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Why Being A Quitter Is Good For you

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Volume 2 Issue 9 Ÿ September 2013

about about Hat Trick (noun): 1. A sports metaphor for three achievements by a single player in a game. 2. A magic trick. We happily accept both deÞnitions. Hat Trick Magazine is a special project targeted at sharing spiritual and professional growth with likeminded people from around the world. We share strategies that truly will change your life, business and career (with a little help from some pro friends). WeÕve all been there: under/un/employed, in a bad situation, in transition, wondering what the options are and not knowing the skills we would need to get us there. We wonÕt lie to you. Coming out the other side isnÕt easy, but we can show you what we learned along to way and help you get the conÞdence to turn that leaf over and pursue that which is your destiny. Knowledge is power. Not everyone fancies themselves to be an entrepreneur but the truth is, even when seeking employment these days, pulling together your resumŽ requires some sly articulation to showcase your skills, be keyword-optimized and with a strong, personable presentation to get noticed. We feature inspirational people who have great careers, amazing businesses, tips and a host of amazing stories will inspire and amaze you. Our editors and contributors are some of the most connected in their industries and specialisms. Hat Trick Your Life! Take control of your lifestyle, your career, your dreams and your journey. WeÕll share what we know and we invite you to join us. If you or your business would like to be featured or simply would like to contribute a feature in an upcoming issue, please email us on 2 • Hat Trick Magazine •

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Michelle Fitz Editor-In-Chief, Page Design Michelle is originally from Arkansas and the head of Hat Trick Strategies, a UK firm for Emerging Technologies, Business Change and Corporate Strategy. Her firm has served US and UK household names, government departments and a portfolio of business coaching clients, based globally. Michelle produces all page layout, custom graphics and ad designs for this publication. She holds professional qualifications in LEAN Six Sigma, PMI PMP, is a Practitioner in both PRINCE2 and MSP and is a leader in digital synergies linking content, the customer journey, social media Hat Trick Magazine • 4 • customer and care words/SEO.

Michael Hartley Associate Design Editor Michael is a British entrepreneur based in Manchester, England and is an expert in graphic design, digital artistry, branding and design management. He is a trained violinist, and brings a tremendous breath of creativity to projects. His firm, Michael Thomas Designs, are experts in brand research for target demographics, image and the production of a consistent brand identity for mid-sized companies. Michael understands how to get at the heart of a firm’s offerings and customer base and works closely with select web designers to implement a consistent look and feel across digital, print and online platforms.

Eleni Sofroniou Illustrator Eleni is an illustrator based in London and owns Fall Into London. She produces the majority of the illustrations which appear in Hat Trick Magazine (which compliment give our magazine its distinctive look and feel). She has previously created pieces for ELLE Magazine, Essex Style Magazine, and The Female Entrepreneur Association. As well as creating personalised illustration, Eleni's illustrations can be purchased from her website.

Andrea Sullenger Business & Tech Editor Andrea is a mix of “kick butt” sales / marketing coach and inspirational possible-i-tarian. She has been working with solo-entrepreneurs for the past 16 years, helping them build their own thriving transactional businesses all while creating streamlined and successful digital products to maximize and leverage their income streams. Andrea shares many of her strategies via Hat Trick Magazine, but to get the latest, subscribe to her list. Hat Trick Magazine • •


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Sandra Cunningham Career & Learning Editor Sandra contributes to the Careers column for the Financial Times and is the owner of Outside In Coaching and Communications, where she helps mid-career women make a successful transition from a soul-sucking, dead-end job to a meaningful and fulfilling career, while creating a lifestyle they can afford and enjoy. Sandra truly believes it’s possible to be wildly successful doing work you love whilst having the work/life balance most people can only dream of. Visit her website for free articles, resources and to sign up for your free e-booklet "21 Pointers to Your Career Edge." • Hat Trick Magazine • 6 Sharpen

Shalanda Turner Style Editor Shasie has a B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering and works as a Project Engineer for a Specialty Chemicals company in Houston, Texas. When Shasie is not at work, she moonlights in the Fashion Industry. She is the creative voice behind the top Fashion Blog; Live Life in Style, Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers, Style Editor for online media site, Fashion Brand Ambassador for Monarch Magazine, Owner of Shop Shasie’s Closet and Houston Fashion Examiner for

Charlene SanJenko Wellness & Lifestyle Editor Charlene SanJenko is a serial entrepreneur with a successful lifestyle and fitness practice serving Canada. She is an accomplished figure competitor and has served her community in local government. As a social entrepreneur, she believes there is an intrinsic link between physical and emotional fitness, leadership and excellence. She is a thought leader whose emphasis is in helping transform ordinary ladies into “HIP”, High Impact Performance women.

Brittany De Staedtler Beauty Editor Brittany is an entrepreneur and owner of bath, beauty and skin care brand Posh Brats and flagship store Bathery, located in Macclesfield, England. She is an advocate for career progression for women from small towns. Being from the Southern US, she overcame what could have easily been a template predefined for her, but pursued a career and degrees in Cosmetic Chemistry, leading to the successful career she has held to date. Brittany regularly shares simple beauty secrets you can make at home, as well as her thoughts and skills in business.• 7 Hat Trick Magazine •

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Tanya Jackson Food, Home & Family Editor Tanya is the author of our popular Southern recipe column and the editor for our Food & Home section. She is married to a pastor, her high school sweetheart, and is a proud Southern mother and grandmother. Tanya has lived all over the US, but wherever she has lived, she has brought her love and curiosity for local foods and flavors. Tanya believes the best aspect of having cooked in the four corners of the US, was learning to cook what grows around us; because it is our families that make a difference in our lives and sharing our love and enjoyment of good food together goes hand-in-hand. Trick Magazine • 8 • Hat

Karen Salmansohn Faith & Self Help Editor Karen is an ex-Senior VP, awardwinning ad writer/creative director (at age 27) who left her successful advertising career (having worked as a writer/creative director/ image consultant for numerous household names), to pursue her passion of writing. She owns, is an Oprah columnist and a best selling author and book packager with over 1 million books sold. Some titles: How to Be Happy Dammit; Enough Dammit; The Bounce Back Book; – and many more. Journalists call Salmansohn “Deepak Chopra Meets Carrie Bradshaw”, merging empowering psychology/philosophy tips with edgy humor and stylish graphics.

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Business & Tech Tips


The Navigation of Trust

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The Fear of Failure and How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

Career & Learning


What to do When Crisis Strikes Positively Eotionally Mindful Graphic Art by Ann




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Cover Story

46 48


Sorelle From Pin Up Passion

Cofessions of a Hollywood Stylist


How to Grow Natural Hair, Fast and Easy



Beauty Editor Talks Natural Teeth Whitening


Karen Salmansohn

So You’re a Quitter... Good For You!


Shashie’s Style Picks


Christian Columnist: Four Little Words


Style & Beauty

Faith & Self Help


Lil Nipper Snapper Cartoon

Lifestyle & Wellness Mommy-Mania



5 Reasons Why....


Is Your Home Making You Sick?


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Banana Nut Bread (Southern Country Cookbook Style)

What Amber Loves: Seed Storage


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Food, Home & Family


Back to School

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From the Editor

ThereÕs A PowHERHouse Inside Each Of Us Two years ago, I met someone whose lifestyle was very different to mine. When Charlene SanJenko came into my world, she was just an expert in a Þeld which was effectively a foreign language to me.   Little did I know the seeds she would plant in me, and so many others, through her contribution to our magazine. Charlene has been an entrepreneur most of her adult life. She’s also walked many paths - from Canadian government to social enterprise and award-winning Þgure champion. She is a champion for women and passionate about helping people reach their potential, in life, health and business. There isn’t any big surprise here in our choice for this month’s cover. Charlene is an inspirational woman and I hope you will enjoy hearing her story - and that you will check out the big lauch of her new venture 14 14

¥• Hat HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥•

We each have something to bring to the table. That is what being a PowHERHouse is about - moreover, the PowHERHouse woman is as strong physically as she is in mind and spirit. Before Charlene came into my world, I was very focused on aquiring and improving skills. I had already started on a path to emotional and spiritual wellness and improvement. After lots of travel and opportunities, I have to admit that transforming, or even looking after, my body and my health came consistently last. All of this is now changing for me. Thanks to Charlene! Be sure to check out Charlene’s website for her powerful program and begin your own journey to nurturing your PowHERHouse woman. I am so proud of our writers, who represent, in very individual ways, Charlene’s PowHERHouse message. As always, this month’s issue has a number of inspiring tips and articles to help you get this next month off to a great start. We are moving back to a beginning of month publication cycle effective November 2013. Thank you for supporting our publication and for being such a powerful inspiration to me. By MICHELLE FITZ, Editor-In-Chief


Letter From From the The Editor, Editor, Michelle Michelle Fitz Fitz • ¥ Letter

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Cover Story

The Stronger We Are, The Stronger We Are Are You a PowHERHouse

Meet Charlene SanJenko, a serial entrepreneur with a successful lifestyle and leadership practice serving the Pacific Northwest. She is an accomplished natural physique competitor and coach, and has also served her community in local government. As a social entrepreneur, she believes there is an intrinsic link between physical and emotional fitness, leadership and excellence. She is a thought leader whose emphasis is on helping transform ordinary ladies into “HIP”, High-Impact Performance women.

By Cheryl MacKinnon 16 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Charlene Sanjenko Hat Trick Magazine • •


She started her company in 2000 after leaving a corporate career in sales, marketing and communications. Since then, she’s thrown her energy and expertise behind projects and opportunities that build strong women: personal training, women’s events, networking, an awards recognition program for women, business coaching, business development for non-profits, tourism, community economic development and most recently, municipal politics.

Changing the world… one strong woman at a time. Charlene SanJenko’s PowHERhouse Plans CM: You have had an incredible journey to now… what brought you to fitness as a lifestyle, and health & wellness overall? CSJ: Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that I was going to do

something big with my life. I knew that I’d meet with and connect to a lot of people. I always wanted to make a lasting impression, share something meaningful, and have fun doing it. You could say I’ve been preparing my whole life. I grew up with four older brothers and four male cousins. If I wanted play-mates, I had to learn to ‘keep up with the boys’, and so I did. My passion for health and wellness developed at an early age out of the values I placed on friendship, belonging and self-confidence.

“The stronger we are in our bodies, the stronger and more confident we walk each day in our lives – fully alive, engaged, ready for and attracting opportunities.”

18 • Hat Trick Magazine •

I started consistently training with weights when I was 18 years old. It came from a yearning to have more proactive control over my physical body and evolved to have more proactive control over my life and the experiences I wanted to have along the way.

CM: All of this from working out? CSJ: Quite frankly, yes. The stronger we are in our bodies, the

stronger and more confident we walk each day in our lives – fully alive, engaged, ready for and attracting opportunities. I believe the opportunities we long for are all around us just waiting for a place to ‘land’ when we’re ready. Fast-forward to adult life - my corporate experience spanning a decade in a male-dominated environment of accounting, law and the financial services industry. Again, I learned quickly that if I wanted to ‘keep up with the boys’ I needed to be able to match or beat their attitude, energy and drive. But that’s okay, because by that point I had finely honed my secret weapon – a solid fitness, wellness and self-care routine that kept me positive, high-energy, vibrant and magnetic. When I say fitness has always been a part of my life, it has. Over the past 13 years, I’ve switched from student to teacher and likely learned more than ever!

CM: Where did your motivation come from? CSJ: Motivation has been deeply ingrained in me from a young

child. Growing up in a church-going family, I learned early-on that the world needs positive lights to shine brightly. I learned that actions speak louder than words, and if you want to make a big difference and be highly impactful, your life must be an example of what is possible. The decisions I’ve made in my life have been intentional and firmly grounded in this motivation. Charlene SanJenko: The Stronger We Are •


CM: How about inspiration? CSJ: I’ve always been inspired by highly exceptional people ~ especially women ~ and still am! When I witness others doing what they love, to bring about positive, lasting change, I get totally pumped!

CM: What is PowHERhouse and what does it aim to achieve? CSJ: PowHERhouse Performance Strategies is a knowledge-

based communications, events and performance coaching company focused on leadership development and lifestyle management for women. Our goal is to build positive female leaders by strengthening their confidence, courage and capacity. In doing so we are also strengthening the social fabric of our community both locally and globally. In one sentence, we exist to build strong women and create positive change in the world. “There’s an African proverb that says, “If you wish to go quickly, go alone. If you wish to go far, go together.” There is no question that (American) women have gone quickly. But we haven’t gone nearly far enough. Going far in the 21st Century means pushing into our next frontier: the team sport of leadership. That will require us to go together.” I recently read this in Powering Up! By Anne Doyle

CM: Sounds incredibly exciting. Congratulations! Where is PowHERhouse based and are there plans to expand? CSJ: PowHERhouse is based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast

just outside of Vancouver, BC in western Canada. Within five years, we have plans to set up PowHERhouse hubs in five key locations: Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto, New York and Cancun.

20 • Hat Trick Magazine •

“It’s all about something bigger than just you. It’s about belonging to the team because leadership is a team sport.” Dr Jennifer, Career Profile •


We will also expand with a large and diverse online community connecting women around the globe.

CM: Who can participate? CSJ: Any woman can participate who feels ready to step-up and

step-out. We’re all at differing levels of ‘being ready’ to lead not only in our own lives but also to make a difference in the areas that are most important to us. PowHERhouse understands this, and we’ll have opportunities to participate for younger women who are energetically building their confidence and their path (emerging), women who are passionately living it full-on (embodying/ emanating) and those women who have a great amount of wisdom, experience and expertise and are now ready to pass it along to others (ebbing).

CM: Sounds fantastic Charlene. What is your vision for the short term? CSJ: Our PowHERhouse Launch Party is in Vancouver, BC on

October 3rd . We’re super-excited about that! In early January 2014, my book, “GAMECHANGER: Stepping Into Greatness” will be published. In the short-term, our goal is to create connections, build memberships and support, launch our performance coaching program (mastermind groups) and begin to build momentum and a solid reputation in the Pacific Northwest and online.

CM: How do women get involved? CSJ: Our website is On October 3rd, we’ll

release details about how to join our community of powerful women. There are different options to suit different women. It is not necessary to join as a member to attend our events but membership has benefits and membership brings you closer to the action – and the opportunities. 22 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Charlene SanJenko: The Stronger We Are •


It’s all about something bigger than just you. It’s about belonging to the team because leadership is a team sport. For those looking to connect and build an online relationship, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. We believe our online community will be a strong PowHERhouse pillar in the future.

CM: Would you share a closing ‘nugget’ for our readers? CSJ: We are whom the world is waiting for. It’s us. We only need

to recognize and accept this. People keep waiting for “them” to do something – to make it better. “Them” is us.

This uplifting interview was co-written by Cheryl MacKinnon, a travel and lifestyle radio talk show host and writer who lives and works on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Visit her site at

24 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Hat Trick Magazine • •


The Navigation of...


Trust is not all created equal! There is the kind that you are born with, the kind that somehow is just lodged into your soul. It is the trust that when you take a breath, you will suck in oxygen, fill your lungs and then let it out. It is the trust that when it rains you will get wet. It is the kind of everyday trust that is embedded into us at birth or a very early age. This type of trust is the type that you rarely question. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By ANDREA SULLENGER 26 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Next, you have the type you learn! You get this type….sometimes this type is hard and it usually revolves around other people. It is the trust you learn with parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, bosses, media influences…the world. The people! You learn that sometimes trust with these people is good, sometimes it is bad. Lastly, you have the type that you create! The trust you create is the hardest. It is the trust you have with yourself! You are either one of two types of people. You are either the type of person that is born with an overflowing and ever abundant, freely giving, trust all and anything types. Or your not.


Which one are you?


Me…I am the latter…”the not”…

I am not the girl that trusts all thing and all people until they prove they are untrustworthy. I am the girl that trusts not a whole heck of a lot until it is proven to me that you deserve my trust. Let’s face it, I am cynical, sarcastic and I like to know the end game before I say, “yes” to just about all things. While I get real here let me just tell ya, I am the girl that watches suspense thriller movies and tells my husband who actually committed the crime before the movie tells him. I use humor to deflect most all things that need deflecting and if all else fails I throw in a sarcastic curve ball. Okay, I think I am sounding gloom and doom a little bit and if you knew me you would know I am the polar opposite of this. I am happy, I am a creator an explorer, a risk taker, the funny girl you invite to the party, a person of immense passion and I think that is WHY I am intense about TRUST.

The Navigation of Trust •


Ya see, I take TRUST really seriously….deeply and intentionally serious. Obviously, learning to trust others, let alone myself, WAS HARD! REALLY HARD. Climbing Mount Everest hard. (Umm, no I have never actually climbed Mount Everest but once when I was pregers my OBGYN said that when a women is pregers her body is working at the equivalent of someone making that climb and since I have done the pregers thing twice I really do think I have earned my honorary Mountain Climber badge!….I mean right?) Let’s stop for a second and just do a little check in. What is the definition of TRUST anyhow?

Yep….it is hard to learn to trust yourself. For me trust as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother have meant different things but diving head first into entrepreneurship has taught me HUGE lessons that have impacted all of those relationships in a brilliant and better way.

MY LESSONS & WHAT I HAVE HAD TO LEARN... It meant I had to BELIEVE in myself even on days when I really just wanted to say, “screw it all!, curl up in the fetal position, lay on the couch eating chocolate covered coconut 28 • Hat Trick Magazine •

almonds (they are from Costco/Sam’s Club and yes you should buy them…maybe buy 2 bags…especially if you have a husband or a period) and just watch RHOOC. It meant I had to actually STOP listening to the cynic that lives inside and learn to be open. Oh-my-lanta…..when I started embracing this one the world shifted for me and continues to do so to this very moment. The big trick with this one was remembering that just because I am initially open doesn’t mean I have given up the power to say, “nope not a good fit, not in alignment with who I am or where I am headed.” It means I had to learn to SURRENDER to ego, fear, insecurities and unauthentic pieces I have placed out in front that “were me” that really weren’t me. It meant that I got…I am getting (I think it is an ever changing and evolving lesson to learn who you are and what you are about) better each day at not following who I think the world wants me to be but in just being. It meant I had to come face to face with what we call PERFECTIONISM. In my opinion, this is just a term we use to mask the real issue of self-doubt and fear. I remember the moment that it shifted for me. I heard someone say, and I can’t remember who, but some really smart and intuitive person say, “perfectionism is just a form of selfishness.” POW… right between the eyes like when I was 3 and was stung by a wasp right between the eyes…all swelled up like a kids birthday pinata! Now who the heck wants to be selfish? Not me. It was that moment that I really took a genuine look at what my perfectionism is all about, where the feelings are coming from and how I can choose to make a different choice. It meant I had to learn to be HUMBLE enough to ASK for help! Oh gravy! Yep this one was hard too but I can honestly say it gets easier and easier the more I do it. I just took on the mantra that if the answer is no from whomever I am asking I still got what I had…which was nada…zippo…zilch…and so what did I The Navigation of Trust •


lose…nada…zippo…zilch (btw people actually like to be asked for their opinion and know how if you do it in the right way) It meant I had to START before I was ready. Again…hard… I want to start when I know everything! Forcing myself to just pull the trigger and go for it has been the best way to start to learn everything! In the end I realize it is really just the beginning and learning, relying on and having TRUST in myself is the most critical piece in becoming a wildly successful entrepreneur, a global shaker, people impact-or, sprinkler of hope, possabilitarian, and human being. For me it isn’t about just trusting my gut, intuition or whatever you want to call it. It is about learning who I am, holding on to the fact that I am enough and I own my own journey. I simply have to be brave enough to ask questions of myself, be authentic and transparent with all I am and do and that alone will guide me down the right path, with the right people and to the right things.

Here’s to learning everyday to push the envelope a little bit

further and to trust myself more!

FIND ME ONLINE HERE 30 • Hat Trick Magazine •


¥ Hat Trick Magazine ¥

Hat Trick Magazine • •


32 • Hat Trick Magazine •


the FEAR

of Failure Click to Watch Online!

The Fear of Failure and How to Overcome

the Fear of Failure! FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Michelle Holmes Overcome the Fear of Failure •


Career & Learning

What to Do When

Crisis Strikes

One of the inevitabilities of life is that every so often, a crisis will occur. Crisis affects all of us differently. And depending on the degree of severity, dealing with it effectively, whilst meeting other important obligations, can be extremely difficult and challenging. If you have a business to run, a mortgage to pay, or a family to bring up, there’s no question about it – you’ll feel the pressure, possibly the desire, to keep functioning, no matter how you feel inside. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Sandra Cunningham 34 • Hat Trick Magazine •

So how can we make it possible for ourselves to carry on, to keep functioning and stay productive, when all the time it feels like our whole world is shattering around us?

Crisis can strike in many forms: the death of someone close, the loss of a job, a partner’s infidelity, the discovery of an illness, the sudden dawning that we’ve somehow lost our way… It might hit you out of the blue, or it might have been lurking on the horizon for some time. But, often when it happens, the event itself delivers a sharp and sudden blow, leaving you bewildered, shaken and uncertain about how to cope. As it all sinks in, you’re likely to experience a whole range of feelings and emotions, well before any silver lining appears. Shock, disbelief, bewilderment, pain and sadness, accompanied by stress, anxiety and sheer exhaustion are just for starters. There may be moments when all you want to do is, hide under the duvet and stay there. Or, maybe you’re more the keep-up-abrave-face-and-carry-on type, good at pretending that things are absolutely normal – and you’re fine! Let’s face it, we Brits are not exactly famed for our emotional dexterity. And sadly, western business culture has limited patience for the weak, the vulnerable and the fragile. Accepted. The show must go on. And personal crises aside, there’s work to be done, life to go on living, and responsibilities to fulfil. However, keeping a lid on your emotions is not the answer. Just like closing the valve of a pressure cooker, sooner or later, it’s liable to explode – massively – causing one, big heap of a mess. What to do When Crisis Strikes •


So carry on, you might. But deal with your crisis, you must.

Here are seven tips to help you keep your wheels turning after crisis hits, while allowing your healing to progress, so that you will emerge stronger and even better equipped to deal with life’s setbacks whenever they appear. Allow time for feeling. Let’s be under no illusions. We’re talking about going through a stressful and traumatic event. It’s natural and necessary to let yourself feel any pain, anger, disappointment and sadness, and to accept your feelings as normal. Unless you do this, you will find it difficult to leave the past behind and open up fully to life as it is now or in the future.


So, it’s pointless and counter-productive to deny yourself from having this time. Even if you have children clamouring for your attention 24/7 it is important to find a way to withdraw quietly (or noisily!) for periods, give yourself private space and simply let yourself ‘feel’. Don’t rush. Your natural tendency may be to knuckle down and get on with things. But in the beginning, you may find that even the most minor tasks are harder to do than usual, and your interest in work or hobbies has diminished. It may be hard to concentrate and sometimes it can feel like your brain is just not connecting with the rest of you.


This is completely normal. And it is not the time to rush into anything new or make any major decisions or commitments. If you can, try to delay things like presenting yourself for job interviews, attending important meetings, impulsively selling up your house or starting a new romance. Your emotions are all over the place, so wait a bit until you feel 36 • Hat Trick Magazine •

stronger and more clear-headed. How long this will take is very individual, but if it carries on for a very long time, then it might be best to seek professional help. Move gently. When it’s time for you to re-engage practically with your external world, you’re still likely to feel wobbly. It helps to adopt a slightly gentler pace than normal and to focus only on what needs to be done, rather than ‘being busy’ and filling your time with numerous, joy-less tasks. You can still ‘get stuff done’ – just be selective. (By prioritising in this way, some people even find they are more productive than usual, and so they take efforts to avoid slipping back into old ways once the crisis has passed.)


Work on achieving one or two goals per day – perhaps going for some easy-wins – and gradually build up from there. Do be prepared for the odd re-lapse here and there (that’s okay) and don’t expect to get back to motoring at 100 mph immediately. Honour and celebrate the past. Many people rush into a new job or relationship without giving a second glance at the experiences and events of their past. That’s a shame, as well as a missed opportunity. No matter how much pain and discomfort you’re feeling right now, it’s almost certain that you’ll have some great memories too, that are really important to cherish and hold on to.


As you look back, try to be a ‘compassionate witness’ to your own life, minimising any inclination to judge, criticise or blame. Not only will it help you to get a clean sense of closure, you might even get some mind-shifting insights that you weren’t able to access until now. You will also have some great lessons to draw from, that What to do When Crisis Strikes •


will make you better equipped to face the next crisis whenever it arrives. Take care of your own needs. Coming to terms with a major setback can be exhausting and deflating. Make sure you channel a decent amount of your energy into activities that will nurture you, and help you to build yourself back up – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – so that you become ready to take on the world once more.


Plan small treats, take a short trip, perhaps even do some weeding in the garden. It’s very helpful and healing to have some light and pleasant distractions at times. By the way, this is NOT selfish. If you are unwell or way out of kilter, you are no good to anybody or anything. So get plenty of sleep, exercise moderately and eat well. Try not to over-indulge in alcohol or anything else that’s bad for you in excess. And be kind to yourself. Free your mind. It’s important NOT to beat yourself up about why things didn’t work out as you wanted. It’s easy to get caught up in endless thoughts about “what-if“, and “if only” at a time like this. While it’s understandable to feel some regrets, this is fruitless, energy sapping, crazy-making thinking, and it only sabotages your own recovery process.


So, don’t indulge in it. Recognise that there are certain things which lie outside of your control (and the control of others) and that perhaps what’s happened is all just part of a larger pattern. Reclaim Your Assets. Getting to grips with your situation on a number of practical fronts, is an important step towards putting you back in control of your life after having been thrown off track. For example, you can review your financial situation, get a health assessment, get up to date with your friends and close contacts, review your knowledge-


38 • Hat Trick Magazine •

skill base. You might be amazed at the amount you have going for you, despite how awful you feel. Doing this work can be a great morale and confidence booster. And it will help you to plan forward too when you’re ready to take some definitive action.

By definition, a crisis is a sudden and major turning

point. No matter how much you’d like to, you can’t go back after a crisis: you feel different to how you were before; others perceive you as different. And now the future looks different.

So go easy, be kind to yourself, and trust that you will get through it. There are opportunities awaiting you in this next phase. And you may even come out smiling.

What to do When Crisis Strikes •





Last week at Learning Live, I was quite keen on hearing the talk on Being Brilliant, by Andy Whittaker. His business partner, Andy Cope, has studied positive psychology at PhD level, and so I was quite curious what the talk would help share. Most of my readers are aware I have a keen interest in this topic, and there are a good many practitioners developing this skill, so I enjoy hearing how people describe this field, and what insights they share. I enjoyed Andy Whittaker’s style. On his Twitter bio, he describes himself as a “frustrated comic”. This came through in his talk, and gave it a lot of levity, and I thought he balanced it quite well in it not becoming


By Sukh Pabial 40 • Hat Trick Magazine •

a comedy act. He shared some useful insight into how positive psychology is about helping people live happy lives. Remember, traditional psychology is about helping people move from a position of feeling sad to ‘normal’, and positive psychology is about helping people move from ‘normal’ to ‘vibrant’. Andy shared that in Andy Cope’s research he found that only 2% of people are capable of being happy and vibrant. The rest of us are caught up in life’s regular slog, and we have natural ebbs and flows that mean we experience good or bad days. Whittaker also talked about those people around us who are ‘mood hoovers’. I’ve heard this expression before, and it describes the kind of person that responds to most questions with a healthy dose of cynicism and negativity which leaves you feeling drained and your own mood being lowered. With this, I also found it helpful when he talked about people who are at times ‘too happy’ and don’t know how to keep a bottle on their enthusiasm they’re experiencing.

As I’ve been thinking about it some more, there’s some more aspects which I think are important, and lend itself to thinking about this are of selfdevelopment and self-awareness quite keenly. I recall being on the Emotional Skills and Competence course last year, and how we spoke about the importance of having positive relationships in our lives. By recognising emotions in others, in particular micro-expressions, we can allow ourselves to moderate our own feelings and emotions, and respond in a way which helps us to get the best out of others. As we get to know others more intimately, we may also start to recognise which particular events trigger a certain emotion in the other person, and either we change our behaviour to ensure we don’t do those things (if it elicits a negative response) or we purposefully act in a way to bring out an emotion (if it elicits a positive response). Remember, all emotions are useful, and they all help us to live Positively Emotionally Mindful •


a healthy life. Emotions themselves aren’t positive or negative, it’s our reaction to and experience of our own emotions which we interpret as being either positive or negative. For example, I might elicit the emotion of surprise in my wife by buying her an unexpected gift and her response is to give me a kiss. In another example, I might elicit the emotion of surprise by telling her something unexpected which annoys her and she becomes angry with me. (Both fictional I hasten to add!) The emotion of surprise is the same, but the trigger that lead to a subsequent action was different. In Whittaker’s talk, when he talked about how people can sometimes be unaware of their impact on others, this for me is where we can learn to be skilful by understanding what it means to be emotionally intelligent. We use the information available to us to help us to determine what the other person is likely to be feeling, and then respond in a way which gets the best out of them. Some may argue we do this naturally. I would argue, only some people do this naturally. For many others, it is about learning how to recognise a set of emotions, interpret them, and decide on a course of action. The final piece for me, which adds to the level of self-awareness we have, is in how we practise the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, and being aware of all the things your being can intake. Your surroundings, your thoughts, other people, the sounds, the quiet, your breathing, your movements, and so much more. When we can be mindful, truly mindful, we open ourselves to the possibility of opportunities which become immediately present. At the coffee shop, in a queue waiting to be served, where does our attention go, and where does our attitude focus? Do we urge the barrista to be more efficient? Do we see 42 • Hat Trick Magazine •

the people talking round a table? Are the food options the ones you want? Is the background music your style? Are you feeling hot or cold? In being mindful about such things, we are more likely to make a better informed decision for what is best for you, and you are more likely to feel positive about the outcome. Mindfulness for me, then, helps us to understand that we are responsible for our actions. These actions are based on active decisions we have made, and therefore we can either be positive about them or regret them. If we regret them, then this dwells on the mind, and keeps us in a place which is not helpful, and may be harmful to the psyche if prolonged. If we are positive about them, we will be more likely to be positive about other interactions we make as our day continues.

In thinking about these three topics/subjects/ ways of thinking, it’s helping me to remain conscious of the many things we learn in the L&D profession, and how we can either be purposeful in our understanding of them, or we blindly take the accepted wisdom.

Positively Emotionally Mindful •


• Hat Blessings Trick Magazine 44 Digital by• Ann Pissard

Faith & Self Help


46 • Hat Trick Magazine •

By Karen Salmansohn

Self Help for People Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing Self Help

The Instant PepTalk App !




Plus, Check Out My Shop!

How are you feeling today? Stressed? Depressed? Working on a dream, and need a quickie faith-booster? Dealing with a grumble-grumble toxic person? You’ve come to the right app – because you’re about to receive an instant pep talk – for FREE! My app’s name is also my app’s mission: Instant Peptalk. (Click here now to see it on iTunes!)

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Four Little Words

I hate being late. I can not even describe the amount of dysfunctional anxiety I feel when I am off schedule and late. Because of this insanity, I hurry. I hurry all the time. When my alarm clock goes off I am like a race horse straight out of gate. I expect the people around me to hurry, as if my insanity is contagious. The Lord has a sense of humor because He blessed me with a husband with a hakuna matata motto of life. My husband is much, much, much more laid back than I am. He isn’t in a hurry for anything. He takes his time with everything. He doesn’t fret or get his panties in a wad when things aren’t going as he planned. I am the extreme opposite. I woke up today and noticed my husband had shared a link on my Facebook wall. It was an article from the Huffington Post. The second I read the title I instantly felt like I was being called out and FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Katie Clifton, Christian Columnist 48 • Hat Trick Magazine •

the spot light was on me. I mean, he posted it on my page because he wanted to make sure I read it. I felt as though he wanted to make sure others knew I needed to read it too. The feeling I had in my gut as I began reading the article must be what a dog feels like when their owner finds something naughty they have done - I kind of wanted to tuck my tail and hide. But, I didn’t. I read the article. All of it. Crying. Feeling guilt and shame because my poor kids are going to need therapy or something because “HURRY UP!” is basically my mantra. Seriously. It makes me sad reading the words of another mom realizing the weight of her words and how she missed out on so much life because she was in a hurry and how precious the time is when you slow down with your children and learn to appreciate life through their innocent eyes. I get her. I am right there with the same regrets. Likely, we all are to varying degrees. But as much as I now want to exterminate the words, “hurry up” from my vocabulary, I have 4 little words I use even more often and I feel these words might be even more damaging:

“Hang on a minute” Sometimes I add please before it or after it, just to make it sound nicer when I feel interrupted. I say it when they interrupt me when I am on Facebook. Or looking for a recipe on Pinterest, or writing someone back who asked me a question. After all, that semistranger who asked the question deserves a response, while the children God gave me can learn to hang on a minute. Right? Wrong. So very wrong. I am not talking about my kids interrupting an adult conversation or anything to that degree. By golly, I want to raise respectful kids who have a social awareness of when to speak and when to wait. I am speaking of the things that absolutely do not matter. I make them “hang on a minute” when I am busy Christian Columnist: Four Little Words •


with dishes, laundry, even when watching the flipping TV. I tell them I am busy and what I am teaching them is much stronger even than my words. People, we spend time doing what we value. Blogging isn’t more valuable than a fierce game of UNO. Watching my kids act out a self written skit is much more precious and sacred than recipes, chores and social networking. They ask me to watch them play video games or sit down and watch a movie. My kids just want me near: Near and focused on them and my time with them. How precious are these people God has given us. I say “Hurry up and hang on a minute”. Um, yeah oxymoron...hurry up and wait. Wait on me. Operate at my speed, my time and by my plans and my conditions. How are the weight of our words falling onto our kids? Are we crushing them and “Jesus wasn’t pushing them to go too fast or too busy then sticking them aside because and He isn’t we are “busy” with frivolous, too busy now. meaningless, mundane, So, why am I?” insignificant activities that clutter our schedules and calendars? Shame on us. Shame on me. We are raising children in a world that wants to devour them. Video games, TV, internet, friends and Satan (don’t be tricked friends, he is after our babies)- they all pull at our kids attention and all our kids truly want is our attention. While we are busying ourselves our kids are sitting on the side lines of our lives begging to be noticed. Wanting to be put into the game. Begging to be listened to. Aching to be watched. Desiring to be heard. Hoping to be spent time with. Yearning to feel important. Striving to compete with our distractions. What did Jesus do when someone wanted to see Him? He sat down with them. He called them out of sycamore trees and watched them be lowered from ceilings. He felt them touch His cloak and He slowed down to speak, touch, listen and 50 • Hat Trick Magazine •

acknowledge them. Jesus wasn’t too busy then and He isn’t too busy now. So, why am I? 4 little words. 2 little words. Our actions. Our tone. Our expressions. Our kids are watching, listening and absorbing what we show them.


Be Sti ll






k l a T

Take Time



r a e H

Slow Down


d n e t Pre

Pray (for th em and w ith them)

Christian Columnist: Four Little Words •


Time is precious. These moments with our husbands and children are priceless. Today I have been reminded that this life is fragile and delicate and all too quickly what we thought we could put off for tomorrow or later, may be a final memory or precious momenttoday. I want to slow down. I want to soak up every opportunity with my family. I want to find a balance because my scales have been so skewed. Lord, forgive me. Father, give us the strength to be everything we are called to be. Give us ears to hear and eyes to see the people around us, as you see them. Show us our misguided priorities and convict us and pierce our hearts for all the ways we get it wrong. Lord, let us not live drowning in a pool of regret but as we hand you our convictions and sins- take them from us and let us not try to take them back from you. Thank you for your mercy and grace and forgiveness. Sweet Jesus thank you for never being too busy, or distracted or preoccupied to reach down and love me (us). Let your Spirit fill us up so that we can love and lead our little ones and our spouses with a love that comes only from you. We need you Jesus. Every minute. Every hour. Our children need you. Our spouses need you. Thank you for hearing my cries for help and holding me together when I feel like coming unglued. Thank you for comforting those who mourn. Thank you for having it all under control and held tightly in your hands.

Amen x

52 • Hat Trick Magazine •

So You’re a Quitter...

Good For You!

Quitting has been given a bad name. We are told not

to be quitters. We are told not to let our kids be quitters. Quitters never win, they say. I’d like to twist that and give you a bit of a hall pass, if you will, on quitting. I am a master quitter. And I’m darn proud of it. Let me explain. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Gina Hussar 54 • Hat Trick Magazine •

As a teenager, I made the cheerleading squad. It was NOTHING like I thought it would be. I’ll save you the sob story but basically, I was so miserable wearing that uniform that I didn’t even want to go to school. It was affecting my grades, my friendships, my spirit. My mother, whose only concern was my happiness, allowed me to quit. The other mothers chastised her. I was, however, eternally grateful. A weight lifted, I loved school again, I felt like myself. I can name at least a half dozen other times when I had tried something,(or someone) found myself miserable, and moved on. That’s not quitting friends, that’s soul preservation. Now before you start writing me unfriendly letters, let me say that I am not encouraging you to quit every time the going gets tough. Even the things that are absolutely right for us won’t be without challenges or seasons of rain. But you know yourself. And if you take the time to sit in silence and just be with it,you are easily able to discern between normal “bumps in the road” and “soul crushing misery.”

Life is about trying new things and exploring and discovering,

but the truth is, not everything is going to be what we thought it would be. Not everything we try is going to end up feeding our soul. Fast forward to a few years ago. I was 35 years old and found myself launching a digital fashion magazine. From the time I was a teenager, I had wanted to be the editor in chief of a magazine. And now I had done it. I was managing a staff and working with celebrities. I was being invited to New York Fashion Week. And I was absolutely miserable. My dream had come true but it wasn’t MY dream anymore. My 25 year old single self would have been all over it. But my 35 year old mother of three self wanted nothing to do with it. I had outgrown the dream. So I quit. And my 35 year old life unfolded into something beautiful and nourishing. I had to let go of the weight of the magazine to make space for my true purpose. If I had committed to not being a quitter and stuck with it, I might have made a lot of money. I would have attended fabulous events and met fabulous people. But I would have been a ball of anxiety, and we never would have met! So You’re a Quitter... Good for You! •


Quitting isn’t always a failure. Sometimes you have

to put something down so that your arms are free to pick up something better. I could name countless friends, but I won’t or they’ll sue me ;) who stayed in unhealthy relationships far too long because they were afraid of giving up, or because they had already invested years of their life in someone. What difference does it make how much time is already in? If you are unhappy, be it in a relationship or a job or a city, how many more of your years are you going to give to it?

Let go of your ego’s attachment to how things “should” be or

your fear of what people might think. Who’s life are you living? You’ve got to know yourself well enough to know when it’s time to, at last, turn the page. As long as you remain stagnant, living in contrast to your intuition, you cannot fully step into your possibilities. Make space for the blessings to pour in! “You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.” C. JoyBell C

“Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.” Steve Maraboli

56 • Hat Trick Magazine •

By Joey Phelps & Michael Phelps Lil Nipper Snappers Cartoon •


Style & Beauty


By Shalanda Turner 58 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Chiffon Bow Necktie Top - ASOS Oversized Hoodie Jacket - Catherine Maladrino for Kohls Maroon Travel Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs High-Waist Pants - Anne Klein Shoes - Anne Klein Wrist Watch - Michael Kors Heeled Tape Dispenser - Scotch Handbag - Scotch

Shasie’s Fashion Picks •


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Welcome to the Home of Organic and Ethical Luxury. Inspiring your Fashionable Palate, Whilst also Fulfilling a Desire to Give a Little Back to the World we Live in. Minimalist and Effortlessly Cool Urban Staples.

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Pin Up Bodies Pin Up Bodies


74 62

By Sorelle By Sorelle Amoré Amoré ¥• Hat HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥•

The Perfect Winter Fashion Ideas

For Pin Up Girls

“What is best winter fashion is for pin up girls?” This is a question you may have been asking yourself with the colder season quickly approaching. Even though there is no set way of dressing as a pin up, we felt we needed to collect some clothing ideas to help you get started with building up that perfect winter wardrobe. In this article, we’ll cover some ideas for:

• Outer Wear • Footwear • Winter Accessories • Sneaky Ways of Staying Warm • Staying Stylish


Outer Wear

There are many options for your outer wear, ranging from long coats that will keep you really warm in sub freezing weather all the way through to coats that will keep you rugged up in the cooler nights of the warmer seasons. The Perfect Winter Fashion Ideas •


For these wardrobe pieces, here are a few suggestions of things to look for:

• Coats that fall just below the knee. • Coats with faux fur trimming or made entirely from faux fur. • Real vintage fur coats which you can sometimes find at second hand stores. We’re aware that a lot of people are against real fur, however if the fur is very vintage, we feel it’s probably more valuable to use this jacket instead of throwing it out making it a waste of a valuable resource which was created a long, long time ago. Real fur coats are also exceptional in extremely cold weather. • Coats with a nice big firm collar as Bernie Dexter is sporting in the top image of this page. • Coats which help to accentuate the female hourglass figure with a wrap around the waist (again, see the top image of Bernie). • Red or Black coats are always the perfect colors for the pin up look. • Coats with any of these prints - leopard print, black and white checkered print, polka dot. • Any coat that has a more classical or feminine cut to it - tailoring in at the waist. A little tip to help get your coat even more themed in the pin up style - try finding a large flower to pin to the left or right side at chest high. This will instantly add a more feminine feel to it. Here are some coats we have fallen in love with, which may inspire your next purchase: 64 • Hat Trick Magazine •



The pin up style is really what you make it. The reason we love pin up so much is that no shoe is really out of the question. We regularly see pin ups wearing Chuck Taylor Converse shoes and they work perfectly! But again, here are some suggestions for the style of footwear you might search for to pair with your winter fashion.



Boots are a clever way to stay warm during the colder months. The range of boots that suit the pin up look is superb. Opt for ones that aren’t on stiletto heels and cute additions such as bows or laces, add fine detail to your pin up winter fashion look.

The Perfect Winter Fashion Ideas •



Winter Accessories

Accessories are a pin up girls best friend. This is where the magic of pin up is created. Keep in mind that the pin up look is quite clean and simple, so don’t overdo it with your additions.

Gloves Always an instant way to add class and the vintage style to your winter fashion look.

Scarves Choose a pattern of your choice! Leopard print, polka dot, colorful patterns. This is the perfect way to spice up your outfit.


Simple accessory yet so effective.

Head Wear Winter doesn’t mean your ears must freeze. There are endless head wear styles to keep you warm this cold season.

66 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Sneaky Ways Of Staying Warm But Still Stylish We don’t like to compromise warmth for style, however over the years, we’ve found ways of being able to wear your favorite fashion pieces under your coat and still stay super warm. A great little way is through shape wear. This will not only add a nice snug layer to keep you cosy, but it will also accentuate your hourglass figure. Win! Secondly - this is a well known tip of (surprisingly) all hikers and anyone that loves the outdoors.

Layers, layers, layers! Wherever you can, add a layer to what you’re wearing, whether it’s sneaking in a woolen tank top or body suit under your dress, wearing warm stockings (even under your pants), or even adding a light cardigan under your coat. Finally... remember to do your hair and make up (unless you’re wearing a hat) in pin up style, as without those aspects of the look, it’s not really pin up but more glamor.

What are your pin up winter fashion tips?

The Perfect Winter Fashion Ideas •


That Perfect Smile...

Naturally There was a time when if you wanted whiter teeth, it seemed that the only option was to go to the dentist and have the teeth bleached. Now there are numerous tooth whitening products on the market that you can use at home. But both of these options involve using potentially dangerous chemicals, and they can even make teeth very sensitive, replacing one problem with another more serious one. Not only are you looking at the expense of these treatments; many of them just don’t work. I personally have a basket FULL of products for teeth whitening that just didn’t live up to all the hype. You see, I am a coffee drinker and when I say ‘coffee drinker’ I mean that I can pretty much have a cup of coffee in my hand from morning until night. Therefore you can just imagine how much all this evil bean consumption can stain the teeth. I spent hundreds looking for the best products to whiten my teeth and always ended up tossing the product into the basket under the bathroom sink. As a Cosmetic Chemist by trade I finally did what I should have done all along... look for natural and effective ways to whiten my teeth. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Brittany De Staedtler 68 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Below you will find a few natural, inexpensive and highly effective ways to achieve that brighter smile!


Some fruits are excellent tooth whiteners. Strawberries, for example, can be rubbed directly on teeth or mashed up and brushed on. The inside of an orange peel is also great for whitening. You can rub it directly on your teeth, or make a paste of dried orange peel and ground bay leaves to brush on. A mixture of lemon juice and salt also works well. *Using fruits should only be an occasional treatment as overuse could causes teeth sensitivity*


Use baking soda. Many of the toothpastes on the market include baking soda in their ingredients because it is so effective. But you don’t have to buy a special toothpaste. You can mix baking soda with a dash of salt and add a little hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to make a homemade tooth whitener.


There’s a growing body of evidence indicating that eating a small amount of cheese after a meal can potentially help to prevent tooth decay and promote enamel strength, Glosman says. Along those same lines: “Milk and yogurt keep teeth sparkling and cavity-free because they contain the minerals calcium and phosphorus, which promote the remineralziation of tooth enamel,” says Lisa Drayer, M.A., R.D., author of “The Beauty Diet: Looking Great Has Never Been So Delicious.”


Snack on lots of crunchy vegetables and fruits, like celery, apples, carrots, and such. These foods will help to dislodge plaque and keep food particles from sticking to your teeth and staining them that way. This is more of a preventative measure.


Coconut oil (solid oil or fractionated liquid) is a super way to whiten your teeth very quickly. Make it part of your tooth The Perfect Smile... Naturally •


cleaning regime. Take a mouthful of coconut oil and swish around your mouth like mouthwash. Pull it through your teeth and really take your time. It’s best to do this for a full 2-5 minutes. Once you spit it out then clean your teeth with a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide/vinegar. Add a drop or two of peppermint oil to really freshen your breathe and don’t forget to brush your tongue too! Coconut oil can be found in some grocery stores, most health food stores or many places online. Much Love,

Brittany xx

Here is a neat recipe to make your own natural toothpaste. 2 tablespoons coconut oil 3 tablespoons baking soda 1/2 small packet of stevia powder (opt.) 20-25 drops of peppermint essential oil* 1. Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl, using a fork. *Add about 1/2 of the amount of peppermint oil to start and add according to taste (you can also use essential oils like cinnamon, spearmint, clove and lemon). ** As long as you keep this in a sealed container it should keep very well. All of the ingredients are naturally antibacterial. Whitening your teeth doesn’t have to be expensive, and you don’t have to use harsh chemicals. By using preventive measures and natural remedies, you can make your smile brighter without harming your teeth in other ways. 70 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Artesan Craftsmanship, All-Natural Ingredients

Skincare Bath& Beauty - Made in England -

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Why Your Skin Does Not Need Fancy Designer Chemicals... Kiss It! •



of a Hollywood

Stylist The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

was one of the most anticipated awards shows of the season, last night on Sunday, September 22, 2013 in Hollywood, CA. Celebrities graced the red carpet in glamorous haute couture gowns, classic hairstyles and beautiful make up stunning onlookers from all over the world. As the LA Fashion Judge, my ruling for this year’s Emmys Red Carpet Fashion favored celebrities wearing bordeaux gowns. It is the fresh new “IT” color trend for Fall/ Winter 2013-2014 according to The Top 10 Pantone Fashionable Color Trend for Fall 2013. This year, it was undeniably the shades borrowed from dark cherries and rubies. 72 • Hat Trick Magazine •


By Marina Berberyan

The best dressed celebrities in bordeaux gowns at the Emmys 2013 were, Heidi Klum of Project Runway in Atelier Versace, Linda Cardellini of Mad Men’s in Donna Karan Atelier, Kaley Cuocoof The Big Bang Theory and Sofia Vergara of Modern Family in Vera Wang. The beautiful ladies in bordeaux were definitely some of the standout stars from the night!

Atelier Versace

Donna Karan Atelier

Vera Wang

Vera Wang

The Bordeaux shade is widely regarded as sophistication, glamour, power and femininity complementing all skin types. Not only being a flattering color, wearing Bordeaux also indicates ready to take action and/or being passionate about attending a special event, in this case the excitement of being on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards. Besides, the deep red color never goes out of style during fall and winter season! So ladies, feel free to express your personal style this fall by incorporating this vivid and luxurious ruby color in your fall trends.

To keep up with Marina BerBeryan’s style visit LA Fashion Judge online Confessions of A Hollywood Stylist •


How to Grow Natural Hair Fast and Easy

(Without Products)

The answer to natural hair growth? Drumroll Please...

Protective Styles! Ladies, I’ve been natural since I was 19 years old (a LONG time ago), so when I tell you I’ve done it all, I’ve done it all. In fact, I spent all of 2010 to the end of 2011 wearing my hair completely natural and using only natural products to see how much growth I could acheive. And guess what? I didn’t see one iota of growth. Of course my hair did grow, I am alive after all. However, due to constant manipulation of the hair, I didn’t retain the growth. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

74 • Hat Trick Magazine •

By Lisa Wynter

Below are some of the products & methods I tried to acheive growth: • Using Ayuervdic herbs and oils such as colorless Henna and Brahmi to make pastes: • Horsetail, Nettle, and Rosemary Teas for hair rinsing • Coconut oil, Olive oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, alma oil • Vitamins: Prenatal, biotin, msm, Skin Hair and Nail vitamins, horestail, nettle • The baggy method. Click here to learn about it. • And every all natural conditioning agent under the sun. I kid you not. In the end. The only thing that worked for me was a procteive style, and my protective style of choice is a weave. Heres’s what I do: I weave for much of the year, with very infrequent breaks. I’m lazy and can’t be bothered dealing with my mane!

To maintain the maximum growth while wearing your weave do the following: • Tell your stylist to refrain from braiding too tightly. If you can’t sleep comfortably on the first night of your weave it was sewn in too tightly. If s/he doesn’t listen find a new stylist. • Have the tracks sewn onto a weave net like so (click here). Doing so will relieve tension/friction and make your weave last twice as long! How to Grow Natural Hair: Fast and Easy •


• Whether or not you decide to use a closure piece or do a full weave without a leave-out, be sure to leave out the perimeter of your hair!

In the end I’ve been able to retain much growth and I’ve saved time and money. Especially if you find good quality hair that you can reuse, which can be a challenge, but I’ve got tons of hair reviews on my youtube channel so watch them. NOW! :)

76 • Hat Trick Magazine •


Hi darling, Many people keep their options open and so are you. He adores you but has become mentally lazy in this relationship. He won't walk away unless you do. I do see a new man in 2 years. Yes it is deceptive but mostly to yourself as the world sees you as an attached woman. You would never carry a dead horse about, why carry this? You are witty, loving, naughty and gorgeous. Get out there and seize the world!

How to Detox With Green Superfood Smoothies ¥


Hat Trick Magazine • •


Lifestyle & Wellness

Mommy-Mania Does Mommy-hood Mean Sidestepping PowHERhouse Status? These PowHERhouse Mommas Say No Way!


By Charlene SanJenko 78 • Hat Trick Magazine •

PowHERhouse mommas fascinate me! Somehow they balance moving forward in their lives with their personal and professional goals with ensuring their selfcare requirements remain a priority and keeping their kids and their needs at the top of their lists. It’s not that they think they’re Superwoman, but when I asked them if mommy-hood meant sidestepping PowHERhouse status, they all agreed, “No way!” They did say it requires things to be done differently, so I decided to dig a little deeper.

AK: I think being a solid mom requires me to embody what it truly

means to be a PowHERhouse woman. I’ve been blessed with an incredible daughter, who inspires me everyday to remember to be curious, compassionate, and always improving. It’s important to me that my daughter sees me grow in a demanding career, excel in higher-level education, explore global cultures, volunteer in the local community, and be a kind and helpful person, while being her mom and making time for fairy/spy adventures, baking crazy cupcakes, and figuring out the best way to build a stuffed animal mega-tower.

MSt: You soon come to realize that you are a hero in this little

person’s life, and everything you say and do is witness to them. My goals are now even more important because I want my daughter to watch, learn and grow from my example. Wearing many hats is what all working mothers do, but staying strong and physically fit, eating properly allows us to wear those many hats as best we can. When I workout, I’m focused on that goal. When I’m being a mom, I try my very best to stay present with her in those moments so she knows she is my top priority, and when I’m working, I try Charlene SanJenko: Mommy-Mania •


to remember everything else I have to do. It’s a juggling act but wanting it all requires that.

MSw: Realistically, priorities do change when you have a child.

Children become one of the most important things in your life. But for me, maintaining self-esteem, a sense of self, and a sense of nurturing self are vitally important, all of which I maintain through being physically fit and physically active.

MR: While I don’t think it means sidestepping my status, I agree that things have to be done differently. Multitasking has always been an important skill and now even more so!

Time for You: How and when do you find the time for YOU? How do you keep yourself a priority when you are pulled in so many directions? Do you have any useful ‘success strategies’ that other mom’s might find valuable? AK: I compartmentalize my days to ensure I allow time for

everything that I want to get up to in a day. I make To Do lists for the day, the week, and longer-term. When I’m about to make a new list, I make sure I review the last one, so that I can carryover any goal or activity that I have yet to complete. ‘Me Time’ includes things like reading, gardening, working out, baking and cooking. I love any and all of these activities, and over the years I’ve integrated my daughter into each of these things in various ways. For example, one of my favourite things is working out when my daughter is with me. An hour is a long time for a 5-year-old to wait for her mom to be done, so she’s drawn a number of cheerleading signs and other pictures, and she jumps around me, cheering me on. “Go, Mom, go!” It really is the best way to workout! The by-product is that she and I often talk about being healthy and active, and it’s become a point of pride for her

80 • Hat Trick Magazine •

that “We’re healthy girls, right mom?”

MSt: I aim to workout at home three or four days per week. I find

that when I get up in the morning a good hour before my daughter does, I’m able to think more clearly about the day ahead. I’ve had time for my cup of tea and to gather my thoughts so by the time she wakes up, I’m all set to go. I do not watch any TV, and I try to limit the amount of wasted time spent on social media sites that can steal your time and energy without you even knowing it. I find by eliminating those two things and using my time effectively after my daughter goes to bed, I can spend some ‘Me Time’ reflecting and planning to feel like my life and goals are fully aligned.

MSw: In order to maintain a fitness regime, I needed to be

creative and savvy with time management. It is not uncommon for me to get up at 5 am while my daughter sleeps so I can fit in a workout in my room. I sometimes sneak in a workout when she is at pre- school or get her riding her bike or scooter while I run. We head to a playground, and I do some cross-training while she has a play. This keeps us both happy and active. I consider ‘Me Time’ my workout time. Whenever I can fit it in, it is release of stress, and it rejuvenates me.

MR: It is a fine balance between self, family and spouse time. I

have always used exercise as ‘Me Time’, and made this a priority right away. My husband and I agree that we both need ‘Me Time,’ and it was discussed and agreed to again as soon as we knew we were pregnant.

When you ask your kids what they want to be when they grow up, what’s their answer? Do you remember what you wanted to be at their age? How do you think confidence plays into raising a healthy child? Charlene SanJenko: Mommy-Mania •


AK: My daughter recently proudly announced she wants to be

a scientist when she grows up. I think that building a child’s inner confidence is one of the most important jobs for a parent. I know that essentially my role is to help my daughter develop independence, and in order for her to do this and experience success in life, she needs to be confident enough to take reasonable risks and integrate new information. I also know that self-doubt can create unnecessary difficulty in life, and a lack of confidence can make us miss opportunities. I believe that an important partner to CONFIDENCE is COMPASSION, and I try to consistently link these two together for my daughter (and myself!). It’s great to be confident and selfassured, but it’s often a wasted sentiment without an understanding of how our choices impact those around us or how other people are experiencing life.

“In this way, confidence obviously isn’t something I can just ‘give’ to my daughter. It’s an inner strength that emerges over years of thoughtful choices, intelligent risk-taking, and a commitment to humility.”

MSt: Although my child is still quite young, I want to continue to

encourage her to think that whatever she wants to accomplish she can most certainly accomplish. I want to encourage her to have her own dreams and goals so she learns the importance of goalsetting and putting a plan together to achieve them. Setting goals, sharing them and taking action on them are important steps in building confidence. I think the process helps kids to instill values of self-discipline and empowers them to grow into confident adults. I believe the other key of raising confident children is to let them know that failure is okay and natural part of our journey. There

82 • Hat Trick Magazine •

are many opportunities for us to develop and nurture our children. Trying is a fundamental part of learning, and if and when they fail that’s okay too. The important thing is that they continue to keep trying.

MSw: My daughter wants to be an astronaut, builder, teacher,

nurse, and a chef (grin!).She has been a very independent and patient child, wanting to do everything on her own and will sit for as long as it takes her to accomplish the task at hand. I tell her everyday how clever she is, give her praise on tasks that she does, and make sure that she knows that if she makes mistakes it is ok because the next thing will come that much easier. Every night we tell each other what we were thankful for that day. Acknowledging the things she does with positive feedback is the best confidence builder. I make sure that I reinforce that she can do anything she wants to do.

MR: My daughter has expressed wanting to be a farmer. I

encourage her to reach for any goal she has with two feet forward, whether it be reading more, excelling at a sport or winning at a habit she is trying to break (like sucking her thumb). Positive affirmation and encouragement in all fields is what I can attest to.

Lessons Learned: What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned that you’d like to share with other moms who may be in the middle of all this and trying to find their footing? AK: There IS time for everything. It’s just a question of honestly

examining the priorities we’ve activated in our lives. I’ve never been happy being a cog in the wheel, so I demand a high level of achievement from myself in all areas. At different times of my life this has meant more time goes to work, family, working-out, travelling, whatever. But ultimately, I accept that I am in charge of how I craft my life and what I demonstrate as priorities through my choices. It’s important to balance the present with the future. I neither Charlene SanJenko: Mommy-Mania •


“And, sometimes, when I’m exhausted and crushing up on a deadline at work, and lunches are not yet made, and my daughter wants a snuggle, and I haven’t checked my personal email all day, and all I want to do is hide in the basement, I’ve learned to cut myself some slack, figure out what has to be done, what can wait, and allow myself to take off my Supermom cape for a bit. Sometimes those difficult days require junk food and movies. I’ve learned that sometimes, other stuff can just wait while I have a hang out session with my daughter. There is time for everything.” live entirely in the present moment or in the future. I am constantly imagining and planning for my future years, and at the same time, I’m making sure that I have a bit of awesomeness in everyday. Setting goals, writing them down, and telling them to other people is a way to keep moving toward them. Accountability to other people can be a valuable motivator, whether the goal is personal or professional.

MSt: “Never let your reason Why become your reason Why

Not.” This really resonates with me because as a mother it’s easy to get over-consumed with your child’s life, their needs, and just trying to survive in that mode. I think what is key for me is evaluating and staying true to the kind of mother that I want to be for my daughter and the image and role model I want to portray for her. If I tell myself that I can’t do something because of my daughter then I’m allowing the very reason for doing it to stop me from doing it. Take care of yourself physically to be a happy person. When 84 • Hat Trick Magazine •

I don’t, my confidence is low and can’t find the energy that I need. So although mommy-hood is full of rewards and a gift in itself, it doesn’t mean that we are required to give up on all of our own personal goals and dreams. Think outside of the box and try different things. I want my daughter to know that I sacrificed things to go after my dreams, and its okay if she wants to do the same thing. There is never a day that goes by that she doesn’t hear how much I love her, and I think the best gift I can give her in these early stages is to have her watch me take care of myself and to genuinely and fully love myself.

MSw: Exercising patience. I’ve learned to exercise my patience

from my daughter. Whenever I mess up and am on the verge of screaming out loud, she always looks up at me and says “It’s okay mama, no problem...” We need to remember that we can learn so much from our children. I’ve learned to give gratitude each day, forgive myself and love myself first. Only then will you have loads of love and forgiveness for others, and this will in turn bring an abundance of love and forgiveness into your life!

MR: Enjoy each step, each stage, each process and don’t forget to take time for yourself, and don’t feel guilty for wanting to!

Setting an Example: I believe the most important role of a parent is to set an example to their kids. Kids learn by what they witness and observe. How you are in the world, how you think about and care for yourself, how you interact with others, is being sponged up by the ‘little people’ in your life. Many parents say one thing but live another. What are the most important lessons you are working to teach your children, and how you are currently living them as an example?

Charlene SanJenko: Mommy-Mania •


AK: Say “yes!” whenever possible. As a parent to a pre-

schooler, I get a lot of requests from her during a day for practical and ridiculous things. I committed from the start that I would say “yes” whenever I could, and have a good reason for saying no when I felt it was necessary. This approach helps keep me on my game and lets her know that she is valuable and interesting and that I want to support her in exploring the world. I’m realistic about my own energy levels and what other commitments we have to meet, but saying “yes” has allowed me to share amazing experiences with my girl like planting licorice in the garden, building outdoor forts to spy on dragonflies, and doing our grocery shopping as a pair of robots.

Ever asked a deli worker for “200 grams of smoked chicken breast” in a robot voice? It’s a pretty awesome way to get through the shopping list.

MSt: Take Care of yourself. Exercise is a priority for me, and she

has watched me take time out of my day to get a workout in. She often gets beside me and starts to mimic me so I can only hope that she picks up this healthy habit.

Be true to yourself. To be true to herself and don’t change who she is for anyone. Young girls need strong positive role models in their lives now more then ever, and I feel wholeheartedly that this is our responsibility to be strong, confident, healthy mothers and role models for our children. In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason why we can’t have it all!

MSw: Exercising patience which I learned from my daughter.

Positive, healthy eating habits. My daughter knows all about ‘super foods’ and organic foods. She loves most food and is keen on trying anything. She knows that treats are for special occasions 86 • Hat Trick Magazine •

not an everyday expectation. I want her to have a healthy body image so we talk about what she loves about herself. Her answers are very funny, so simple and honest.

MR: Enjoy time for yourself. Enjoy time with friends. Be polite and respect others.

PowHERhouse Momma bios:

Ainsley Krone

splits her time between a successful career in communications and research, and being the solo parent to an amazing fiveyear-old. Ainsley is equal parts mischief, ambition, confidence, compassion, and humour, and knows that the key to happiness is sometimes found while walking backwards in yellow gumboots.

Martine Street builds

micro franchises involving Telecom, Energy and Banking. She is passionate about people’s stories and loves to pursue a diverse imagination and impact lives. Martine is a mother to an incredible 4 year old daughter. Charlene SanJenko: Mommy-Mania •


Michele Swatton is a

single full-time mom and part-time student studying Holistic Nutrition. She is training for her first figure competition in November 2013. Michele has previously competed in triathlons for 22+ years. She has completed the Canada Ironman twice and several Half Ironman and Olympic distance races as well. Michele and her daughter spend much of their time together exploring and traveling.

Miranda Reece is a 41-year-old mother of

two living in Vancouver. Having previously completed 4 Ironman events, and a past career in triathlon coaching, she now balances her time between her personal fitness, family and running the Diva’s Only run series. Life is good with a little multitasking!


By Charlene SanJenko 88 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Suzanne: I think that would be awesome! Shelly: I would smile and say "Thank You, I work at it!" About PowHERhouse We build HIP Women (HighImpact Performance). Our mission: Helping women build confidence, courage and capacity through the convergence of Lifestyle & Leadership. Study the latest PMP syllabus with Joseph Phillips, America’s foremost in PMI PMP Education. FREE bonus material including exam cheat sheets, one hour of video training and MORE! Buy Now On Amazon


Charlene SanJenko PowHERhouse Women ¥


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5 Reasons Why... Chia Seeds Are A Real Secret Weapon To Lose Weight And Get Fit & Beautiful

Do you want to know what my all-time favorite superfood is? Chia seeds! Why? Because these tiny black and white seeds are an amazing secret weapon to get fit and beautiful, lose weight and stay in shape! I know that chia seeds have become pretty popular lately but, believe me, they are so not just a temporary hype like lots of other things we see come ... and go. In fact, they were already a staple in the Mayans’ diet, who appreciated the tiny black and white seeds because they simply made them feel good and helped them keep a clear mind. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Nathalie de Ahna 90 • Hat Trick Magazine •

According to Mexican folk medicine, a single tea spoon of chia seeds was enough to supply the body with all nutrients it needed for 24 hours and there are probably about 50 other reasons why you should have chia seeds every day.

My personal top 5 are:


No more cravings! Because chia seeds slow

down the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar, your body is provided with a steady flow of energy which effectively helps you stay away from sweet stuff with no nutritional value but tons of unnecessary calories.

Get your dream weight & a flat belly! Chia

2 3 4

seeds are great to help you lose unwanted pounds because they are so rich in water-soluble fiber that they are extremely satisfying. Also, they prevent bloating, move your bowels and, thus, make your tummy flat.

Beautiful skin, hair & nails! Chia seeds contain a

huge amount of nutrients which will clear your skin and make your hair and nails strong and beautiful if you consume them on a regular basis.

Disease Buster! Chia seeds effectively fight diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and depression.

Chia jelly is the perfect substitute for eggs and/or butter! Add 1/3 of a cup seeds to 2 cups of


purified water and let the seeds soak for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally to avoid clumping and then place in the refrigerator. 1 Tbsp jelly = 1 egg or 1 Tbsp of butter. Pour the jelly into an airtight container and it will last about three weeks in the refrigerator. 5 Reasons Why... •


I know what you might be thinking right now: this just sounds too good to be true. But I promise you, it is not! Chia seeds totally are “a real deal” and so that you know what I mean, I have a great recipe for you which contains as many as THREE superfoods:

Chia Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream:

This ice cream serves four and is not just yummy but due to the three superfood ingredients it is actually a totally guilt-free dessert.


92 • Hat Trick Magazine •

If you drink this smoothie twice a day

as morning and afternoon snack you will quickly feel your PS - If you want toYour learn morewellbeing about allwill theimprove, other your batteries recharging. general reasons should(making make chia digestion willwhy workyou ßawlessly your seeds tummypart ßatter!) and your plusGive getitanother 16sure delicious yourofskin willdaily start diet to glow. a try - I'm you will love it recipes, check out my Quick Start Guide “Simply Live Better With Chia Seeds”.

How to Detox With Green Superfood Smoothies ¥ 5 Reasons Why... •



Is Your Home Making You Sick The Symptoms of Geopathic Stress

I first learned about the detrimental effects of Geopathic Stress when I lived in the most beautiful Victorian house near the sea. It was a dream come true for myself and my husband, we had just been blessed with our new baby and felt that all was good in the world. Seduced by high ceilings and original fireplaces we felt right at home as soon as we moved in, but this feeling of wellbeing started to fade a couple of months later when I began to feel unwell. I put this down to motherhood and being tired, but my intuition told me it was more than that. My co-ordination was affected, I was exhausted and felt like I had no concentration, even the most


By Kate Spencer 94 • Hat Trick Magazine •

basic tasks were a challenge. Our baby wouldn’t sleep no matter what I tried, and I truly began to appreciate why sleep deprivation was used as a type of torture! Even after the odd night’s full sleep when I had a child minder, I still I felt like a flat battery most days and just could not pull myself together. As time passed I became less and less functional, in addition to this my scalp had broken out with psoriasis that was painful and bleeding and I was beyond exhausted.

“...your fi instinct w rst hen you are unw ell or you having s are trange s ymptom is that th s ere is a p roblem with you . It’ discount s natural to an issu your hom e with e...”

The medical profession checked me out but couldn’t help, they diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and didn’t know how long it would last. In desperation I started looking for alternative ideas and ended up after research going to see a kinesiologist. I had some fantastic energy work which lifted me up for a few days, and my symptoms started to clear. These improvements were fantastic, but relatively short lived and I returned again for another appointment. The same beneficial effects occurred, and for a few days I was back to my usual self, but again this did not last. There was a pattern here, obviously the work was helping but why was it not lasting? Is Your Home Making You Sick? •


It wasn’t until my third visit that there was a light bulb moment. The practitioner started to ask me questions about the house that we lived in, and as I answered her she muscle tested me. It turned out that the house was badly Geopathically Stressed and although my husband was not affected, both myself and my daughter were struggling. Two of the key indicators of GS are Chronic Fatigue and children that do not sleep well. But why was it only affecting us? She explained that we all have a different core signature vibration or energy frequency that is unique to us. Because we are all different you may find that if there is a detrimental energy in a building that it does not affect everyone that lives or works there, it could just be you. This makes GS even harder to diagnose, obviously your first instinct when you are unwell or you are having strange symptoms is that there is a problem with you. It’s natural to discount an issue with your home, firstly you may have never heard of the idea that earth energy can cause health and wellbeing problems and secondly everyone else seems to be ok!

So what next to do next? I had the physical proof in my own body that something was changing when I came back and spent time at home, and by now anything was worth a try. Like everyone these days I started with a google search and as I began scrolling through listings of practitioners, I also found that there was a GS course running nearby. I compared the cost of a GS Survey to that of of the course and decided that since there was not a great deal in it, that I would like to study how to do this myself. As requested I took a floor plan of the affected property and worked on it, I found that there were many issues with the house I called home. Grid lines, underground water and an energy drain all seemed to be causing problems here and when the energies were all mapped out it was evident that my side of the bed was far more affected 96 • Hat Trick Magazine •

than my husbands! So not only was I more sensitive to GS I was getting far more exposure to it, and the symptoms of chronic fatigue were such that the place I wanted to be more than often was in the area that ironically was making me worse. There were several things that we needed to do including opening the energy drain (these are like acupuncture points for the earth and move away stuck and stagnant energy and bring in positive chi energy and flow), changing the frequencies of the grid lines and moving furniture around. I started to improve in terms of my health and my daughter confirmed that the changes were not simply a placebo effect as she began to sleep better.

Could this be affecting you? Geopathic Stress is something that not many people would consider looking at when they have health issues, but it can be hugely influential. Don’t be put off if you are the only person in your home or workplace that is suffering, you could be more sensitive than others or could be spending more time in a GS hot spot. Look for changes in health and emotional wellbeing after a house move or a change in office location, these can indicate that there could be a problem. Depression and low mood can also be clues especially if there is no obvious cause in your day to day life. My advice is if you have a symptom or condition that can’t be explained and that won’t clear up despite medical or holistic intervention, then it’s worth looking at the possibility of GS as a cause or a compounding factor, I sure am glad that I did.

Love Kate x

Is Your Home Making You Sick? •


on her conscious weight loss journey you can get involved online. This summer  I  am  going  to  ditch  the  diets  and  think  myself  thinner,  and   change  those  nega>ve  self-­‐beliefs  that  have  been  holding  me  back  for  far  too   long.  I  know  that  in  my  heart  if  I  can  really  do  this,  then  the  rest  will  fall  into   place  for  me,  and  that  weight  loss  will  be  a  natural  side  effect  to  loving  myself   and  healing  my  past.  


About A Homemade Year

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98 • Hat Trick Magazine •

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104 HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine •¥ 100 •¥ Hat


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Hat Trick Magazine • •


Food, Home & Family

Banana Nut Bread

Southern Country Cookbook Style

By Tanya Jackson 102 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Great for breakfast or mid afternoon with tea and cream cheese. I always buy too many bananas and have to throw the speckled ones into the freezer. This makes very ripe and sugary bananas to use and gives the bread a more moist taste. I always use Ingredient s pecans because they really « ½ cup sh compliment the bananas! ortening « 1 cup sug ar « 2 eggs « 1 cup ma shed ripe b ananas « ¼ cup ch o pped nuts Method! « 2 cups a ll-purpose flour « 1 teaspo o n soda • Cream shortening and « ¼ teaspo on salt sugar until light and fluffy. • Add eggs and beat well. • Stir in mashed bananas and mix well. • Stir in nuts. • Sift dry ingredients and stir in mashed banana mixture. • Pour into greased loafpan or muffin tins and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes, 20 minutes for muffins. • Yield 1 loaf or 1 doz muffins.

Hat Trick Magazine • •





By Amber Hamilton Henson 104 • Hat Trick Magazine •

I like themes. I like organization. So, when I recently found this primitively painted garden theme wood cabinet at a thrift store, I knew I had to have it, and I knew exactly what I would store inside the decoratively painted cabinet:

Seeds! Seed Storage •


Isn’t it something? It’s quite colorful, isn’t it? The top drawer holds all of my seed packets that I’ve yet to plant, and the doors hide away tags from plants and seeds that I gather (save) each season for re-planting. Speaking of seed saving, do you see my University of Arkansas (UA) soybeans? I didn’t make space soon enough to plant them this year, but I will next May, hopefully? Did you know that the UA is now the nation’s leading traditional soybean breeder? There are non-GMO, traditionally bred UA Kirksey Edamame (young, green) soybean seeds in my drawer, here! Yes, that’s right! UA is breeding varieties of soybeans that compete with the biotechs in that UA seeds have the huge advantage of allowing farmers to save their seed for re-planting without having to pay annual royalties for saving the seeds to re-plant, I hear! Awesome, right?! You can find links and a lot more information about these and a wide variety of other soybean industry links at 106 • Hat Trick Magazine •

the Arkansas’ Soybean Promotion Board’s site, TheMiracleBean. com and on their Facebook Page, Arkansas Soybeans. This painted cabinet also holds my seeds and findings for seed jewelry. Yes, jewelry. I’ll show you my seed saver necklace in another post, sometime! Remember, I assemble lots of jewelry; you can see it here and here.

Do you keep seeds? If so, where? I’d love to see your organization solution in the blogosphere! Your Friend,

Amber Hamilton Henson

Seed Storage •


Back to

School… Cherie began as a weekly columnist for the main local newspaper in her area. Her articles focus on a humorous look at married life with five children and the ups and downs we can all relate to. She has won 2 international short story contests as well as being published in Our Canada magazine. Cherie is a breast cancer survivor and a huge advocate of self-exams.

By Cherie DeBurger 108 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Well summer has come and gone, seemingly at the speed of light, and it is once again the start of a new school year. When I was young summer lasted for months, or so it seemed, with so many adventures, sleep over’s and day trips. My mother was a stay at home mom so I had the luxury of sleeping in, watching cartoons all day or swimming in the pool. I didn’t have to go to day care or to a babysitter so it was complete and utter vacation. Unfortunately it was the complete opposite for my mom. Instead of relaxation and having the days to herself she was plunged into the crazy world where her four children never left her alone. To add insult to injury our house was the “neighborhood gathering place”. All the kids loved coming over to our house where they could swim in the pool or play baseball in the vacant lot beside us. The general store was right across the street and there was always a steady stream of us in and out to buy ourselves some little brown bags of penny candies.

So not only was mom surrounded by her own children but most of the children in the surrounding area. Now that I have five children of my own I totally understand the euphoric look on parents faces every August as they glide up and down the store aisles on their carts. As they help the children pick out the school supplies you can even hear a few singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” The children file into the classrooms, some skipping in with smiles and excitement, catching up with friends they haven’t seen all summer, while others enter the hallowed halls with eyes half open, shoulders sagging and slumped over, dragging their back packs behind them. A small amount of these students will take this walk for the first time and the kindergarten teachers, for a few hours anyways, will take over the shaping and molding of their little minds. Back to School •


Teachers sometimes get more than they bargained for, especially in the lower grades where the line between honesty and imagination can be a bit blurry. Then there are those times when the children divulge to much information regarding life at home and that’s when the teachers hear the best stories. I was on a field trip with my son a few years ago. His grade two class went to the small local museum and I was one of the parent volunteers. I made small talk with some of the other parents who I had just met as we made sure none of the kids scaled the walls or started to play catch with any of the carefully situated cherished relics.

We entered into a display that housed glass pieces. Beautifully made vases, glasses, sculptures that had been made by one of the founding factories in our little town.

In one display there was a comically large wine bottle and without missing a beat he said, “Look mom you could get drunker than usual with a bottle that big.” I looked at him as my mouth dropped open in shock and than at the other parents I had just met as I stuttered, “ I don’t know where he came up with that, I don’t even drink!”

After school one day the teacher of the kindergarten class was helping one of her students get ready to go home when she noticed a problem, he had mixed up his left shoe with his right one. “Your shoes are on the wrong feet,” she told him. The boy looked up at her and smiled saying, “You can’t fool me, I know these are my feet”. In another kindergarten class all the kids were sitting in circle time on the first day of school. The teacher was explaining how they would be doing things and some of the routines they would have. She told the children if any of them had to go pee just to hold up two fingers. One of the little girls in the class promptly asked how that was going to help. 110 • Hat Trick Magazine •

One of the funniest stories I have heard is about a pre-school teacher. She was pregnant but decided not to tell the children in her care because they were so young. Another reason she didn’t tell them was to avoid getting into a conversation of where babies come from with some of her more curious students. None of the kids paid any attention to her increasing belly size until one day near her due date when one little boy was leaving and he asked her why her belly was so big. Hoping he would not want any more detail she informed him there was a baby in her belly. The little boy looked at her and walked out without saying another word. The next day when his mother was dropping him off he started to cry, this was very unusual for him and his mother pulled him aside to see if she could find out what was bothering him. The boy informed his mother that his teacher had eaten a baby yesterday and he was afraid if she got hungry again she might try to eat him.

Oh to be a fly on the wall and just be able to listen all day to the crazy things these teachers must hear. Sometimes I

wonder, or should I say worry, about what my kids say in school but it can’t be any worse than what the other kids say…

...I hope.

Back to School •


112 • Hat Trick Magazine •

ISSUE 12 SEPTEMBER 2013 £3.00


Cake Idol

Cake Competition inspired by

by Dawn Butler


Afternoon Tea in San Francisco

Up and Away!


Fantastic 3D Cake Tutorial

Buy the full 84 page magazine at


NOVELTY Mike McCarey CAKE ISSUE Michelle Wibowo Chris Russom


Interview with Lara from Tasty Cakes, Airbrush essentials, Depressed Cake Shop, The Great British Bake Off from RoxyRaRa Couture Cakes, Sculpted Cakes Showcase LONDON CAKE & BAKE SHOW 13-15th September + lots more!

Novelty Cakes SHOWCASE


Up and Away! 3D Cake Tutorial





Contents 4 10 20 24 27 28 30 65

   Welcome  to  the  September  issue   of  Cake  Masters  magazine. I  don’t  know  about  you,  but  I  am   always  amazed  by  how  people  push   the  limits  of  sponge  and   sugarpaste.  It's  incredible  and   inspiring  to  see  such  creative   minds  put  cake  to  board,  and   produce  what  can  only  be   described  as  astonishing  creations   that  sometimes  even  appear  to  defy   gravity!  This  issue  is  jam-­‐packed   with  some  of  the  very  best  of  the   best  novelty  and  sculpted  cakes  for   us  all  to  gaze  at  open  mouthed!

Cake Idol  by  Dawn  Butler London  Cake  &  Bake  Show Afternoon  Tea  -­‐  Crown  &  Crumpet Baking  Wish  List The  Depressed  Cake  Shop Airbrush  Essentials  with  Dinkydoodle  Designs The  Bake  Off  is  Back  -­‐  RoxyRara  Couture  Cakes Novelty  Cake  Collection


In fact,  we  have  so  much  packed  into   this  issue;  I  can’t  mention  it  all  here!  So  as  a  taster…   We  have  the  honour  of  interviewing  three  masters  of  novelty  and   sculpted  cakes:  the  ultra-­‐realistic  Michelle  Wibowo  from  Michelle's   Sugarart,  the  scale  and  precision  pro,  Mike  McCarey  from  Mike's   Amazing  Cakes,  and  the  awesome  and  elegant  Chris  Russom,  from   Christoher  Garren’s  Let  Them  Eat  Cake.  We  are  also  showcasing  their   amazing  works  of  art  for  your  delectation!  

48 Up and  Away  Cake  Tutorial  by  Edible  Art  by  Kate Interviews 12 26 33 36 40

Christopher Garren’s  Let  Them  Eat  Cake Lara  -­‐  Tasty  Cakes Michelle  Sugar  Art Cake  Competition  inspired  by  T-­‐Shirts:  Threadcakes Mike’s  Amazing  Cakes

In this  issue,  we  also  have  a  fantastic  novelty  cake  tutorial  from  Kate  Lau,   who  shows  us  how  to  make  her  Xloating  bunch  of  balloons  cake  -­‐  it  is   amazing,  and  we  hope  that  you  will  be  inspired  to  try  something  equally   adventurous.

We were also lucky to get the CEO of Threadcakes into the magazine too! I am not sure if many of you in the UK have heard of Threadcakes, but it is a fantastic cake  competition  run  every  year  out  of  the  USA,  where  entrants   have  to  make  a  cake  inspired  by  a  T-­‐shirt  design.  You  have  to  see  it  to   really  believe  how  unique  this  competition  is.   How  are  you  enjoying  The  Great  British  Bake  Off?  -­‐  For  me,  there  is  now   new  meaning  to  my  Tuesday  evenings!  I  really  can’t  get  enough  of  this   show  and  have  always  wondered  how  hard  it  is  to  get  through  the   application  process.  The  fantastic  Roxy,  from  RoxyRaRa  Couture  Cakes,   has  been  kind  enough  to  share  the  highs  and  lows  of  her  application   process,  right  through  to  the  last  stage,  and  tells  us  how  she  feels  about   missing  out  on  being  in  the  Xinal  bunch.   Finally,  I  am  so  excited  about  the  Cake  &  Bake  Show  in  London  13th-­‐15th   September.    Cake  Masters  will  be  there  with  our  own  exciting  stand   showcasing  our  magazines,  running  mini  classes  and  giving  you  a  chance   to  win  a  beautiful  Kenwood  Nostalgia  mixer  -­‐  please  do  come  by!   I  really  hope  that  you  enjoy  this  issue;  it  has  knocked  the  cookie  issue  off   the  top  spot  and  is  now  Xirmly  my  favourite  issue  to  date! As  always,  I  would  love  to  hear  any  feedback  from  you.

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Front cover: Featured  Cake  -­‐  Bake  &  Makers  Cakes

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Inside Cover: Mama  Rhu  @  Pimp  My  Cake,  Antonella  Di  Maria  Torte  &  Design,  Way  Beyond  Cakes   by  Mayen


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By Dawn  Butler  of  Dinkydoodle  Designs


“I always  like  a  challenge,  and  never  seem  to   settle  for  an  easy  life!  In  fact,  whilst  most   people  would  be  in  bed,  (it’s  currently   4.30am  )  I  am  instead  putting  the  Oinishing   touches  to  my  latest  cake  adventure.   In  the  morning,  I  shall  be  taking  a  one  and  a   half  hour  train  journey  down  to  London,   with  my  2  boys  and  a  very  special  cake   delivery,  to  my  greatest  idol  Sir  Richard   Branson.   Wow….  I  hear  you  cry,  how  did  she  get  the   order  to  make  that  cake?  Well  the  truth  is,  I   didn’t,  and  he  doesn’t  even  know  about  it   yet!  But,  the  other  thing  you  should  know   about  me,  is  that  I’m  a  Oirm  believer  that  you   make  your  own  opportunities,  and  all  being   well,  this  could  be  one  of  them.   Let  me  explain...

You may  be  aware,  that  I  have  my  own  range  of   products  for  cake  craft,  namely  the   Dinkydoodle  Airbrush,  airbrush  paints  and   airbrush  stencils,  all  of  which  retail  in  over  45   different  countries  all  over  the  world.  As  such,  I   get  requests  to  teach  airbrushing  all  over  the   world  too,  and  my  next  teaching  trip  will  be  to   Australia  for  6  weeks  later  this  month.   I  happened  to  be  discussing  my  forthcoming   trip  with  a  friend,  who  suggested  that  I  should   look  into  getting  sponsorship  for  my  tour,  as   Xlights  to  Australia,  along  with  the  internal  ones   would  be  costly.  This  lit  a  spark  in  my  brain  as  I   started  to  think  about  how  I  could  go  about   this.   My  Xirst  thoughts  turned  to  my  idol  Richard   Branson,  and  how  I  could  not  only  hope  to  get   sponsorship  for  Xlights,  but  hopefully  grab  his   attention  too!  I  think  he’s  an  amazing  man,  who   has  achieved  so  much  both  professionally  and   personally.      

I thought  long  and  hard  and  felt  that  an  e-­‐mail   with  some  pictures  of  my  cakes  attached  would   not  get  the  right  response.  I  can  only  imagine   how  many  e  mails  he  must  receive  a  day;  in   fact,  I’m  sure  that  someone  else  Xilters  them  out   for  him,  so  a  cold  e  mail  would  actually  have   very  little  chance  of  reaching  him  at  all.  

It suddenly  dawned  on  me.  Why  not  show  him   what  I  can  do  with  cake?.....  Let’s  make  him  one   and  take  it  down  to  London!  ....  and  that’s  how  it   came  about!    

For ages  I  ran  through  some  ideas  in  my  head   about  what  to  make,  from  airplanes,  and  hot  air   balloons  to  his  space  shuttle!  I  even  asked  the   very  talented  Emma  from  Richards  cakes  if  she   would  make  me  a  Xigure  of  Richard  in  a  space   suit  to  sit  on  top  of  my  creation.   I  set  myself  a  delivery  date  and  decided  on  a   space  theme.    

But as  the  time  came  to  it,  I  didn’t  feel  inspired   any  longer  to  make  a  space  shuttle  out  of  cake.  I   thought  Mr  Branson  may  have  seen  just  about   everything,  and  only  having  one  shot  at  making   an  impression,  I  decided  to  make  it  really   count!  

In one  of  those  three  o’clock  in  the  morning   moments,  the  idea  of  making    “Richard  Branson     himself”  sprung  into  my  head,  and  before  I   knew  it,  I  looked  like  an  obsessed  and  crazed   fan,  with  a  collection  of  Google  images  on  my   iPad.   With  now  only  a  few  days  to  go….  It  was  time  to   make  the  cake!!! I  opted  for  death  by  chocolate  as  a  base;  it’s  still   one  of  my  favourites  in  terms  of  Xlavour  and  it’s   sturdy,  but  not  too  heavy  to  carry.  (I  didn’t   fancy  carting  fruit  cake  on  my  train  journey   down  to  London)   Let  the  carving  begin!  Some  people  wouldn’t   have  a  clue  where  to  start  on  this  kind  of  cake,   but  honestly  they’re  not  that  complicated.    All   carved  novelty  cakes  with  height  to  them  are   essentially  the  same  as  a  tiered  cake;  it’s  just   that  with  a  carved  novelty  cake,  the  tiers  aren’t   always  the  same  shape.   The  basic  shape  here  is  a  cake  of  three  tiers.   The  Xirst  is  the  shoulders,  the  second  the  neck   and  the  Xinal  tier  is  the  head.  

As with  all  tiered  cakes,  the  structure  is   supported  by  the  dowels  within  it,  and  not  the   cake  itself.  All  you  are  doing  is  creating  an   illusion  that  each  tier  is  sat  on  the  next  (when   in  fact  it  is  sat  on  the  supports  within  the  cake)

The next  problem  people  have  with  novelty   cakes  is  the  carving  itself.    The  general  rule   when  carving  a  layered  cake  is  to  only  ever  cut   through  one  layer  of  sponge  at  a  time.  This  way   you  wont  be  tempted  to  take  too  much  off,   leaving  yourself  with  a  cake  that  still  feeds  as   many  guests  as  is  needed.   I  usually  take  my  cuts  at  a  45  degree  angle,  and   from  there  rub  the  rest  of  the  cake  into  shape   (again  meaning  that  I  don’t  just  cut  and  cut   until  there  is  nothing  left.)  

Once cut  into  shape  I  carefully  remove  each   layer  Xill  with  my  chosen  buttercream   (chocolate  in  this  case)  and  carefully  replace   each  layer,  taking  the  time  to  ensure  that  when   I  put  each  one  back  into  place,  that  it  is  in  the   right  place,  and  the  right  way  round.  There   would  be  nothing  worse  than  spending  hours   carving  a  particular  shape,  to  Xind  that  you  have   put  it  back  together  wrong  and  it  no  longer   looks  like  it  should.     The  other  reason  I  like  to  use  chocolate  cake,  is   that  I  can  then  coat  it  in  ganache  for  a  brilliant   smooth  surface.   5


I Xind  ganache,  not  only  allows  you  to  create  a   smooth  surface  for  your  sugarpaste,  but  also   acts  as  a  great  cement,  holding  the  shape  of   your  cake  together  really  nicely  under  the   sugarpaste.  

After giving  my  carved  cake  a  coating  of   ganache  (and  smoothing  over  with  a  hot  pallet   knife)  I  was  ready  to  add  the  details.   I  like  to  do  all  the  “workings  out”  underneath   my  icing,  and  using  white  chocolate  paste  I   make  shapes  for  the  lips,  brows,  mouth,  nose   and  cheeks  and  stuck  these  to  the  cake  with   ganache.  

The key  here  is  to  not  make  anything  too  big.   Whenever  I  use  this  technique,  I  always  use   only  HALF  the  amount  of  paste  that  I  think  I   need.  This  means  that  when  I  have  covered  the   whole  thing  again  with  a  Xinal  coating  of  sugar   paste,  the  feature  will  end  up  the  right  size,   instead  of  too  large.  

I also  make  these  items  out  of  chocolate  paste   (or  Xlower  paste)  because  if  you  make  them  out   of  sugarpaste,  you  will  Xind  them  to  be  too  soft,   Then,  when  you  go  to  re-­‐cover  them,  the  weight   of  the  sugarpaste  over  the  top  will  simply   squash  anything  you  have  made  and  you  will  be   left  with  large  lumps  underneath  your  icing   with  no  deXinition  at  all.

Once I’m  happy  with  this,  I  begin  to  cover  the   cake;  but  again  I  use  chocolate  paste,  in  order   that  I  can  cover  it  in  stages  and  blend  each   piece  I  cover  together.  

When working  on  novelty  cakes  there  is  one   tool  that  I  couldn’t  live  without,  and  that’s  my   Dresden  tool.  I  use  this  for  just  about   everything,  from  blending  and  smoothing,  to   creating  lines  and  grooves.  

Once I’ve  covered  the  face  of  the  cake,  I  begin  to   add  the  markings  that  will  deXine  the  features.     You’ll  notice  that  I  have  only  covered  the  front   of  the  face  and  neck,  as  I  can  add  the  hair  etc.   separately.  

Most of  the  details  are  carved  in  with  my   Dresden,  but  the  teeth  I  add  separately  once  the   mouth  detail  is  marked  out.   This  is  done  by  adding  a  sausage  of  chocolate   paste  for  the  bottom  row  of  teeth,  and  gently   Xlattening  and  marking  them  out  with  the   Dresden  tool.  Next  the  top  row  go  in,  which   overlay  the  bottom  row,  giving  the  impression   of  real  teeth  in  the  mouth.   Once  I’m  happy  with  the  face,  the  hair  can  be   added,  and  again  this  is  done  in  pieces  and   marked  with  a  Dresden  tool.  Torn  pieces  of  

kitchen paper  provide  protection  for  the  face,   under  pieces  of  hair  that  touch  the  skin.  When  I   come  to  spray  these  later,  I  will  need  to  watch   out  for  over  spray,  so  this  allows  me  to  protect   my  work  as  I  spray.   I’m  now  happy  with  my  face  and  hair,  so  it’s   time  to  start  bringing  it  to  life  with  some   colour.  

I love  my  airbrush,  and  I  don’t  do  many  cakes   without  some  form  of  airbrushing  to  them;  but   again,  this  is  something  that  scares  some   people  as  they  don’t  know  where  to  start.  

Having the  conXidence  to  have  a  go,  would  be   my  Xirst  piece  of  advice,  and  secondly  allowing   time  to  practice….  It  doesn’t  take  long  to  get  the   hang  of  it,  but  you  could  do  with  this,  without   the  pressure  of  a  looming  cake  order  that  needs   to  out  in  3  hours! The  key  things  to  remember  when  airbrushing   is  the  difference  in  spray,  (from  wide  to   narrow)  is  all  about  2  things:   The  distance  you  are  away  from  your  project,   and  the  amount  you  are  pulling  back  the   trigger.  

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     

 





creator of the world’s most exquisite cakes 10

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Food Network Challenge winner and star from the hit US TV Show Amazing Wedding Cakes EXCLUSIVE CAKE MASTERS INTERVIEW If you  had  to  describe  yourself  in  three   words,  what  would  they  be? Attention  to  detail

So you  are  a  stickler  for  detail?   Oh  I  think  it’s  important,  a  lot  of  people  refer  to   me  as  a  perfectionist  and  I  Xind  that  a  little   annoying,  because  that’s  something  I’m   not….We  have  an  attention  to  excellence  and   there’s  a  big  difference.  Especially  to  strive  for   perfection,  in  an  artistic  world  that’s  not   possible.  What  brings  beauty  to  art  is   imperfection.  We  understand  that,  and  we  just   want  to  strive  to  do  the  best  job  we  can  do;  but   it’s  never  going  to  be  perfect  and  part  of  that   beauty  are  the  Xlaws,  they  just  need  to  be  kept   to  a  minimum.

Tell us  a  little  bit  about  yourself Well  I  am  self-­‐made.  I  have  been  working  in   restaurants  since  I  was  about  14,  by  18  I  was   managing  a  restaurant;  so  I  go  way  back  as  far   as  a  culinary  environment.  I’ve  done  lots  of   stuff  over  my  career  from  construction,  to  tiling   to  masonry  work  and  landscaping,  a  kind  of  a   jack  of  all  trades.  The  beauty  of  all  that,  is  that  

the construction,  horticulture  and  landscaping   background  has  given  me  an  edge  when  it   comes  to  what  I  am  doing  currently.    The   construction  comes  through  in  the  cakes  that   need  a  lot  of  engineering.  Then  the  horticulture   and  landscaping  makes  it  a  lot  more  satisfying,   because  I  know  what  a  Xlower  should  look  like,   what  the  parts  should  look  like,  what  the   sexual  organs  are  and  all  that  helps  you  bring   an  element  of  realism  to  the  detail. You’ve  had  a  lot  of  creative  careers  to   date,  when  did  you  actually  realise  that  it   was  cake  that  was  your  calling? I  don’t  think  I  ever  did  actually.  I  think   people  want  me  to  say  “Oh  I  had  a  passion  for   it  since  I  was  like  9”.  I  do  remember  being  8  or   9  years  old  and  wanting  to  make  a  cake,  and   calling  my  mum  at  work  because  I  had  a  cake  in   the  oven  for  2  hours  and  I  couldn’t  work  out   why  it  hadn’t  risen.  When  she  walked  me   through  it  I  was  like  “oh  I  forgot  to   put  the  Xlour  in”…I  remember  that   as  one  of  my  earliest  baking   memories.

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“I had a cake in the oven for 2 hours and I couldn’t work out why it hadn’t risen...oh I forgot to put the flour in…!”


I remember  always  enjoying  the  culinary  arts   as  a  process,  but  I  don’t  think  I  ever  really   wanted  it  –  I  had  a  friend  at  21,  who  I  was   dating,  and  she  and  her  mum  were  into  cake   decorating.  They  were  old  school,  doing  a  lot   of  stuff  that  people  aren’t  even  doing   anymore.  I  remember  sitting  down  with  them   in  my  early  twenties  and  they  were  trying  to   teach  me  how  to  make  royal  icing  roses  and   pipe,  and  I  remember  saying  to  them  at  the   time,  “sorry  I  have  absolutely  no  interest  in   this,  this  is  something  I  could  never  do.”    And   here  I  am.  I  think  sometimes  in  life  you  don’t   choose  it,  it  chooses  you. I   had   a   catering   company   and   it   was   mostly   savoury   and   I   worked   as   a   savoury   chef.   Someone   asked   me   to   do  their   wedding   cake,   because   I   was   doing   the   food,   and   I   was   probably  too   stupid   to   say   no.   So  I   said  Ok   sure   and  it  sort   of   just   blossomed   from   that….I   Xigured   it   out   as   I   went   along   and   then   realised   oh   I   have   a   knack   for   this.   So  I   just   sort   of   fell   into  it,   it   wasn’t  any  sort  of   conscious   “Oh   I   want   to   be   a   great   pastry   chef   and   have   a   career  as  a  cake  decorator.”

Tell me  about  the  team  that  you  work  with Well  I’ve  worked  with  Marjie  for  15  years   now,  and  she  is  both  my  muse  and  the  bane  of   my  existence.  If  I  say  it’s  black,  she’ll  say  white   and  if  I  say  it’s  too  tall  she’ll  say  short,  and  if  I   say  it’s  beautiful  she’ll  pick  out  every  one  of  its   Xlaws.  So  it’s  what  keeps  me  honest,  teaches   me  patience  and  also  is  what  has  kept  me  in   the  business  for  so  long.   Not  only  Marjie,  but  I’ve  had  Kristen,  who’s  on   the  third  season  of  the  show,  and  she’s  been   with  me  5  and  half  years  now.  She’s  one  of  the   most  talented  artists  I  have  ever  worked  with   in  my  life;  I  would  put  her  up  against  any  cake  

So how  did  you  decide  what   you  were  going  to  call  your   business?

I didn’t   want   something   k i t s c h y ,   a n d   I   w a n t e d   something   that   people   would   remember   and   that   would   set   me   apart…so   I   came   up   with   “Let   Them   Eat   Cake”.   And   it’s   hard   because   in   a   marketing   environment   there’s   always   this   name   recognition  element   and   branding   issue,   and   I   thought   how   are   we   going   to   get   people   to   remember   us… like   for   instance   its   “Rosie’s   Cakes”   well   that’s   a   fairly   generic   name,   it’s   something   that   people   won’t   remember,   so   We   thought   that   Let   Them   Eat   Cake   because   of   its   historical   connotation   was   something   people   would   remember,   but   we   started   d o i n g   f o o d   n e t w o r k   competitions   and   suddenly   there   were   Let   Them   Eat   Cakes   all   over   the   united   States.  So   in   hindsight   it   might   not   have   been   the   best   idea.   That’s   why   we   actually   ended   u p   c h a n g i n g   o u r   n a m e ,   because  of  that.

decorator in  the  United  States  or  Great  Britain,   because  she’s  just  really  talented.  So  I   appreciate  my  staff,  but  I  also  learn  from   them.  There  are  times  I  watch  them  and  they’ll   inspire  me,  and  I’ll  ask  them  “how  did  you  do   that?,    I  would  have  never  have  thought  of   doing  it  that  way  and  you  just  saved  20   minutes  off  a  technique  that  would  have  taken   me  an  hour!”.   I   think   that   the   beauty   of   working   with   very   talented   people,   and   my   staff   are   very   talented,   is   that   not   only  do  I   teach   them,   but   they   teach   me.   It’s   that   give   and   take   that   I   think   makes   a   successful   team   and   the   fact   that   I  am   learning   as  much  from   them,   as  they   are   learning   from   me.  The  energy  in  the  team is   one   of   the   most   important   t h i n g s ,   b ec a u s e   I ’ v e   h a d   talented   people,   but   if   their   ego   comes   into   the   room   before   they   do,   then   that   usually   isn’t   going   to   work   out.   Part   of   us   w o r k i n g   a s   a   t e a m   a n d   cohesively,   is   the   fact   that   you   can’t   get   defensive   and   you   can’t   get   upset   if   someone   says   “I   don’t  think   that’s   working”  or   “I  think  that’s  too  bright”  or  “the   top  of  that  cake   is  not   level…  it’s   still  and  eighth   of   an   inch   off”… It’s   about   being   receptive   and   being   able   to  take   feedback  and   criticism,   in   a   constructive   way,   but   nevertheless   its   criticism   about   the   project   and  still   being   able  to  work  together.   If   your   ego   is   too   big   and   you   can’t   take   feedback,   it   makes   it   frustrating.   Sometimes   you   can   have   talented   people,   but   if   their   energy  isn’t   good   and   you   don’t   work   well   as   a   team   it’s   hard.     We   are   small   staff   and   what   makes   this   successful   is   the   fact   that   we   work   well   together   and   that   we   are   a   family. What  is  your  motto  in  life? A   hard   question,   I   don’t   know   how   to   answer   that.     I   think   in   everything   it’s   giving   100%.     I   never  want   to  walk  away  from   a   project,   be   it   personal   or   business,  and  think   that   I  under   sacriXiced   or   didn’t   give   my   all   to   something.     I   think   it’s   important   in   life   to   commit   to   y o u r   o b l i g a t i o n s   a n d   b e   responsible.   If   I   have   a   cake   in   my   store   and   the   bride   only   paid   for   4   hours   of   labour   and   at   4   hours   it’s   not  done,  it   gets   a   5th   hour.  It  doesn’t  matter  to  me   whether  she   paid   for  it  or   not,   it  


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Crown & Crumpet Afternoon Tea San Francisco - USA 14


Travel ~ Taste ~ Try If you  were  just  to  look  at  these  pictures  I   snapped  of  my  afternoon  tea  visit  to  Crown   and  Crumpet,  you  may  well  think  that  I   happened  across  one  of  the  most  adorable  tea   rooms  in  England  somewhere.    But,  nope  -­‐  this   is  in  San  Francisco's  Japantown!!  OK,  how   excited  was  I? I  Xirst  visited  Crown  and  Crumpet  a  few  years   ago,  when  they  were  located  in  Ghiradelli   Square.  Truth  be  told,  it  was  always  rammed   with  tourists  and  I  could  hardly  get  a  clear   shot  of  anything,  let  alone  Xind  anywhere  to   sit.  So,  I  was  intrigued  by  their  choice  of  the   new  Japantown  location,  and  really  couldn't   wait  to  visit.  Reserving  a  table  was  relatively   easy,  just  using  OpenTable.

I arrived  for  one  of  the  Xirst  seatings,  which   was  a  great  call,  as  I  was  the  Xirst  to  arrive  and   had  ample  time  to  photograph  their  really   VERY  CUTE  decor.  I  mean  -­‐  I  seriously  need   this  teacup  clock  in  my  life!!    The  vintage-­‐y,   Xloral-­‐y,  shabby-­‐chic-­‐y  touches  were  all  lovely,   and  they  even  supplied  tea  cosies!!    From  the   fresh  roses  and  Xlowers,  to  British  cushions   and  bunting;  the  setting  in  itself  was  a  feast   for  the  eyes.

How lucky  was  I  to  be  greeted  by  the  owner,   Chris  Dean?!    Yup,  the  owners  are,  indeed,   ENGLISH!!    And,  yup,  you  guessed  it  -­‐  I  was   served  a  wonderful  ENGLISH  afternoon  tea  -­‐   yay!!    (and  with  a  few  yummy  extras,  as  well).   AND  A  CRUMPET  with  loads  of  butter!    The   tea  selection  was  awesome;  I  had  the  "Alice"   blend,  Xlavoured  with  a  lil'  champagne…   delicious!    It  was  all  really  rather  delightful;   and  here's  the  best  bit...  it  was  all  relatively   inexpensive  too,  at  only  $26  USD  per  person.   Great  value  for  money,  and  enough  savoury   and  sweet  selections  to  Xill  you  up  for  either   lunch,  or  even  an  early  dinner.    All  of  their   offerings  are  served  in  gorgeous  china  to  boot!

Oops, I  almost  forgot  to  mention  that  they  also   serve  the  scones  and  crumpets  with  clotted   cream,  jam  and  LEMON  CURD  -­‐  my  fave!!   Bonus!  Lots  of  exclamation  points  here,  on   purpose  :-­‐)  

Being away  from  my  home  in  England  for  such   an  extended  time,  I  really  was  starting  to  miss   English  tea,  I  mean  'a  real  taste  of  home.'  Yes,   they  even  serve  "builder's  tea"  here,  with  PG   Tips.  LOL.  It's  the  small  things.

15 22

By Jennifer  DeGuzman-­‐Rolfe Jen’s  Just  Desserts  

So, whether  you're  a  Bay  Area  native,  or  a   road-­‐weary  traveller  looking  for  a  traditional   English  afternoon  tea  experience,  I  would   highly  recommend  Crown  and  Crumpet.  You   won't  be  disappointed!!

PS -­‐  They'll  even  point  you  in  the  direction  of   where  to  buy  the  elusive  Green  Tea  Kit-­‐Kats  in   Japantown.


Baking Wish List

Lavender sugarflair  gel   Cake-­‐  £1.75

Silicone rose  baking  pan Biggers-­‐ £15.00

H20 detailer  Hp Sam’s  cupcakes  London  £3.15

Sweet Lace  Vienna  Mould The  Great  Cake  Warehouse   £12.50

10” Milk  glass  stand   £54.99

180 Cupcake  cases Windsor  Cake  Cra<   £3.99

MulH Hered  non  sHck  pan   cakescookiesandcra<   £29.99

Chocolate extract  £6.50

Edible flower  fragrances The  Cake  DecoraBng  Company   £11.95

Ginger co=on  apron Amazon  £16.99

Thermospatula Lakeland £14.99


Dinkydoodle airbrush  machine   £119.99


Baby pink  edible  gli=er edible-­‐  £2.40

Li=lepod vanilla  extract  £6.50

Squires Kitchen  modeling   cocoform Squires  Kitchen  £5.55

PME floral  impression  mat Hobbycra<  £1.99

Garden trading  cooling  rack John  Lewis  £12.00

Rainbow dust  click  twist  brush Nutrafresh  fruit  powders   Sam’s  Cupcakes  London  £3.25 £4.99

Red magneHc  close  box  £1.00

Covapaste sugarpaste  5kg The  Great  Cake  Warehouse   £13.50

Cupcake corer Lakeland  £3.99

17 25

Playing cards  patchwork  cu=ers Patchwork  CuPers  £7.00  

Delia’s collecHon  by  Silverwood  £6.95

Meet Lara From Tasty Cakes

“Hi there  fellow  Cake  Fans.  My  name  is  Lara   Clarke  and  I  am  the  owner,  maker,  sculptor  and   pot  washer  over  at  Tasty  Cakes.  I  love  anything   big  and  bold,  and  making  things  that  look,  well,   just  like  they  are  supposed  to.   I  started  making  cakes  in  2011  when  a  family   friend  asked  me  to  make  them  an  anniversary   cake.  After  watching  series  after  series  of  Cake   Boss  and  Ace  of  Cakes,  I  thought  to  myself...   "How  hard  can  it  be?"...  as  it  turned  out...  very!!

My Xirst  few  cakes  were….  how  can  I  put  this   nicely?.....  Like  fondant  had  exploded  over  a   sponge.  As  a  beginner,  I  didn't  think  to  include   the  heat  of  summer  into  my  plans...  so  as  I   watched  the  buttercream  ooze  out  from  the   sides  of  the  cake,  and  the  fondant  slowly  slip  to   it's  demise,  I  thought  to  myself...  "perhaps  this   isn't  for  me?" Luckily  I  didn't  give  up.  I  researched  everything   cake,  watched  YouTube  videos,  read  books  and   asked  as  many  questions  as  I  could…  and  now,   two  years  on  I  Xind  myself  making  4ft  tall   Grinch  Cakes  standing  on  one  leg!

My most  recent  carved  cake  that  I  created  was   for  a  couple  who  wanted  the  opposite  of   tradition.  I  have  known  the  bride  for  a  couple  of   years,  and  to  say  she  is  Disney  mad  is  an   understatement.  If  she  could  be  anyone  in  the   world,  it  would  deXinitely  be  Minnie  Mouse.   Then  there  is  her  lovely  Xiancé.  He  loves  all  the   old  comic  strips,  Batman,  Superman...  but  in   particular,  Ironman!

They came  to  me  wanting  to  incorporate  the   two  characters  into  a  cake.  The  bride  decided   she  wanted  the  pair  holding  hands...  perhaps   painted  on  the  Xlat  sponge.  Now,  anyone  that   knows  me  will  understand...  the  word  Xlat  does   not  come  into  my  vocabulary.  

I asked  her  if  she  trusted  me,  she  said  yes,  so  off   I  went.  I  baked  a  mountain  of  yummy  chocolate   sponge  cake  on  the  Saturday  and  popped  it  in   the  freezer  until  the  Monday  (frozen  cake  is   MUCH  easier  to  carve).  Then  as  I  waited,  I   created  the  frame  using  wood,  steel  and  PVC   pipes,  (I  swear  I  am  becoming  more  and  more   of  a  carpenter  every  day!)  I  also  made  Minnie   Mouse’s  head  and  ears  so  they  would  have  time   to  dry.  Then  I  set  about  making  the  cake.  

Anyway, in  the  end  it  was  all  worth  it.  The   couple  LOVED  their  cake...  as  did  all  of  their   guests,  as  they  knew  instantly  who  the  cake   was  for  and  why.  Seeing  the  bride  with  her   Minnie  Mouse  ears  posing  next  to  the  cake  with   a  massive  grin,  made  my  tummy  Xlutter.   So  why  not  give  it  a  go!  After  my  cake  disasters   of  2011,  I  thought  about  throwing  the  towel  in;   but  now,  I  couldn't  be  happier  on  my  cakey   adventure!”

The carving  doesn't  actually  take  as  much  time   as  people  think...  It  is  really  more  about  the   stacking.  If  you  don't  take  as  much  time  as   possible  stacking,  you  will  have  a  cake   disaster...  especially  when  gravity  is  well  and   truly  against  you!   After  a  generous  crumb  coat  using  thick   chocolate  ganache...  I  sat  back  and  waited  for   everything  to  dry  before  starting  my  favorite   part...  the  decorating.

The details  took  about  two  days  to  complete,   but  once  you  get  into  the  cakey  zone,  an  hour   can  feel  like  10  minutes! Before  sugarpaste  is  used  to  cover  the  cakes


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Depressed CAKE SHOP

The Depressed  Cake  Shop  is  the  Cakehead  Loves  chosen  charity  project  for  2013.  It  aims  to  raise   awareness  of  mental  health  issues  and  use  cake  as  a  universal  platform  on  which  this  can  be  discussed.   Due  to  the  overwhelming  support  for  the  concept;  this  is  a  dedicated  page  for  all  those  wanting  to  take   part  in,  or  simply  Xind  out  more  about,  the  series  of  events  which  will  be  held  around  the  UK  and   indeed  the  world. One  in  four  people  will  suffer  from  mental  illness  at  some  point  in  their  lives  –  The  Depressed  Cake   Shop  will  provide  a  unique  (and  delicious)  cake  platform  on  which  to  raise  awareness  of  and  discuss   mental  health  issues  -­‐    whilst  at  the  same  time  raising  valuable  funds  for  various  mental  health   charities.  It  will  provide  a  valuable  platform  for  discussion  about  mental  illness  and  to  engage  with   people  on  the  myriad  of  complex  issues  that  stem  from  this  disease.  It’s  an  awareness  campaign,  as   opposed  to  a  fundraising  one,  so  each  of  the  cake  shops  will  be  donating  money  to  the  mental  health   charity  of  their  choice.

Top four  images  from  Summer  Food  &  Craft  Fair  at  BroomXield  Hall  in  Derby  and  we  donated  to  Derbyshire  Mind  -­‐  Photographs  by  Miss  Fortune Remaining  two  images  from  Leeds  Depressed  Cake  Shop  Corn  Exchange-­‐  Photographs  by  Mark  Murphy





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Hot Pink  -­‐  Matt

Navy Blue  -­‐  Matt


Pink airbrush  machine  kit  from   Dinkydoodle  Designs

DVD ‘s  covering  the   very  basic  to  the  most   advanced  skills  

Black-­‐ Matt

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Sage Green  -­‐  Matt 20 28


Black airbrush  machine  from   Dinkydoodles  Designs




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Unique and  exclusive,  these  Airbrush  Colours  are  suitable  for  a   range  of  cake  decorating  uses,  including  airbrushing  onto  Sugar   Paste,  Chocolate  and  Buttercream.










The Bake Off is Back

Actress and  cake  designer,   Roxanne  Saili,  originates  from  the   Midlands  and  moved  to  London  at   the  age  of  18.  With  an  Egyptian,   Italian-­‐Maltese  mother  and  a   Persian  father,  Roxanne  grew  up  in   a  dramatic  household  of  exotic   Olavours  and  developed  a  passion   for  good  quality,  luxurious  food.

Tell us  why  you  decided  to  apply  for  the   GBBO The  main  reason  I  applied  for  the  GBBO  is  that  I   am  a  huge  fan  of  the  show.  I  watched  it  from   the  very  Xirst  series  and  fell  in  love  with   everything  about  it...  the  judges,  the  contestants   and  of  course,  Mel  and  Sue.  It  was  around  the  

time of  the  second  series  of  the  Bake  Off  that   baking  had  become  a  real  passion,  and  major   part  of  my  life.  

Did you  make  the  application,  or  was  it   someone  else? My  family  suggested  I  apply  for  the  GBBO  after   we  watched  the  Xinal  of  the  second  series.  An   advert  came  up  after  the  show  looking  for  new   applicants  for  the  third  series,  so  I  noted  down   the  website  and  email  address  and  said  I  would   consider  applying  just  to  shut  my  family  up.  I   actually  completely  forgot  all  about  it  until  my   sister  was  at  her  best  friend’s  30th  birthday   party,  which  I  had  made  a  huge  birthday  cake   for.  A  friend  of  my  sister’s  friend,  who  was  at   the  party,  just  so  happened  to  work  for  the   production  side  of  the  GBBO  team  and  when   she  tasted  the  cake  she  asked  who  had  made  it.   22 30

Have you ever thought about applying to be a contestant on the Great British Bake Off? Read about Roxy’s journey through the process and just missing out on being in the final 12...

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My sister  began  chatting  with  her,  and  before   long  I  had  a  phone  call  telling  me  to  Xill  out  my   application  form  immediately...  So  I  did!  

What is  the  Oirst  stage  like?   The  Xirst  stage  (past  the  application  form)  was   a  phone  interview.  They  had  called  me  whilst   my  hands  were  literally  covered  in  cake   batter.  I  had  to  ask  them  to  call  me  back  once  I   had  put  the  cake  in  the  oven...  Once  they  called   me  back,  we  had  a  general  chat  about  my   application  form,  the  pictures  I  had  sent  and   talked  about  me  as  a  person.  It  was  very   informal  and  quite  enjoyable;  it  hardly  felt  like   they  were  interviewing  me  at  all!  At  the  end  of   the  conversation,  they  asked  me  to  answer  a   few  baking  questions.  This  was  when  I  started   to  panic.  I  loved  baking,  but  what  if  I  couldn't   answer  the  simplest  of  questions?!  

They asked   pretty   basic   questions   like   "describe   what   a   creaming   method   would   be   in   regards   to   baking   cakes"   and   "what  are   the   ingredients   used   to   make   bread?"   Even   though   the   questions   were   relatively   simple,   the   pressure   and   nerves   got  to  me   so   much,   that   I   began   bumbling   and   getting   questions   wrong.   I   thought   I'd   blown   it.   They   thanked   me   for   my   time,   and   then   hung   up   the   phone.   I   called   all   my   friends   and   family   and   told   them   I   had   failed   the   interview.   My   family   told   me   I   had   done   well   to  get   a   phone   call   and   not  to  worry.   Within  an   hour   or  so,   the  bake   off   team   called   me   back  and  told  me   to  prepare   two   baked   dishes   as   I   would   be   meeting   them   for   the   second   round   of   auditions   in   Hoxton,   London,   in   a   couple   of   weeks’   time.  I  was  elated!

the food  production  team  came  out  to  talk  to   us.  She  thanked  us  for  our  time  and  effort  in   bringing  the  sweet  and  savoury  bakes,  and   said  that  a  small  percentage  of  successful   candidates  will  be  asked  to  stay  on  later  in  the   day  to  go  through  to  a  camera  interview.  She   reiterated  that  to  get  this  far  from  thousands   of  applicants  was  a  great  achievement  and   that  only  a  few  would  be  making  it  through.   With  this  in  mind,  I  thought  I  had  reached  the   end  of  the  line  and  once  my  cake  and  tarts   were  in  with  the  judges,  I'd  be  going  home.  I   waited  nervously  to  see  the  producers  who   were  judging  the  food  and  eventually  I  was   called  into  the  hall  to  Xind  two  young  ladies   sitting  with  my  bakes  in  front  of  them.  The   room  was  Xilled  with  people  scattered  around   the  edges  taking  notes  and  watching.  I  sat  in   front  of  the  two  young  ladies  and  instantly   they  put  me  at  ease.  "Obviously,  your  cake  is   amazing"  one  of  the  girls  said,  to  which  I   almost  chocked  and  replied  "errr  thanks!".  We   then  talked  about  the  bakes.  They  loved  them   both  and  congratulated  me  on  doing  so  well.   We  then  talked  about  what  got  me  into  baking,  

it  through  to  the  Xinal  stages  of  the  auditions.  

How did  you  prepare  for  the  stages? Once  I  had  the  call  that  I  had  made  it  through   to  the  Xinal  round  of  auditions,  the  practising   and  preparations  really  started.  We  were  told   that  the  Xinal  stage  would  be  a  day’s  Xilming  in   a  commercial  kitchen  with  Mary  and  Paul   judging  our  bakes.  A  week  before  the  audition   we  were  given  two  recipes:  a  scone  and  bread   recipe,  to  bake  at  home  and  bring  with  you.   We  were  told  to  bring  a  recipe  that  we  had   created  ourselves,  and  also  told  to  be   prepared  to  bake  a  surprise  technical  bake  on   site  whilst  being  Xilmed.  

What did  you  practice  baking  at  home? For  the  weeks  before  my  Xinal  audition,  it  was   the  Christmas  break  and  I  remember  getting   up  every  day,  baking  for  my  family  and   friends…  anything  and  everything  I  could  Xind   in  my  baking  books.  I  had  never  baked  a  loaf   of  bread  before  in  my  life!  On  that  Christmas   eve  I  baked  my  Xirst  ever  cheese  and  herb  loaf.   Throughout  the  Christmas   holidays  I  baked  continuously.   Bread,  croissants,  cakes,   biscuits...  Anything!  I  lived,   breathed  and  dreamt  baking,   and  put  absolutely  everything  I   had  into  making  sure  I  was   prepared  for  the  Xinals.  Once   we  were  sent  the  recipes  for   the  scones  and  bread  that  we   had  to  bring  with  us  to  the   Xinals,  I  baked  hundreds  and   hundreds  of  batches!  I  was   giving  scones  away  to  anyone   and  everyone  who  would  have   them!

“Throughout the Christmas holidays I

baked continuously. Bread, croissants,

cakes, biscuits... Anything! I lived, breathed and dreamt baking - I put absolutely

everything into making sure I was prepared

What is  the  second  stage  like? For  the  second  round  of  auditions,  you  had  to   bring  two  baked  goods  of  your  choice.  A  sweet   and  a  savoury  bake,  both  contrasting  in   technique  to  show  different  skills.  They  asked   me  to  email  the  recipes  for  each  bake  I  was   bringing  and  to  conXirm  my  attendance.  For   the  sweet  bake  I  decided  to  make  a  chocolate   trufXle  torte  with  chocolate  ganache  Xilling  and   fresh  berries.  For  the  savoury  bake  I  made   mini  feta,  pancetta  and  baby  tomato  tarts  with   a  cheddar  cheese  crust. Once  I  arrived  at  the  hall  in  Hoxton,  I  was   greeted  by  the  production  team  taking  names   and  giving  out  name  badges.  My  bakes  were   put  on  a  conveyor  belt  like  table,  along  with   the  tons  of  other  baked  goods  made  by  the   other  auditionees.  I  then  sat  nervously  in  the   waiting  room  with  all  the  other  candidates,   waiting  for  my  bakes  to  be  taken  in  to  the   producer’s  room  to  be  tasted.  A  member  from  

for the finals” what type  of  things  I  bake  and  what  I  would   Xind  the  most  challenging  part  of  being  in  the   show.  I  said  the  technical  bake.  I  told  them   that  it  would  be  a  challenge  to  stay  conXident   when  baking  a  recipe  you've  never  seen   before  under  such  a  time  limit.  They  agreed   and  said  that  somehow  people  always   manage.

With that,  I  thanked  them  both,  shook  hands   and  left  the  room  exhilarated,  exhausted  and   struggling  to  recover  from  the  adrenalin  and   nerves.  I  was  then  quickly  told,  by  one  of  the   team  outside,  to  stay  behind  as  they  deXiantly   wanted  to  see  me  again  for  the  camera   audition.  Overjoyed,  I  was  whisked  to  another   waiting  area  and  given  my  half  eaten  bakes  to   take  to  the  camera  room.  Before  I  had  chance   to  realise  what  was  going  on,  I  was  sat  in  front   of  a  camera  and  interviewed.  The  questions   asked  were  similar  to  those  asked  before,  but  I   guess  they  wanted  to  see  how  you  look,  act   and  sound  on  camera.  Within  ten  minutes  or   so,  I  was  thanked  again  for  my  time  and  told  I   would  hear  in  up  to  three  weeks  if  I  had  made 23

Tell us  about  the  next  stages,  what  did  you   make,  how  you  were  tested? When  the  Xinal  audition  day  came,  I  had  stayed   up  the  night  before  to  make  sure  I  baked  the   freshest  loaf  and  scones  for  Mary  and  Paul  to   taste.  The  audition  day  came.  Sick  with  nerves,   I  went  to  the  commercial  kitchen  space  in   Hackney  with  my  bakes  in  hand  and  was  met   by  the  same  production  team.  12  candidates   waited  nervously  in  the  waiting  room,  whilst   our  bakes  were  lined  up  to  go  in  to  Mary  and   Paul.  We  were  talked  through  how  the  day   would  work  and  what  was  expected  of  us.  I   was  one  of  the  last  candidates  to  go  in  to  see   the  judges.  I  kept  thinking  I  had  never  baked  a   loaf  of  bread  before  a  couple  of  weeks  ago,  and   now  I  was  about  to  get  judged  by  Paul   Hollywood  himself!


When I  met  Mary  and  Paul,  they  were  sat  in  a   little  room  with  a  small  table  in  front  of  them.   My  bakes  were  on  the  table  untouched  and  a   few  people  were  dotted  around  the  edges  of   the  room  watching  and  taking  notes.  After  

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Michelle Wibowo,  founder  of  Michelle  Sugar  Art  Ltd,   creates  award-­‐winning  sugar  and  cake  sculptures   with  incredible  attention  to  detail  and  realism. Michelle  won  the  2008  and  2012  Culinary  Olympics   in  Germany,  with  gold  and  silver  medals  for  her   sugar  and  cake  sculptures.  


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Cake Competition

inspired by T-Shirts! Cake Masters  interviewed   founder  of  Threadcakes  to   Oind  out  more  about  this   extraordinary  competition.   Tell  us  about  Threadcakes   ‘Threadcakes  is  a  contest  I  started  as  a  way  to   share  gift  certiXicates  I  had  earned  for  a   crowdsourced  t-­‐shirt  design  site  called   Threadless.  I  suggested  the  contest  to  the   community,  and  everyone  really  enjoyed  the   idea  and  sent  in  several  dozen  cake  entries.   Back  then,  everything  was  done  manually  (with   people  emailing  me  cake  photos)  and  so  I  didn't   do  the  contest  the  next  year;  but  Threadless   awarded  me  with  a  community  prize  for  "best   independent-­‐run  contest",  which  was  really   nice. Threadless  is  a  unique  community-­‐centric  t-­‐ shirt  (and  other  apparel)  company  that  relies   on  artists  to  submit  designs  and  the  community   to  vote  on  the  designs.  Those  that  are  voted  the   highest  are  printed  and  sold. This  results  in  all  sorts  of  designs  of...   everything.  Popular  culture,  art  references,   original  pieces,  clever  sayings,  etc.  

Two years  later,  Threadless  reached  out  to  me   and  asked  if  I'd  be  willing  to  run  the  contest  

again. They  hired  me  to  build  out  the  site  to   accept  entries  online  and  I've  run  it  every  year   since.”

How did  you  come  up  with  the  idea? “I  had  heard  of  people  baking  elaborate  cakes   and  I  thought  that  it  would  be  a  fun  challenge   for  the  community.  I  had  just  a  small  amount  of   "prize  money"  to  give  away  (in  the  form  of   Threadless  gift  certiXicates  at  the  time.)   Threadless  now  sponsors  a  $1,000  grand  prize   ($500  cash,  $500  gift  certiXicate.)”

How long  has  it  been  running? “The  Xirst  year  was  2007.  After  a  hiatus  in  2008,   Threadless  asked  me  to  run  it  again.  I've  run  it   every  year  from  2009.” Why  is  it  called  "Thread"  cakes “The  entire  contest  is  based  on  the  existing   Threadless  t-­‐shirt  designs.  There  are  over   2,000  designs  they  can  choose  from  now. Each  entry  is  displayed  alongside  the  t-­‐shirt   design  inspiration,  so  people  can  see  how  the   2-­‐dimensional  design  has  been  interpreted   into  3-­‐dimensional  (ostensibly)  delicious   cake.”

What is  your  background? “I'm  a  web  developer  by  trade.  I  run  a  software   company  in  Tempe,  Arizona  called  Synapse   Studios.  “

T-­‐Shirt design  by  Diego  Fernandez  ~Cake  designed  by  Elizabeth  Marek  -­‐  Winner  2012 25


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Amazing cakes? What an understatement... Exclusive Cake Masters Interview



Challenging the boundaries of cake Food Network Challenge winner Mike McCarey from Mike’s Amazing Cakes Tell us  a  bit  about  yourself,  and  your  family   and  your  background? Ah  I’ll  start  with  my  background.  I  started  when   I  was  in  High  School,  I  really  liked  cooking,   speciXically  desserts,  so  I  had  to  decide  between   going  to  Art  School  when  I  graduated  or  going   to  Cooking  School.  I  felt  going  to  Cooking   School  and  trying  to  become  a  Chef  was  a  much   more  practical  thing  to  do  to  stay  employed  and   expand  in  a  business  sense.  So  instead  of  going   off  to  Art  School,  I  went  to  a  culinary  school  in   Denver,  Colorado.  It  was  a  brand  new  school,   there  weren’t  that  many  culinary  schools  back   in  the  day,  back  in  1979.  So  I  went  to  that,  it   was  a  general  culinary  education.  The  part  I   liked  best,  of  course,  was  doing  desserts  and   pastries  and  the  whole  Pastry  Chef  side  of   things.  Also  within  that,  cake  decorating.  So  I   focused  on  that  as  soon  I  got  to  school,  lasted   about  2  years.  then  I  actually  went  broke  before   I  graduated.  I  would  have  been  in  the  second   class  to  graduate,  but  I  went  right  out  to  the   industry  and  started  learning  things  at  the   School  of  Hard  Knocks  basically. I  guess,  in  a  sense,  I  am  self-­‐taught  cake   decorating,  but  for  several  years  I  worked  as  a   Pastry  Chef  in  various  restaurants  and  catering   companies,  retail  outlets,  hotels;  and  very   classical,  when  you  think  of  a  Pastry  Chef  and   what  they  do.  Executive  Pastry  Chef  in  a  Hotel,   for  instance,  doing  kind  of  a  Jack-­‐of-­‐all-­‐Trades,   doing  everything!  Within  that,  of  course,  I  was   decorating  the  occasional  wedding  cake,   whenever  that  came  my  way,  and  that  went  on   for  about  7  years.  Then  I  moved  out  to  New   York,  to  help  as  a  Teaching  Assistant  to  a  very   famous  Pastry  Chef  named  Albert  Kumin.  You   would  know  who  he  is,  he  was  a  big  deal.  He  is   like  the  Obi  Wan  Kenobi  of  Pastry  Chefs  back  in  

the day.  He  is  about  95  years  old  now.  I  did   some  teaching  with  him,  and  then  I  ended  up   working  for  a  catering  company.  They  had  a   retail  component  to  their  catering  operation,   where  people  would  come  in  and  get  prepared   food.  They  had  a  bakery  side  of  that,  and  that’s   the  place  I  really  started  doing  more  and  more   occasion  cakes,  birthday  cakes  and  wedding   cakes;  and  I  really  became  very  fond  of  it.

I lived  there  for  about  3  years  doing  that,  and   New  York  got  to  be  a  little  too  much,  so  my  wife   and  I  moved  out  to  Seattle,  Washington.  I  got   out  here,  was  working  for  a  company  and  all   they  did  were  occasion  cakes.    Most  of  their   business  was  wedding  cakes  and  there  were   some  occasion  cakes.  They  weren’t  really   sculpting  anything  yet,  or  doing  anything  very   elaborate,  and  I  came  in  and  kind  of  brought   that  component  to  the  company.  I  did  that  for   about  2  years  and  then  I  decided,  with  a  guy   that  was  working  for  me  at  the  time,  to  start   our  own  company,  which  was  at  the  time  was   Amazing  Cakes.  Then  it  became  John  and  Mike’s   Amazing  Cakes,  because  John  was  my  Business   Partner  at  the  time.  He  did  it  for  about  2  years   and  his  commute  was  insane;  because  he  was   on  one  of  the  islands  out  in  Puget  Sound,  which   is  the  Waterway  off  our  shore.  Then  I  took  it   over  and  it’s  been  Mike’s  Amazing  cakes  for  the   last  14-­‐15  years.  The  business  has  been  around   17  years.   What  was  it  that  made  you  feel  that  you   actually  wanted  to  set  up  on  your  own   rather  than  working  for  someone  else? I  wasn’t  good  at  working  for  other  people;  they   didn’t  share  my  vision.  I  had  a  certain  idea  of   how  I  wanted  to  do  things,  and  what  could  be   done,  and  it  just  made  sense  to.  I  didn’t  Xit  into   28 41

“Oh boy, people have a real problem with covering those boards - I know everybody covers their boards in England ” !


the corporate  world  very  well.  I  just  voiced  my   opinion  and  the  corporate  world  doesn’t  care   for  that.

created in  the  8  hours  we  are,  pretty  proud  of   what  we  did  there.  

What has  been  the  highlight  of  your  career   to  date? Oh  boy,  there  have  been  several  highpoints.  Do   you  guys  ever  get  the  Food  Network  Challenge   cooking  series? Back  in  the  day  when  it  started,  it  was  an   offshoot  of  a  Pastry  Chef  Competition  that  was   being  done.  So  the  rules  were  very…  I  don’t   want  to  say  strict,  but  they  were  very  adamant.   They  were  very  precise.  When  they  started   Challenge,  you  were  judged  on  how  you   worked  as  a  team,  how  clean  you  were,  how   precise  you  were.  It  wasn’t  just  who  had  the   best  cake  at  the  end  of  the  day:  they  evaluated   you  on  everything  you  did.  It  was  a  very   professional,  very  serious  and  a  very  judged   competition.  As  Challenge  went  along,  and  it   got  more  and  more  popular  on  the  Food   Network,  they  started  bringing  in  producers   who  worked  in  the  world  of  reality  television.   Like  one  particular  gentleman,  who  kind  of   took  over  Challenge,  came  from  The  Bachelor.

So is  accuracy  and  scale  a  really  important   thing  for  you? Oh  yes!  Oh  my,  I  live  for  scale.  Physics,  scale,   perspective,  being  as  accurate  as  I  can.  It’s  kind   of  my  trademark  I  guess.  You  know  I  talk  to   students  about  how  everybody  has  a  signature   thumbprint.  I  mean  Colette  Peters  has  a  very   speciXic  look;  you  know  a  Colette  Peters  when   you  see  it.  Michelle  Wibowo,  she’s  in  London,   hyperrealism  is  her  calling  card.  I  could  name  a   lot  of  different  people,  and  they  all  have  a   different  styles  and  things.  I  am  a  kind  of  a   chameleon.  I  don’t  adhere  to  one  style  too   much;  I  try  to  go  all  over  the  place,  which  is   kind  of  a  disadvantage.  Sometimes  I  wish  I  had   a  more  signature  style,  but  if  I  had  to  name  a   signature  style,  it’s  being  to  scale.  I  am  more  in   the  wheelhouse  of  Michelle  Wibowo  than   anything  else.  

Do you  remember  your  earliest  memory  of   actually  baking?    What  was  that  memory? Back  when  I  was14  or  15,  I  got  into  culinary   school  because  I  was  so  interested.  I  wasn’t  so   much  interested  in  cooking  as  much  as  I  was  in   just  dessert.  The  fact  that  they  didn’t  have  a   separate  baking  programs  per  se;  this  was   1979,  as  I  mentioned.  I  mean  there  might  have   been  a  couple  of  obscure  ones,  but  there  is   nothing  like  there  is  now.  Nicholas  Lodge,  he   has  a  whole  full  blown  2  year  program  or  I   should  say,  excuse  me,  16  week  program  in   Chicago  where  you  are  just  learning  to  do  cake,   not  just  pastry,  but  cake,  So  it  was  go  to  general   culinary  school  and  learn  what  you  can  about   baking  from  that.  So  I  was  making  desserts  by   the  time  I  was  15;  baking  things;  creating   mousses  and  stuff  like  that.  My  passion  kind  of   started  with  that,  and  then  general  culinary   education  was  where  I  would  go  to  Xind  more   education  in  that,  basically.  I  don’t  think  I  ever   had  the  idea  to  become  a  regular  Chef.  I  always   wanted  to  do  the  desserts  side  of  things.

They decided  to  bring  in  a  reality  television   component  and  he  brought  that  into  the  mix.   They  stopped  worrying  about  cakes  so  much,   and  the  culinary  viewpoint  of  making  these   things,  and  started  casting  characters  to  create   a  storyline.  It  kind  of  changed  the  dynamic  of   Challenge.  But  when  the  Challenge  started,  it   was  a  very  great  place  to  see  how  well  you   could  do,  how  much  you  could  create  and  what   kind  of  achievement  you  could  create  in  a  very   limited  timeframe,  under  very  serious   professional  conditions  and  judgements.  So  I   guess  those  are  some  of  my  high  points.  What   my  assistant  Lana,  who  is  still  with  me  now,   achieved  in  those  challenges,  and  what  we  

There have  been  some  other  competitions  that   I  have  done,  where  there  were  high  points.  I  am   more  into  personal  high  points,  almost  on  a   daily  basis.  Somebody  comes  in  and  wants  a   particular  thing.  I  am  a  sculptor  by  trade,  I   don’t  draw  too  well…  not  much  of  a  sketcher.  I   am  not  2  dimensional.  I  can  barely  paint  my   name!  My  brain  really  processes  everything   into  3  dimensions;  so  I  am  a  sculptor  by  trade.   so  when  somebody  comes  in;  my  OfXice   Manager,  Teresa,  will  come  back  and  say   something  like  “somebody  wants  a  haggis”.  As  a   sculptor  I  have  to  embrace….  what  is  a  haggis?   What  does  it  look  like?  Oh  God,  how  do  I  make   that  look  interesting?  So  it’s  mounting  a   challenge  every  day’  is  really  kind  of  my   highpoint.  Did  I  pull  this  off?  Was  I  able  to     make  it  edible  and  delicious.  Also,  did  I  achieve   what  I  was  trying  to  sculpt?  How  accurately  did   I  recreate  this?  Did  I  give  this  thing  a  really   good  style,  if  I  was  creating  something  on  my   own?  Those  are  kind  of  my  personal   highpoints,  kind  of  on  a  daily  basis,  if  that’s  a   good  answer.

Her single  mission  in  life,  from  what  I  can  see,   is  trying  to  be  accurate  with  everything  she   does.  I  mean  going  after  the  Culinary  Olympics,   and  making  a  Bassett  Hound  or  the  Queen  or   her  corgis;  she’s  trying  to  make  it  just  as   realistic  as  she  can,  and  that’s  my  mission  as   well.  When  I  am  re-­‐creating  something  from   life,  I  am  trying  to  make  it  as  serious  and   perfect  as  I  can;  ….  buildings  are  the  same  way   and  cars.  But  something  I  also  really  enjoy,   almost  more,  is  if  they  ask  me  to  create   something  from  my  own  imagination.  What   comes  into  play  then  are  my  inXluences.  I  am   really  into  illustrators;  one  of  my  heroes  is  Dr   Seuss,  Theodor  Geisel.  I  see  his  inXluence   whenever  I  am  creating  something  whimsical,   or  something  for  kids  of  my  own  design,  taking   something  from  what  they  might  bring  in;  and  I   29

don’t get  to  do  that  nearly  as  much  as  I  would   like.  It’s  always  a  blast  for  me.

You have  talked  about  your  highlights  in   your  career  to  date,  what  have  been  the   lowest  points  for  you?   The  lowest  point,  I  think,  is  the  day  to  day   grind.  It’s  not  our  job  here,  or  what  I  am  doing   or  what  my  assistant  Lana  does.  It’s  never   boring,  which  is  really  one  of  the  pluses  to  it.   It’s  different  every  day;  there  is  very  little   repetition  so  we  don’t  get  bored.  b But  starting  a  business  eats  up  your  time  and   eats  up  your  creative  time  as  well.  I  found  that   when  I  was  back  working  for  somebody,  I   actually  had  more  time  just  to  be  creative.  The   only  thing  I  had  to  worry  about  was:  how  do  I   make  these  10  cakes  I  have  to  make  this  week   really,  really  cool?  Pushing  the  envelope  and   maximising  my  time,  and  just  doting  or  giving   all  my  attention  to  that.  I  just  can’t  do  that   anymore.  I  miss  those  days  where  I  could  just   worry  about  what  is  the  coolest  border  I  can   put  on  this  cake?  I  don’t  worry  about  borders   on  cakes  any  more.  You’ve  got  to  drop  your   priorities  and  change  everything,  and  things  fall   off  the  list  as  you  have  to  prioritise  other   things.  I  think  that’s  my  downside;  I  don’t  get  to   spend  nearly  as  much  time  being  creative  as   back  in  the  day  when  I  started,  than  I  do  now   running  the  business. Tell  me  about  the  team  that  supports  you?     The  way  we  work  is  this:  Teresa  is  OfXice   manager  and  she  deals  with  the  clients;  I  am  in   the  back  in  full  production  with  Lana,  who  has   been  with  me  for  200-­‐  300  years!  She  is  great   because  she  comes  from  a  really  high   production  background,  and  she  was  much   younger  when  she  started  out  in  the  business.   She  was  working  at  a  facility  where  she  was   doing  around500  pies  that  day,  or  she  was  icing   10  cakes  that  day.  Her  production  skills  are   massive  and  I  come  from  a  pastry  shop   background.  We  really  can  pump  it  out.  We  do   anything  from  700  to  1000  cakes  a  year,  and   60%  to  70%  of  those  are  wedding  cakes.  The   rest  of  them  are  varying  assorted  occasion  and   birthday  cakes,  corporate  cakes.    

We are  right  next  to  Microsoft,  we  are   surrounded  by  Microsoft!  We  have  a  Nintendo   just  behind  us.One  of  Nintendo  cakes  we  did  for   the  CEO  of  the  North  American  Branch  retiring,   with  Mario  bursting  out  of  a  Golf  bag  (we  just   posted  it  on  Facebook).  So  we  are  doing  a  lot  of   stuff  like  that.  Our  business  is  kind  of  a  bell   curve;  where  it’s  slowest  in  January,  peaks  in   August  and  then  slowly  slopes  back  down  to   that  low  point  back  in  January.  So  we  bring  in   extra  help  in  the  summer.  We  have  somebody   come  in  doing  baking  and  prep,  and  working  on   cakes.  I  basically  always  have  2  solid  people   with  me,  and  then  I  will  bring  in  a  3rd,  kind  of  a   Xloater  or  a  person  that  Xills  in.  It’s  slowed  down   a  little  bit  because  of  the  economy.  Our  


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Up and Away... Cake Tutorial



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Lily Tutorial By Claire McDonald from Claireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cakes and Bakes

by Kate Lau



Up and  Away  Tutorial Materials  List Tin  foil  


Masking Tape

Rolling pins  large  and  small

Cling Xilm

Dual temp  hot  glue  gun

Dual temp  hot  glue  sticks Scissors

MDF Board  (Medium  Density  Fibre) Roto  Zip  (Rotary  cutting  tool)

Roto zip  circle  cutter  guide  (optional) Hack  saw

Table vice  C  clamp  (table  clamp) Crescent  wrench   Vice  clamp

Pipe cutter

Pipe threader  (optional) Power  drill Drill  bits

Green Fondant  to  cover  base  board Corn  Syrup

Paint brush

XActo knife

Sculpting tools

Food colours  for  colouring  fondant Fondant

Gum paste

Edible glue

Fondant smoother

Belt sander  or  sanding  paper  (to  taper  edge  5”   MDF  board) Non-­‐toxic  Easy  Mould  Silicone  Putty  (or  any   brand  you  can  use  to  make  a  mould) Turntable

1” circle  cutter

White paper  wires  24  gauge

Thin pointy  paint  brush  for  painting  on  details Small  paint  brush  for  brushing  on  edible  glue Internal  Structure  Parts

3/ 4”  thick  MDF  board  cut  to  10”  diameter  with   drilled  hole

Pizza cutter

1/ 4”  thick  MDF  board  cut  to  5”  diameter  with   drilled  holes  and  tapered  sides

Rubber spatulas

4x Hex  nuts  5/  16  in  size

Metal Spatulas Serrated  knife

Rulers 6”  and  18””

4x Washers  5/  16  in  size

5/ 16  (18  x  36”)  sized  Threaded  rod  cut  to  12”   length



Step 9:  

The colour  of  fondant  you  choose  to  use  on  the   baseboard  is  up  to  you.  I  did  end  up  airbrushing  my   green  fondant  with  avocado  airbrush  colour  to   darken  the  look.  This  is  totally  optional.  Roll  out   your  green  fondant  to  cover  the  baseboard.  The   thickness  of  the  fondant  has  to  be  thick  enough  so   that  when  the  fondant  is  over  the  baseboard,  it  is   Xlushed  with  the  height  of  the  nut  (about  1/2”   thick).  Cut  off  the  excess  with  a  pizza  cutter  and   knife.  Smooth  out  any  imperfections  with  a  fondant   smoother.  Seal  the  fondant  with  cling  Xilm  to   protect  it  from  getting  dirty.

Step 10:  

Take the  polystyrene  cone  and  measure  1”  down   from  the  widest  side.  Make  a  mark  with  a  pencil.   Cut  along  the  line.  Discard  the  bottom  half  as  you   do  not  need  it  for  this  project.  

Step 11:  

To make  your  drill  hole  on  the  polystyrene,  place   your  polystyrene  in  the  centre  of  the  5”  MDF  board   so  you  have  a  reference  to  where  the  drill  hole   needs  to  be.  Use  a  skewer  to  poke  through   polystyrene.  Insert  the  polystyrene  through  the   threaded  rod.



Phase 5  -­‐  Adding  Decorations

Step 28:  

The materials  you  will  need  for  this  phase  are  different   colours  of  fondant  (red,  royal  blue,  sky  blue,  orange,  pink,   lemon  yellow,  and  lime),  EasyMold  or  Silicone  Plastique   (mold  making  materials),  chocolate  ganache  in  a  piping  bag,   gumpaste,  turntable,  scissors,  toothpicks,  white  Xloral  wires   (26  gauge),  and  white  Xloral  tape.  

Step 29:  


With a  bit  of  gumpaste,  roll  a  ball  in  the  palm  of  your  hands.  On  one   end,  form  a  point.  You  don’t  want  to  make  the  balloon  too  big  as  the   weight  can  be  too  heavy  to  hold  up  on  cake;  about  1”  in  size  is   good.  Let  your  balloon  dry  completely.  

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Step 30:  

Follow the  instructions  on  the  packaging  to  the  EasyMold  (or  any  brand  you  have  available).  Form  your  balloon  mould.  Wash  the  newly  formed   mould  and  wipe  dry.  You  can  now  use  the  mould  to  form  different  colours  of  balloons.  



Step 34:  

You can  leave  your  cake  like  this  and  proceed  to  steaming  your   balloons  and  then  adding  the  wires.  If  so  you  can  skip  this  step.  For  a   “popup  look”,  add  some  balloons  on  top  of  the  1st  layer  of  balloons.   It’s  a  good  opportunity  to  hide  the  spots  where  the  ganache  is  still   showing.  You  can  layer  as  much  as  you  want  just  keep  in  mind  the   less  weight  on  this  cake,  the  better.  Once  you  are  satisXied  with  the   overall  look,  use  a  clothing  steamer  and  slightly  melt  the  sugar  paste   to  give  it  that  shiny  look.   Step  35:  

Carefully remove  the  3  cardboard  pieces.  

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Step 36:  

If you  haven’t  done  so,  cover  your  threaded  rod  with  white  Xloral   tape.  It  has  to  be  white  in  colour  to  be  camouXlaged  within  the  wires.   Cover  the  rod  with  white  Xloral  wires.  The  ends  are  cut  short  because   you  don’t  want  too  much  bulking  near  the  girl’s  hand.  Wrap  a  piece   of  Xloral  tape  to  hold  the  Xirst  set  of  wires  down.  Insert  your  2nd   round  of  wires,  keeping  it  close  to  the  1st  set.  Cut  the  ends  off  near   the  girl’s  hand.  Use  Xloral  tape  to  hold  down  in  place.  Continue  on   with  the  same  process.  When  you  are  at  your  last  set  of  wire  bulking,   use  hot  glue  gun  to  adhere  the  wires  in  place.  That  way  no  Xloral  tape   will  be  showing.  Start  to  insert  wires  through  the  balloons  near  the   bottom  of  cake.  This  will  help  loosen  the  bulky  look.  Use  hot  glue  gun   to  adhere  the  ends  of  wires.  Keep  inserting  as  many  wires  as  you   wish  until  you  are  satisXied  with  the  overall  look.   34

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