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HASTINGS CLUB FLYER VOL 3 | 49th EDITION | March 16 2019 | 03 5979 1740 Family and friends of Jannetje Witte went to The Bays aged care home in Hastings to celebrate her 100th birthday. Also at the afternoon tea on Tuesday 12 February were Hastings MP Neale Burgess, The Bays Healthcare Group CEO Elena Allen and other residents. Ms Witte was born in Texel, Holland where she also met her husband Tony, who died more than 20 years ago. The couple had four children, Margaret, Elizabeth, Rose and Theo, with Ms Witte working on farms to support their family during the Depression and World War II. They migrated to Australia in 1951, living in a hostel in Sydney before moving to the Mornington Peninsula, where Tony worked as a motor mechanic. Ms Witte enjoys playing the card game klavergas with her children and grandchildren who visit frequently. She also has a passion for animals,

knitting and crocheting. Ms Witte attributes her longevity to “keep on trying and having a go” and “all you need is love”.

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Chris (Chop) White takes 6 Wickets!

VOL 3 | 49th EDITION | March 16 2019 | 03 5979 1740

ErG’s Essential Gossip #111 Ant tried to flag down a story for the “gossip” this week but found it was like flagging a dead horse. Speaking of which, the Happy Clapper horse story of last week, is this week’s bad luck tale. Our team of employees missed out on drawing a horse in the “Magic Mile.” Better luck next time team. Now to cricket and a success story. Not having beaten Rosebud over any number of years there was a fair amount of trepidation concerning this week’s do or die effort. Batting first against the navy blues Hastings made a steady but not sensational 178. Some usual suspects, Luke Hewitt (58) Malith Chathuranga a steady (40) and then the jewel royal blue, Izzy Diaz took 4 for 31. Hastings on a roll. Rosebud were trundled out for 145 but not quite bundled out of the finals. Ant couldn’t find an answer to the: why white balls? Despite checking everywhere but the cellar, there he did find a flagon. Similar to a flag on a pole dear reader but not the same. In the sports bar a remarkable comeback from Steve Duke, can fish but cannot play darts due to shoulder injury. No! Dead-eye Duke is on the darts comeback circuit and Steve “the whiting were sensational.” This week’s F personality: Erg and Ant have tried to offer some interesting things about an alphabet range of personalities. like a flag at sunset 5 down and 21 to go. Erg says F is for Ford. Henry Ford that is! Of Irish farming descent the young Henry had already built a gas fired engine for his dad before joining the Edison Company in Detroit. In the 1890’s he built his first petrol driven car and established the Detroit Automobile Company which in 1903 became the Ford Motor Co. In 1909 the world’s first mass produced car the model T (Ford) gave motoring to the millions of middle wage earners a serious kick. Noting of course Henry’s generosity with colour. “You can have any coloured Model T you like provided it’s black.” 15 million Tin Lizzies were produced before the Model A and other Ford variations hit the road. Henry, quite the eccentric by now, detested banks, trade unions and with his “peace ship” tried to end WW1. Interesting! Like most industrialists in time of war, the Ford company was on the end of many lucrative contracts. A cashed-up Ford Company expanded all over the world with popular Ford variations. In Australia the locally produced Ford Falcon took on the GMH Holden, of many models. For umpteen years fans of both cars are still arguing Mt Panorama

(Bathurst) results. If not already apparent flags are a topic of some interest to The Erg because of a note left at the Club. From a Stumpy Gully Road resident, “dear Mr Erg, with no flags flying, at the club (sic) it is difficult to work out exactly what it is the Club supports? Can the Club make a decision to fly some sort of flag/s and let’s be proud of our heritage.” Signed Mr. S. Jump and Mrs. U.Till. (Not related.) Footnote: Ant thinks Mr. Jump and Mrs.Till are local producers, or orchardists or Llama farmers and they do have a point. March 30th. Check out our member options especially for the footy. Some bargain deals and for the John Coleman’s Legends lunch get up a table. It’s easy to do, just ring Michael or Harley, and remember a new legend will be awarded along with some further entries into the “Hall of Fame.” No clues of who the legend could be but if past champions are any guide, R.Everist*, P.Hibbert, & J.Watson the ‘new’ legend will also be exceptional. Please book as soon as possible. Give the caterers a fair chance of getting it right. Under “The Southern Cross we stand.” “Shut up Ant! The message is out there we need flags and flagpoles and brackets and the wherewithal to fly.” Quote of the week! Until next week, bring on the footy.

Erg & The Ant “Regular walkers at Hasting’s foreshore last week witnessed an excricketer self-described as a bowler of pace and fieldsman of note, throwing a stick for his dog to retrieve. Facing due east the said stick disappeared in what can only be described as a south westerly direction. The dog was wrong footed as was an unknown walker who, at 20 metres distance, heard said stick land 1 metre behind her. Given his propensity for brawling with fellow walkers at the foreshore, a gentle reminder to throw the stick with a more ergonomic action is necessary.” (Hahaha! Not contributed by Ed.)

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