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By Mya Bourgeois

Hastings hosted its homecoming dance, themed ‘Bearchella’ as a twist on the school’s mascot and the popular music festival, on Saturday, September 14th. Students in attendance expressed appreciation for the theme. “I think it was really cool how they combined something that is so modern and popular with what we represent. Bearchella was really creative and we were able to get the vibes of Coachella while still repping the black and gold,” said Nia Bourgeois, a senior. Keeping the tradition followed in recent years, the dance was hosted in the south cafeteria. “I think it was cool [having the dance in south]. There

Photo by: Camryn Jefferson


The new Alief Center for state of the art tools that Advanced Careers, built on help me become successful Photo by: Crystal Romero Richmond Avenue beginin my passion. I’m lucky to attend Hastings. is a dip in the cafeteria that ning in 2017, was designed be going to this next year,” “So, I didn’t go to the dance, to set students up for succreated more of a dance said Lam. floor,” said senior Eralena but I regret not going becess in life. Reynolds. cause all of my friends are The school caters to many Although many students talking about how fun it fields including culinary attended the homecoming was,” said sophomore Janae arts, automotive technolodance, it was a small number Strickland. “I’m definitely gy, architecture, digital decompared to the more than going next year though sign, construction design, four-thousand students that that’s for sure. health science and industrial robotics. The state of the art building is equipped with techStudents speak up about this year’s debates nology and other helpful programs to help students By Jackelin Gutierrez Photo by: Camryn Jefferson The Democratic Debate is Convention. gave a different stance than achieve success. Students interested in an event in which candiIn a debate, candidates are Sanders. “Corporations pursuing the programs ofdates’ debate over importasked a series of questions and the nation’s wealthiest ant issues surrounding the that they have to answer. individuals would pay more fered at the center begin in introductory classes at their country. Candidates have For example, Bernie Sandand middle-class families home campus. the opportnity to discuss ers was asked if he would would pay less. That’s how As the students progtheir ideas and the changes ress, they are enrolled theY would like to make in in off-campus courses at the country. These debates ACAC. give voters a chance to gain Freshman Tuong Lam is information from potential excited to go there for his nominees, one of whom digital design classes. “I will represent in the Demthink it’s pretty cool that Photo by: Antonio Ortiz ocratic party in the upcomJesler Cerrato takes out the there’s actually a digital ing presidential election. break fluid from the front design class in ACAC with The candidates that qualwheels. ified for the fourth debate in October are Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julián Castro, Kamala raise taxes for the middle this is going to work,” said Harris, Amy Klobuchar, class to have affordable Warren. Beto O’Rourke, Bernie healthcare, in which he reCandidates debate over Sanders, Elizabeth Warren sponded, “People who have important issues that are afand Andrew Yang. healthcare under ‘Medifecting the country now. In Vox reports that for a cancare for all’ will have no the first, second and third didate to qualify, he or she premiums, no deductibles, debates, the candidates dismust raise donations from no copayments, no out-ofcussed the problems with 130,000 people. Candidates pocket expenses. Yes, they healthcare and what they must also earn 2 percent will pay more in taxes but would do to solve these support from four polls less in healthcare.” Elizaissues. that needs to be approved beth Warren response when Photo by: Antonio Ortiz See DEMOCRACY on page 4 Mr. Pace teaches his welding class the by the Democratic National asked the same question


Not voting means you cannot complain if an unfavorable person is put in power.

safety procedures of using the equipment.





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Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU are both crime fighting, lawfull kind of shows who bring justice to people who were harmed. I love how they show flashbacks of the assault or the murderers. Though they have many similairties they have many differences like Law and Order: SVU is based soley on rape victims but Criminal minds focuses on every aspect of from murders to rape the whole shabang. Which leads me to say Criminal Minds is way better than Law and Order: SVU. I mean how can you blame me? Yeah what the shows are based about is pretty sad and stuff but it also kinda cool how they show flashbacks of how the victim was assaulted. And in Criminal Minds everyone kinda has a specific role for instance they have a leader, the muscle, the brain, the hacker etc.. but in Law and Order its just a

bunch of police officers in New York . Criminal Minds is in my opinion more developed and has a story going with it too like they show other stuff outside the crime fighting, like other problems happening with the characters. Yeah Law and Order does it too it’s just not cool enough for me. In Criminal Minds they are FBI analysts which is a more important job, it’s more realistic in my defense. Plus one of the characters in Criminal Minds is an italian and spaghetti is my favorite food.

FLASH TO THE PAST By Julissa Frausto

We often get caught up in all the excitement of homecoming, picking out our outfit, doing our hair, participating in spirit week, but we forget the true meaning of “Homecoming.” Homecoming is more than simply going to the game of the year, it’s about welcoming back alumni who previously attended. We should stop for a second and consider what high school was like for those who previously attended Hastings instead of making this all about us. Let’s travel back in time and see a day in the life of others A regular day back then was pretty much the same as it is now. As soon as they arrived at school, they would meet up with their friends in the courtyard and from there they would make their way to the cafeteria to enjoy breakfast together. Once the bell rung to go to class they would each go their separate ways and meet up later on that day to hangout. Gregorio Serrano, a student from the class of 2013, describes everyday at Hastings as unpredictable, never knowing what to expect, but one thing all former Hastings students could agree on was to make sure to be on time to class.

High school holds a special place in the hearts of alumni. It impacts you immensely without realizing it. Dora Alicia Frausto, class of 2009, recalls that during her freshman year, Hurricane Katrina broke out as a result students from Louisiana had to come to Houston to finish their education. This led to many conflicts among them including a wild fight among the students resulting in many injuries such as a broken nose. Frausto commented “ No one was safe to the point a teacher was injured trying to stop the fight”. However, all the tension between the students soon dissolved and brought them together as a community to aid each other in times of need. Former students are grateful for many amazing memories that they will cherish forever. Serrano reminisces foundly on May Day, a day where all juniors get a day off school to enjoy activities involving a variety of sports, games, music, and food. Frausto is grateful for meeting her best friend Gabriela Rodriguez. Although, at the beginning they were enemies they soon became friends. She has now been friends with her for over a decade. Cynthia Cedillo is grateful to

her high school experience for helping her differentiate true friends from bad influences. Also, for helping her balance her school work from her personal life. When asked about what advice they would give current and future students, Serrano said “Enjoy these next years, they of course feel like a long time when you hear you are stuck there for four years, but those four years pass as fast as a blinking eye..and you honestly miss everyday of it starting when you walk out of the Berry Center... and don’t skip class I did a lot of that in my days back then... you regret it and honestly it’s a roadblock on your way to graduating..I’m all for fun, but one day missed from class could honestly be a day that could have changed your life, so enjoy every second your in that building with your Fighting Bears Family!!”


Post Malone comes back with his third studio album “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. It was released on September 6, 2019, by Republic Records. The album includes 17 songs, including 5 singles: “Wow”, “Goodbyes” “Circles”, “Enemies”, “Allergic”, and “Sunflower”. The album also features guests DaBaby, Future, Halsey, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott, SZA, Swae Lee, and Young Thug. Hollywood Bleeding is a step up for Malone. This

album was well crafted and no song felt out of place. It a great album and really has the potential to elevate his music career even higher. Malone’s use of rock, trap, hip-hop and pop elements really set the dark tone atmosphere on this album. His second album “Beerbong & Bentley” was much more R&B and hip-hop. This time, Malone is influenced more by rock and a darker pop. “Take What You Want,” featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott, has rock and rap elements. But also uses

up-beat pop in “Sunflower”, with Swae Lee and “Staring at the Sun”, feat SZA. The order of the songs really put a storyline for the album. From dark tones to upbeat rhythm, the lyricism express post’s move to LA, his now found wealth, and relationship problems people can relate too.

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Photo by: Camila Gonzalez

Photo by: Antonio Ortiz

The Fighting Bears play offense against the visiting team Kempner.

Photo by: Antonio Ortiz

Football players start the game running with energy and ready to take a victory.

Photo by: Camila Gonzales

Homecoming court seniors Elizabeth Nguyen and Terrance Thomas.

Photo by: Antonio Ortiz

SPIRIT WEEK RECAP By Jesutodimu Fadare

Photo by: Camila Gonzalez

Lamiya Overstreet walks down the field with her family as she is presented to the crowd.

Photo by: Camila Gonzalez

Jadyn Handy, accompanied by Nailah Pickney, presents herself to the audience.




Seniors are being faced with the fear of the unknown. The anxiety of not graduating and trying to get their lives together in the midst of juggling school work, extracurricular activities and outside school life. Mallard Nancy thinks “balancing the difficult course load with all of the choices that seniors have to make” The assistance needed to help students with their tuition is them applying for tuition and grants and the Upward bound Adviser, Cindy Zuniga says that “Somethings seniors struggle with, is scholarship and dedicating time aside weekly to apply for them and actually following up so that it could help with tuition”. The expenses senior encounter are tremendous. From paying for the yearbook, senior field trips, and graduation expenses. According to the AP Secretary, Jenetrica Woods “Seniors would probably spend on average $1250 to $1800 during their senior

year” and Jennifer Akinola, Senior also say “Having to deal with every finance for graduation, passing the AP and Dual credit classes”. AP Chandler says “Senior year means student completing years of high school and achieving a goal, getting ready to go out into the world as young adults, it is a time of major change and also the time of uncertainty, little fear but also freedom and not having all these restraints they used to”. The seniors are getting to know that they are not the same person they used to be, they are more grown and mature in all areas, Jasmine Ceceil, senior said “the challenge is staying respectful to the administration and to yourself, when you think you get to senior year and it’s almost like you are an adult but they do not treat you like one” The making of decisions of what to do with their lives and that includes if they want to pursue college, take a gap year or have a vocational training to practice a

particular skill. “The average senior is facing the insecurity of what comes next, they don’t know what they are going to do, they are scared of what comes, I think that is the hardest part of being a senior is the fear of the ending not knowing what comes next. Some seniors are faced with the fear that they would not graduate because they have made a decision that’s hard to reverse,” said Cynthia Koronka , Statistics Teacher. The senior who has had hard times from their freshman year to their junior year and has not made their best grades so far are worried about the possibilities of them not graduating. “ I feel like meeting people’s expectations, everyone is always telling you to get ready for college, there is pressure for seniors to apply most times , we are told that college is the only way to be successful,’’ Says Kenneth Lopez, senior. They are pressured with the idea that college is an import-

ant part of their lives that they should be a part of and they just want to meet those expectations. Jenetrica Woods says “choosing to skip classes during their senior year they would create habits that would be hard for them to break.The difference between high school and college is the demands of amount of curriculum they would be responsible for not going to class on a regular basis will give them a disadvantage by putting them behind”. This would be hard when they get to the real world because they lack the necessary attitude to be effective and successful when they leave. Deadlines are a major deal in the classroom, Ana Mejia, senior feels like “the most difficult thing of being a senior is being in a class full of smart people and being pretty behind compared to them and it’s a lot of deadlines to meet”. See STRUGGLE on page 4

Throughout the week of September 9th the students of Hastings High School were given the opportunity to participate in spirit week in preparation for the homecoming game and dance. The first day was flower power day in which students wore any outfit with flowers on it. Freshman Jose Dominguez claimed this as his favorite day of the week. Dominguez also predicted a good game for the team. “I think they will win if they have a good defense and good quarterback.’’ The second day was decades day where students dressed in different eras of the past. The third day was backwards day and students to represent the day wore their clothes backwards. The fourth day was tie-dye day and students were allowed to wear any clothes with tiedye effects on it. On the last day students supported the school team by wearing black and gold, the school’s colors. ‘‘I really loved decades day because it gives us a chance to appreciate the fashion styles of the years before us,’’ said Gift Fadare.





The U.S Department of Education NJEA Substitution Teacher Institute reports that up to 10% of teachers are absent on any given school day. That’s quite a bit of time to spend with a substitute teacher. When asked about their experiences with substitute teachers students had a variety of things to share. “Some substitute teachers are very useful and helpful, and some are just plain annoying,” said sophomore Xenyiya Garcia. “What I mean by annoying is that they’re very strict and sometimes don’t follow the rules of the teachers but the ones that are helpful are very much appreciated.” Junior Jaime Cadavid shares that he’s “never had a substitute teacher that tried to help me. They all give me my work then sit down and just check around.” Approximately five million students nationwide in an average of 240,000 class-

rooms have a substitute on any given day, according to the U.S Department of Education. Ghada Ataya, who has been a substitute teacher for nine years, was asked why she wanted to become a substitute. “Because I like it,” said Ataya. “It’s a flexible [job]. Because I used to be a teacher in my country, and now it’s a good job for me because I did not make my certification.” Ataya also gave an overview of a typical day in the classroom for her. “I follow all the teacher’s instructions, I let the students know what the teacher needs them to do, the assignment, then follow them, [and] follow up with what they are doing.” Most of the students interviewed believed that the job of a substitute is a relatively easy and laidback job. However, other students made the argument that substitutes that are not respected enough and that

in return makes their job much more difficult. Student Leslie Cabrera pointed out how some students lose their focus when the teacher is out. “At times kids get the ability to be on their phones instead of really doing their work,” said Cabrera. English teacher Lindi Stammann stated that students opinions of and behavior toward substitute teachers changes each year. “It depends, some years students absolutely abhor substitute teachers,” said Stammann. “Other years they don’t really care. The only thing I think on why students don’t like substitutes is because substitutes are maybe older teachers. That they used to be a teacher and then come back and they’re retired or the people who’ve never had teaching experience and they try to teach, and they don’t really know how but I love the fact that we have subsites and I really wish we had more of them.”

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They also talked about foreign policies, gun reforms and education. Students expressed varying opinions on the importance of the debates. “I think the debate is important because they are basically talking about our future and the issues we may be dealing with in the future,” said junior Jennifer Williams. Students were also asked if they are planning to vote in the 2020 election. “Not voting means you cannot complain if an unfavorable person is put in power,”

said senior Blossom Omeje, “It means you didn’t fulfill your civic duty and here to be content with the results.” Another student, Kasandra Loredo, has the same ideas as Omeje. “I feel like every vote counts, it makes a difference,” said Loredo. “Like they say, the little things matter.” Other students, like Hao Troung, feel uneasy about the voting situation. “I would vote depending on who are the candidates, but sometimes you kind of have to because people aren’t voting,” said Troung.


age ACT score out of 36 is 23. Kassim Raheemat says “They get too excited and have the feeling of “senioritis” so they cannot wait to leave high school to attend college, that is what most of them are excited about”. They start to feel accomplished, they are almost done with High school and they might start to lose focus in the process. According to Austin Dada, senior “being a senior is facing the stress of applying to college, the effects of senioritis and the pressure of graduating”

“Absence is one of the main things that affect them, they have slacked, they do not attend tutorials as they should. In general, I think they have a problem prioritizing and staying organized and focused is a problem,” former Hastings counselor Annette Best said. About 55 percent are proficient in reading, Meanwhile, about 61 percent are proficient in math, according to a survey done by Niche for Hastings High School. The Niche survey also states the average SAT score from 1600 is 1020 and the aver-

A LOOK AT OCTOBER Pictures for 10th and 11th grade have been rescheduled for October 1 through social studies classes.

Juniors and sophomores without a social studies class should obtain a pass from their English teacher to report to the little theater for pictures.

October 1

October 3

10th & 11th grade pictures

Open House – Center for

October 7

Varsity Football

Voter registration deadline

October 11 End of the 1st 9 weeks

October 14

Student & Staff holiday.

October 16 PSAT

Advanced Careers October 4... George Ranch October 11... @ Strake Jesuit October 18... @ Taylor October 25... Pearland


October 1... @ Dawson October 4... @ Brazoswood October 8... @ Elsik October 11... @ George Ranch October 18... Taylor October 22... @ Pearland

October 25... Dawson October 29... Brazoswood

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Little Theater – Hastings North October 17 ... 7:00 p.m. October 18 ... 7:00 p.m. October 19 ... 2:00 p.m.

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