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Week 4  Tutorial  Activity     Photo  Series  of  Workshop  Activity   This  week’s  tutorial  facilitated  hands  on,  practical  activities  in  the  workshop           Step  1   • We  decided  to  use  the  two  thick   beams  as  the  central  element  in   order  to  make  the  structure   stronger    

Step 2   • We  used  long,  thin  nails  with  a  wide   head  to  fasten  the  thinner  pieces  of   wood  to  the  central  beans  so  that   they  stayed  together     o We  did  this  using  a  hammer     Step  3   • We  ensured  that  there  were  more   nails  on  the  top  side  than  the   bottom  side  in  order  to  increase   strength    

Step 4   • Our  structure  was  able  to  hold   approximately  530kg     • The  starting  point  was  28cm  and   deflection  32cm.  

Efficiency of  Material   • I  think  that  the  material  was  effective  in  creating  a  strong  structure.   • I  also  learnt  how  to  deal  with  inefficiencies  in  the  material,  for  example   placing  holes  or  cut  out  holes  on  the  top  of  the  structure   Link  to  learning  material   • The  use  of  various  materials  in  the  workshop  linked  in  the  topics  of  the   construction  materials  in  Chapter  12  of  the  textbook  –  this  was  a  good  way  of   linking  theoretical  learning  to  practical  learning        

Yasmeen - W4 Constructing Journal  

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