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NERVOUS BALLS Tennis team talks regional competition

By Aniket Rattan

Photo By: Leslie Gorostieta Senior Hieu Phan signs autographs along with his teammates as they head to regionals.


Students share thoughts about impeachment issue

The first Whistleblower came forward by filling out a nine-page complaint on August 12th saying that he or she learned from “multiple U.S. government officials that the President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election.” (CBS News) The complaint was revealed on July 25th, 2019 President Trump had a 30 minute phone call with the President of Ukraine. In this phone call, President Trump asked for an investigation on Democratic Presidential Joe Biden and his son Hunter was formerly director of a Ukrainian oil company. As a result of the report from the whistleblower, Nancy Pelosi opened a formal impeachment inquiry. This opens the question, Are people for Trump’s impeachment or against it? As stated by junior Favor George “I think he went beyond his power with his call with Ukraine trying to solicit information on Biden…that is legal…so if

opinion on Pres. Trumps impeachment is, and if they are for or against his impeachment their response vary. Senior Donna Robinson sides with for impeachment, “I think Trump’s impeachment is important. It is something that has become very favorable among Americans.” She refines by stating that “The only concern that I have with it, if (Vice President) Pence became our new president he’d be much more of a scarier force then Trump.” But she’s still for Trump’s impeachment. The House of Representatives, with the majority of the house being Democrats, brings up the inquiry of the process of impeaching a President. But it’s up to the Senate with it being ruled by Republicans if it is a viable reason to impeach Trump. It has been said that there is an unlikely chance Trump would get impeached for that reason. (Vox News) This includes senior Viviana Fernandez who offers

By Antonio Ortiz

he does get impeached, I think it would be fair, but it seems a little unnecessary… to go for impeachment.” It goes to show people are on the fence of Trump’s impeachment, for it is not understandable if it even fair to take him out of office for the Ukraine incident. On October 3, 2019 Pres. Trump tweeted “As the President of the United States, I have an absolute right, perhaps even a duty, to investigate, or have investigated, CORRUPTION, and that would include asking, or suggesting, other Countries to help us out!” When asking junior Jennifer Williams if it’s right for Pres. Trump to go around and asking if it is right to ask for outside help, she responded “I don’t think that’s right or necessary… all that’s going to do is like cause trouble, scandals and you’re going to make people mad, because asking other countries to interfere with your elections that’s kind of cheating, just make it a fair race for everybody…” When asking students and teachers on what their

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Hasting’s varsity tennis team played their regional game against Clear Falls High School on October 15. The team ultimately placed third in the district tournament but, for players, it was a nerve-wracking experience. “I was very nervous at first and couldn’t keep my legs from shaking in the locker room,’’ said Antoin Nguyen, varsity tennis player. Students are often told how much effort is athletes put into their sports. The scores, whether wins or losses, and the dates of upcoming games are consistently on school announcements.

However, no one announces what happens outside of Hastings’ walls at these matches. Student athletes play in different areas of Houston and many things factor into the reason why sports teams win games or lose them. For the varsity tennis team, it was a very close call. “Regional was very tough,’’ said Melissa Valdez, varsity tennis player. “Back and forth again, and again, and again. Our opponents were pushing us to our limit and found our weaknesses in some matches we played. It was un-motivating for sure.” See TENNIS on page


“I think that is the right thing to do because he’s very…he likes to stereotype people and he’s homophobic and doesn’t respect women” Yuliza Garcia, 11th “Oh I definitely think they should carry through with it you know, I believe since he’s been in office he’s made like a lot of radical changes you know he’s a disrupt some families split apart like a couple of people I believe it’s very unjustified and I’m just waiting for someone to put in place” Guy Lumpkin, 12th

“I think they should look into his background and his records more and dig deeper than they already are.” Muslim Aziz, 12th





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A few weeks ago my journalism teacher sent home a copy of our school’s newspaper and when my dad opened it, he threw it away. When I found it laying in the trash, I asked him why he threw it away, and he told me that it was because he didn’t know what it was. Fast-forward to now when I have an opinion overdue, my teacher suggested that I write about this for my next column. I thought about it but there were two things still bothering me. My first issue was that it would be “too depressing.” When I expressed this to my teacher, she told me that sometimes that’s just what I need to do. The second problem I came across was figuring out how I could connect this story to something that other students could relate to as well. When I thought about what issues I could tie this into,

my mind somehow went right back to depression. Studies from 2016 show that about 2.2 million American teens from the ages of 12-17 had experienced at least one major depressive episode and only 19% of those teens received any professional help. These numbers are unsettling. Based on my own experience with depression, I can say that there are many factors in today’s day and age that play a major role in worsening depression and mental health issues. When speaking with others about what the factors are for them, there seems to be many common attributes. One of the biggest contributors is probably social media and the constant pressure to compare oneself to others. We live in a society where technology is always within arms reach. Through social media, we’re all easily acces-



There are many sports that we watch but the one that gets the most attention is football. Football has been shown so much attention that it has outgrown the rest of the sports. More people show up to football games than soccer, basketball or volleyball combined. There really isn’t anything special about the sport, sure it may be entertaining but is it beneficial. In my opinion it’s very boring to watch, even if you understand it. Let’s be honest , who wants to watch people running 360 ft for about 2-3 hours? The sport is really just guys tackling each other to get a ball across the field. I don’t really see the hype for it. Take soccer as an example , its guys and women kicking a ball around trying to score and gain a point running, scoring and using a ball. Baseball per say also uses a ball, run around a field and score. They’re all the same just with different ways of playing. Football has been seen as one of the most played sports to this day. Now a days all you see is people getting scholarships Illustration


for football more than any other sports. This sport is far more superior than any other sport that exists. All sports deserve the credibility that football so easily receives. Why not the other sports? Are the other sports not

as good as football? Why is football seen better than every other sport?

Tina To

sible to one another, and yet there still remains a large disconnect. This disconnect can be isolating. In an age where we are all given instant connection to one another, why is it that many of us choose to stay isolated? I believe that it is due to the fear of being judged. Personally, I have never felt comfortable enough to speak to anyone about my own depression. There’s still this great stigma behind mental health that makes myself, along with many others afraid to reach out

for help. It’s a depressing truth, to say the least. Other than social media playing a large role in teen depression, other factors such as problems with self esteem, interpersonal conflicts, and school related stress can lead to depression as well. This is why finding healthy ways to cope with stress earlier on is very important in reducing the chances of negative effects on the mind and body. Whether you yourself are suffering from depression or not, chances are that someone you care about is.

Side Note

Understanding and addressing the topic is a vital first step to encouraging others to reach out for help. Rather than avoiding topics that are normally considered upsetting, we should instead try to look at them from a different perspective.

On October 23, a Hastings student was critically injured by a moving vehicle on High Star Drive at dismissal. Out of respect for our classmate and his family, Bear Facts editors made an informed decision to refrain from reporting further on the incident. All information that has been released to the public is readily available through local news media outlets. We ask that our fellow students join us in a silent show of support by offering the student and his family privacy during this difficult time.






her own reasoning why Trump should be impeached “My opinion on it is that he should be impeached, and it’s a good idea he’s been causing problems for America and he doesn’t deal with them correctly. Trump is extremely ignorant and doesn’t seem to have sympathy for people, overall so overall I feel like Trump’s impeachment is going to make America better” On the other side of things there are some people that against his impeachment and with good reason. Junior Evelyn Ayala makes a Compelling argument to state her point, “I don’t think it is smart to do it

now. I think it’s useless since he will not be in office in a year.” She later restates her opinion on why she’s against impeachment. “Okay I’m against it not only because it’s his last year also because the Vice President is going to be in charge after he’s impeachment, Pence wouldn’t be any better to leave for the couple last month in the office” There is a diverse sum of people with different views, opinions, on Trumps impeachment. Whether they’re are for or against it, we can’t yet determent what the senate will decide if he is to be impeached. “I actually like it cause there’s some things that he’s been hiding from the world…”

Heyleen Flores, 11th

“He’s been out of line way too many times and especially now from the information like he’s not supposed to do that” Rudy Gonzalez, 11th

GIRLS BASKETBALL November 12... Morton Ranch November 14-16... Alief sub-varsity November 18... Aldine November 21-23... McDonalds November 30... Westbury December 3... For Bend Austin December 5-7... Katy Tournament December 10... Kempner December 13... Clear Brook BOYS BASKETBALL November 12... Tomball November 19... Langham Creek November 21-23... Lamar/Alief ISD November 25-26... Rebounder’s Club Graphic By: Aniket Rattan

December 3... Mayde Creek







New SNHS sponsor enthusiastic about coming year

By Stefhanie Lazo

The Spanish National Honor Society held its first meeting with its new sponsor Maria Gorosito October 3. During the meeting, students received an explanation of what it would be like to be part of SNHS. “It is a huge responsibility to be the sponsor of the SNHS, but in turn felt motivated by the new members,” said Gorosito. “Seeing their enthusiasm and ideas for community services as well as their expectations of their future seemed extraordinary to help and

guide these students.” One popular idea was to attend a hospital where children with cancer are treated during the Christmas season. It caught everyone’s attention when members promised to go to the hospital to see the requirements information and schedule the visit. Gorosito believes The Spanish National Society serves a unique purpose on campus. Having the goal of helping and motivating members of the latin community to fulfill their dream of going to university and obtaining their degrees. Also benefiting parents, organizing meetings to provide information only in Spanish as well as creating programs for members whose first language is Spanish to teach them the English language. As it has felt very supported by the language department

by different ways some help her by providing new ideas or mentioning certain activities that used to before. While others supported her by talking about SNSH in their class by informing students what is required to join and motivating them to reach the required level.” Roberto Portillo, teachers in the language department, spoke of innovative ideas as bring SNHS to Washington DC for meet all International Spanish Honor Societies. “It’s time to talk loud,” Portillo argued . Portillo also support some students how are interest to be part of SNHS , but they’re not at the level required motivating to keep with the Spanish class or getting AP Spanish Literature or AP Spanish Language. Definitely, National Spanish Honor Society is come with the biggest enthusiasm ever seen in the past. Hopping this become true they ends the meetings.


College and Career Center utilizes new app for senior class By Aniket Rattan

The Hastings Class of 2020 introduces itself as the first class to utilize the Band app the College and Career Center had in store for them. For students, the Band app is a spectacular asset to use in preparation for college and has been since the beginning of the school year. “Ever since we began utilizing Band, the results have been very effective,’’ said Hastings College and Career Advisor Kevin Cisneros. “The app itself is a great way to upload how-to videos on college information such as: FAFSA, scholarships, grant opportunities and many more. It makes things a lot easier for the

students and technology is a great asset.” Band and its resources for students have been very promising to last a long time. The College Center has been innovating unique opportunities recently and new ways to communicate with students. “Recently, we had a No Treat Till you Complete opportunity for students to submit three college applications before October 25th”, said Perkins. “Once they complete that, the students will be rewarded with a cupcake during their lunch periods. As for the future of the app, we have been doing stuff like this, along with voting polls that

the app allows us to utilize so we know what the students want and for the future students that join.” In like manner, the College Center hasn’t restricted its communication with only senior students, but also with junior and sophomore students. “Like the seniors, there is a Band for the juniors and sophomores,’’ said Cisneros. “They get a huge advantage in that there is study skills tips, PSAT prep tips, scholarships, and even field trips to universities to get an experience for how colleges appear to be and makes it easier for them to choose one for their later years.’’

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Photos by: Maria Alberto Perez






Did you guys know that there is a club at Hastings High School that has extracted DNA from strawberries? Well that club is known as Science National Honors Society which is also sponsored by one of Hastings very own physics teacher, Kirsten Statt. The Science NHS is very useful for students that have a true passion for science and would like to do more experiments than the ones that are done during the school time. “I wanted to join Science NHS because I’ve always had a love for science, especially when it pertained to animals or how the human brain works. I want to explore these areas that I am interested in more” - Aquielle Richards. This program

gives students a better understanding of what is happening in science. When a student is taking a science class they generally do about 1-3 projects a school year. Fortunately that is not the case in Science NHS in this program you will get to do more experiments and project than you could ever imagine doing in a school year. That is why this program goes deeper than what a basic science class can teach you. The students in this Science NHS really benefit from it in so many ways. Some students join this Science NHS sometimes join just because they would simple I like to meet new people that have the same interests as them. “I think I will be able to appreciate the art of science more and also connect

with the group of people who also share the same interests with me regarding science” -Karla Mejia. There are also students that would like to join the medical field and science is most definitely required when you are in medical school. Then you have the others that just simple just want to try something new where they can learn things that they have never learned before. All in all the Science National Honors Society is a wonderful program for students that would like to do more science related things outside of the regular classroom. “Science NHS is for a group of juniors and seniors where they would do science and engineering projects after school” said Statt.

Photos by: Maria Alberto Perez





As a matter of fact, this was the first time the Varsity Tennis team went beyond District level competition. “Yeah, I never thought we would grow past district,’’ said Charles Demdem, varsity tennis player.” We played for many years and now we’ve become very good to go pass District. We train every day and put in the hard work. Endurance training, coordination, reflexes, speed, and practicing technique go in hand to what we do everyday. Some skills a bit more than others depending on what we needed to work on from the last game.” As far as competition goes, players said the tension was overwhelming due to the stakes this event had. Mistakes could ruin the team’s hard work and preparation for this moment. For varsity tennis players, how they handled this was crucial. “Even if everyone says

you’ll lose, the moment you believe that is when you really lose,’’ said Valdez. “We win these games not just physically but mentally as well. We play a mental game with ourselves and our opponents in these matches to win”. Everybody is different in



what I would have to lose if I didn’t give it my all. That’s Student athlete talks college ambitions because like all my other matches, I always play with my full potential and playing with a purpose to keep improving myself ”. During stressful times, having a mentor can be critical. The players believe their coaches do their best to allow them to see the hope within themselves. “On the bus to our regional matches with By Lily Tran what is the back up plan? Many times when students Clear Falls, our coachAsia Ashton Hastings volplay sports in high school es were our biggest leyball player says, “[she] because they enjoy and love plans to major in education motivators,’’ said it, but would they still want at Prairie View A&M UniValdez. “Coach Davis to play after high school and Nguyen gave us a versity.” as their career? Very few motivational speech, Ashton is currently a junior students that play in high everyone hyped each who plays as an outside hitschool play in college or other up, slapping ter on the volleyball team. professionally, because each other’s backs and She is very passionate about there are so many people cheering along the way.” volleyball, and would “love competing for a spot on the Many sports teams have to play in college.” team. their own trademark chant NCAA states that only “A little over 7% of high that they would usually “3.9% of volleyball girl school athletes (about 1 cheer before a big game and players get to compete in 14) went on to play a the Bears at the regionals NCAA” even less get to a varsity sport in college and game were no different. D1 school. less than 2% of high school Even though Ashton’s “We do have a chant,’’ said athletes (1 in 54) went on Demdem. chances are low she still to play at NCAA Division I “It usually means as a way works hard to accomplish schools” reported Scholarfor the opponent to think her goals. As of right now, in 2016-2017 we play bad. It goes 1, 2, 3 her goal is to have “five kills school year. Boo Boo Bears!” each game and get a posiUnless they have amazing tion as a left-side hitter.” So, stats, D1 schools will not what’s next for other atheven look at the student. So letes and their future?

Even if everyone says you’ll lose, the moment you believe it... that is when you really lose. how they prepare for their challenges that come on stage For Nguyen, it was an experience that he was familiar with. “To be honest, I’ve always thought of big matches like regionals as another regular match,’’ said Nguyen. “It’s so that the tension wouldn’t be so huge. I would think back to the training and

Above left: Athletes are greeted by cheering classmates as leave campus for regionals.

Photo by: Leah Renteria-Caicedo

Above right: Coach Martel cheers for the varsity tennis players.

Photo by: Leah Renteria-Caicedo

Left: Varsity tennis players show no signs of fear as they prepare to leave on the bus.

Photo by: Leah Renteria-Caicedo






By Jenny Alvarado

As the school year comes to an end, most people begin thinking about Summer vacation and how they would use this time to relax. This isn’t the case for Jeff DeLisle, the director of maintenance, and the Alief ISD Facilities and Maintenance staff. For them, the Summer break equates time for renovations. The Summer prior to the 2019-2020 school year was a particularly difficult one since there was a substantial amount of work to be done. Initially there are renovations that must be made yearly to maintain each campus. Some require slightly more work than other campuses since they are older. Ranging from 1 to 55 years of age, every campus district-wide undergoes some maintenance. Such things included, upgrading original carpets and floors from various schools and replacing the roof of Miller Intermediate. Furthermore, small scale renovations to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system were made at Albright, Budewig, Olle, and the Ninth Grade Center.

Despite these yearly renovations, the Facilities and Maintenance staff had a larger task at hand; Elsik HVAC renovations. The planning for this project began 2 years prior, while the actual construction began in the Summer of 2019. Before construction could even begin, teachers had to pack up and move their belongings to a different location. Once that was done, the tedious process could begin. Floor protection had to be placed, the ceiling tiles needed to be removed, and then the demolition could begin. Or so they thought. Unfortunately, the HVAC renovations were put behind schedule because of the discovery of a former underground pit that was improperly filled. Additionally, the maintenance staff faced further setbacks by obstacles that were not in any plans. Still, the staff worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week to complete these renovations. In the end, they installed new machinery, such as air handling units and chillers, to improve the layout and

efficiency. Furthermore, they completed other renovations that were not bond-funded. Such renovations include the district-wide replacement of locks in support of the Security Upgrade Project IV, although this is still an ongoing project. Also, the Ag Barn was improved with additional pens, repaired wood, a new gravel lot, and an extended canopy. As if this was not enough to complete during the Summer, the Maintenance staff had to repair Outley Elementary. Before school let out, there was a fire at the elementary school in May. Despite this unexpected event, the Maintenance staff did not hesitate in repairing the school and bringing it up to standard again. Jeff DeLisle and his staff spent countless hours each and every day to ensure that our school, as well as the rest of the district would be in a suitable condition for students to learn in. Many may not realize the work that goes into maintaining our schools the way they are, but it takes an immense effort to do so.

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By Jackelin Gutierrez

Via Colori is an event where artists from all ages can create and display their artwork in downtown City Hall Houston. The event is taking place on November 23 from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. and on November 24 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. where tickets range from $7 to $40. Money collected by the festival helps fund health and educational services for children with hearing loss through The Center for Hearing and Speech. Students and teachers from the school are able to participate in the event by submitting their own artwork, and if it gets approved, they are able to create their chalk artwork in downtown Houston. “I just know that a bunch

of people in my class are doing it and it’s like some kind of street art,” said junior, Kailynn Valera. AP art students decided to participate in the event and follow the film and sound theme. “What I did for Via Colori was basically this old film tape and in little squares I put like old movies or very iconic movies that people would know,” said senior Rosali Chavez. The event includes live music and plenty of vendors where a person could buy food from. “When we got there, there were all these artists, like they range from ages, so they could be really old or really young,” said senior Blossom Omeje, “You can walk around and see all the art, and it’s so nice.”


Action Based Learning (ABL) is academic learning using purposeful movement. It utilizes the natural link between the brain and the body to maximize learning. Studies have shown that when kids move, learning improves. Alief took it upon their hands by putting it into action setting up the labs in classrooms and it has shown a big shift in the academic performance. For example in the few campuses where it has been applied like in Crossroads High School, it has shown better behavior throughout the day lowering stress throughout the campus. The labs have

improved the attentiveness of each and every student they are ready to learn from the get go of things making the time in each class not only well used but as well as being a more free and creative at the moment due to the fact that the labs are a series of progressions, each designed to prepare the brain for learning. It has impacted all the students in a very positive way because is such a big change in the typical desk arrangements to a more open and free learning environment that has been helping. The ABL labs have helped many throughout the few schools that have put it in motion.






The stage is set, the costumes are ready, the actors are prepared. Lights, Camera, Action. The curtain goes up and the play begins. The actors give it their all, while the backstage crew makes sure that everything from lights to the stage is ready for each scene. “Theater is magic, it gives the opportunity to be something you’re not, and it gives the opportunity to the audience to go on a journey,” said Kevin Zahradnik, theater director. The Alief Hastings Players, or Troupe 1446, came back with the Shakespearean

comedy A Midnight Summer’s Dream. “It’s really interesting to see a production come to life and watch the audience buy into that world,” said Zahradnik. But this is the troop’s first play of the year. “We have tried our best with lines because this is Shakespeare, and [ Shakespeare] is quite hard to do, but we can do it,” said Judah Patrick-Payne,12th grader. The Troop works hard and prepares warmups before any rehearsals and performances. “In class, we usually go over lines for the actors, for the

tech, we usually giving the cues for lights and such,” said Bailey Leblanc,12th grader. As tensions are running high for this play to be successful, the crew encourages each other along the way. “I like motivating with positivity, encouraging them to just do their best, but still having their freedom,” said Leblanc. And come together as a team. “We have a circle up, and go around talking about the experience of the show. It kind of like a come-together moment,” said Zahradnik. Theatre student Judah Patrick-Payne performs on stage in the Little Theater. The troupe’s production of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” ran for three consecutive days in October.

Photo by: Aniket Rattan Theatre students Mekalia Pounds and Phuc Cao stand with hands held together in their performance, presenting themselves to the audience.

Photo by: Aniket Rattan

Oct. 22 - Hastings choir held their first performance under the guidance of new choir director Elijah St. Thomas. Photo by: Furaha Famili

Oct. 5 - Band and color guard spent their October weekends performing at competitions. Photos by: Antonio Ortiz

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