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Black and white: The colors are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, so powerful by themselves that just the mere presence of the color on a character can tell you whether they are sinful or innocent, predator or prey. And no doubt, these looks range from the demure and sweet to sleek and sexy.

Soft, silky and flowing that perfectly describes Mirabelle's "Birds in Flight" dress, the birds oh so tender and tiny (opposite page). Belying its sweetness however is the mullet-style bottom which shows a wide expanse of sumptuous thigh, tickling the senses and promising that perhaps she's not so innocent after all!

Sandy understood: if you want to seduce your man, leave behind the innocence and slip on some sultry black leggings to hug your curves and catch his eye. Danny couldn't help it anymore he just had to make her his after that! Black leggings have not gone out of style since, but they have been updated here by A.L.C. Emmett to a sleek and sexy pseudo-leather look - adding an Angelina Jolie-infused kinkiness into an already power packed look.

Hat Trick Magazine October 2012  
Hat Trick Magazine October 2012  

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