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Production schedule: Location Recce Sheet The Break Up Apple Hassiba Hocine

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Hassiba Hocine 1/04/14

Access to location by: Block 1 doors Name of location contact: Rebecca Shackley Health and safety issues worth noting: • Younger Children may be around when filming is happening so we have to tape down cables to ensure no tripping over happens • Block off the filming area whilst filming to ensure that the above doesn’t happen Potential filming problems: • Sound may be a difficulty whilst filming due to the unpredictability of when someone will go down the stairs and so by blocking off the filming area and access to the filming area we are ensuring that the best quality of sound can be achieved without disturbances • The above, same goes for filming, if a student accidentally walks in whilst filming a scene it would not be ideal so blocking off the area and putting up signs furthermore persisting why the area cannot be used is that best way

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