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Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16 September 2015

Contents Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16 • Aim of strategy


• How do we decide which events to support?


1 Strategic Objectives


2 Playing to our strengths – Our competitive advantages


3 Scale and scope


4 Time and place


• Event Hierarchy


• Hawke’s Bay Regional Events Strategy Group


• Support Package


• Event owner’s responsibilities


• Funding Pools


• Process


• Event Activity Plan 2015/16


Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16

Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16 Events are a key part of the Hastings District’s social, economic and cultural fabric. Events enable communities to feel connected and to feel proud about where they live, work and play. Events also contribute significant economic return to the district in the form of visitor attraction and the use of local business as suppliers and sponsors. Hastings District Council is committed to supporting event organisers to grow our event offering.

Our aim is to: • to make it easy for great events to flourish in Hastings • to work with strategically targeted existing events to grow and develop them and to make them sustainable • to identify and seed new event opportunities to grow and develop them and to make them sustainable • to work in partnership with event organisers and to fully leverage events. The word partnership is key; we intend to move from being a ‘funder’ who hands out cash support without fully leveraging our investment to a ‘partner’ who clearly articulates our expectations in supporting the event, a partner who contributes significant added value and leverages the event to achieve our own strategic objectives, objectives clearly outlined within this document. As a council partner we will deliver excellence with integrity, commitment and respect and expect the event organiser we work with to deliver the same.

2015/16 revision

A new focus on operational excellence Of particular note to all event organisers we work with for this year is that HDC will have higher expectations of event owners that they will deliver operationally excellent events which are safe, compliant and well marketed. Events which meet these expectations are more likely to be funded in the future.

How do we decide what events to support? How we decide what events to support and develop will be governed by four factors; 1. Alignment to our strategic objectives 2. Alignment to our competitive points of difference 3. The scale and scope of the event; How big is it, and what is its scope to grow over its lifecycle 4. Time and place; when the event takes place in the yearly calendar and its location within the region/district.

The 2015/16 Event Implementation Strategy builds on the HDC Events Implementation Strategy developed in 2014/15. It will be reviewed again in July 2016. The existing strategy was successfully updated in the previous financial year and used to great effect with over 60 events directly supported in the District. The 15/16 revision includes some minor changes to the main body of the strategy and the inclusion of a specific events activity plan which outlines the work priorities for the HDC events team within the coming financial year. It is important to note that this implementation plan is part of a wider marketing strategy which HDC has adopted, and the strategic objectives of this plan align closely with the marketing strategy. Also of note is that HDC is also responsible for the delivery of many civic and community events within the Hastings District including Civic Awards, Christmas in Cornwall Park, and ANZAC Day commemorations. These events, and other events delivered by other HDC business units, will be delivered to the same high standard which we expect our partners to achieve. The Events Development team will work closely with other internal HDC business units to upskill them in event planning and delivery. The net result will be the Hastings District punching above its weight in regards to event delivery and gaining a reputation nationally as a place where great events take place, no matter what their size. Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16 | 3


Strategic Objectives Events help us to achieve four strategic objectives:

Objective One: Be loud and proud about Hastings (enhance our district reputation) Objective One is about events creating ‘good news’ opportunities which demonstrate to the rest of the nation and the world that Hastings is a great place to work, live and play.

Objective Two: People feel great about living in Hastings (creating Civic Pride) Objective Two is about events reflecting all that is good about living in Hastings and about our local communities having the opportunity to engage with and feel connected to the event.

Objective Three: More visitors, staying longer … that come back again (tourism opportunities) Objective Three is about using the event as a catalyst for regional tourism, ensuring that event participants have a great time in the Bay and want to come back again and again.

Objective Four: Support local businesses! (Economic development and investment) Objective Four is about events as a way to stimulate interest in Hastings’ businesses and providing the opportunity for Hastings’ businesses to be involved in the event, either as suppliers or sponsors.

A new focus for this financial year will be to better realise Objective Four by including the HDC Economic Development team in the leverage planning of targeted events and in particular where those events provide access into markets of interest, for example China. This may also include the opportunity for the provision of hospitality to key clients, the inclusion of associated business forums, business to business networking or the creation of content for bid proposals, i.e. video, images, case studies, testimonials.

Focus matrix for objectives Outward focus Perception of, and impact upon, people outside of region Inward focus perception of, and impact upon, residents

4 | Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16

Social focus

Economic focus

District reputation


Civic pride

Economic development and investment


Playing to our strengths - Our competitive advantages Along with the strategic objectives, events should align with one or more of the competitive advantages of the Hastings District. These advantages enable us to punch above our weight when hosting or bidding for events.:

Competitive advantage

Examples of event attributes which play to this advantage

Food and Wine Classic

• Event showcases local providence Food and Wine credentials

Examples of events

• Event uses local food & wine providers • Event showcases local hospitality

The Big Easy A&P Show Edible Garden Show The Hawke’s Bay Marathon

Cycle Network

• Event uses local cycle network (including for walking/running)

The Big Easy

• Event links to IWAY programme

Hastings Half Marathon

Country2Coast Blossom Ride Horse of the Year

Equestrian Excellence

Spring Carnival Racing

• Event showcases equestrian excellence

Hawke’s Bay Showing Championships NZ National Horse and Pony Show

• Involvement of Ngati Kahungungu • Alignment to Ma-ori led programmes A vibrant culture; with a particularly strong local Ma-ori culture

Te Matatini (2017)

Waitangi Day such as Sport Hawke’s Bay’s MaraeFit Waiata Ma-ori Music Awards • Integration of Ma-ori taonga and Matariki Festival concepts in event such as Nga Pou, Powhiri etc International Cultures Day • Concept of Manaakitanga (Hospitality) Triple Peaks


Scale and scope Scale can be measured by the size of the event; the numbers of participants and spectators and the size of its media reach. Scope is the potential of the event to grow beyond its current capacity- does it have potential to grow or has it reached capacity?

Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16 | 5


Time and place TIME


The Hawke’s Bay events calendar is heavily weighted towards the months of December-March, and visitor numbers reflect this. Hastings has great weather in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn so there is no reason why events can’t flourish outside of summer.

We are seeking to create an even spread of events throughout the Hastings District; within the three metropolitan areas of Hastings, Havelock North and Flaxmere as well as the Clive, the Cape Coast, Eskview, and other rural areas. A new focus for this financial year will be developing a Hastings CBD specific plan that provides clear focus to all event and marketing activity conducted by HDC, the Hastings City Business Association and other stakeholders.

Extra consideration will be made for events taking part in the ‘off’ or ‘shoulder seasons’ between the months of May-November, and which do not clash with existing events.

Event Hierarchy Once an event has been measured against the four factors above a support package can be developed according to its place in our event hierarchy. This will allow us to be absolutely clear about what we can deliver and what our expectations are from the event.

Events can be sorted into three categories. 1. Regionally Significant – these are events which deliver significant visitor spend, high national/international media profile, and deliver multiple HDC strategic outcomes. (examples include Farmlands Horse of the Year, the Hawke’s Bay Festival of Hockey) 2. District Significant – these are events which have significant local involvement and have potential for visitor spend and also deliver multiple HDC strategic outcomes (examples include Waitangi Day, Blossom Festival, Hawke’s Bay A & P Show) 3. Community and Civic events – these are events which deliver specific community outcomes and enhance civic pride and help people feel connected to their community. They are predominately aimed at locals, although visitors may also attend. (examples include community fairs, fun runs, civic awards etc.)

Hawke’s Bay Regional Events Strategy Group Hastings District Council is part of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Events Strategy Group. The group comprises of HDC, Napier City Council, Sport Hawke’s Bay and is led by Hawke’s Bay Tourism. Hastings District Council will to continue to play an increasing leadership role in this group and to fly the flag for Hastings-centred events. HDC’s Regionally Significant events are worked on collaboratively with this group so that the region as a whole can leverage its support. HDC also advocates for regional support for HDC district significant events in this group where appropriate, and the group also openly shares and discusses new event opportunities. Events which meet the regional strategies objectives (i.e. regionally significant events) may also be eligible for additional support from this group. 6 | Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16

Events supported by HDC must take place within the Hastings District boundaries unless they are regionally significant and a return on investment to HDC and alignment to HDC Strategic Objectives can be clearly demonstrated. Additional consideration is given to events which are connected to HDC owned or supported venues such as the Hastings Sports Centre, Opera House Plaza or Regional Sports Park.

It is important to note that the placing events within the hierarchy is a fluid process rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Events may move between the levels within a cycle for various reasons. For example a community event may be elevated to district significance by partnering with a major national or international event which coincides with it thereby gaining more media exposure and delivering more district reputation outcomes, and then return to a lower level when the partner event ends.

EVENT HIERARCHY Significant tourist numbers & Spend Significant local involvement & potential tourism Links to community outcomes

Regionally Significant

National/ international media exposure

District Significant


Enhanced district reputation Enhanced civic pride

Support Package Based on where the event sits within the hierarchy a support package will be tailored for each event, aligning to each strategic objective. Event organisers can meet with the HDC Events Development Manager to discuss an appropriate support package which may contain some or all of the following elements.


Operational support

District Reputation


Significant investment from HDC Seed funding from HDC

Service waivers

Regionally Significant

Ongoing partnership & advisory services

District Significant

Start-up style support


Low-level in-kind support

Event owner’s responsibilities

Civic Pride

More Visitors

• Acknowledge HDC support and allow HDC to leverage that support to meet mutually aligned objectives • Demonstrate an effective marketing plan • Use the I-SITE as the preferred accommodation partner, where out of region participants are expected

• • • •

Seed funding/Investment Waiving fees Specialist services Resources

Marketing • City Theming • HDC Channels • Support and advice

Reciprocal • • • • •

Linking with other events Linking to other organisations Advocacy at the regional level Participant packages Visitor Experience


More Investment


• Event and marketing planning sessions • Consents and licensing support • Connections to local businesses and service providers (Quality assured operators) • Bid support

Event outputs Operational

Our expectations are that events: • Are operationally excellent, compliant with all resource consents, and have high health and safety standards

HDC inputs

District Reputation

Civic Pride

• Have effective reporting and evaluation.

More Visitors

More Investment

• • • •

Well run Compliant/safe Good reputation Good reporting

Marketing • Acknowledgement of HDC support & HDC rights of association • Social Media engagements • Experiential activations • Opportunities to leverage good news stories/district reputation/ civic pride

Reciprocal • iSITE as accommodation partner • Promotion of other targeted events/services/facilities • Rate payer opportunities • HDC staff morale/opportunities • Third party leveraging of other sponsors • eDM/Database opportunities • Social media

Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16 | 7

Funding Pools


In regards to cash investments there are four funding pools which events may be funded from- they are more or less hierarchical, although some overlap may and does occur.

The information for accessing the event strategy resources and support is housed on The process is as follows:

Events can be funded from:

New Event Notification/ Existing event is debriefed

• The Marketing Budget (Regionally Significant) • Contestable Grants (Regionally Significant/District Significant) • Events Development Fund (District Significant/Community) • Grant for Service Waiver (Community)

The event strategy itself will be reviewed quarterly against marketing objectives and alignment to supporting strategies such as the Hawke’s Bay Regional Event Strategy and an annual review of events delivered against the strategy will be undertaken.

8 | Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16


Event is matched against criteria

Contract for service negotiated

Meet with organiser to discuss Review against criteria and decide on what level of support

Event Activity Plan 2015/16

Event Activity Plan 2015/16 One: Existing Events of a regionally significant level Identify existing regionally significant events and prioritise support levels and fully leverage them for an agreed period of time. Regionally Significant events which will be given priority support for 2015/16 include: 1.1 Horse of the Year and the Hoy in the City Community programme 2016. Funding support, In-kind support and marketing as well as advisory services as per a key account manager approach and coordinating a district-wide leveraging campaign (Hoy in the City) 1.2 HB Hockey Festival- In-kind support and marketing as well as advisory services as per a key account manager approach 1.3 The Big Easy 2016-Funding, promotion and taking a lead in aspects of event delivery 1.4 Food and Wine Classic - FAWC! (Summer FAWC! 2015 and Winter FAWC! 2016)Promotional, funding and targeted event support 1.5 Te Matatini 2017 -Support the local organising committee in developing the event plan for this regionally significant event, taking place in summer 2017.

Two: Targeted, existing events of a District Significant level Work alongside targeted district significant events to fully leverage HDC event support (Year one of a three year support cycle to be reviewed at the end of the 17/18 financial year) 2.1 Blossom Festival 2015 2.2 Waiata Ma-ori Music Awards 2015 2.3 HB A&P Society ‘Royal Show’ 2015 2.4 International Cultures Day 2016 2.5 Spring Carnival Racing 2016 2.6 Fiesta of Lights 2015 2.7 Waitangi Day 2016

Three: New events of a district and regionally significant level Identify new ‘regionally significant’ and ‘district significant’ events to develop and support with seed funding. New events identified for support in 2015/16 include: 3.1 Hawke’s Bay International Marathon 2016 3.2 Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival 2015 3.3 Super Sixes –Primary School Sports Event 2015 3.4 Hawke’s Bay Apple Festival 2016 3.5 Black Barn Off-Site Concerts 2016 3.6 Work with the Flaxmere Community Planning Group to identify, and grow an existing or new event to a district significant level which will grow community engagement, provide lasting outcomes and provide engagement with the wider district

10 | Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16

Four: Other existing events of a District Significant and Community level 4.1 Support* to the level befitting their place within the event strategy other district significant and community/civic events including, but not limited to, the following events: • Edible Fashion 2016

• NZ National Horse and Pony Show 2016

• Edible Garden Show 2015

• Triple Peaks 2016

• Cape Kidnappers Challenge 2015

• Country to Coast 2016

• Village Street Carnival 2015

• Hastings Half Marathon 2016

• Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction 2015

* In this instance support may be in the form of in-kind and advisory services as well as or instead of cash funding

• Tour of the Bay 2015 • Fun in the Sun Softball Festival 2016

4.2 Initiate concept of funding windows and establish process and criteria for other district and community events to apply for funding and other support. This is to be done for events within the second half of the 2015/16 financial year.

Five: Advisory Services Provide advisory services to event organisers to upskill the sector. Provide the following workshop and planning sessions within the next year: 5.1 Waste Minimisation for event organisers (Oct 2015) 5.2 Cross-Promotion of Running events and working with the HB Marathon for running event organisers (Oct 2015) 5.3 Marketing planning for event organisers (TBC 2016) 5.4 Health and safety planning for event organisers (TBC-2016) 5.5 How to navigate the resource consent and complance/regulatory aspects of working with HDC aka ‘where to start when putting on an event in Hastings District’ (TBC-2016) 5.6 Provide smaller, more targeted advisory and planning sessions to targeted event owners on an ad hoc basis on the following topics: • Compliance and regulatory • Marketing • Health and safety 5.7 As part of the NZ Association of Event Professionals and NZ Recreation Association networks, pass on information as and when pertinent regarding professional development opportunities.

Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16 | 11

Event Activity Plan 2015/16 Six: Resources Provide a one-stop shop of council support for events including a list of resources available for community groups to use 6.1 Collate a list of resources available for community use, including the management of all HDC owned promotional channels (for example flags, billboards, banners) 6.2 Develop an easy booking system with both ‘back end’ and ‘front end’ capabilities for these resources 6.3 Develop easy to use promotional templates which utilise existing HDC led marketing and promotional channels, i.e. Social Media, My Hastings 6.3 Develop an info pack for event organisers to navigate HDC processes

Seven: Whole of Council Approach Develop a ‘whole of council approach’ to event coordination 7.1 Establish a monthly event coordination meeting for HDC internal event stakeholders 7.2 Communicate the full range of HDC operational support to event organisers as part of any service level agreements 7.3 Work collaboratively with HDC Social Development Team to contribute to leverage planning around significant events 7.4 Work collaboratively with other HDC units to add value to their programmes and events, for example the Hastings District Libraries, Hastings City Art Gallery

Eight: Spread of Events Develop a district wide spread of events across the calendar and encourage collaboration between key stakeholders 8.1 Ensure events are evenly spread across the district, and that especially the three major urban areas of Hastings, Havelock North and Flaxmere are well catered for in regards to events 8.2 Work with community stakeholders (HCBA, HNBA and Flaxmere Community Planning Group) to ensure minimal duplication and maximum coordination of events to help build vibrancy in our three main centres 8.3 Encourage Event organisers to work collaboratively with each other and with targeted stakeholders to maximise their event opportunities. 8.4 Develop a Hastings CBD specifc event and marketing plan, with a focus in utilising the Hastings City Night Market 8.5 Keep an online calendar of events and share with the event community 8.6 Advocate for an even spread of events at the regional level 8.7 Publish a monthly events calendar in the My Hastings and publish significant events on the Visit Hastings website 8.8 Encourage all events to upload their events to event finder as early as possible as part of their funding requirements

Nine: Health and Safety Planning Ensure events supported by HDC will meet their obligations under the new Health and Safety at Work Act. 9.1 Model best practice by ensuring all HDC run events operate within the act and have rigorous Health and Safety planning 9.2 Provide independent peer review of health and safety plans for events if required or recommend an independent reviewer 9.3 Provide best practice health and safety templates at no cost to event owners 9.4 Ensure Event organisers are aware of their obligations under the act and enforce compliance as part of any funding arrangement

12 | Hastings District Council Event Strategy 2015/16


Craig Ireson EVENTS DEVELOPMENT CO-ORDINATOR Phone: 06 871 5057 Mobile: 027 889 3482 Email:

HASTINGS DISTRICT COUNCIL 207 Lyndon Road East Hastings 4122 Private Bag 9002 Hastings 4156 TE KAUNIHERA O HERETAUNGA


HDC Events Strategy 2015/16  
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