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Islam: A Religion of Peace By G.M. Burhan (NFC) Over ages and civilization man has searched for identity and purpose. The seeker seeks around, “Who I am? Why I am?" The answer is provided by the religion which is the profoundest vision man has his own place in the world. Religion regulates the relationship between man and man. So does Islam. As a religion, it provides a conduct of living and it enables man to develop a viable society. The word Islam is derived from Arabic word, "salama" which has two meanings i.e. Peace and surrender". The very meanings of word Islam suggest complete submission and humanity. Islam came as a religion of Peace, the Prophet of Islam "Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)" had humanity as his pride and brought teachings that ensure Peace. Islam being a religion of Peace, aims at developing society by providing institutions Zakat and Usher. It eliminates the distinction cast, color and creed differences. The concept of Peace is so fundamental and deep rooted in the tenets of Islam that it pervades and entire Islamic way of life, its laws and customs. Tolerance is not a compulsion in the teachings of Islam. Quran says: "Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth strands out clearly from error". Tolerance towards the other religions was also preached by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) consistently in his sermons. "Whoever wrongs a zimni or lays on him a burden beyond his strength, I should be his accuser on the Day of Judgment". "Whoever torments the zimnis, tenement me." The quality by which a man be saved from devastation and total loss as illustrated by Surah Al-Asar is that: "People who believe and do good deeds must exhort one another to truth and patience". Islam accorded equality to the slaves and right of inheritance was given to women as well as the right of maintenance.

To the Muslims in the west, Islam is religion which stands for violence, intolerance, suppression and discrimination against women, corruption and opposing everything which is today considered to be progressive. This is so because a creed is judged by the actions of its followers and not by what is written in their books. Ironically some of the criminal activities are often committed in the name of Islam itself. The common man in the west is fully aware of all this through the mass media. The media forms its own views about Islam which naturally cannot be sympathetic. The clear and unified perception of Islam should be developed through the revival and institution of the devices of Ijtehadd and Ijmah. Special efforts should be made to propagate the belief that there is no escape from through accountability on the Day of Judgment. Scholars should try the distortions, produced by the age old influence of other creeds and culture and misguided vested interests. Let us hope that all these efforts would bear fruit some day and the real Islam which is liberal, tolerant, sympathetic to women the RELEGION OF PEACE would flourish in all Muslim societies in the world.

Islam: An Introduction By Junaid Iqbal Islam means peace. It is a way of life. It is a code of Do’s & Don’ts, which if completely adhered to, makes man life very smooth and comfortable. But if we do not adhere to it or partially adhere to it then such a man leads an abnormal life like a man who has lost his way in desert. Holy books serve the purpose of a navigational compass which points to words the right path which leads to the final goal that is Allah’s satisfaction with us. The Holly Quran is the final word of God revealed through his last prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). If we follow Allah’s command then we can achieve our goal. Allah created his earth along with the whole universe. He also created the human beings and asked them to live in this planet for a limited time. Likewise the worldly provisions are also allocated to the human beings, for their life span on earth. But everybody will be judged according to their allocation on the Day of Judgment. The man must know how to make use of his own self and the resources allocated to him. For this purpose the man has been provided with full information in the holly Quran, so that he can properly handle and use everything in this world. Al, Quran can be called as the “User Manual". By consulting it our lives can become trouble free. To live on this planet properly and correctly each human being must pass his life according to the Holly Quran, as has been practically demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W). And only those actions of a man will be accepted by God, which shall be strictly according to The Holly Quran & Sunnah.

How Media is Responsible for Our Social Ethical Destruction A debatable article By Zaid Rana (NUST)

The term “Media” can be defined as: “Any mode of Communication.” It can be classified into three categories i-e Electronic Media (Television, Internet, Cable Network, Websites, and Satellite Channels etc.), Print Media (Newspapers, Magazines, Advertisement sources like billboards etc.) and the Verbal Communication media between us. The people who control the world (includes those who control Pakistan) don’t want critical thinkers. These controlling evil super powers are always fearful from such critical thinkers because they have the ability to despise them from their crowns. They have always been a threat for the state and the privileged faulty system. One best solution to eliminate this germ of critical and analytical thinking against the evil acts of leaders and the defective system of government is to intoxicate the minds and thoughts of masses with other things and make them busy in struggling for their daily needs, money and other human desires. The ruling powers control the minds of people by a ‘power of all the powers’ that is “The Media.” The Media has a power to set and break the trends. It can easily overthrow the rulers and can do a very good effort in changing the governments by inciting the masses against them. In the same way, the minds of people can be controlled by it. There is a term called “Neurolinguistic Programming,” which explains the technique to program the mind of a person according to one’s desire. The programming can be done by showing the viewer different television programs (dramas, movies, shows etc.) or printing different stuff via print media. Every television show contains hidden messages which are accepted by the subconscious mind of a person. For example, a baby is greatly influenced by its outermost environment. What is the reason that a child speaks the language which is spoken by the persons around him, in the years of his very growth? The words that people speak around him are subconsciously noted into the child’s memory. The subconscious is a part of person’s mind which stores and remembers information when you are not actively trying to do so, and which influences your behavior although you do not realize it. This is how a person addicts to a television program. With the passage of time, the things which are being showed show their impact. Ten years before, the things which were considered immoral in our society, are now

openly practiced. This means that our moral values have suffered a precipitous decline. We have been subconsciously brought to this extent. A person can focus on one thing at a time. He cannot focus on multiple things. If someone says that he can focus on multiple things, he is wrong. When a person is watching a movie; he concentrates, mostly, on the action being showed on the screen. Some persons may listen more carefully than watching. Focusing on one thing and the other thing will subconsciously affect that person. This is how the moral values are being changed in our society, by slowly poisoning the minds of our youth. This is an effort to make our youth astray from the religion and the code of ethics which Islam teaches us.

Cable Network is common in our houses and we have never tried to think that with what pace it is devastating our youth. Young children remain busy in watching cartoons. Thus no physical activity, plus the psychological effect that cartoons do on a child’s mind. Don’t you think that the violence which is shown in Ben 10, and other cartoons, and the ways that how Jerry deceives Tom will do no effect on your young ones? What about Johnny Bravo cartoons? Few months ago, there was news of a rape case with a three month old child in Karachi. What do you think who is responsible for such a tragedy? The main force which provoked the accused to go beyond the social ethical limits is this “Media.” This is how it destroys the character of a person. The subjects which can be held responsible are; media persons, our leaders and we ourselves. Now days, the programs which are being broadcasted on the electronic media and the types of ads which are being published on our print media are not according to our religious norms. This country ‘Pakistan’ came into existence on the basis of Islam and such things cannot be allowed in this country. It is clearly stated in the PEMRA rules that: “Any type of explicit program will not be allowed on the Media.”

We are also responsible for our ethical destruction. Anything we watch on television or see on internet is in our control. It depends on us that how we use these things. If media is showing us immoral programs, it is our duty to avoid the things which are not according to our religious norms. It is our duty to keep abreast of such things and collectively try to change that system which has allowed the media to destroy our ethics, character and religious norms.

Life At NUST By Hassnain Arshad (NUST)

It is said at NUST that this university is analogous to a public toilet ,the people outside are the most anxious ones to get inside and those who’ve entered can’t wait anymore to get rid .Life at NUST is a nice blend of happiness and boredom ;enthusiasm and placidness; joy and melancholy .The journey begins with an entrance test (which sometimes happens to be known by some students ; though I was not amongst that lucky lot ☺).Those who perform well get admissions in their desired fields while others have to be content with the peanuts the University gives to them. At NUST particularly at SEECS the semester starts with a week of welcome led by the students called the ORIENTATION LEADERS which help the students to get acquaintance with the environment though the same are the leaders of Ragging and Bullying gangs-but never mind .At National University Of Sciences & Technology , you can survive if you are good at walking or have convinced your parents to give you a car as there are vast stretches of barren land between the main gate and the campus buildings as no conveyance is allowed to enter. (Thanks to those “retard” army officials).First 2 weeks are full of fun as being ragged is also of and so is being on the other side ☺.Though officially ragging is banned and every measure is taken to stop it yet the ‘poor’ senior students manage to get some chances at the Hostel areas. University has two Concordia commonly known as SEECS Café and NBS Café.

According to many students the best thing NUST offers you is NBS and its production though the business school is not amongst the top 10 in the country yet education is not the only thing a university can offer- I hope you get my point. NUST has been ranked as the second topmost university in Pakistan after PIEAS and is trying hard to improve itself as well. The University organizes annual Sports Gala to enhance the physical abilities of students .Annually there are many Science exhibitions, seminars, symposiums and workshops to fulfill the educational needs of the engineering students. The H-12 campus comprises of following schools: SEECS (School of electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences) NBS

(NUST Business School)

SCEE (School of Civil And Environmental Engr.) SMME (School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engr.) SCME (School of Chemical and Materials Engr.) SADA (School of Art, Design & Architecture ) NCVI

(NUST Center for Virology and Immunology )

All these schools give admissions on the basis of the entrance test performance. Now there should be a word about the Curricular activities and policies at NUST .Almost every Bachelor degree is a four year programme comprising of 8 semesters .NUST is considered the strictest in the lot for its relegation and plagiarism policies. The University doesn’t allow a CGPA less than 1.5 out of 4 and the student is immediately expelled if he is unable to fulfill any of the criterions of the University. Even students suffer expulsion because of smoking, bullying and getting involved in any of the political activity. There are 3 exams in a semester along with continuously taken unannounced quizzes and lab. Exams-so there is hardly any chance for a breath of relief. The week next to exam week is thought to be the only blessed week while the exam week is called … well you know better than me. It’s a bit difficult to survive in semester system as everywhere yet it’s not impossible. Lastly, the Hostel life here at NUST is a fun. There a double-seater, well furnished rooms for the students and they enjoy a lot living together, hanging out together and even studying together. At weekends students go outside for eating, shopping and watching movies. Even the departments organize movie nights for their students. The worst thing is, students are not allowed to use internet facilities after midnight .So, one can say that as a whole it’s nice to be a part of NUST.

Where are We Standing? By Naima Zaki (Italy)

Hope strains the world but I’m getting disappointed. I am unable to defend my Pakistan here. I

asked a guy,�do u like Pakistan or Italy?. His reply was quite disappointing n heart touching for me. He replied :I did my masters there and tried ma best to get job bt in vain i wz unable to support ma family.i got hopeless n burnt ma degrees.i came here and earning lacs.there is nothing in pakistan. i asked dont u want to go back in pakistan in your own homeland.u r free there.he answered no and advised me to left ma country and enjoy ma life here.i was speechless.the line "nahi naumeed iqbaal apni kishte weeran se"is getting blur..faces passes through my eyes dieng with loadsheding in scorching sun,hopeless to get job.helpless to feed their children/to educate their childeren in a civilized socitey childeren even dont know the meaning of sucide bt in Pakistan students of 5th n 6th are commiting sucide.normally ppl are scared of bombblasts,weapons,murdrz,bloody corpses but in pakistan......aaaah!...daily headliez are 7 killed and 45 injured in quetta sucide attack..firing of unknown group in karachi 5 killed..its normal for us all we damn care abt it and the greive is we are going u ever think about your directions??my heart is in tears...poverety breeds strife and pakistan has gone to seeds because of coward ppl afraid of landlords afraid of blacksheeps are responsible of poverety,paralyzed economy,unemployment..u ppl are responsible of destruction, u ppl are responsible of our bended heads.why u dont speak for justice for your ri8s oooh. Fear of life. It ll end.why u dont let it end??y u want to live like jackels ?be brave we ll remember u. In which pakistan u want to keep your incoming generations??how ll u face your Iqbal,your ll u face ur elders sacrificed for pakistan...have u forgoten the spirit the zeal the purpose f pakistan the idiology f pakistan?how u r going to face Holy Prophet(PBUH)..on His name we achived pakistan..on the name of religion we achieved Pakistan. Where u buried your religion? Where u lost your moral values? Your Pakistan? Think about Jinnah, his selfless efforts. He never bent in front of others but you? His soul might grieve at da death of his dreams.. Come on!!u r need of hour.u r future of Pakistan. u have to think about it.pakistan needs u.stand against evil agains currption,raise ur voice.manifest ur spirits,make promises,break new the wold dat u r xtraordinery nation. get united wrap the rubbish and throw it out. u can do it come on...

Positive use of mobiles By Abdullah

Agree or not, most of children want to get mobile for their personal use. They want to communicate with his friends or family members by sending SMS and Calling. Some of them want to show their friends that they got HTC, APPLE IPHONE OR BLACKBRRY for they seek to show off. There are lots of lots of facilities which are provided by mobile companies in order to attract more customers, so they target youth the most. For example if there is a guy he have a mobile I said “hi nice mobile. Which model?” He said “Sony____” after a while he said “Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Webcam……..” After a while he asks me “Do you know the price of mobile?” I said, “No”. Then he tells me the price. Now note this guy want to show the peoples, Friends, and his family members that he have Sony mobile the price of $25,000. And some of the children really need to take mobile with them because their homes are far away from their schools and if suddenly they get into a problem and they don’t know what to do then mobile is the only thing which offers them a solution. These children don’t want to show off their mobiles and tell their friends that they have a Nice model, they actually need it to contact their families. For some people the mobile is like addiction, they use mobile all the time, sending SMS, they think that the mobile is important and most important sending SMS. But many parents do not want to give mobiles to their children. They think that their kids will waste a lot of time on mobiles but actually mobiles will save a lot time of children and their positive energy. Using mobile students can easily ask about home works, questions, and other things from their class mates and teachers. It is a fact that students also use mobiles in a wrong way, to avoid it abusive use parent must do following things but completely banning the use of mobile is not an effective thing. 1. Children must not be allowed to use mobile after 10:00 a clock.

2. They can’t set a privacy lock 3. Can’t contact any one against their parent wishes.

Insightful Independence Adnan Salik Javed

Give a 5 minute's reading, It will worth. Have you ever asked yourself why we do celebrate Independence hours? What’s the purpose behind it? Is it just for fun? if yes, there are many other ways to have fun, then why use this specific way? Does everyone who seems to be filled with patriotism from toe to neck, really loves Pakistan ? Do I love Pakistan? Why should I love it? The answers to all these questions are attempted in this article. Today you'll see people throughout the Pakistan, celebrating Independence hours in their own way. Schools, colleges and universities arrange seminars and functions echoing with national songs. President and PM sahib starts their day by raising flag of Pakistan. Kids decorate their homes and streets few days prior to 14th Aug. Male youngsters patrol streets and markets riding silencerless bikes and gazing every in and out girl. While females make flags at their hands and faces with typical mehndi or beauty powder. On one hand \/\/e do celebrate like true patriots while on the other hand \/\/e throw garbage out of the car/bus while traveling, \/\/e make very excess use of water daily, \/\/e waste energy, spoil environment of Pakistan, \/\/e deal unjustly, tell lie, exchange bribe and interest bla bla bla ... Aren't \/\/e hypocrites ? ask it to yourself, is there any use of celebrating 14th Aug or any other event/day if \/\/e really lack the true spirit ? are \/\/e compelled by society to do all this ? \/\/e (reader and myself) need to ponder over these

questions and try to find their fair answers and implement them in our lives. Its a psychological phenomenon that HUMANS need periodic revival of motivational sources to get to the desired destiny. The national/international days, which are celebrated everywhere in the world according to the culture and history of the people celebrating them, are a great source and opportunity for us t0 retrieve the spirit and zeal with which our ancestors carved that day over the history of time. If today each and everyone of us promise that he/she will not live a self-absorbed life and offer him/herself in serving HUMANITY. If we will start believing that PAKISTAN is our HOME, and EARTH is our LAND, then I can guarantee you , based upon my convictions and the teachings of every RELIGION, that there won't be any conflicts, wars, threats, disputes, massacres, and fears anymore in our minds. Once we have purified mentally everything, we will shine with the help of the divine. I BELIEVE that today \/\/e need the same spirit to get 0ur PAKISTAN rid of this vicious circle. EACH and EVERYONE 0f us has to play his/her role within our area 0f influence. \/\/e have t0 STOP saying "everyone is doing, then why shouldn't I?", REMEMBER \/\/e are RESPONSIBLE f0r our actions, \/\/e are accountable f0r our deeds b0th in this world and in the hereafter. Let me make it very clear that if I am n0t perfect one, I've just shared what I try to implement myself too and I am saying all these words to myself too. REMEMBER "Journey of thousand miles begins with a single little STEPâ€? and KNOW it \/\/e can take this very little step anywhere, every time and everyday â˜ş

Three lines Alex and Andreas were friends. One day Alex said to Andreas that he is good in thinking puzzles. Andreas looked up and said count how many stars are big at sky now. There were 7 stars shining at the sky same as show below, Alex easily counted them. After it Andreas said “if you are a great thinker separate them all with three straight lines and draw it on paper, if you did correct I will accept you as a great thinker, if you lose you it would be automatically proven that you was saying false.� If you are a good friend of Alex go help him to separate the entire group of stars. But remember that you can only use 3 straight lines.

Three lines The method was simple and same as shown below.

Cramming Is Detriment to Talent Hassan Shahid ‘’Cramming is learning without knowledge’’ (Stanley Mourdaunth) Terrible times need terrible measures. Exams are terrible times for those who learn by depending solely on there mnemonic devices. Let’s imagine a habitual crammer in a tight spot with limited amount of time to assimilate a great deal of information. He stays up all the night; drinks two pots of coffee until he cant see straight; fights with his nervous distractions; stares at the same pages again and again; falls asleep face down into a book; gets up in panic half an hour before the exam; freaks out in examination hall and fails miserably. Thus the knowledge acquired in a hurried manner has no long term utility and kills talent, too. Cramming is anti-thesis of creativity. It inhibits constructive thinking and kills creativity which involves innovation, independent thinking and deep understanding. If education guarantees enlightenment then cramming saps the vitality of students. Education replaces an empty mind with an open one but cramming compacts human imaginations into a rind. Education is acquired through physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual pedagogies. Cramming is degenerated form of intellect because it hampers visionary approaches to learning, neglects physical and mental limitations, damages self confidence and, ultimately, the potential of learners. Cramming takes a man up to university but cant make him think. Students are confined in schools and colleges for ten to fifteen years and at last come out with a belly full of words but they don’t know a thing intellectually. Top crammers despite having degrees stray here and there and remain unemployed because their heads are filled with straw and they can not creatively apply their knowledge. Albert Einstein puts it as under: ‘’One had to cram all that stuff into one’s mind whether one likes it or not. This coercion had such a deterring effect on me that after I had passed my final examination I found my scientific knowledge still threatening me.’’ Cramming has been institutionalized through our schools, colleges and examination structures. Our teachers and examiners encourage mugging of books. They are misled by the false expression displayed by a dunce crammer. Our class-room culture and educational institutes promote cramming. Perhaps the dilemma made Mark Twain say: ‘’I’ve never allowed my schools to interfere with my education.’’ Educationalists believe that nothing can be learnt, remembered or reproduced which is not attained by a slow and systematic assimilation. A recent study by University of Florida concludes that last minute preparation and cramming reduces overall retention of information and also damage mental abilities. This brings us to conclude that cramming spoils educational development of human beings. It prevents creation of new ideas and formulation of new theories by inhibiting creativity, innovation and independent thinking. It also damages self confidence of our youth. Notwithstanding the harmful effects, cramming is becoming popular because our education system promotes it. In order to secure talent of our youth the infrastructure of cramming based on our educational system should be dismantled and replaced by a system which promotes or, at least, allows the talent to grow. Active learning individual and collective critical thinking through class discussions, study groups and presentations are more effective ways of grooming talent.

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