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february 2014

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Bulawan, a local parlance for gold , is reflective of Comval’s gold and other mineral wealth


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february 2014



n 4 December 2012, typhoon Pablo (international name Bopha) made landfall over the Philippine island of Mindanao, a year after tropical storm Sendong (International name Washi) devastated the same island. Hardest hit by Sendong were the cities of Iligan and Cagayan de Oro where 1268 lives and 1.6 billion pesos worth of property were lost (NDRRMC, 2011) . Classified as a Category 5 typhoon by US meteorological experts, Pablo packed winds with average speeds of 185 km/hr and gusts reaching 210 km/hour. Typhoon Pablo’s eye crossed Mindanao through Davao Oriental, Compostela Valley, Agusan del Sur, Bukidnon, and Misamis Oriental. It continued west-northwest to Negros Oriental, then to Sulu Sea, crossing Palawan before reaching the West Philippine Sea where it is now as of the time of this writing. ore than 44,437 families were evacuated in Mindanao and in the Visayas Region, Central Philippines. Despite advanced warnings and preparations by communities against the tropical cyclone, Pablo exacted heavy damage in Mindanao with 459 deaths, 532 missing and 4.17 billion pesos worth of damage to infrastructure and agriculture. The region with the most number of recorded deaths is Compostela Valley, Mindanao, with 236 fatalities. Davao Oriental follows with 180 dead, recovered mostly from the coastal town of Baganga, where typhoon Pablo made landfall. The municipality of New Bataan in Compostela Valley, where Barangay Andap is situated, has 115 casualties. Barangay Andap is gone, buried in a pile of rocks the size of boulders (Figure 1). The village was overwhelmed by a rapid downward moving mass of material that was fluid as wet cement and composed of boulders, gravel and sand. In its wake, it left a pile of rubble called a debris flow deposit.


In the wee hours of December 5, 2012, Typhoon Bopha (locally knows as Typhoon Pablo) pounded on Mindanao, leaving a trail of destruction in New Bataan, Compostela Valley and the coastal areas of Baganga, Cateel and Boston. I visited the area a week after the tragedy to bear witness to the destruction brought about by extreme weather events. Upon arriving at the scene, it was like entering a ghost town painted in mud. What used to be vast lands of banana and coconut plantations are now mass graves of fallen trees strewn everywhere. The main livelihood of Davao Oriental was destroyed in one fell swoop by Typhoon Pablo. The massive destruction has left residents homeless and with no source of income. According to local officials, it will take twenty to thirty years for farms to recover. For now, everyone is on survival mode, ensuring they have what they need from day to day. Those who have lost loved ones had no time to grieve as they were forced to deal with the bigger problem of what to do next. By: Anna Abad

february 2014

golden magazine




fter the tragedy brought by Typhoon Pablo, the youth of New Bataan, Compostela Valley find hope wherever they can. New Bataan was one of the areas hit hardest by the storm, leaving many dead in the town and the region’s economy in tatters.


HAPCares, together with our member partner AstraZeneca Pharma, went back to Monkayo, Compostela Valley and Cateel, Davao Oriental, on our 3rd humanitarian sortie, to deliver our donation of PHP1.1M worth of GI sheets to the said municipalities. The need for these building materials was identified in a recently concluded post-disaster needs assessment (PDNA) which was spearheaded by OCD-NDRRMC, of which DOH and DSWD are seating members. This was one of the few occasions where the organization has ventured into addressing something which is outside our usual thrust on health in disasters but is a testament to our desire to adapt to the changing needs in a given situation thus making our presence and assistance more relevant and meaningful.


n the municipality of Compostela, Compostela Valley, 50 new homes now stand. 50 families now occupy these, not long after the homes were officially awarded to them last May 1, 2013. On that day, they offered a Thanksgiving Mass and held a house blessing with a bigger community – the local government unit (LGU) as well as their neighbors and guests from nearby towns. To this day, their smiles are as vivid as the colors that will greet whoever comes to visit the Berjaya-GK Village. But inasmuch as these homes looked similar to any other GK home – much like the 38 homes beside it built 2 years ago or the rest spread in all 11 municipalities of the province – theirs carry a story beyond normal measure. Living in these 50 homes are families that only 6 months ago didn’t know if they could ever find the courage to begin again. When Typhoon Pablo hit Compostela Valley and Davao last December 2012, the Philippines was still reeling from Typhoon Sendong, which happened only a year before. Like Sendong, Pablo struck days before Christmas and took so many lives. In recent times when natural disasters have become “the new normal,” our strongest antidote can only be bottomless wells of hope. The Work of Many

Hope begins with one, but it is strengthened in number. The homes in Compostela Valley (ComVal) have come to be because of the work of

many. During theBayani Challenge last March 23-27, the generous support of Berjaya Philippines (the mother group of Mazda Phils., Papa John’s Pizza, Phil. Gaming and Management Corp. to name a few), the unwavering commitment of the LGU, and the hard work of the Kapitbahayan and thousands of volunteers converged in this typhoon-torn municipality. The build carried on until the survivor families of Typhoon Pablo can finally move in and start their lives anew. This gave everyone the high and encouragement that the same can be done for even more families. President Aquino distributes cash and relief goods to victims of Typhoon “Pablo” during his visit to the devastated town of New Bataan in Compostela Valley. NEW BATAAN, Compostela Valley—President Aquino flew into this town hardest-hit by Typhoon “Pablo” to meet with bruised and grieving survivors and promise them government assistance in rebuilding their lives.


“Hope is the New Normal”

golden magazine

By: Claire Ericta & Gia Luga

february 2014




Awao Falls is located in Barangay Awao in the town of Monkayo, Compostela Valley Province. It is approximately 30 minutes away from the town proper and is reachable by skylab/habal-habal (motorcycle). The road from the town center to Barangay Awao is rough and rocky.





beautiful , MONK AYO




ga, - Mount Candala s ll a F ig g n ra a M stela Valley po m o C , n sa u g ra Ma

Marangig Falls serves as an entry to climbing Mount Candalaga. It is a system of waterfalls consisting of 13 levels surrounded by trees and different shrubs. According to legend, Marangig Falls is home to a ship known as Donya Marangig. Once in a while, residents would hear the blow of the horn and see that the river’s waters have overflown. The shifting of the water, according to the locals, means that the ship is moving but Tagbibinta Falls is one of the many great and majestic waterfalls located in Barangay Coronobe, Maragusan, Compostella Valley. Thousands of tourists every year gather to visit the falls, which is an ideal place to capture the beauty of nature. It is also a good destination to refresh your mind from the busy environment, as well as to appreciate the perfection of the Creator. Tagbibinta Falls is a series of seven falls measuring 700 feet high. For many adventurers, it is an ideal place for trekking because it offers challenging trails for you to conquer all seven falls. Here, you can do river trekking where you can capture the different angles of the site and explore its stunning views.

february 2014

Tagbibinta Falls. B arangay Coronobe , Maragusan, Compo stella Valley

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festivals and events

Bulawan Festival & The Solidarity Ring

Bulawan, a local parlance for gold, is reflective of Comval’s gold and other mineral wealth to promote Gov. Artutro Uy’s vision of transforming the province into a jewelry- making center. Solidarity is a term that is synonymous to camaraderie, cohesion and unity. It signifies team spirit and oneness in vision and objective. This Solidarity Ring, created and displayed during the first Bulawan festival, coincides with the first decade of the creation of Compostela Valley Province in 1998. Touted to be the biggest ring in the country, it is one of the highlights during the weeklong festivities. Now, it far transcends its meaning. The Ring stands as a symbol of peace and a masterpiece of the people’s unity. It is a workmanship of a cohesive leadership that aims to sincerely serve the people of Compostela Valley.

Diwanag festival Diwa nga Masanag…or Diwanag Festival in Montevista is one of the much anticipated events in Comval this Christmas season. It formally opens on December 9 with people flocking at the municipal plaza to see the festival of lights and the fireworks display. The well-lit and adorned balloon design is one of the attractions to the Diwanag festival in Montevista. Blue Capitol. Patterned after the Dome of the Capitol in Washington, DC, this structure is one of the attractions of the Diwanag Festival in the Municipality of Montevista, Compostela Valley Province.

Simballay Festival Simballay Festival symbolizes the unity and togetherness of the people of Nabunturan and their thanksgiving celebration for the bountiful harvests of this Capital Town of Compostela Valley.

Kariyawan Festival The festival is celebrated as a thanksgiving for the municipality rich agricultural harvest and abundant mineral resources.


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february 2014

Golden Valley in Mabini, Comval celebrates its Liyurot Festival The Lyurot or Lurot is a unique food of the Mansaka tribe of Maragusan, Compostela Valley. It is food cooked in bamboo. It’s a cultural feast of cooking as Golden Valley in Mabini, Comval celebrates its Liyurot Festival on November 22. This tribal group cook their food the traditional way by bamboo cooking.  

A festival of get-together with the four tribal groups of Laak, the Dibabawons, Mandaya, Mansaka and Muslim. Its also showcases bountiful fruit harvest of the barangays. Sagrada Familia Fiesta: April 4, Founding Anniversary:

The Pagsandugan USWAG GK Village in Mawab completes the aim of Governor Arturo T. Uy for the 11 municipalities of Compostela Valley to have GK Villages. The ceremonial blessing of the 40 houses, Day Care Center, and Bayan-Anihan launching was graced by GK Founder Antonio P. Meloto, Jr. on February 20 in Brgy. Tuboran, Mawab.

february 2014

golden magazine


Valley of Gold Inland Resort Compostella Valley is now the gold capital of the Philippines. That is way this new classy resort in Maco ComVal Province give pride to its province the resort is called Valley of Gold Inland Resort. The reosrt is located at the heart of Maco Comval Province. Its Very accessable to all. Maco is just 30 Kilometers away from Tagum City. The wide services offered by Valley of Gold Inland Resort shows its availability and flexibility not only to local visitors but also to foreign travelers who wants to enjoy their stay in Compostella Valley Province.

Visit there Site @ Jienos Garden Beach Resort is a newly opened themed beach resort featuring its Godzilla-sized Lolong Super Slide. The resort is ideal for family outings, barkada happenings, romantic getaway or just a fun time on the beach. The resort offers hotel rooms, beach cottages, karaoke singing, a restaurant and even a mini convrnience store. Jienos Garden Beach Resort is also popular as a wedding venue, business conventions, team building or event venue.

Jienos Garden Beach Resort


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february 2014

Beach View Resort is located in Pindasan, Compostela Valley Province. The resort provides nature lovers their day to enjoy the sun and bask in its warmth amidst a feast of colors under lush green foliage spread just a few meters from the shoreline. How to get to Beach View Resort Compostela Valley is accessible by air, land, and sea transportation. Davao City, 979 km. from Manila, is the gateway to the province. On arriving at the airport, take a taxi or a bus ride to Davao City Overland Transport Terminal at Ecoland to board a bus to Nabunturan. In Nabunturan, travelers can transfer to any public utility vehicles for another ride to any destination in the province. Single motorcycles are the most common form of public transportation. Tags: beach, resort, hotel, accommodation, inn, compostela-valley-resort, davao-del-sur-resort, beach-view, island, philippines, rates, overnight Phone: (084) 400-1510/ 217-3549

Beach View Resort is located in Pindasan, Compostela Valley Province. The resort provides nature lovers their day to enjoy the sun and bask in its warmth amidst a feast of colors under lush green foliage spread just a few meters from the shoreline. Phone: (084) 4001510/ 217-3549 Tags: beach, resort, hotel, accommodation, inn, compostela-valley-resort, davao-del-sur-resort, beach-view, island, philippines, rates, overnight  

february 2014

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Catfish cooked in a bamboo pole At the Bulawan Festival’s Cookfest, Nilotlot na ‘Ito was the dish to be cooked on a bamboo pole. The challenge for the students was how to make a fire without using a match

Nabunturan has one of the most tasty rice puto and bibingka in the province of Compostela Valley. One can stop by the stores along the Maharlika Highway in Nabunturan to taste the town’s favorite kakanin.


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february 2014

february 2014

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Mt Candalaga in Maragusan Compostela Valley is 7,800 ft above sea level...It is the home of the famous Rafflesia Mira that is about 45-60 cm in diameter.



favorite of hikers in Mindanao is one of the island’s most beautiful and yet formidable mountains, Mt. Candalaga in Compostela Valley. Home to the ethnic Mandayan and Mansaka tribes, the mountain is untamed and wild, as it is beautiful, steeped in folkore and blessed with a forest with a tantalizingly deep and dense foliage. Numerous waterfalls deck the mountain, and even at the start of the trail you will be welcomed by Marangig Falls (see picture), which is actually a system of waterfalls in 13 levels. Into the mountain, the flora and fauna is impressive: there are rafflesia, orchids, ferns, and trees covered with moss. Legends further beautify the mountain, and most of them are based on the belief of beings dwelling in the forests. One folktale is about Maranging Falls. It was said that a horn of a ship known as Donya Marangig would be heard by the residents near Marangig Falls, which means the ship is going to sail away. Its passengers are white, enchanted beings. The river would overflow and the rocks

would move as if the ship was in motion in the waters, but the vessel cannot be seen. One local who returned from abroad said that he saw the ship somewhere in Europe. Meanwhile, on the other end of the trail, in Tagbibinta Falls, women are not advised to go there alone. It is said that if a girl takes a bath in the catchbasin alone, an enchanted prince would show up and invite her to be his wife and take her to his world. Many more stories can be heard if you talk with your guides up the mountain.



ost of the content of the Trivia section were incorporated with the ‘Background’ section in this page, such as the legends of Mt. Candalaga. The particular rafflesia species in Candalaga is Rafflesia mira, the largest among the rafflesia in the Philippines, with a diameter of 22-29 centimeters.

Rafflesia Mira was first discovered in New Albay Maragusan by Filipino scientist Dr Edwino Fernando and Dr Penny Ong in 2002. According to Dr Nickrent, rafflesia is a unique flower that cannot be found anywhere else. It is a disembodied flower, a rootless, leafless and stemless parasite. It drains nourishment and gains physical support from its host vine. Its only body outside of the flower consists of strands of fungus-like tissue that grows inside the Tetra stigma vine. It first manifests itself as a tiny bud on the vine’s roots or stem. But over a period of 12 months, it swells to a cabbage-like head that bursts around midnight under the cover of a rainy night to reveal this startling, luridred flower.


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february 2014

A resort nestled atop Maragusan Hill Offering 208 Steps ascending to its skyline provide’s sight of the picture - perfect and great scenery amidst a mountainous backdrop. You have the chance to search for that inner peace on its blossoming grounds or simply just have a time - off walk and unwind on the resort’s beautiful landscape. Address: Tarago Hills, Maragusan Comval Province Philippines Telephone: (632) 662-1111

Bamboo Garden Resort is a great destination. The resort has a large pool with water that comes from nearby cold springs. Because it is situated in Compostela Valley, Bamboo Garden Resort rests on a hillside surrounded by trees. How to get to Bamboo Garden Resort Bamboo Garden Resort is a threehour ride from the heart of Davao City. Using private transport, visitors can take the Highway leading to the City of Tagum, the capital of Davao del Norte. Those who will take public transport can take a bus going to New Bataan, and get off along the terminal of New Bataan ang ride a single motorcyce going to Bamboo Garden Resort. A scuplture bearing the name of the resort found along the main road acts as the resort’s signboard.

february 2014

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Andap Inland Resort is perfect for those who love cold spring water. Situated in the mountainous terrain of Compostela Valley, it has a swimming pool carved on hillsides. The cold water comes fresh from nearby springs.


Andap Inland Resort is located in New Battan, Compostela Valley. It is a three-hour ride from the heart of Davao City. There are bus trips in the Davao Terminal that travel to New Bataan. Upon reaching the terminal of New Bataan, ride a single motorcyce going to Andap Inland Resort. There are signboards that lead you to the resort. Toyuzu Mountain Resort is a tourist destination which offers a whole new experience for visitors. Nestled on Mainit Protected Area & Landscape, it has sauna baths and two swimming pools with lukewarm water from the hot spring nearby. The resort also has mini- jacuzzi pools. The resort provides nature lovers their day to enjoy the sun and bask in its warmth amidst a feast of colors under lush green foliage. How to get to Toyuzu Mountain Resort Nabunturan is accessible by land, and sea transportation. Davao City, 979 km. from Manila, is the gateway to the province. On arriving at the airport, take a taxi or a bus ride to Davao City Overland Transport Terminal at Ecoland to board a bus to Nabunturan, the capital town, 90 kms away and two- hour ride. In Nabunturan, the visitor can transfer to any public utility vehicles for another ride to any destination in the province. Single motorcycles and or habal- habal, locally known as skylab, are available in any major point of the province.

Located at Mahayahay, Tuboran, Mawab, 7 km. away from Tagum City and has a distance of 2 km. from the highway. This is a living cave with pools of water found inside. To reach the cave, one will ride a bus from Tagum City and drop at the Brgy. Hall which is only less than a kilometer from the highway. From there, one can coordinate their adventure together with the cave guide.


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february 2014

Magnaga Waters beach Resort is one of the best affordable beaches in Comval Province. This resort is also catering beach wedding they have great deals and packages. The Place also good for team building and other outdoor fun because of its 12.5 hectare land. They have 24 hours security guard so your valuable things are pretty much secure. They have wide parking space so you don’t worry about it. A clean and sweet aroma of their close cottage is a heaven to sleep and you will be very comfortable with their rooms. Below are the important things you know about this beach resort.


Municipal Mayor:JC Celso V. Sarenas, No. of Barangays: 13, Location: Davao Gulf coast Destinations: LawiganBeach Resorts 1,2,&3, Arrow Mines View&Paraiso BeachResort, Matiao Beach Resort, Bislig Beach Resort, Magnaga Waters, GloriaBeach, Salvosa Falls, Lahi Hot Spring, Arancon Beach, Cocobarn Beach,Pajo Beach, Rey Uy Beach Resort, Lanipao Hill Complex (conventionfacility), Via Veritas Et Vita Seminar House. is a tourist destination which offers a whole new experience for beachgoers. Situated at Pindasan, Mabini, Compostela Valley, the resort provides nature lovers their day to enjoy the sun and bask in its warmth amidst a feast of colors under lush green foliage spread just a few meters from the shoreline.


Municipal Mayor:Hadji Amir B. Muñoz, No. of Barangays: 11, Location: Davao Gulf coast Destinations: OmandacBeach Resort, Manaklay Beach Park&Resort, Beach View Resort,Manaklay Beach, Sentro Beach, Jark/Casilac Beach, Mampising CARPBeneficiaries Coop. Inc. (MCBCI), White Beach Resort, Tortuga ValleyPlantations, Inc. (TVPI), Batiano Beach, Ybals Beach Resort, MangroveCafè, Tagnanan Beach, Kopiat Island, Lunod (St. Anthony Island). Lake Leonard- named after an intrepid mining prospector Leonard Kniaseff in the pre-war period was also then known as a Crocodile Lake, with its teeming crocodiles that once lived along with the wild geese, deers, boars, daytime bats, rare flora and fauna,freshwater fishes and birds of various species. The lake was smaller then until it widened with a basin covering some 210 hectares after the North Davao Mining Corporation (NDMC)used it as a company’s tailings pond for eleven years. That after relocating the entire Barangay New Leyte from the once so fertile plain just beside the lake to its present location atop a nearby mountain.


Municipal Mayor:Arthur Carlos Voltaire R. Rimando, No. of Barangays: 37, Location: Davao Gulf coast Destinations: (Potentials for development) sulfuric hotspring, Amacan waterfalls, Tagmanacao Falls, Lake Leonard *Lake Leonard. Venue of annualbancarera,jump-off point for biking competitions. Freshwater life. Rarebutterflies. Contact Nos.: (municipal tourism office) (084) 370-2258,09282477337

MAWAB Municipal Mayor:Dr. Avelina J. Jampayas, No. of Barangays: 11 Destinations: (Potentials for development) 701stBrigade Panoramic View, Mahayahay Cave, Cawacawa Waterfalls, Mainit Hotspring. Sevillano Flower Farms. Dizon Farms. *MahayahayCave. Tuboran. 7 kms. from Tagum City, 2 kms. from highway. Live cavewith waterpools. For spelunking inquire: Municipal Planning Officer0917-2089906

february 2014

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LAAK Municipal Mayor:Reynaldo B. Navarro, No. of Barangays: 40 Destinations:Kapatagan Inland Resort, Mt. Ampawid Mountain Resort. Caves: Binasbas,Kiokmay, Sisimon, Amorcruz. Waterfalls and lakes: Ampawid, Baubo,Kinabalian and Lugom, Mt. Banabanon View Point, Mt. Kapipilayan ViewPoint.

Municipal Mayor:Macario T. Humol, No. of Barangays: 28 Destinations:Bukal Hot&Cold Spring, Toyuzo Inland Resort, Cepada GardenResort, ComVal Hotel&Restaurant, Bibingka industry, ChainCooperative Handicraft Industry of Nabunturan (CCHIN), Golden ValleySwimming Pool, Nabunturan Integrated Cooperative. San Vicente Caves.Simballay Thanksgiving (July 21), AniBina Festival (March 1-8). *ToyuzoInland Resort. Nestled on Mainit Protected Area and Landscape. Saunabaths, two swimming pools with lukewarm water from hotspring nearby.Mini-jacuzzi pools. Entrance fee: P40. Picnic cottages: P100-P200.Overnight cottages: P750 (for three persons/room), P1,500 (family roomsfor ten people). Reservations: (082) 221-6771.

MARAGUSAN Summer Capital of Davao Region Municipal Mayor:Cesar C. Colina, No. of Barangays: MONKAYO 24 Destinations:Highland Lake Caampali (7,800 ft. above Municipal Mayor:Manuel B. Brillantes , Jr., No. of Barangays: 21 sea level. 0.75-hectareEnchanted Lake. Mt. Candalaga, Destinations:Kumbilan cave, Casoon. Pasian Caves. Inland Resort of Maite, SagayFalls of Salvacion. Pasian Falls. Magdagandang Marangig Falls, Tagbibinta Falls. MansakaCommunity. Falls, Seven Waterfalls of Awao. Kasiyawan Festival (July 31) Gold Aguacan Cold Spring Resort. mining in Diwalwal. UpperUlip Hot Spring. Buenas Creek Inland Resort (Mt. Diwata). LantawananInland Resort (Union).


COMPOSTELA Trading Centre of the Province

Municipal Mayor: Teofista T. Jauod, No. of Barangays: Municipal Mayor: Reynaldo Q. Castillo 20 No. of Barangays: 16 Destinations: Waterfalls. Springs. Mountains.

NEW BATAAN Municipal Mayor:Lorenzo L. Balbin, Jr. No. of Barangays: 16 Destinations: Malumagpak Falls. Mt. Manurigao. Calamocan Brooks. Judilla Inland Resort. Andap Inland Resort. White Peak. Bamboo Inland Resort.


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february 2014

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