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Week 10  Tutorial  Activity     Oval  Pavillion   During  the  week  10  tutorial,  we  went  on  a  final  site  visit  to  the  oval  pavilion.   Notes  on  the  feature  of  pavilion:   • Retaining  wall  stopping  overflow  –  800mm  deep   o Any  moisture  finds  its  way  to  drainage  cell,  then  removed  through   storm  water  drainage  pipes   • Cables   o Orange:  electrical   o White:  columns   o Grey:  water   • Welding  used  to  join  steel  members   • Bolting  and  screws  used  to  fasten  to  timber  and  steel  members   • Horizontal  purlins   o Levels  of  roof   § Noise  insulation  followed  by  moisture  barrier,  heat   insulation  and  upper  roof   • Roof  supported  by  four  main  columns  –  window  self  supporting   • Tongue  and  groove  timber  –  can  only  be  used  for  wall  cladding  due  to   larger  groove   • Hidden  fixing  –  don’t  see  nails/screws   • Window  –  cover  plate    (sliding)   • ‘Z’  purlin   o Can  cross  over  member   • ‘C’  purlin   o Sits  on  top  of  member   • Timber  sound  proof  flooring   • CFC  sheets  –  compressive   • Brick  veneer   • Timber  wall   • Over-­‐flashing   • Internal  floor  higher  than  external  floor  to  eliminate  the  risk  of  flooding   o 300mm  floor  thickness   • Thicker  concrete  due  to  the  weight  of  the  brick  wall   • Yellow  termite  proofing  on  floor     Images  

Retaining Wall  


Wall cladding  –  tongue  and  groove  

Termite proofing                                  


Yasmeen - W10 Constructing Journal  

Oval Pavilion Site Visit

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