can help people get at the heart of what’s going on with them. They’ll progress forward or find the next right move for them, whatever is called for. We all have our growing edge. No one finishes growing and changing. It’s the nature of life. The truth is when we were born, we weren’t handed a manual to help us manage life. Most of us didn’t have a perfect childhood, mainly because we were raised by humans and none of us are perfect! We then began to walk our life’s path without the necessary tools to take good care of ourselves, reach our goals, and sustain healthy relationships. Having a great psychotherapist or life coach can ease your load by helping you understand yourself better and learn how to navigate your life in a more effective, powerful, authentic way. They can guide you in a more direct, expedient way. Not that life isn’t somewhat of a natural teacher, but I think we have all met people who are up in years that don’t seem to have much wisdom. You may have heard the old adage: Aging is mandatory, wisdom is optional. 18 • Hat Trick Magazine •

“Aging is mandatory, wisdom is optional.”

As you become more present to life, know and understand your feelings and thoughts, face and heal your past, as well as integrate the childhood programming that’s getting in your way, your life changes on so many levels. You experience less anxiety and depression, become more fulfilled, and happier. You connect more deeply with your essence. Your relationships improve. You live with a deeper sense of passion and purpose. You experience greater clarity, focus, stick-to-it-iveness, and success. The more you clear away what’s obscuring the person you were born to be, the more you embody the amazing being that you truly are.

You help others restore peace to themselves. What does Dr. Jennifer Howard do to restore peace and sanity to her life when it gets overwhelming? Meditation is both a refuge and a way to refuel my clarity, peace, and sense of spaciousness when life gets overwhelming. I practice different kinds of meditation depending on what’s going on at the time. I also do many of the things I’ve listed in my book and have shared in this free download: I might take a quick nap, take a walk, call a friend, talk with my husband, read something inspirational, do Yoga, journal, go to the beach and listen to the ocean, watch a sunset (love those especially over water), paint, write, cook…I could go on. I’ve always been creative. I think my creativity helps me so much.

The internet has helped us connect to people globally in an instant, yet we don’t even know our neighbours' names. How would you recommend to this oversaturated age to disconnect and reconnect with themselves, their friends and family? 20 • Hat Trick Magazine •

One way I teach to do this is to remind yourself to slow down for just a moment, several times a day. I talk about many ways to slow down in my book. In Chapter 12, I give several kinds of quick and long meditations. You can slow down right now simply by paying attention to your breathing: After taking a deep breath, notice what’s arising for you physically. What sensations are you experiencing: what are you seeing, hearing, touching, tasting? eing present physically and noticing the sensations in your body can heighten your experience of every moment of life. For instance, when eating a strawberry, being present allows you to enjoy the subtle variations of flavour in every bite, feel the pleasure of eating it throughout your entire body, as well as be open to memories and other associations from the past. When present, eating a strawberry can be a vibrant and exquisite experience that helps you feel more alive. From being present to the food you’re consuming, you might learn how to feel food in your body, to notice when something really nourishes you, when you’ve had enough and are full.

“Being fully present to your emotions helps you develop the ability to meet whatever’s arising.” Dr Jennifer: Become Your Best Self •


Now notice what’s arising for you run around by the stories of your emotionally. What feelings are childhood programming and heal you experiencing? those places in you that get in the way of living the life of your Being present emotionally allows dreams. You’re able to move out you to have a deeper and more of the rut of those old stories and satisfying relationship with make better choices in your life, yourself, as well as others, and relationships, and career. enjoy a richer experience of life in every way. This comes from not Now notice what’s arising for only appreciating and savouring you spiritually. What spiritual the happy or peaceful moments, connection are you experiencing? but from allowing and accepting present spiritually— the difficult or painful ones, as Being well. Knowing and working with connected with your personal or experiencing your emotional life also frees you essence, and keeps you from avoiding Ultimate Source, Absolute, or parts of your life. It helps you God—helps you be more open move past stuck places. Being to creativity and intuition, and fully present to your emotions live your passion and purpose helps you develop the ability to more fully. It allows you to live life from the depth and fullness meet whatever’s arising. of all that you really are. Being Now notice what’s arising for you present on every dimension of mentally. What thoughts are you your being helps you be happier experiencing? and more successful, have better relationships, and lots more fun. Being present mentally, aware of Everything in your life becomes your thoughts and beliefs, helps richer, and much more exciting you recognise when you’re being and meaningful.

Recently I wrote a column entitled 4 Steps For Finding Your Talent. What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with finding personal success in terms of a career?

22 • Hat Trick Magazine •

t seems like we’re happiest when our job or vocation flows out of who we truly are rather than the ideas of who we think we “should” be. Our highest calling will always be for the highest good for both ourselves and everyone else. This means that in order to reach your highest good, it might be helpful to think about moving toward living your life’s purpose on a day-to-day basis, which includes your career. As you continue to get to know yourself more deeply, you’ll build greater self-awareness that can help guide and lead you down your path. Be kind to yourself in the process by developing patience and learning to trust in a Wisdom that becomes clearer as you walk the path of self-discovery. Then your life’s purpose will reveal itself

I happen to love astrology. I’m a proud Scorpio. But many don’t believe in it. What’s your take on it and your relationship to it as an energy healer? There are so many ways we have of getting to know ourselves better. Even if it doesn’t occur to some people, it seems to me that astrology is one of those ways. The universe is created with an exquisite interconnectedness between everything. If school teachers, hospital emergency room staff, and law enforcement offices, all attest to the strong effect a full moon can have on people, it seems possible that all of the rest of the planets can influence us in some way, as well. As an energy healer, it’s clear to me that amid all the perceived chaos, the world has order and clarity that reveals itself. Different readings through the years have helped me tremendously with aspects of my life I was struggling with at the time. Dr Jennifer: Become Your Best Self •


bviously, we always have a choice in our behaviour and can heal any difficulties that come our way. But looking at our chart can be a great tool in helping us understand and work with what we’re given at birth in terms of gifts, talents, and difficulties. A good astrologer can also help us become aware of what might be challenging to us in our current chart, and open our eyes to something we might have otherwise missed.

The Secret was a HUGE phenomenon a few years ago as everyone sought a way to bring positive energy into their lives. What advice would you give someone to bring about positive energy and success into their lives? First, I would say that a lot of people believe positive or spiritual thoughts will save them from uncomfortable feelings. I’ve seen some use “positive thinking” as an attempt to escape or avoid something they don’t want to face or feel. Wanting only the happy moments, only the positive feelings, not only isn’t possible, it isn’t real happiness. True happiness comes when we can meet life as it shows up. When we become bigger than an emotion that passes through us, we begin to have freedom and true happiness. We are then able to hold all of our feelings, including grief, anger, loneliness, and shame. The more we can allow it all and strengthen our ego, the more we can relax and be truly happy. Otherwise, we remain afraid of life and painful feelings. This may sound counter-intuitive to positive thinkers, but the way to bring more positive energy and success into our lives is to face the full spectrum of our feelings and thoughts, especially around our stuck places. Because as we face, feel, and integrate our stuck energy, we naturally move into more of a flow and we become freer, lighter, and happier. So the more Dr Jennifer: Become Your Best Self •


we work on and heal ourselves, the easier it is to become positive and stay positive for longer periods of time, although our messy human life guarantees we’ll have a roller-coaster ride through the emotions, and that’s okay.

What are some of the ways you’ve seen your work and your clients change over the last 20 years? I’ve had the great honour of many people passing through my door. I’m happy to share a few of the ways people have healed and changed through our work together, but in order to protect confidentiality I’ve abbreviated or altered many of the details. In general, people come to me with many issues. I’ve highlighted twelve problems that people came to me for help with, and the benefits and changes they received, because I really want you to know that change is possible. Stubborn problems can transform. It may take some time, but it’s such a worthwhile journey. So here are some issues that people have worked with, and how their lives changed by becoming more conscious:

ww ww

Was so depressed, couldn’t get out of bed. Now working, in a good relationship, and no longer depressed. Had a successful career performing in New York, but was unfulfilled and wanted more. Moved back to native country and is performing there. Got married, started a family, and is very happy.

ww ww

Was constantly getting into fights and getting fired. Now is in a great job, and has a great relationship. So anxious it was impossible to study and get college work done. Completed medical school and is now in residency and doing great.

26 • Hat Trick Magazine •

ww ww ww

Was a successful performer who had affairs with one married person after another. Now has a great relationship. Couldn’t keep a job. Now has satisfying work. Was successful in business, but raged. Went from one marriage to another. Now is in a deeply satisfying marriage and more successful than ever.

ww ww

Only knew how to have unhealthy tumultuous relationships. Has learned how to have a fulfilling marriage. Was unsatisfied living in New York. Figured out needed to move back to hometown, has a new business, and is now very happy.

ww ww

Couldn’t have a relationship. Now happily in one. Was too anxious to sit still or be alone, was cheating on his wife and using every addiction you can think of to cover over his feelings from childhood. Now has a good marriage, is in recovery, enjoys his alone time, and feels content.


Was enabled by wealthy alcoholic parents, felt dependant, trapped, and couldn’t come out as gay. Is now employed, independent, out, happy, and married to their long time partner.

Finally, what final advice or thoughts would you like to leave the audience with? You can have a deeply fulfilling life, great relationships, success in a career, and more happiness than you ever thought was possible. It takes making a choice to have a conscious life. As I say in Chapter 2 of my book, “Living a more conscious life changes your everyday experience in measurable ways. You’ll find Dr Jennifer: Become Your Best Self •


greater ease, resilience, contentment, and success. As you learn to be present to sensations, feelings and thoughts, you’ll develop ego strength, and move more comfortably with the ups and downs of life. You’ll be well on your way to walking the conscious life path, embodying greater freedom and happiness.” Everyone’s life has highs and lows, challenging times that feel as if they will never end. So please, always be kind to yourself as you move forward in your healing journey.

I’m hoping some of these words are helpful and a guide toward you becoming your very best self. Connect with Dr Jennifer Howard on Facebook & Twitter

28 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Your ife L e t a m i Ult lan P hrough order tw o t e l b a l i Ava Amazon no


Business & Tech

Break Through Your Money



By Andrea Sullenger 30 • Hat Trick Magazine •

So you’ve set your money goals. You’ve made written plans. You’ve hired a highly recommended business coach and you continue working on your business.

You feel like you’re doing all the right things, but why on earth are you not getting closer to your financial objectives? Your bank account is just not shouting, ‘You’ve made it!’ I’m willing to bet you have a money block. Somewhere deep in your subconscious, there’s a voice overriding what your conscious mind wants you to achieve. Is that voice saying, ‘money is the root of all evil’? Maybe it’s saying, ‘money will burn a hole in my pocket’. Let’s just call that negative subconscious message, your ‘inner voice.’ I’ve come to the conclusion that money blocks are more common than you might think. It is vital that your inner voice be on the same page as your conscious mind. Your inner voice must totally accept that money will come into your life freely and easily. I know lots of entrepreneurs who have spent big bucks for courses, retreats, or workshops Break Through Your Money Blocks •


to beat their money blocks. You can do that too, but before you do, here is an exercise to help you smash your money blocks. Grab a quiet spot and turn off your phone, email, social media and anything else that might interfere with your thought process. Have five blank sheets of paper and your favourite pen ready in front of you. Get comfortable in your chair and take a couple of large bills out of your purse or pocket and feel them in your hands. Look at them closely and think about what they mean to you. Relax and continue to feel the sensation of having the bills in your hands. Close your eyes and continue to contemplate the money you are holding. Open your eyes and begin to write this sentence: To me, money means ___________________. Fill in the blank with what money means to you. Allow yourself to write anything that comes to mind. If you’re not sure what to write, just wait until thoughts about money come to you. Don’t try to force them. Just let your mind relax and write whatever you feel. Your five sheets of paper may get filled up quicker than you expect. If you write less than five pages, don’t worry about it. Fold the paper in half and put it in your drawer or dresser with your best jewellery. Set a reminder on your phone to come back to it in one week. A week has passed and you’re reminded to go to your jewellery drawer and re-read your money pages. As you do, jot down some positive key words that pop out. If you haven’t written any positive words about money, you’ll need to think of some now. Use your upbeat money words to

32 • Hat Trick Magazine •

create a phrase that makes you feel great about wealth, money, and abundance. You might say, ‘money makes me feel empowered and kind because I know I can use it to help improve the lives of thousands of people’. This is just an example. Come up with your own personal phrase. Once you’ve come up with a phrase that makes you feel great about money, make up your mind to memorise it and repeat it silently or out loud anytime you use money or think a ‘money thought’. This could be dozens of times a day. This kind of phrase is called a mantra. Quite a few people I know have successfully used mantras to counter their money blocks. One of your mantras could simply be, ‘money flows easily into my life in generous quantities’. Think of it just before you fall asleep at night and first thing when you wake up. Think about it in the Starbucks line and when you pay for something. Believe in your mantra and it can help you remove personal money blocks you’ve been harbouring since childhood. Decide right now to do what you need to do to eliminate your money blocks. Listen to your inner voice and set aside time to complete the exercise. Be totally honest with yourself as you go about creating your personal mantra.

If you’re like me, you’ll be surprised how quickly your new mantra will move you toward your money goals. Break Through Your Money Blocks •


Click ch t a to W ine! Onl



By Uchechi Ezurike-Bosse 36 • Hat Trick Magazine •


you’re like many people, there are times you’ve found yourself stuck financially. No matter how much you worked and took all the right steps, you just are unable to break through your ‘financial glass ceiling’.

Many people are becoming more aware that wealth is predominately a mindset thing. There’s been many books and articles written on wealth consciousness and improving your relationship with money. But an area that often gets neglected is how the F-Word is crucial to improving your financial prosperity.

No! No! No! Not that F-word. I mean forgiveness! I’ve written before about the importance of creating space in your life in order to make room to receive the good you want to come in. Forgiveness is the ultimate way to clear space in your life. Holding onto resentment and anger will block good from coming into your life. When you feel that you’re doing the work to attract and create financial abundance in your life and you’re coming up against resistance and not seeing the changes that you want. Consider all the areas where you’re holding resentment and grudges towards others and yourself. Want to Improve Your Financial Prosperity? Try Throwing Down the F-Word! •


Financial struggle is linked to resentments and grievances. You need to forgive anyone who you feel has contributed to your pain and struggles. Remember, you can only feel one emotion at any one time and when you’re consumed with anger and resentment, there’s no room for abundance. I want to share with you two simple but powerful forgiveness exercises that you can do. These exercises will help you remove the negative hold that comes with holding grievances. Once you are able to clear them from your system, you create a vacuum to allow God/Universe to fill it with more good, including increased financial prosperity.

Ho’oponopono Technique, is a gentle Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The process is as follows:


Go through each person, situation, thing that felt has hurt you (don’t forget to include yourself).


Let any residual emotions associated with each to come up.


Then say: “I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you. And I love you.


When saying the mantras, you may feel that you are lying to yourself. That’s okay, just continue to repeat it, and become willing to forgive!

38 • Hat Trick Magazine •

“Forgiveness is not about the other person, but rather about cleansing and releasing the hold all the pain has in your life”

Another technique that I share with my clients is Forgiveness Release Technique and it’s very similar to Ho’oponopono Technique. This is directed to people in your life that you felt caused you pain. The aim is to release the pain and blocks that the grievance has on you. The process for this technique is: Go through each person. Picture the person and visualize sitting with them (if this is too painful, just write the name of the person). Then say the following forgiveness mantra: I forgive and release (enter name here). I know you did the best you knew how to do at the time. I release and let go of all the Want to Improve Your Financial Prosperity? Try Throwing Down the F-Word! •


blocks this grievance has on me. I now welcome in love, peace and freedom in its place. Now take a long bdeep breath. Forgiveness is not about the other person, but rather about cleansing and releasing the hold all the pain has in your life. For you to experience prosperity in your life you need to cultivate the right conditions internally, before you can experience it externally. If you’re blocked and haven’t been able to manifest the amount of financial prosperity that you want, consider what you’re holding onto. Isn’t it time you let go and start practicing forgiveness?

40 • Hat Trick Magazine •

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LINDSAY MARINO Medium, Author, Speaker


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Career & Learning




By Sandra Cunningham 44 • Hat Trick Magazine •

In the first article of this series, we discussed how it looks – and feels – when we’re acting at odds with our inner truth i.e. Not Walking Your Walk! In this second article, we identify the four main factors, that we’ve discovered, which could be keeping you from standing in your power and expressing yourself YOUR way! Plus, we offer some gems of universal truth to help you on your way. Read on!

1. Fearing The Worst I used to feel worried that if I really spoke my truth, pursued what I wanted, and let myself be real – people wouldn’t like me, I would upset or offend them, and I wouldn’t be able to get what I truly wanted in life. Holding back and keeping yourself hidden like this denies you the chance to show the world your full range of capabilities and talents. People never get to know, and benefit from knowing, the real you not fully. When you prevent people from seeing the real ‘you’, it’s true you might avoid total rejection (one of our biggest fears) – but you also limit yourself from self-expression, ultimately creating separation, within you and around you. Living life this way might feel safe for a while, but in fact it’s more likely to keep you isolated and unfulfilled. The 4 Gems of Walking Your Walk •


Truth Gem

As soon as we enter this Life, we are bestowed with an infinite and unique capacity to create -and to connect with our fellow human beings. We come equipped with everything we are ever going to need, and we aren’t meant to be the same as everyone else. To prevent ourselves from fully embracing our uniqueness and bringing forth our gifts, freely and openly, is to deny Truth itself.

COACHING QUESTION What is it that you truly yearn to express?

2. Painful And Limiting Beliefs You Hold About You One of the most debilitating concepts we hold of ourselves, is that if the world really knew the truth about us, they would be completely justified in turning their back on us. No matter where these beliefs stem from, the real point is that as an adult, you have become the unrelenting judge, jury and executioner for all your past mistakes and hurts. The burden can become so great that it’s impossible to look at the world square on, with a solid and self-honouring stance. Outwardly, 46 • Hat Trick Magazine •

you build brick walls around you for protection, and inwardly you become a diminished, smaller version of who you really are. And, if you do this long enough, eventually you hide from yourself until you no longer know who or what you really are. Personal growth then ceases and death as an authentic person begins.

Truth Gem

The human story is about learning how to navigate life. The journey never ends, and our imperfections, failures and flaws are exactly what make us human. They are a pre-condition for growth and a vital resource for our success. When we can release ourselves from lingering feelings of guilt, hurt and shame, then we can open up to a more empowering sense of humility and compassion – we can forgive ourselves and allow our light to shine through, brightly and powerfully.

COACHING QUESTION What or who needs your forgiveness?

3. Bending To The Expectations Of Others As a first-born I used to played out the role of prime problem solver. It’s not a role I consciously chose for myself, but it seemed to be the hat that I was expected to wear. Over the years I found I could do it pretty well, so it stuck. The 4 Gems of Walking Your Walk •


The impact was that I believed I needed to be perfect, have all the answers, and be pretty near infallible in order to be accepted, and feel worthy. Being vulnerable, or free to make mistakes didn’t feel right, or safe. And it was an exhausting and stressful way to live. When you live by others expectations (real or imagined), or accept society’s so-called wisdom without question, it’s like you are acting out a character in a play - conceived by someone else. The danger is, it comes at the cost of ignoring your own judgement and neglecting your needs. Your own identity gets side-lined. And you can end up not knowing exactly who you really are.

Truth Gem

In order to Walk Your Walk, you need balance, self-nurturing and self-respect. Energy ‘out’ needs to be balanced and sustained by energy ‘in’. And that means honouring and attending to your own values and needs first. Only then, can you truly serve.

COACHING QUESTION What do you need to feel nourished, balanced and sustained within yourself?

4. Sleep Walking Through Life 48 • Hat Trick Magazine •

There are times when life feels so complex and difficult, that it’s tempting to switch into auto-pilot. Many people do. Permanently. But let’s be clear, ignorance doesn’t necessarily lead to bliss. Businesses go under, societies collapse, species become extinct and international atrocities result from a failure by humanity to face its truth and take a courageous stand for Life. It doesn’t only happen on a world scale: relationships struggle; careers suffer and lives stay half-lived for all of the same reasons.

Truth Gem

When you consciously choose to Walk Your Walk, you decide to be the leader in your own life, acting on purpose and being mindful of the ripples you send to the rest of humanity and the universe. It doesn’t matter if your focus is a major international cause, or a seemingly small, day-to-day issue: if Walking Your Walk feels like far too much hard work, then I invite you to look again. For being yourself is the most natural act in the world. And when you gather up your energies and align yourself with your heart’s knowing, all of the other ‘stuff’ just fades into insignificance.

COACHING QUESTION What life-affirming steps can you take to today to Walk Your Walk?

The 4 Gems of Walking Your Walk •


Resilience Humour FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Sukh Pabial 50 • Hat Trick Magazine •

"I use humour and good feeling conversations to help create a strong sense of team." There’s lots of good advice available on how to maintain your resilience for your wellbeing. It’s a topic I keep coming back to. With regular talk of the world moving at pace, that we live in a VUCA world, and one where technology is forcing new behaviours for the workforce, concern about wellbeing has never been higher.

then you should probably seek to just live the experience.

One of the things I really enjoyed about Dave’s talk was his humour. He’s clearly giving many talks and he has found very good ways to display great humour on a topic which is seriously interesting and insightful. Most good speakers do this. They find I listened to Dave Coplin recently, good humour that you can join in he’s a smart guy over at Microsoft with and help alleviate some of and speaks very well about the the seriousness. potential of technology and how it can truly help us live better lives. At the same time he cautions us to not be beholden to technology and be far more purposeful about our use of tech in day to day life. If in the moment tech won’t help you have a better experience, Resilience & Humour •


"…resilience is a topic we don’t talk enough about and we should become far more conversant in." Laughter, for people, is an oft taken for granted thing. Recently I shared a TED video by Prof Sophie Scott and in the talk she shares that children laugh far more regularly than adults do and adults more than the elderly. It’s an interesting insight and one that bears further thinking. I agree with Sophie that I don’t think we find less things funny as we age, more that our humour becomes refined as we age, and so the things we find funny is dependent on our experiences, what we choose to find humorous and how acceptable we think it is to laugh at various things we experience. It’s the good feelings we have when we laugh, though. The rush of things like endorphins, the release of stress, the belly aching, the aching jaw, the relaxing of the body. All of that strengthens the body’s natural resilience in being strong. It also really helps with our mental health and in providing those mental reserves to persevere or to find moments of personal balance and maintaining self care. One of the most common myths of people suffering depression is that they don’t find things funny. That’s not true, they can if they’re not in the grips of depression. Being depressed doesn’t tend to be persistent all the time, there are times of raised feelings, and in those times finding humour is an important self care element. 52 • Hat Trick Magazine •

In the workplace, we have good relationships with many people. Some may be friends, some may be people we can have good banter with, and others will be people we just enjoy the company of. When I facilitate workshops and sessions, I always try and build in elements of humour. Not fun necessarily, but certainly ways for people to have fun together or join in some collective humour. I do that because when we experience humour collectively we are better able to have tough conversations. As a group, there is often a need to galvanise and create strengthened feelings. I use humour and good feeling conversations to help create a strong sense of team.

On workshops where I talk about positive psychology, I often use humour to help people understand that there is value in laughter and in smiling. As well as the social benefit of building relationships, there is also the personal benefit of providing that self balance and perspective of humour.

about and we should become far more conversant in. There is a regular need and demand in organisations for people to be productive and achieve things. As well as striving for places that support wellbeing, part of that conversation has to be about how we support the resiliency of our people at work.

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to talk about that resilience is a topic we don’t talk enough Resilience & Humour •


Faith & Self Help


By Karen Salmansohn

54 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Living a Hallelujah Praise, according to the Scriptures, is an act of our will that flows out of an awe and reverence for our Creator. Praise gives glory to God and opens us up to a deeper union with Him. It turns our attention off of our problems and on the nature and character of God Himself.


By Katie Clifton, Christian Columnist 56 • Hat Trick Magazine •

"For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise" 1 Chronicles 16:25

How do you live your hallelujah? This question was presented to me recently and it really had me thinking. First of all, I live in a southern town. Unfortunately our churches still seem fairly segregated, which breaks my heart and confuses me. The body of Christ shouldn't be divided...but I can save that for an article in itself one day. On this particular Sunday we visited a nearby church that we love visiting. One of our friends preaches there frequently and we adore having the opportunity to worship with such loving and excited believers. This sweet church we visit, people shout and praise Jesus through dance and artistic expression. They seem alive and excited to worship, and I love it. They say thank you Jesus, like they mean it. I close my eyes sometimes and I can just feel the Holy Spirit flood over me and I say hallelujah and amen. I get the 'Holy Spirit hot flash', I get chills down my arms and there is just no stopping gratitude and praise from coming out of my mouth…and then…I leave church. We may say hallelujah, amen and thank you Jesus while sitting in church, but as soon as we step outside the walls of the church we gripe about traffic, mortgages, the price of gasoline and groceries, Living a Hallelujah •


“…this idea of living out my hallelujah is just so much to wrap my brain around. As I sat and listened tears filled my eyes.” we worry about illness, we are filled with jealousy and anger and envy and lust. Our lips are giving empty praise on Sunday and our lives reflect our true nature the other 6 days out of the week. We sit in a sanctuary pretending to believe Jesus but we don't always leave the doors living like we trust Him. The pastor who presented this question just found out his wife has cancer. With tears in his eyes he encouraged his church family to celebrate what Jesus is going to do before He ever does it. This pastor was claiming victory and celebrating before the fight has even begun. I am not trying to down play anyone's heartache. I don't want to trade lives with anyone or walk in anyone's shoes, but how differently would you be feeling, acting and believing right now if your life reflected your hallelujah? But this idea of living out my hallelujah is just so much to wrap my brain around. As I sat and listened tears filled my eyes. I ached for this pastor but the passion and faith that he had inspired me. 58 • Hat Trick Magazine •

What would living out my hallelujah look like? I would give things to God and not try to control them. I wouldn't worry. I would pray without ceasing. I would spend time fasting. I would serve others more. I would put down my phone and give more attention to my family. I would laugh more too, I think. I don't think I would be so serious at times. I would pray for and seize opportunities to serve others. I would tell the Lord that I trust Him and then, I would live it.

How will you live your hallelujah today?

"Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise, the fruit of lips that openly profess his name." Hebrews 13:15 NIV Living a Hallelujah •


By Joey Phelps & Michael Phelps Lil Nipper Snappers Cartoon •


Style & Beauty



By Michelle Fitz

















u o Y w Ne


By Rachael Pontillo 64 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Well, it’s the end of the year and as always, my Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with “best of the year” lists, and how to actually keep New Year’s resolutions, and so on.

I DON’T TYPICALLY MAKE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. It’s not because I don’t believe in setting goals or

bettering myself–it’s that I focus on them on a regular basis. It’s kind of similar to how my husband and I look at gifts­–if we need or really want something we buy it when we need or want it, rather than wait until there’s a holiday or special occasion when it’s “OK” to ask for it or receive it. That’s not to say I don’t believe in gift giving–I do–but I think gifts should be given and received whenever the inspiration strikes rather than putting it off for a planned giftgiving extravaganza. For self improvement, and other reasons I typically set goals, I think that saving it up for a New Year’s resolution is a form of procrastination. Procrastination typically means one of two things.


You don’t truly desire it, or it’s not truly aligned with your core values. New Year, New You •


You’re experiencing resistance because accomplishing your goal will bring you to a new or different place in your life that might be unfamiliar or scary– and often with that, a new level of spiritual evolution (which the ego doesn’t want, so it builds up the resistance to keep things “safe” and easy)


As I wrote in my recent article about willpower, change won’t happen unless it’s what you truly desire. If you want something badly enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. That being said though, saving up a big goal for one time a year isn’t the best way to make something positive happen in your life–even if it is something you truly want.

“...change won’t happen unless it’s what you truly desire. If you want something badly enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.” 66 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Knowing what your goal is–but more importantly WHY

you want it and HOW you want to feel once you accomplish it is more than half the battle–and sometimes it takes a great deal of effort to become clear on figuring out the WHAT, WHY, and HOW you want to feel (not the HOW you will get there–that can lead to procrastination!). I know for me, it takes meditation, journaling, prayer–and sometimes time to help me gain this clarity. Sometimes I think I want something because it’s what I’m supposed to want since it’s what my peers are working towards–but after I let it sit a bit, I realize it’s not really aligned with who I am or how I want my life to be. Or maybe it’s something I want eventually, but there’s something more I want now.

At any rate, once you figure out what it is that you want,

why you want it, and how you want to feel once you get it–don’t wait to start working towards it! I constantly hear about people waiting for a new cycle before they start working towards a goal–a new week, month, quarter, moon cycle, year, stage of life, etc–because the time won’t be “right” until then. And I get it– as someone who studies the cycles of nature and the moon, there are definitely certain times that are supposed to be more favorable than others for starting new projects and ending others.

This knowledge is extremely helpful and should be used

when making plans within a cycle and for the next year–but the problems arise when it’s used as an excuse or form of resistance. For example, “I can’t write that book until the lighter half of the year because we’re not meant to be outwardly creative during the dark cold months.” That’s an excuse I, myself, used for both my books, Love Your Skin, Love Yourself and The Sauce Code. But I still knew I wanted to write those books and have them published

New Year, New You •


within a set timeframe and that if I waited until the lighter, warmer days to return, it wouldn’t get done. So, while my own creative brain doesn’t write books when it’s dark and cold, the rest of my brain can do the other tasks involved in writing and getting a book published. There was research to do, data to compile. interviews to conduct, systems to learn, strategizing with my publisher that had to take place–so many different tasks involved with the book that had very little to do with the actual creation of the content itself.

I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS, GOALS, OR INTENTIONS. In fact, I’ve decided that for myself, my main goal in my own personal development is to become more organized and allow less clutter in my environment–both mentally and physically. This isn’t a New Year’s resolution, per se, but it’s an intention that I have for myself right now. In the past, I would have put it off until a set date-like January 2–or January 15–or February 1, etc and gone on with my normal habits until that start date. Not anymore–because whenever there’s an end to a cycle whether it’s a cycle of nature, the moon, or designation of linear time, the end signifies the end of the old habits–and old habits that are brought into a new cycle will continue to manifest throughout that cycle and will be harder to break. 68 • Hat Trick Magazine •

This year, I’ve decided to leave my clutter and disorganization in 2014 by already making changes before 2015 begins. I’ve been working on cleaning and organizing different areas of my home and office each day, and I’ve also begun work on a new project in a more organized fashion than I normally would. I’ve set small, attainable goals, and have given them deadlines and have an accountability partner. I’ve made my intentions public and have asked for support from my family (the kids aren’t thrilled, but oh well! Better for them to learn organization and decluttering now than later!). I’ve started reading up on feng shui and have already taken action to improve the energetic flow in my space. By the time the clock strikes midnight tonight, my space will look exactly how I want it to look everyday.



If you’re trying to eat healthier, go shopping for some fresh produce today so you can make a nice smoothie tomorrow morning. If you’re going to a party tonight, eat something really healthy before you go so you don’t arrive hungry, and enjoy the festivities with moderation. I see too many people overindulge right before they begin a health or weight-related resolution, and then when they wake up feeling like crap the next day, the last thing they want to do is drink a smoothie or eat a salad.


If you’re trying to exercise more, have your exercise space at home cleared out and ready to go with your favorite DVD. If you go to a gym or studio, have your New Year, New You •


classes already in your schedule for the next month so you don’t have to think about it on Monday. Maybe buy yourself a cute new pair of sneakers or yoga pants.


If improving finances is your goal, then take time today looking at all of your invoices and pay whatever bills you can today. Schedule your due dates in your calendar for the next several months with reminders. Open an account on and setup your profile. All this can be done in about an hour–and then you’ll be able to ring in the new year already feeling more in control of your finances and more abundant.


If you want to improve your skin or transition to healthier skincare products, then go sign up for the VIP list on my website for Create Your Skincare - you’ll receive my free video series in just two weeks that will help you get started!

These are just some examples, but you get the idea. Don’t wait for the “right” time to make a new beginning or set a goal. There’s no time like now.

Happy New Year! 70 • Hat Trick Magazine •


health & beauty.

Find simple tips & recipes at



By Marina BerBeryan

72 • Hat Trick Magazine •



Ferrari celebrated it’s national 60th Anniversary on Sunday, October 12th, 2014 on Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. The 60 Fabulous Ferraris on Rodeo Drive event was one of the world’s best car shows this year, displaying a prestigious collection of 60 most spectacular Ferraris ever assembled from around the world. Confessions of a Hollywood Stylist •


My children, Katrina, Isabella and John Magzanyan and I were invited to attend this spectacular show and my seven year old son, John, was excited the most since his obsession is collecting exotic car toys. It was a truly memorable day not only for my children and I but also Ferrari’s most endearing fans and to clients from North America abroad.

“It’s like Pretty Woman, but with Ferraris,” Council member Nancy Krasne remarked Tuesday just before the City Council approved the plan. The council also approved holding an exclusive Gala celebrating Ferrari’s anniversary outside City Hall on Saturday, October 11th.

About one thousand members of the Ferrari Club of America from different branches nationwide were invited to join the festivities, with the top cars joining in a Sunday ride from Beverly Hills High School to Rodeo Drive for staging. The cars were displayed, along with the hundreds of other vehicles, in designated “Ferrari Parking” spots along adjacent streets. The event prominently featured red as the signature Ferrari colour. A colour that is as synonymous with Ferrari as blue is to the sky. In addition there were at least two automobiles 74 • Hat Trick Magazine •

It’s like Pretty Woman, but with Ferraris.

Nancy Krasne

on display that have never before been seen, one of which was auctioned off for charity. Some of the activities included an unprecedented gathering of Ferrari Club of America cars into Beverly Hills, an arrival parade of spectacular Ferraris led by their chairman Luca di Montesemolo, world première of new Ferrari vehicles, first- ever award presented by the City of Beverly Hills and unique experiences including a 360 virtual tour of Museo Ferrari,Tailor Madde village comprised of global partners, etc. John’s favourite Ferrari automobiles were Tom Selleck’s Ferrari from Magnum P.I. and Don Johnson’s car from Miami Vice. Ferrari is synonymous with competitions. As a matter of fact, the legendary Italian auto manufacturer exists because of a young Enzo Ferrari who needed to fund his Schuderia Ferrari racing team. So, by offering production cars for sale, Enzo pursued his passion and the rest is history.

To learn more about me visit Marina BerBeryan and LA Fashion Judge Confessions of a Hollywood Stylist •


Lifestyle & Wellness





By Charlene SanJenko Photo Credit: Maggi Woo photography

80 • Hat Trick Magazine •

“If you have a vision that feels like life force to you, do something everyday that moves you toward it…” It was my pleasure to finally get a chance to meet Sherry Strong, food philosopher and founder of Return to Food, and learn a little about this ambitious holistic entrepreneur! About four years ago Sherry Strong returned home to Canada from a 22-year working holiday in Australia. While to most of us, a working holiday means spending a couple hours a day in meetings, conferences, researching, and spending the rest of your time lying on the beach or the sitting up at the pool bar, it meant a lot more to Sherry. She started working as a chef in some of the best restaurants in Melbourne. Following her intuition and realising she did not want to work in a commercial kitchen, she started a cooking school called the Food Lovers Workshop. From there she became a member of the board, and then became the Chair of Nutrition Australia, Victoria. Sherry was involved in many multi-media programs and projects, was a keynote speaker, curator, author and teacher. Her accomplishments are too many to list here, but I invite you to learn Sherry Strong: Food Philosopher •


more about her on her website. The interview started with Sherry giving me a brief overview of her history and how she developed her nutritional philosophy. “I started to develop philosophies that helped people end ‘nutritional confusion’ because I realised that most people were really, really confused about what it is that we’re meant to be eating because there is so much conflicting information. I studied the Dietetics Program at Deakin University, and I discovered – between my studies and speaking from my Chair position at conferences – how education is influenced by industry. Example, course syllabi on dairy are funded by the Dairy Corporation. That bias didn’t sit well with me, and I thought I’m not willing to lie my way through a degree. There were no nutrition schools around at that time in Melbourne, so I started to do my own research and develop my own philosophies – Nature’s Principle, The Consumption Concept, The Lethal Recipe, etc.

There are ways to distil information in clear, concise concepts that even children can understand.” Sherry went on to fly around the world to give people lifestyle makeovers, develop the World Wellness Project Summit and move with some very interesting individuals in the industry. She quickly began to see that constant travel was not a sustainable way to have a major impact or to generate income by doing this solo. Sherry created what is now The Return to Food Academy where she teaches people to become Return to Food coaches. 82 • Hat Trick Magazine •

What’s in your future now? Where is this going? With the Return to Food Academy, I realised: This is it. I’ve reached the destination, and now my intuition is following the things that actually refine the program, the marketing, the sales. I’m now linking up with joint venture partners. This feels like the culmination of everything I’ve done and what I’m here to do.

Can you describe your success strategy in one sentence? Tenacity. Just keep going. If you have a vision that feels like life force to you, do something everyday that moves you toward it, and keep tapping into the vision as fuel.

What was the most pivotal or useful thing in your career so far? Following my intuition – bar none. When you follow your intuition and tap into your instinct, you’ll make the best decisions – Sherry Strong: Food Philosopher •


particularly when you learn to make decision out of love and not fear.

How do you balance a busy career with a healthy lifestyle? I make deliberate choices to put my health, wellbeing and sanity over making money. That means starting the day with self-care, meditation, a walk or some form of movement, a great breakfast and then I’ve given my body what it needs to go to work for my life.

Your thoughts on mentoring women? What do you feel are your most valuable lessons to pass on? We really need to support one another and be there for each other. I have many women who I mentor informally in the small things or emotional areas (no one does that better than we women) but when it comes to business, they need to be invested; otherwise, it is not valued, and if they’re not invested they rarely take consistent action. 84 • Hat Trick Magazine •

My most valuable lessons are… ww ww ww ww ww ww Keep going, everything you do towards your goals counts. Follow your intuition.

Meditate. Get your mind quiet so you can listen to your soul. Forgive yourself quickly. You’re doing your best. Every mistake is a powerful lesson. Learn from it, and move on.

Find what you love doing and figure out a business or job that can facilitate you being in and around it. Then everyday is about following your bliss. Don’t be a lone wolf. Get help, get connected to networks, and be vulnerable to ask for help from a position of power.

What can PowHERhouse do for you? I’m interested in helping people get back to eating real food and finding people who want to make a living doing this. Getting the word out would be awesome and appreciated.

Sherry Strong: Food Philosopher •


Anything you’d like to add? What can I do for PowHERhouse? From the Editor: Well Sherry, you are doing it! Slowly but surely, constantly and consistently, PowHERhouse is connecting with PowHERful women from all walks of life who Get It. You are a leader in the real food industry, a pioneer, a visionary, a woman making an impact. It is our pleasure to support you, and we look forward to collaborating further in the future. PowHERful women need powHERful fuel!

Before we go, can you give us a little teaser about your retreat? As part of the Return to Food Academy, one of the bonuses students get is a 7-day retreat on Bowen Island. We start the day with meditation and then get in the kitchen where they learn not only holistic recipes but how to teach people. There will sometimes be a guest speaker, holistic business development, professional speaking education etc. Sherry gave me a lot more information but in order to keep it in the ‘teaser ‘ realm, I’ll refrain from sharing – you’ll have to check her out to get the rest of the amazing details! 86 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Click here to continue reading the exclusive interview with Sherry Strong at Sherry Strong: Food Philosopher •


Charlene SanJenko is the Founder and CEO of PowHERhouse, a digital platform that provides solutions for women to keep them strong and powerful, evolves the role that we allow to fitness to play and our lives and celebrates positive, natural female role models in fitness, sport, business and community.



By Manish Kumar Arora



21 March – 19 April

20 April – 20 May

You'll get off to a good start in 2016! You'll be determined and energetic, assertive and bold when trying to reach your goals. If you have projects requiring energy, enthusiasm, and chance - go for it. Some opportunities might simply appear when you least expect them or from a surprising direction. Don't let them slip through your fingers. Feelings will become more intense, There'll be more favourable opportunities, maybe even two or three offers simultaneously. A month of considerable effort, of ambitions and initiative, in which you can take big steps in the direction you want. You'll be overwhelmed by a cloud of lust and sensuality, and you'll be greatly sentimentally available. You'll attract, seduce, let yourself be attracted or seduced.

You're going through a very promising period regarding creativity, expression and talents, excellent for promoting your own image and works. Most of the month’s work will have to be done on one's own - will strengthen your responsibility in carrying out the work and encourage independence in decision-making. This month will bring bright and passionate love experiences, even to those who did not expect a new relationship. Many people will actively seek new experiences. For single people, this is the time to actively search for a loved one. They can use all their fascination, charm, beautiful courtship to attract the attention of a loved one, and to win his/her heart.

Favourable Dates Jan 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21, 30 Favourable Colours Yellow & White

Favourable Dates Jan 2, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26, 29 Favourable Colours Red & White

Gemini 21 May – 20 June

This period will bring you popularity and success in collective initiatives. Zodiac Predictions For Jan 2016 •


You can count on the support of women, friends, and arts people. On the other hand, though, you might face some gossip or subversive attacks, coming from quite energetic or powerful competitors. This is not a period to play with your health in. Your body resistance is weakened, and diseases can catch you by surprise when you least expect it. There's a certain reserve in relationships, a sort of withdrawal or shyness, perhaps generated by the fact that the dear one is not giving you the feedback you were hoping for. If you want to set things in motion, you can resort to a friend as a mediator or to a counsellor for couple problems.

Favourable Dates Jan 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20, 29 Favourable Colours Red & Green

Cancer 21 June – 22 July

You will feel happy due to sound economic conditions and it will boost your morale. In the beginning of the month, you should try to concentrate on your goals. Work on your projects may get delayed due to improper planning during the middle of this month. Take decisions after thorough analysis; any sort of mistake could affect your economic status. 92 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Ambition, determination, and initiative will become stronger after January 20th, and success promises to come along in the last days of the month, which will highlight your qualities and competences the best. Domestic matters demand attention especially around the 10th. Changes are in store, and there can be pressure to make important decisions.

Favourable Dates Jan 4, 6, 13, 15, 22, 24 Favourable Colours Red & Purple


23 July – 22 August This is a good time to get your ideas down on paper. Don’t rely on memory or even electronic planners; there’s nothing like a good, solid list of clever ideas in front of you to get the ball rolling on a new project. Once you have things planned out, move ahead with the implementation of those ideas. You’ll find that others tend to be willing to lend a hand now to get things under way; those closest to you could well be instrumental in the eventual success of your great ideas. You should consider using the first half of the month to deal constructively with any existing problems which may be plaguing your personal life. Financial deals will continue during this period.

Opportunities of profit and income will be available on time.

Favourable Dates – January 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 26, 28 Favourable Colours – Blue & White


23 August – 22 September The strong motivation will stay with you to support your lofty ambitions, difficult to reach objectives, the need to prove your expertise and to state your point of view. Your co-workers and seniors will come to know about your talent, by which you will get the inspiration of doing best of efforts. During this period, you will start getting the results of tasks performed earlier. In this month, you will achieve success in intellectual activities. You'll have a lot of sex-appeal, a huge sexual appetite and you can have interesting sexual experiences. But there's still to go until the real sentimental fulfilment. Do not perform risky acts in business, otherwise you may have to face loss and your career may also get affected.


23 September – 22 October This period brings you revitalized energy to begin something new or to face your challenges. You'll have a lot of strength, your psychical resistance will be good, but you'll have to deal with quite a lot of stress. Now is the time you have the power and energy to create something new and give a new turn to your life. Your income will grow, profitable investments will be possible and there will be advantages and benefits. It's important that you assess your chances in advance, prepare thoroughly and be willing to have patience, because situations can take unplanned turns. The financial instinct will be keen as this month will be focussed on business and investments and will be able to bring extra earnings.

Favourable Dates – January 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22, 28 Favourable Colours – Red & White


Favourable Dates – January 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21, 30

23 October – 21 November

Favourable Colours – Blue & Yellow

January will be a month of great professional involvement, in which Zodiac Predictions For Jan 2016 •


you can highlight your talents, organizational spirit and creativity. You'll have good ideas and will make good decisions. You'll easily find support and protection. Some work relations might get you upset or throw obstacles in your way, but that's it, you can't do it without them. The financial preoccupations will be much emphasized, and the stars promise you money from collaborations or from side sources, but they can also force you to make some extra payments. The period will be a good one for initiatives and the promotion of interests in general, and particularly for creative, artistic, sport activities, or related to entertainment.

no to food, drink or extravagances in any form. You are also very generous and tolerant toward others. Though you feel wonderful now, you're likely to regret your actions later if you don't curtail your impulses to overindulge, overspend, and enjoy too much of a good thing. You are feeling hospitable, loving, and need to share comfort and affection with close friends and family.

Favourable Dates – January 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 23, 29 Favourable Colours – White & Blue

Favourable Dates – January 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21, 29 Favourable Colours – Red & Blue


22 November – 21 December Reorganising priorities and reevaluating goals, objectives, and aspirations are key issues now. You are likely to encounter some obstacles to your goals that cause you to question your overall direction in life, and how you can better reach your goals. Community social events and fellowship are very rewarding now. Also, at this time it is hard for you to say 94 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Capricorn 22 December – 19 January

Your imagination and psychic sensitivity are extremely high now. You are inspired by high ideals, dreams, visions, and fantasies. You will want a break from the predictability of your usual routine and methods. You're in the mood to experiment and to learn something new. Offbeat or original

ideas excite you and you will seek people who can offer you a different way of looking at things. Discovery, inventiveness, and spontaneity are major themes now. If you have a solid emotional base in your life, you will receive the benefits of that. If not, this is a good time to begin making connections with people and also to discover what gives real emotional nourishment and fulfilment.

Favourable Dates – January 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 24, 30 Favourable Colours – Red & Blue


20 January – 18 February Your star is shining brightly within every social circle you take part in. Others are drawn to you now as never before and you have no trouble at all handling the influx of positive attention. Your curiosity leads you to discover new and interesting facts about the world around you. This will be strictly for your own personal growth and development, however. This is not a good period for indulging in rash speculative activities. Your courage and convictions are your strongest qualities, but it might hurt to get a little too inflexible. Don't go for big investment because things may not turn up according to your

expectations. There are chances of getting indulge into unnecessary expenses.

Favourable Dates – January 6, 7, 15, 16, 24, 25 Favourable Colours – Green & White


19 February – 20 March This is the time which will show you mixed results. Difficult situations may arise in your path but don’t lose your heart in the adversities as your selfconfidence will work in your favour. Dispute with government and senior officials are on the card, so you are advised to be careful. Hidden passions, fears, jealousies surface in you now and can stir up trouble in your closest relationships. You are prone to be compulsive or demanding in a close relationship, to be emotionally driven and to force things to a head in some emotionally-laden situation. It's a time best spent working alone, structuring and organizing your life in some way, and focusing on whatever tasks that you really need to do.

Favourable Dates – January 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20, 28 Favourable Colours – Yellow & White Zodiac Predictions For Jan 2016 •





By Kate Spencer 96 • Hat Trick Magazine •

am a great believer in helping people where I can, and it’s always been a bit frustrating to me that my books have to be sold (in the main) through Amazon. I have always championed small businesses, and given the choice would always spend my money in an independent shop rather than a retail giant. I know from personal experience that when you help someone who is self-employed you are usually helping a whole family. When you buy something hand crafted or self-published, when you send your child to dance class, when you visit a farmers market you are really supporting other humans at a grass roots level.

THIS IS A FANTASTIC ENERGY TO BE IN! In terms of law of attraction it is a deliberate gesture to show that you are able to support other families, and this tells the universe that you are of generous spirit and believe in the goodness of supporting other souls and their efforts. This comes back to you as support for your efforts, and often you are helping someone to live their dream by doing what they love and earning money.

So I want to say a super big thank you this season to everyone that has supported me in my business, and I want you to know that I couldn’t be doing my soul work without you.

Spend Consciously This Christmas •


I am going to deliberately look for people that I can buy from this Christmas who are self-employed and keep that intention going. If you are like me and would rather support a person than a multinational, but you still want my books then here is a fantastic enterprise. Hive is an online book seller that offers free home delivery and also will drop off books at your local book shop for you to collect, giving the independent shop more footfall and a share of the income from the sale.

Just think about what they are sending out there as a business in their energy vibration (and yes, businesses have a vibration as well as everything else), and what they will attract as a result. It’s working consciously and clocking up plenty of good karma at the same time, I love that, and they will be getting orders from me for sure. As far as I know they are in the UK only, but if there are equivalent enterprises in other countries please let me know. So the takeaway point is that if you can support another family or soul this Christmas by spending consciously, then you will be doing yourself a favour as well as independent retailer and solopreneurs. 98 • Hat Trick Magazine •

You’ll be lining up good stuff to come back your way through Law of Attraction. Here are the links to my paperback books on their site.



Spend Consciously This Christmas •


MAKING FACES KEVYN AUCOIN PAPERBACK / FROM £4.72 A successful makeup artist to the stars presents more of his makeup hints and tricks in an illustrated guide that serves as a follow-up to his previous The Art of Makeup. Reprint.150,000 first printing.


PRACTICAL PEOPLE ENGAGEMENT PATRICK MAYFIELD PAPERBACK £25.78 Click images for synopsis and purchase information.

About a Homemade Year

Food, Home & Family

New Potatoes In

e c u a S m a e r C

One of the great things about gardening is being able to enjoy your own personal harvest. New potatoes are so good and this cream sauce enhances them like never before!

By Tanya Jackson 104 • Hat Trick Magazine •

! m m M INGREDIENTS New potatoes Flour Cooking oil

Milk Salt & pepper (to taste)

METHOD ww ww ww

Boil your new potatoes until soft, but not mushy. Set aside. Make the cream sauce: To oil in a frying pan add flour to thicken the sauce. You want to heat up on low so you don't scorch the flour/oil. Make sure the

flour is dissolved then add milk slowly and begin to stir using a whisk. Add salt and pepper to taste. When the sauce is thickened pour over drained potatoes in a serving dish. Add cracked black pepper.


Enjoy your bounty! New Potatoes in Cream Sauce •



By Cherie DeBurger 106 • Hat Trick Magazine •

"One thing is for sure, everyone is guilty of singing their own version of the latest hits…" I have heard seniors talking about the music kids listen to these days and how they can't understand any of it. Each generation has complained about the so called new music that can be heard coming from the car radios, boom boxes or head phones of the newest age bracket. This will continue to happen because like so many other things nothing really ever changes. This also includes individuals trying to sing along with their favourite artist or song. How many of us have heard a song on the radio and just start singing whether we knew the words or not? If you don’t sing too loud you can get away without others hearing your own special “version” of the lyrics…sometimes. Of course if you are caught singing your own rendition you will probably never hear the end of it from your friends. I am famous, or should I say infamous, for misinterpreting the lyrics from an old Beetles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I always sang “…girl with colitis goes by”, the correct lyrics being “…girl with kaleidoscope eyes”. My friend and her son were listening to the song Amadeus by Falco, and she realised instead of singing “Amadeus, Amadeus” in the chorus he was singing “hot potato, hot potato”. Laughable Lyrics •


One of my favourite mixed up lyrics is from a song by CCR. In the chorus one of the lines is “have you ever seen the rain”, but someone was caught belting out the words “have you ever seen Lorraine”. Another CCR song that was sung incorrectly was titled Bad Moon Rising. The chorus has a line “there’s a bad moon on the rise” but it was mistaken as “there’s a bathroom on the right”. In 1993 10,000 Maniacs wrote a song Because the Night which included a line that said "Because the night belongs to lovers" but everyone was singing "Because the night belongs to lawyers". Elton John's famous song Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters in 1972 had some belting out "some with cankers some with goiters" when the correct words were "some with bankers some with lawyers". Katy Perry's 2008 hit I Kissed A Girl sings about kissing a girl and liking it but some sang "I kissed a squirrel and I like it".

Beyonce was heard singing her hit Halo in 2009, with the line "Baby I can see your halo." But some misinterpreted it as "Baby I can see your A-Hole". 108 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Pussycat Dolls Don't Cha, a song that came out in 2005 had a line that was written "Don't cha wish your girlfriend..." unfortunately some thought they were singing "Don't cha wish your goldfish was hot like me". In 1992 Sir Mix-A-Lot had a hit called Baby Got Back and instead of singing the correct words which were "I like big butts and I can not lie" a few were singing "I like big trucks..." which maybe was better for the younger ears. Back in 1970 Jose Feliciano sang Feliz Navidad, a song wishing people a Merry Christmas but instead of hearing "Feliz Navidad" in the song some people thought the lyrics were "Fleas on a dog". Burl Ives singing Holly Jolly Christmas was on all radios during the festive season in 1965 with a few singing along and belting out "Ho ho the missing toe..." in place of Mr. Ives lyrics which were "Ho ho the mistletoe". In 2010 the band Far East Movement came out with a song called Like a G6. Unfortunately some didn't know the name of the song and when the chorus came on they sang "Like a cheese stick" in place of "Like a G6". The famous band Foreigner had one of many smash hits in 1981 called Jukebox Hero. One lyric was written "Jukebox Hero with stars in his eyes" but was incorrectly sung by fans as "juice box hero with straws in his eyes". Billy Squire, another chart climbing band in 1981, released a song My Kind of Lover. The lyrics in the chorus being "My kind of lover, my kind of lover" which makes sense but in the heat of the moment when you have the radio up loud and the windows rolled down on one is going to notice you singing "My candelabra, my candelabra". Laughable Lyrics •


Vanilla Ice didn't stay in the spot light to long but in 1990 he had a big hit called Ice Ice Baby. In the chorus the lyrics repeated the name of the song, no one is sure why some thought he was singing "Rice rice gravy". One of the most well known bands in American history, AC DC, had a hit called Dirty Deeds in 1976. In the song the line goes "Dirty deeds done dirt cheap" but I bet everyone knows at least one person who sang "Dirty deeds and a dunderchief". No one knew what a 'dunderchief' was but it seemed to fit and sounded right. The songstress Karen Carpenter, from the band The Carpenters, had a hit called Top of the World in 1973. The first line in the chorus is “I’m on top of the world looking down on creation “ but someone thought the lyrics were “I’m on top of the world looking down on the Asians”.

One thing is for sure, everyone is guilty of singing their own version of the latest hits. So I guess we all continue to learn and have a giggle along the way, sometimes at our own expense.

If you have any comments then please feel free to email me at 110 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Hat Trick MagazineTM

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