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POWERING UP FOR 2011 Note from the General Manager The year of 2010 proved to be another eventful one in the development process of MJB. Confronted with the global financial crisis and significant changes in the economic environment, we have once again exceeded our targets. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work within MJB. Employee’s contributions to MJB were again exceptional. With the new workshop nearing completion; doubling our current capacity and providing the most advanced rotor repair facility in the region, 2011 will be an exciting and challenging year for MJB. Brian Waddell General Manager


Iraq MJB International have now completed the 2nd and final stage of the full rehabilitation of the Hilla power station in Iraq. The remaining two frame 5 units were return to operation in October 2010. The Rehabilitation included new control systems, new distilate system and replacement of the capital components. After Rehabilitation all the unit have been successfully connected to the grid, and remain in operation.

Article #2 MJB International have secured the contract for the complete rehabilitation of 12 x Frame 5 rotors from the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq. The contract includes new compressor blading, supply of buckets and replacement of the hardware. MJB will also supply new specialized rotor containers for transport and storage of the rotors after refurbishment. The rotors have now been recieved and will be completed within 12 months.

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Ghana MJB International have secured the contract to supply a full set of frame 9 capital parts and consumables to support Volta River Authority (VRA) in Ghana in the forth coming maintenance schedule. As this was the first contract MJB had secured with VRA, MJB invited the clients personnel to perform a full workshop audit on the facility in Dubai which was very successful. Further to the audit this Contract has been followed up with two further awards for repair of capital parts.


KAZAKHSTAN During 2009 MJB was awarded a contract for the supply of two remanufactured Frame 5 gas turbines for PKKR in Kazakhstan. With the dispatch complete and the arrival of all the equipment on site without incident, MJB was awarded the contract to provide supervision during the installation and commissioning phase. MJB supervisors were responsible for ensuring the installation and subsequent commissioning passed without issue a some what daunting task given the winter temperatures in Kazakhstan. MJB working together with the staff of PKKR have ensured that both units have been successfully started and run to FSNL, however ongoing grid connection issues have meant that these have not yet operated on load. The full load checks are expected to be completed by the 1st quarter of 2011. Kazakhstan PKKR


New Site Civil Work

Existing Installation

During July 2010 MJB were awarded a contract by Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) to relocate two complete Frame 6 gas turbines packages. The relocation will see the power station being fully dismantled and transported from Mombasa to Nairobi. The contract which was awarded on a fast-track basis due to the need for KenGen to both de-commission the emergency diesel generators in Nairobi and to stabilize the supply in that area. MJB scope included the installation of a new SENTINEL control system and the engineering design and supply of clutch system to allow the units to operate in synchronous condenser mode for grid stabilisation.

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U.A.E MJB have been awarded a contract to Overhaul & Upgrade 6 X GE Frame 5 Gas Turbines located offshore on USSC & ZWSC. All the units operate on natural gas as the main fuel and mechanically atomized distillate fuel is used as back up. ADMA’s main objective is to maximise output, in order to satisfy increasing power demands. The upgrade will be achieved through replacement of the existing N technology hot gas path hardware with the new technology PN/T parts. MJB’s scope of work includes the supply of spares (capitals and combustion parts), repairs, manpower services, rotor life assessment & replacement of Fr.5 rotor components. The above work is to be carried out over the next 2 years.

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TURKMENISTAN MJB International have secured and completed a contract for the overhaul of 3x F5/2 HP rotors and 2x F3/2 HP rotors from Turkmenistan, the rotors were fully zero houred with new blading and hardware installed. The contract terms were 40 days in Jebel Ali due to clients customs restrictions, the contract was concluded on time and to the clients satisfaction. A further 6x rotors are expected in 2011 from the same client.

MJB News MJB International have secured the purchase of a complete low operating hour Frame 9E thermal block and accessories. The Rotor will be fully zero houred with new blading and hardware and offered as a direct rotor exchange in the market. MJBI offer owners and operators of GE Frame gas turbines, an option to become a member of a select “club” which offers product supply cover of Frame rotors for emergency and scheduling purposes. The objective is to provide a unique service at pre-posted competitive prices and to help minimize downtime in the event that a rotor change-out is necessary.

MJB NEWS General News MJB Employee a Highlight at ASME.

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A Technical paper titled “Metallurgical Evaluation and Condition Assessment of FSX 414 Nozzle Segments in Gas Turbines by Metallographic Method” was published & presented in ASME TurboExpo Conference 2010 in June 2010 held in Glasgow. The paper written by an MJB Employee Girish Shejale. Girish stated “The presentation at ASME TurboExpo went very well. I delivered a detailed presentation and was in a position to clarify all relevant questions successfully. After an impressive presentation by Girish, he is a potential nominee for the Co-Chair one of the Metallurgy sessions at the next TurboExpo.

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Welcome Paragon Masaood John Brown continues to demonstrate our commitment to the industry as is visually evident by our new state of the art facility in Jebel Ali Free Zone, which undoubtedly is the most advanced rotor repair facility in the region in addition to being a centre of excellence for refurbishment of used gas turbines. Among many major investments MJB have purchased a “:Paragon run-out Inspection Station” for the inspection of gas turbine compressor and turbine rotors. The workstation is sized to accept components up to GE Frame 9 units.

MJB supports HAI Established in 1984, Human Appeal Appeal International, UAE, as the charitable organization a global humanitarian non-governmental organization, it seeks to fulfill its mission by contributing to improving the conditions of the needy, under a comprehensive sustainable development and a healthy environment, building on its principles and the confidence of its partners, keep pace with technological developments, looking for leadership and excellence.

MJB NEWS MJB Global Exposure – Power Gen Qatar. ADIPEC & now…Power & Electricity World Africa. Oil and Power industries have always been an area of interest, in all countries, it is a necessity for an economy, and as this interest grows, countries around the world have taken the opportunity to hold Oil and Power exhibitions, giving a platform to companies in the industry to show case there products and service. MJB has always been active at exhibitions globally. In 2010 MJB was a part of two of the Largest Oil & Power exhibitions. POWER GEN – Middle East in Qatar, and ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, UAE. MJB makes sure that our customers are informed about the new products & services we have to offer. POWER GEN & ADIPEC were both successful events for the company and we have been encouraged to participate in further industry events. After a beneficial exhibition season for our company, MJBI has signed up for our next big event, “Power & Electricity World Africa” held at Sandton Convention Centre Johannesburg which starts on the 30th to the 31st of March, our first in the African region of this year. MJBI is looking forward to exhibiting and making sure that we generate more business and keep our customers informed about the services and products we have to offer. MJB/MJBI is looking forward to signing up for more Oil & Power exhibitions for this year, and because of this exposure, MJB/MJBI has become a recognized face in the Oil & Power industry.

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HR NEWS HR Making it “Easy”.

The Human Resource Department has been on a mission to improve the current system, and now they have finally succeeded. HR presents, “HR EASY” a new application to make all HR Activities simple & virtual.

MJB Welcomes Rajesh Gopinathan - Mechanical Engineer David Garrett - HR Manager Miraj Ismail - In-house Lawyer Ma. Cristina Alvarez - Customer Service Officer Faisal Pawaskar - Customer Service Officer Aziz Rehamn- Packer Bibeesh KT - Machine Operator John Wishart - Field Engineer Christine Ocampo - Customer Service Officer Shailesh Shetty - Sr. Process Repair Engineer

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Workshop News. MJB latest workshop with a floor area of 4000 sq. meters was connected to the electrical grid by DEWA on 22nd February. With the addition of new machinery, which includes a new horizontal lathe, dynamic balance machine and a state of the art rotor run out station , all capable of extending our capabilities on all heavy duty gas and steam turbines including but not limited to the GE range of gas turbines from Frame 3 to a Frame 9. also ABB 11D 4& 5, westinghouse251 and 501 rotors. Bay Number 1 houses our gas turbine refurbishment program, this is aided by an overhead gantry crane with a capacity of 150 ton.The office block has created work stations for an additional 35 employees, to cover disciplines such as, commercial, sales& marketing, engineering, and finance, we also have a corporate suite which will house the General Manager and state of the art board and conference rooms.

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QHSE Article #1


MJB’s Management started implementation of the lean management principles in Jan 2010.This was kicked off with a value stream mapping conducted by senior management & a specialist consultant. In this exercise areas / activities for lean events were identified. First lean event week was conducted in March 2010.This was followed up by series of lean events through out the year. In 2010 there were total 20 lean events conducted in different areas of the business, this has significantly improved the performance of the processes & involved a cultural change throughout the organization. These lean events have resulted:Teams with lean thinking. (employees embraced to lean principles) Improved work areas. Reductions in wastes (Internal Reworks, lost tools on site from tool containers 0 in 2010) Improved Profit margins. Improved EBIT Margins This was also an exciting time for MJB with the 3rd workshop facility being completed and ready to receive equipment. This gave opportunity to start from a blank canvas with improved process layout and work areas. Initially the events focus was on workshop process improvements and the interfaces between the various departments on workshop processes; however, over the course of the year we have included events from all areas of the business including Operations, Finance, HR and Commercial.

QHSE LATEST ON QUALITY, SAFETY & HEALTH. Quality, Health Safety & Environment

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External Audits • September 2010- S1 audit of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008. • November 2010 - Recertification and upgrading audit was successfully completed for Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001:200. New certificates have been issued. • November 2010- Recertification audit for Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2004. New certificates have been issued Water & Power Consumption in 2010/2009 Man-hours without lost time accident TOTAL WATER CONSUMPTION 2009 = 1,124,598 Gal 2010= 915,974 Gal Reduction by 19%

TOTAL POWER CONSUMPTION Up to Nov 2009 = 2,860,200 KWHr Up to Nov 2010= 2,805,700 KWHr Reduction by 2%

Water & Power Consumption in 2009 / 2010

Electricity kWhrs

Water Consumption Gal

Total Man hours worked without lost time accident = 2.5 Million Quality Escapes / Cost of Quality Quality Escapes = 0.09 QE per million of USD Cost of Quality = 0.047% of total sales



HSE Monthly Inspection Score



300,000.00 200,000



200,000.00 150,000.00

Average in 2010 = 4.75/5 Average in 2009 = 4.64/5 Improvement = 2.3%


100,000.00 50,000

50,000.00 0.00

0 Jan






Electricity KWHrs 2010 Water Gal 2009







Water Gal 2010 Electricity KWHrs 2009

Trees Saved MJB employees have continued recycling of paper, cardboard and plastics in 2010. Numbers of Trees saved are = 75

MJB SPORTS OSC Football Tournament

Article #1

Our A team managed to secure the 3rd place trophy immediately behind two outstanding OSC teams, seeing off competition from SIML and Triplefast A and B. Baker Hughes were held to a draw in a tense 3rd/ 4th place playoff culminating in a penalty shootout. Special note of thanks to Faizal Hamid who scored the winning penalty and Zin who kept us hanging in there with some outstanding goalkeeping that won him keeper of the tournament.

MJB Team A

MJB Team B

Our B team also managed a respectful performance reaching the quarter finals, loosing finally to the OSC blue team.

MJB Team

MJB Team A 3rd place winners

Masaood John Brown/ MJB International

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