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Hanging Tubing With hygienic removable tray panel

CONTACT LITE SYSTEM The ultimate combination of

Quality, Control, Flexibility and Value

Hanging Tubing With extended tray for true 4-handed dentistry

The Most Popular Ritter System…. “Ritter’s Contact Line upholds the high standards of quality of all Ritter systems, within a simplified design that maintains the advanced functionality of the Contact Line” - Quality Construction to last for years and years of constant patient care - Streamlined Design that’s simple to clean & maintain - Ergonomically Efficient for operator comfort and ease of use - Innovative Control System with individual settings for up to 4 different dentists - Integrated Instrument Control Panel with LED display - Includes fibre optic lowspeed electric motor - Includes fibre optic ultrasonic scaler

Continental Style With doriot arms for each handpiece. Ergonomic

Now available with optional LED operating light

a-wide... li a tr s u A s ic n li c l ta n e d As used in

Mobile Cart Style Flexible for unlimited positioning. Hygienic

Mix & Match 3 or more handpieces to get the special 3+ prices


Great Quality | Great Performance | Great Price


Ti Max X - Fibre Optic Highspeed

Fibre Optic Highspeed Ceramic Bearings | Triple Spray | Solid Optics | No Slip Grip

Fits NSK ® type connectors Order Ref. CD.HPS3CML


$720+gst = $792

Full Titanium Body | Twin Drive Air Turbine | Quad Water Spray Available in Standard, Mini and Torque Head Sizes For NSK connector - fibre optic

Non Optic Highspeed Ceramic Bearings | Triple Water Spray | No Slip Grip

for 1 $1,490+GST = $1,589 for 3+ $1,290+GST = $1,419 ea For other connectors* - fibre optic for 1 $1,530+GST = $1,683 for 3+ $1,350+GST = $1,485 ea *Specify for KaVo, Sirona, W&H or Bien Air connector

Fits NSK ® type connectors Order Ref. CD.HPS3CM


$650+gst = $715

S Max Series - Highspeed

Non Optic Highspeed Ceramic Bearings | Single Water Spray | Smooth Finish

Connects directly to all 4 hole ‘Midwest’ handpiece tubing Order Ref. CD.HPS1C4


$450+gst = $495


Stainless Steel Body | Quad Water Spray | Clean Head System Available in Standard and Mini Head Sizes For NSK connector - fibre optic

Airmotor Compact | High Torque | Irrigation Spout | Variable Speed

Fits all E type lowspeed handpieces Order Ref. CD.AE4N

$540+gst = $696

for 1 $990+GST = $1,089 for 3+ $900+GST = $990 ea For NSK connector - non optic for 1 $960+GST = $1,056 for 3+ $870+GST = $957 ea For other connectors* - fibre optic for 1 $1,150+GST = $1,265 for 3+ $1,050+GST = $1,155 ea *Specify for KaVo, Sirona, W&H or Bien Air connector

Ti Max 45 - Surgical Highspeed Contra Angle Handpiece Push Button Head | 1:1 Ratio

E type connection for universal compatibility Order Ref. CD.LDEPA2


$280+gst = $308 Titanium Body | Fibre Optic | Water Stream | Clean Head System Designed Specially for the Treatment of Third Impact Molars etc For NSK connector - fibre optic

Straight Handpiece Twist Chuck | 1:1 Ratio

E type connection for universal compatibility Order Ref. CD.LAESA2


$280+gst = $308


for 1 $1,340+GST = $1,474 for 3+ $1,230+GST = $1,353 ea For other connectors* - fibre optic for 1 $1,480+GST = $1,628 for 3+ $1,360+GST = $1,495 ea *Specify for KaVo, Sirona, W&H or Bien Air connector

Contact us today to receive your free NSK Catalogue!

Authorised Dealer

We offer the complete NSK product range S Max - Lowspeed

EX Series - Lowspeed E-Type

Stainless Steel Body | Internal Water Spray | Clean Head System 1:1 Ratio

for CA Burs

Fibre Optic Order Ref. NSK.C1024 for 1 $990+gst = $1,089 for 3+ (ea) $910+gst = $1,001

Non Optic Order Ref. NSK.C1027 for 1 $720+gst = $792 for 3+ (ea) $670+gst = $737

4:1 Ratio Reduction

for CA Burs

Non Optic Order Ref. NSK.C1028 for 1 $990+gst = $1,089 for 3+ (ea) $900+gst = $990

for FG Burs

Non Optic 200,000 rpm*

Straight Handpiece

Order Ref. NSK.C1026 for 1 $1,050+gst = $1,155 for 3+ (ea) $960+gst = $1,056

for HP Burs

Order Ref. NSK.C100/C032 E-Type fitting | Compatible with other NSK EX lowspeed items Non optic for 1 $240+gst = $264 for 3+ (ea) $220+gst = $242

EX 4:1 Body & FPB Push Button Head Set Order Ref. NSK.C634/C875 E-Type fitting | Compatible with other NSK EX lowspeed items Non optic for 1 $530+gst = $583 for 3+ (ea) $490+gst = $539

Non Optic Order Ref. NSK.H1008 for 1 $620+gst = $682 for 3+ (ea) $580+gst = $638

1:1 ratio

EX 1:1 Body & NAC Latch Head Set

Fibre Optic Order Ref. NSK.C1023 for 1 $1,300+gst = $1,430 for 3+ (ea) $1,200+gst = $1,320

Speed increasin g to

Order Ref. NSK.C100/C875 E-Type fitting | Compatible with other NSK EX lowspeed items Non optic for 1 $370+gst = $407 for 3+ (ea) $340+gst = $374

Fibre Optic Order Ref. NSK.C1025 for 1 $1,220+gst = $1,342 for 3+ (ea) $1,120+gst = $1,232

1:5 Ratio Increasing

EX 1:1 Body & FPB Push Button Head Set

Contact us for Complete Details of the new S MAX Range

NSK LED connector coupling

EX 4:1 Body & AR-YS Prophy Head Set Order Ref. NSK.C634/C187 E-Type fitting | Compatible with other NSK EX lowspeed items Non optic for 1 $390+gst = $439 for 3+ (ea) $350+gst = $385

$480+gst = $528

Fibre optics globes will soon be a thing of the past! The new NSK LED connector provides up to twice the brightness of old-style globes, with a whiter light and more than 10 times the lifespan. Fits all existing NSK fibre optic connector handpieces. Ref. NSK.Y1001-600 Purchase 3+ NSK fibre optic highspeeds and save 20% on the LED Coupling

EX 1:1 Straight Handpiece Order Ref. NSK.H260-001 E-Type fitting | Ergonomic Grip | For HP Burrs Non optic for 1 $360+gst = $396 for 3+ (ea) $335+gst = $368.50

Prophy-Mate Neo - Tooth Polishing System Twin Nozzle Design | 3600 Degree | Easy to Clean and Maintain

Available with Connection to these Brands’ Couplings NSK

Bien Air®

W & H®



Order Ref







$1,690 +gst = $1,859

$1,790 +gst = $1,969

$1,790 +gst = $1,969

$1,790 +gst = $1,969

$1,790 +gst = $1,969



Scaler Tips for NOW AVAILABLE EMS , Satelec & FOR SIRONA! Sirona Scalers 4 Different Styles Available

Ultrasonic Scaler






$25 +gst = $27.50


The KWC ultrasonic scaler is compact in size and suitable for all types of scaling and periodontic applications. Available in portable benchtop version or built-in system for integration into your dental unit. Comes with 3 tips!

‘A’ style Universal Tip for EMS style WP.G1 for Satelec style WP.GD1 for Sirona style WP.GS1

Ref. 3A.SSB for Built-In system

$1,050 +gst = $1,155 Ref. 3A.SSP for Benchtop system

$25 +gst = $27.50

$1,090 +gst = $1,199

‘B’ style Gross Supra-gingival

Scaler Handpiece & Tip Set TM

for EMS style WP.G2 for Satelec style WP.GD2 for Sirona style WP.GS2


NOW AVAILABLE IN COMPATIBLE VERSIONS FOR EMS OR SATELEC !! Improved scaler handpiece now utilises PEEK plastic for increased autoclavability and durability. Scaler Handpiece:

$31 +gst = $34.10

$440 +gst = $484

‘Perio P’ style Universal & Sub-gingival

For EMS compatible - Ref No. 3A.SHP For Satelec compatible - Ref. No. WP.DTEHP

$560 +gst = $616

for EMS style WP.G3 for Satelec style WP.GD3 for Sirona style WP.GS3

For EMS compatible - Ref No. 3A.SHP-K For Satelec compatible - Ref. No. WP.DTEHP-K

$39 +gst = $43.90

Scaler Handpiece & Tip Set:

‘Perio PS’ style Periodontic & Sub-gingival

COMPRISING: - 1 x handpiece - 2 x ‘A’ style tips - 1 x ‘P’ style tip - 1 x ‘PS’ style tip - 4 x tip tools

for EMS style WP.P3 for Satelec style WP.PD3 for Sirona style WP.PS3

The Renzo Intra Oral Camera

3 cameras in 1! EASY TO INSTALL ------------------EASY TO USE Extra-Oral


With high definition imaging the Renzo camera incorporates a 3 step sliding button to allow you to instantly select between intraoral, extraoral and macro imaging.

Tip Tool


$27 +gst = $29.70 BUY 3 GET 1 FREE

With onboard memory for image storing per patient and ability to show single or 4 images on-screen simultaneously.

Tip stays connected inside tool after removal


Available in video or USB versions The Renzo camera can be installed internally to your dental unit and also connected to most digital imaging software for seamless integration into your practice.

Installation costs + additional items may apply.

$3,600 +gst = $3,960

Includes camera handpiece, docking station and connection leads


* Free tip will be of equal or lesser value of other tips ordered

- Compatible with EMS and Satelec tips - Ensures correct tip tightness - Autoclavable up to 1350C


Renzo Intra Oral Camera System


Ultrasonic Scaler with integrated LED light 4 times brighter! No globe! 100,000 hours light life! Incorporating Amdent’s revolutionary detachable silicon ‘softgrip’ handle.

Prices start from: $2,350 +gst = $2,585


Galilean Loupes $490 +GST = $539

2.5x is the most popular model. It offers the widest field of view and longest depth of focus. It has excellent clear view and great optical capability to provide the operator with the optimal magnification while providing extended field of view.

Available in 2 versions




2.5 X

2.5 X

Working Distance



Depth of View



Field of View



Weight (with frames)

77 grams

77 grams

2.5x magnification are also available in a Clip-on version, for dentists wishing to use their existing eyeglass frames. Same characteristics as standard 2.5x Loupes (see above).

Clip-On 2.5x

$400 +GST = $440

Simply specify ‘clip on type’ when ordering


Galilean Loupes $490 +GST = $539

3.0x is designed for dentists who need more magnification, whilst maintaining good field of view and depth of focus. All Galilean Loupes incorporate comfortable Ni-alloy frames with adjustable gel nose bridge.

Available in 2 versions




3.0 X

3.0 X

Working Distance



Depth of View



Field of View



Weight (with frames)

80 grams

80 grams

3.0x magnification are also available in a Clip-on version, for dentists wishing to use their existing eyeglass frames. Same characteristics as standard 3.0x Loupes (see above).

Clip-On 2.5x

$400 +GST = $440

Simply specify ‘clip on type’ when ordering


Galilean Loupes $520 +GST = $572

3.5 x is the highest magnification available in Galilean Loupes, being suitable for specialist work within a smaller depth of view, while maintaining extended field of view.


Available in 2 versions




3.5 X

3.5 X

Working Distance



Depth of View



Field of View



Weight (with frames)

87 grams

87 grams

Galilean Loupe Set

- choice of working distance of 42cm or 50cm

LED Headlight & Loupes Set Clear Image | Comfortable Design | Quality

- light weight with Titanium frames - Rechargeable lithium battery with up to 7 hour operating life between charges. - Light output up to 30,000 lux.

Headlight & Loupes Set

$1,200 +GST = $1,320


The Ultimate in Patient Comfort Now available by Popular demand, the complete CRESCENT range! All Crescent Products are available in GREEN or BEIGE or GREY

Crescent Patient Pillow


Is your dental chair giving your patients a headache? By molding itself around the patient’s head and neck, the Patient Pillow gives great comfort PLUS excellent patient positioning.

$99 +gst = $108.90

Ref. CR.DP50 for Green Ref. CR.DP55 for Beige Ref. CR.DP52 for Grey

Crescent Backrest By supporting the lower lumbar area that many dental chairs neglect, your patient will feel far more relaxed and comfortable during prolonged procedures.

$110 +gst = $121

Crescent Knee Support Your patients will feel an amazing difference in comfort while using the Knee Support.

Ref. CR.DP60 for Green Ref. CR.DP65 for Beige Ref. CR.DP62 for Grey

U-Shape Neck Support Perfect for sedation dentistry.

By allowing the legs to lie in this natural position, pressure is relieved from the lower back and hips.

Provides stable support for patient head and neck, both during the procedure and for post-operative recovery.

Ref. CR.DP90 for Green Ref. CR.DP95 for Beige Ref. CR.DP92 for Grey

Ref. CR.DP515 for Green Ref. CR.DP516 for Beige Ref. CR.DP512 for Grey

$130 +gst = $143

$130 +gst = $143

Crescent Booster Seat Position your little patients properly! The Booster seat raises the height of the child providing greater patient access for all dental treatment.


Booster Seat Only

$250 +gst = $275 Recommended for use with the Patient Pillow to assist in proper positioning for the head and neck.

Ref. CR.DP80 for Green Ref. CR.DP85 for Beige Ref. CR.DP82 for Grey

Booster Seat and Pillow Set

$320 +gst = $352 Ref. CR.DP80/50 for Green Ref. CR.DP85/55 for Beige Ref. CR.DP82/52 for Grey


The leading name in Relative Analgesia Nitrous Oxide still provides unique advantages over other forms of analgesia—it remains the only system that provides you with accurate patient administration AND the ability to reverse the effect instantly!** Provide yourself and your patients with the added comfort of Nitrous Oxide Sedation. Porter systems remain the most popular system for Nitrous Oxide administration, providing the most recent advances on safety and economy. All units are supplied with scavenging patient hoods. **clinical training is recommended

Complete Mobile System $5,990 +gst = $6,589

Ref. PO.3400M

Add regulators for cylinders Needed for surgeries new to Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Just add cylinders and regulators

$820 +gst = $865

Porter Systems are also available in Cabinet mounted versions and can be configured for multiple surgery environments. Contact us for details - Telephone: 02 9153 6700 or Email:

Replacement Sets and Hoods for existing RA systems PORTER - Replacement Hoods

MATRX - Replacement Hoods

Disposable Hood liners Porter Scavenging Circuit Upgrade you existing Nitrous Oxide System to the most effective and easiest to use** 100% Latex Free. Includes 3 autoclavable hood liners and scavenging control for proper efficiency.

$890+GST = $979

Ref PO.5155-1

Reservoir Breathing Bags - Latex Free - Fits all brands

$60+GST = $66 3 litre capacity* 2 litre capacity

Ref PO.4100-3NL Ref PO.4100-2NL

Gritter Dental also supplies replacement parts for both Porter and Matrx circuits. Contact us for details.

** Refer article ‘Clinical Evaluation of the Efficacy of Nitrous Oxide Scavenging units, September 2001. Available on request.


- Single use - no need to autoclave - Simple to fit—replaces standard liner - Ideal for children and/or adults - Pleasant Citrus scent Packet of 12 $62+GST = $68.20 Adult Size Ref PO.5053-AD12C Pedo Size Ref PO.5053-PD12C

Autoclavable Hood liners - Autoclavable—reusable over & over Packet of 3 $75+GST= $82.50 Adult Size Ref PO.5054-1

Dynomite™Disposable Hoods - Single use - no need to autoclave - Simple to fit—replaces standard hood - Ideal for children and/or adults - Assorted scents. Packet of 24 $160+GST= $176 Adult Size Ref PO.91316494 Medium Size Ref PO.91316524 Pedo Size Ref PO.91316487

Autoclavable Hood - Autoclavable—reusable over & over Single item $130+GST= $143 Adult Size Ref PO.91515096 Medium Size Ref PO.91515095 Pedo Size Ref PO.91515094

Autoclavable Hood with liners - Best Scavenging of all brands** - Optimal patient fit and comfort. Includes 3 liners $360+GST= $396 Adult Size Ref PO.5054A Pedo Size Ref PO.5054B

Converter Hood Set for Porter Allows you to use Dynomite™ Disposable Hoods with the Porter Scavenging Circuit

$89+GST = $97.90 Ref PO.91515142

Quality - Made in Germany Evidence Based Sterilization

Class B Sterilisation – from just 12 minutes!

ENDOS INTRA-ORAL XRAY The very high frequency (100 kHz) generator ensures the highest radiation stability and an unparalleled parameter accuracy. The DC technology allows you to get images with optimised contrast and sharpness, with a minimal dose absorption for the patient.

$6,900 +gst = $7,590


Move up to the Premium Class Melag’s 40 series of Vacuklav Class B Autoclaves are a generation ahead. The dual chamber design provides for steam ’on demand’ that significantly reduces sterilisation time. Better Speed: Class S cycles only 8 minutes + drying time** Class B cycles only 12 minutes + drying time** Better Design: The large high quality display shows all function and status information on a clear and well organised screen—for intuitive operation. Able to be connected directly to your plumbing. No more manual filling and draining. Built-in ability to digitally record Sterilisation Cycles! With Network connection + CF card system integrated.

Melag’s 40 Series comes in 2 sizes: Capacity 18.6 litres Vacuklav 40B - for external water (auto fill+drain**) $12,650 +gst = $13,915 Vacuklav 41B - for internal water (manual fill+drain) $12,950 +gst = $14,245 Capacity 22.6 litres Vacuklav 43B - for internal water (auto fill+drain**) $13,600 +gst = $14,960 Vacuklav 44B - for external water (manual fill+drain) $13,250 +gst = $14,575

Panoramic & 3D Dental Imaging

MORE FEATURES & FLEXIBILITY THAN ANY SYSTEM IN ITS CLASS! Superior quality European design & engineering The expandability and flexibility as a platform for the future is the greatest strength of the EVO. The base x-ray unit can be upgraded to provide Implant Tomograph, cephalometrics and 3D Cone Beam CT functionality. MULTIPLE SYSTEM CONFIGURATIONS & EXPANDABILITY: Base unit can be added to with modular functionality to enhance your options as your needs and budget increase.

** For units with external water connection, plumbing for water & waste are required EVO PAN BASE UNIT




Want Melag Quality, but not Premium Class? Melag’s 31-B units still provide excellent performance. Class B Capacity 18.6 litres

$10,150 +gst = $11,165 • Highest quality image for PSP (22 line pairs/mm) • Scans all formats from size 0 to size 4

VistaScan Mini The flexibility of film in a fully digital system


• USB or network ready • Auto erasing function • DBSWIN Software included • Suits multiple chair practices.

Dürr PSP plates are flexible for easy patient positioning and can be re-used many times.


Looking for the effective amalgam separation solution in your practice?

Dental Compressors MADE IN GERMANY, the Kaeser Dental range incorporates, Kaeser’s 80+ years of compressor technology to provide outstanding performance and durability that is “Built for a Lifetime”. All Kaeser dental units incorporate easy maintenance Air dryers to ensure dry, clean air to suit every dental application.

COMPARE | PRICE | QUALITY | PERFORMANCE For 1 surgery DENTAL 1T Output 68L/min @ 5bar Ref.KA.1.5352.0 $4,990+gst = $5,489 For 2-3 surgeries DENTAL 3T Output 160L/min @ 5bar Ref.KA.1.5374.0 $6,600+gst = $7,260 For 5 surgeries DENTAL 5T Output 262L/min @ 5bar Ref.KA.1.5373.0 $8,950+gst = $9,845

THE CENTRAL AMALGAM SEPARATOR FOR DENTAL CLINICS INNOVATIVE – The simple solution to your dental practice’s amalgam retention needs. EFFICIENT – 99.5% amalagam retention rate with no electrical connection needs. ISO 11143 CERTIFIED – verified by independent testing for use world-wide.

From only:

$1,320 incl GST* (plus installation) * For surgeries with 1-2 operatories Suits most suction types | Easy to install | Easy to maintain



Centralised Suction METASYS EXCOM is the reliable partner for providing suction performance whilst remaining inconspicuously in the background. Providing strong & consistent suction without the need for complicated technology or overstressed componentry. For 1 surgery Output 0.55kW 4.5A Z1 Ref. MS.02020001 $3,500+gst= $3,850

With ISO amalgam retention add: $1,320 For 2 to 3 surgeries Output 1.0kW 6.5A Z2 Ref. MS.02010201 $4,990+gst= $5,489

With ISO amalgam retention add: $1,320 For 3 to 5 surgeries Output 1.4kW 9.52A Z5 Ref. MS.02010202 $6,300+gst= $6,830

With ISO amalgam retention add: $1,375

METASYS EXCOM Systems incorporate familiar Metasys quality.

Strong & Consistent Suction ■ Reliable Performance ■ Quality Construction ■

A-Z of Surgery Equipment Replacement Tips For DCI and Adec Syringes Specify your type when ordering.

Individual Tip Ref. DC3060

All those small equipment items you need for the day-to-day life of your Practice.

O-Ring Lube Lubricate the O-rings in your dental equipment properly.

Globes [for your Dental Light] 24v 150w Ref. GR4070

$16+gst = $17.60

Packet of 5

Ref. DC3061

$66+gst = $72.60 Packet of 50


Ref. DC3059

$620+gst = $682

$36+gst = $39.60

A-dec Eurodent Belmont IO9000

Ref. GR20-211

$18+gst = $19.80

$25+gst = $27.50 12v 55w Ref. GR4071

Handpiece Lube Adapters - for proper

Water Bottles Suits most dental units Heavy wall construction for safe use at regular water pressures. Available in two sizes:


Belmont 048 Dabi Atlante Reflex

lubrication use with Spray Oil

for 4port highspeed Ref. MK.LT1015

Ref. DC8128

$45+gst = $49.50 24v 70w Ref. GR4072 ●

Belmont IO5000

$30+gst = $33 2 litre

$20+gst = $22

Ref. DC8164

$39+gst = $43.90

for NSK highspeed Ref. NSK.183-090

O-Ring Replacement Sets $15+gst = $16.50 for KaVo highspeed Ref. NSK.Z090-051 KaVoTM Connector

DabiTM Connector

NSKTM Connector

Ref. GR95-226

Ref. 26059-001/0

Ref. NSK. Y900-580

$27+gst = $29.70

Ref. GR4073 ● ●

For Handpieces

$22+gst = $24.20

$48+gst = $52.80 17v 95w

$27+gst = $29.70

Gaskets for Handpiece connection

6 hole Fibre Optic

Ref. GR20-247

Ref. GR20-248

Ref. MK.GA1016

$6+gst = $6.60

$6+gst = $6.60

$6+gst = $6.60

$63+gst = $69.30

Ref. GR4074 ● ●

Faro S70 Faro S90 Faro S2000 Ritter Starlite

$22+gst = $24.20 Ref. NSK.Z090-052

4 hole Midwest

24v 150w

for Sirona highspeed

3 hole Bordern

Faro EDI Ritter Planetlite

$49+gst = $53.90 12v 50w Ref. GR4075 ●


$22+gst = $24.20

$80+gst = $88

for W&H highspeed

25v 150w

Ref. NSK.Z090-054

Ref. GR4076 ●

For Ultrasonic Scalers

Pelton and Crane

$22+gst = $24.20 EMS handpiece

Amdent handpiece

CavitronTM Tip (pk12)

Ref. 3A.O

Ref. AM.HP-O

Ref. GR95-228

$3+gst = $3.30

$6+gst = $6.60

$25+gst = $27.50

For DCI Triplex Syringe

for Bien Air highspeed Ref. Z090-053

LED upgrades for your existing handpiece connector. Long Life! Brighter and Whiter Output!

$22+gst = $24.20 for ‘E’ type lowspeed Ref. NSK.Z019-090

Service Kit for Autoclavable syringe

Service Kit for Quick-Clean syringe

O-ring Kit (pack 12) for base of tip

Ref. DC3072

Ref. DC3066

Ref. DC2252

$30+gst = $33

$25+gst = $27.50 $18+gst = $19.80


for KaVo - Dabi Atlante

$90+gst = $99 ●

for NSK

$17+gst = $19.70

$90+gst = $99

You can use these adapters with RotagenTM Spray Oil

Ref. GRBU8012WH ●

for W&H

$90+gst = $99 Ref. GRBU8012SB ●

NSK Handpiece Lubricator Oil 1 Bottle, 1 Litre

$160+gst = $176

Ref. GRBU8012

Ref. GRBU8012N

Refills for Handpiece Lubrication Machines

Ref. NSK.Z016-117

LED Replacements for Handpiece Globes

for Sirona

$90+gst = $99 Ref. 36350

$30+gst = $33

Curing light globes also available. Contact us for details

Vacuum Handpieces - for American-style dental systems

High Velocity Valve Long Nose type Autoclavable - all metal 11mm tip - fits 12mm tubing

High Velocity Valve Short Nose type Autoclavable - all metal 11mm tip - fits 12mm tubing

Saliva Ejector Valve Short Nose type Autoclavable - all metal fits 8mm ID tubing

$120+gst = $132

$110+gst = $121

$99+gst = $108.90

Ref. DC5070

Ref. DC5080

Ref. DC5090

for European-style dental systems

Includes Fibre Optic Highspeed Line

Full range of system extensions incl lowspeed motor, ultrasonic scaler etc

$38+gst = $41.80

$38+gst = $41.80

Lightweight for flexibility and mobility, the DC4511 dental handpiece cart comprises 3 way syringe and three handpiece lines

Available in “self-contained” version for portability between surgeries** Low Velocity Valve Autoclavable - plastic for 11mm tip - 11mm tubing

High Velocity Valve Autoclavable - plastic for 16mm tip - 17mm tubing

Dental Cart

Oral Rinse Cup Ref. CA11015 Optional adapter to fit flexible Autoclavable fits 11mm outlet Optional adapter to fit 11mm tips saliva ejector tips tips

Ref. CA11014

$5+gst = $5.50

$17+gst = $18.70

$26+gst = $28.60

Ref. CAC16

Ref. GR30-088

Ref. DC5840

Saliva Ejector Tip fits most US-style valves

Saliva Ejector Adapter fits any 11mm outlet

Saliva Ejector Screens fits most US-style valves

$9+gst = $9.90

$20+gst = $22

$15.50+gst = $17.05

Ref. GR30-074

Ref. GR30-088

Ref. GR95-121

$4,990 +gst = $5,489

LED Curing Light Power Output | LED Display

The DY-400-4 curing light provides adjustable output from 1,400 to 2,000 mw/cm2. Curing times from as low as 5 -10 seconds!

Vacuum Tubing - for American-style dental systems High Velocity Line 12.5mm internal diameter

Saliva Ejector Line 8mm internal diameter

$19+gst = $20.90 per metre

$14+gst = $15.40 per metre

Ref. GR10-360

Ref. GR10-235

The LED display allows full control of the curing modes and times to suit all types and depths of composites

For European-style dental systems High Velocity Line - Grey 17mm internal diameter

Low Velocity Vacuum Line - Grey 11mm internal diameter

$38+gst = $41.80 per metre

$38+gst = $41.80 per metre

Ref. CA11012BG

Ref. CA11013BG

Order ref. DY.DY-400-4

Includes built-in meter

Gritter Dental - Dental Stools Especially made for Australian dentists - Extremely flexible and comfortable - Ergonomic support to minimise the problem of dentist’s back pain Dentists Stool

Superior Quality PAGE 11


Fully adjustable seat and backrest Supportive backrest Order Ref. GR1102

Assistant Stool Fully adjustable seat and rotating belly bar Includes supportive backrest Order Ref. GR1101

$690+gst = $759

$760+gst = $836

$360 +gst = $396

The A-Superior Series

European Design | Detailed Features | Easy Operation | Effective Control | High Performance Now you can have quality without having to compromise for price! From the world’s oldest dental equipment manufacturer, the new Ritter A-Superior line provides streamlined design and features at an exceptional price. Every Ritter A-Superior system includes - with programmable positions - 3 way syringe with autoclavable tip - fibre optic highspeed handpiece lines - lowspeed handpiece line - Piezo ultrasonic scaler—with 3 tips - plus doctor’s controls with easy touch panel • Ritter A cuspidor & assistant unit - 3 way syringe with autoclavable tip Choice of hanging tube or continental delivery style - High & low suction lines with Euro style tubing - Ceramic spittoon with rotation for patient access. - Water bottle system for waterline disinfection, plus assistant controls with easy touch panel • Ritter A dental operating light - dual intensity with autoclavable handles • Ritter A dental chair • Ritter A delivery system

Complete Operating System

$16,990 +GST = $18,689

With Chair | Delivery Unit | Basis Unit | Assistant’s Arm (wet suction) | Operating Light A Range of System Extensions to suit your needs The Ritter A-Superior model range can be configured to suit your surgery with a wide range of additions available including: • Multimedia monitor • Integrated Intra Oral Camera • Panoramic x-ray viewer (Hanging system only) • Dry Suction separator

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LED curing light LED illuminated ultrasonic scaler unit Lowspeed Electric Motor System Dental Stools for operator and assistant.

2011 Gritter Dental Summer Specials  

2011 Gritter Dental Summer Specials