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BEAVE RTON, OR (Nove mber 11, 2009) – Today, Jordan Brand, a division of NIKE, Inc., announced the upcoming launch of its 25th anniversary AIR JORDAN 2010 shoe. Celebrating a quarter-century of innovative design and genreinspiring style, Jordan Brand created the AIR JORDAN 2010 to pay respect to the legacy of Michael Jordan in basketball while passing on the heritage of the sport to the talented Team Jordan athletes, such as Dwyane Wade, who will be the first to debut the AIR JORDAN 2010. “The celebration of the AIR JORDAN 2010 and our 25th anniversary are the pinnacle of a year full of milestones for me,” said Michael Jordan. “With each shoe, consumers have pushed me to take the next AIR JORDAN beyond their wildest imagination. The AIR JORDAN 2010 marks the future of Jordan Brand and proves there are no limits to what this Brand is capable of creating.” Acclaimed shoe designers Tinker Hatfield, Vice President of Special Projects/Design for NIKE and Mark Smith, Creative Director for Jordan Brand, collaborated with Michael Jordan on the AIR JORDAN 2010, taking the literal interpretation of Jordan’s ability to see through his opponents by creating the Brand’s first see-through performance basketball shoe featuring a unique transparent thermoplastic urethane (TPU) window.

“The AIR JORDAN 2010 pays homage to Jordan’s opponents next move while only giving hints of his players to only see what he wanted them to see on Hatfield. “His keen instinct for anticipating his and disguising his own techniques are just a few of him being named the greatest basketball player ever

ability to know his ability and allowing the the court,” said Tinker challengers’ next move the attributes that led to to play the game.”

To assist all basketball players’ game while wearing Smith also designed the AIR JORDAN 2010 with a concept to performance basketball footwear – a that has an independent forefoot support cover. This technique allows the AIR JORDAN 2010 to mimic an and movement without being restricted by the shoe’s player’s ability to be more agile in the game.

the shoe, Hatfield and revolutionary new layered toe construction innovative design actual foot’s flexibility structures, assisting in a

Since 1984 when Jordan wore the first AIR JORDAN sneaker, AIR JORDAN has become one of the world’s most recognizable franchises known for its signature Jumpman logo, innovative performance technology and fashionforward style memorializing the sneakers into popular culture history. Jordan Brand has adapted the AIR JORDAN to the changing fashion landscape in its 25 years, utilizing the importance of green technology by making the AIR JORDAN XX3, AIR JORDAN 2009 and now the AIR JORDAN 2010 under Nike’s Considered Design ethos of combining sustainability with performance and innovation.

Jordan Brand launches the AIR JORDAN 2010 nationwide on Saturday, February 13, 2010 for a suggested retail price of $170. Retailer information can be found at

Jordan Brand launches the AIR JORDAN 2010 nationwide on Saturday, February 13, 2010 for a suggested retail price of $170. Retailer information can be found at

NEWS Diddy Breaks Up Possible Rick Ross/Floyd Mayweather Altercation The beef between Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather almost got physical last weekend, but according to TMZ, Diddy saved the day.

The gossip site reports that both men were at the grand opening of the new Vanity nightclub in Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel over the weekend, when the incident occurred. Apparently after bumping into each other their entourages immediately became confrontational. Diddy, who was hosting the party at the new hot spot, reportedly mediated the two crews before anyone got hurt.

The Miami Boss and the Welterweight champ have been waging a cold war over the past several months ever since the rapper called out Pretty Boy Floyd during his verbal war with 50 Cent.

In related news, Diddy and Ross plan on dropping a video for Dirty Money’s “Angels” remix shortly. —Elan Mancini

Loredana Jolie, one of Tiger Woods' many mistresses, is supposedly writing a tell-all book about his wild sex ual encounters. With her, and with other dudes.

described group sex that

The woman, who also goes by Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, claims she witnessed Tiger in gay encounters and that he "had sexual relationships with other men." The shocking twist is something none of Tiger Woods' women have claimed so far, and there has been no evidence to suggest it's true. Still, scandalous! According to reports, Loredana Jolie recently attempted to sell her story for $1 million and included incidents of Tiger with men.

That sure would cast the "King

of Swing" in a new light ...

Loredana Jolie Ferriolo

PictureTiger Contemplates

Loredana Jolie claims Tiger

Woods also had sex with men.

Loredana says she plans to for arranged sex, threesomes,

spill about how she and Tiger "came about, his healthy appetite girls next door and girl-on-girl."

Awesome. She also promises to "answer rumors surrounding Woods' sexuality." We didn't realize there were any. Guy bangs waitresses, end of discussion.

We imagine the gay sex angle is part of Loredana's quest to score a huge publishing deal, how unlikely it seems. Not that he has much credibility either.

Loredana has kept a low profile since being named as a Tiger mistress but "is in talks with a number of publishing companies," according to reports. The gorgeous blonde from Sicily, has told people she was "one of Tiger's favorite mistresses." She was a Playboy model and a rumored prostitute. Hot! Quite the day for Tiger Woods gossip. Earlier, a woman named Susie Ogren told the Enquirer she saw Tiger doing ecstasy, but he didn't bed her, amazingly. Gilbert Arenas Gun Standoff: Caught on Tape? January 7th, 2010 4:19 PM by Free Britney Filed under: Gilbert Arenas Surveillance cameras may have caught the Christmas Eve standoff in which basketball star Gilbert Arenas pulled a gun on his teammate, Javaris Crittenton. The Washington Wizards have told District of Columbia police that they have locker room surveillance video but are having trouble downloading the footage. Computer technicians are assisting the organization with the matter today. If you think the video problems are a ruse so the Wizards can protect their star, think again. A source says the team is almost "over cooperative" with cops. A TMZ source says it's "almost as if they want Arenas to go down," and "there is a better than 50/50 chance the U.S. Attorney will issue a felony warrant." The NBA has suspended Arenas indefinitely. Go Gilbert! AGENT ZERO BRAIN CELLS: What the heck was Gilbert Arenas thinking? He has no license for the guns, and if he is charged with a felony, the Wizards could cite the morals clause in Arenas' $111 million contract and void it. As for what caused the standoff, a law enforcement says it was all over a card game known as BourrĂŠ. Arenas allegedly owed Crittenton some money. Crittenton apparently his debt. Two days later, telling him to collect the debt.

threatened Arenas to make good on Arenas laid out his guns as a prank,

Instead of diffusing the and both NBA players ended locker room. Astounding.

tension, Crittenton became enraged up drawing on each other ... in the

Though they are trying to have a baby now, she stressed that she is not currently pregnant. "I just gained some love weight and it gives [Lamar] something to hold on to," she says. (She previously told that she gained seven pounds since wedding in September. "I just haven't been working out as much and eating badly," she told Us. "My husband is known as the candy man. All he does is eat candy, and I join in and that's not great. But now we're settled in and bought a house, and I'm back to my routine," which includes QuickTrim.) She tells The Insider Lamar "is really eager wanna have babies. I just got married four anything to prevent having a baby right

to have a baby and I months ago, I'm not doing now."

See photos from Khloe's wedding! Sister Kim says she isn't quite ready for that Reggie Bush.

step with on-again beau

"There's no plan as of now to get married," together for years and we're just having a

says Kim, 29. "We've been good, happy relationship."

See the Kardashian sibs' craziest moments Despite both being in committed relationships, they still have their celeb crushes. Kim says "it would be really sexy to have George Clooney once. I think he is so sexy!" Khloe's fantasy guy? "I would totally say Obama," she said. "Like, I would do it for our country."

Though Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek have released just one album, Train of Thought, since forming the hip-hop duo Reflection Eternal in the late ’90s, their catalogue is surprisingly thorough. As they prepare to release their long-awaited sophomore project, Revolutions Per Minute, this year, their new mixtape, The RE:Union, proves that point even further by providing an excellent collection of new tracks, unreleased gems, classic collaborations and even a few solo joints from the pair. The payoff comes quick as Reflection Eternal kick things off with their freshest material. From the posse cut “Just Begun,” featuring Jay Electronica, J. Cole and Mos Def, to the quickpaced “Revolutions Per Minute,” The RE:Union features a blend of Kweli’s nimble lyrics and Tek’s soulful production—the same winning formula they used back in 2000. It’s best displayed on the single-worthy “Back Again,” where Kweli points out, “That’s right, we back again/You can like rap again.”

However, the majority of this reunion is spent reminiscing on the past. From their memorable jumpoff single, “Fortified Live,” to the stellar singles from their debut album, like “Move Something” and “The Blast (Remix),” the second half of the mixtape is basically a refresher course on Reflection Eternal. Even Kweli’s Kanye West-produced “Good To You” from his 2002 album, Quality, and Tek’s “Music For Life” from his 2006 album, Hi-Teknology 2: The Chip, get nods. Still, even with just a few new tracks sprinkled into The RE:Union, Reflection Eternal is finally reunited—and it feels so good. —Chris Yuscavage

Young Money are a rap group affiliated with Lil Wayne who made their commercial debut in 2009 after years of mixtape appearances. Led by Lil Wayne and fairly fluid in membership, the group includes Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine, Nicki Minaj, Lil Chuckee, and Lil' Twist, among others. Young Money released their debut single, "Every Girl," in 2009 in association with Universal Music. In prior years, the group was a mainstay of Lil Wayne's mixtapes, and some of the group members, Mack Maine and Nicki Minaj in particular, released mixtapes of their own. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide URBAN WEAR: HIP HOP FASHIONS LeBron Vs. The Knicks: The Comic

Anyone who saw LeBron James score 52 points and dish out 11 assists against the Knicks onn February 4th could be forgiven for thinking that they were watching a cartoon. Human beings aren't supposed to be able to do all of the things he was doing on the court that night, and the Knicks looked on with the helplessness of a Bugs Bunny victim.

Surprisingly, that game wasn't the one New York artist Joel Kimmel chose to turn into a comic book, which we found out about from Ball Don't Lie. Kimmel turned the first Knicks-Cavs game at the Garden, the one in November that was overwhelmed by talk of James joining the Knicks in 2010, into a comic that's for sale on his website. It's got a color cover and black-and-white innards and it's a nifty piece of memorabilia for anyone who likes comics, basketball or both. In a nice touch Kimmel only asks you to pay whatever you can for your copy.

About the only thing left for Knicks fans to care about in this year's playoffs is how James and the Cavaliers do, but neither a title nor a near-miss makes the future any clearer. We all know James would be leaving millions on the table to come to New York, and we know that James doesn't need the Knicks half as much as they need him. So would winning a title, fulfilling an unspoken promise to the Cavaliers, be enough to help push him out the door to conquer new domains? Or would it be better if they lost, and lost again next year, and created a feeling that James had to go elsewhere to win?

Such questions are best considered in a comic book at this point, since no one except for James has any clue about the real answer.

Josh Alper is a writer living in New York City and is a contributor to and in addition to his duties for Beyonce -- and Sasha -- in lead with 10 Grammy nominations Greg Kot Music critic

Beyonce sang about a split personality on her latest Fierce," and she and Sasha must have been 10 nominations in the nationally televised run-up to the 52nd annual The Black Eyed Peas sang, "Tonight's gonna be a good one-hour telecast -- and for the coed quartet, it nominations.

album, "I Am ... Sasha pleased Wednesday after bagging Grammy Awards. night," both at the outset and finish of the absolutely was: They received six

But it went even better for Beyonce and Taylor Swift, whose eight nominations trailed only Beyonce. The two singers scored the Grammy triple play, with nods in the most prestigious categories: album, song and record of the year. So did Lady Gaga, who garnered five total nominations. Like the Peas, Maxwell and Kanye West received six nominations.

Besides Beyonce ("I Am ... Sasha Fierce"), Lady Gaga ("The Fame") and Swift ("Fearless"), the contenders for album of the year were The Black Eyed Peas ("The E.N.D.") and the Dave Matthews Band ("Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King"). The big omission: U2's commercially underperforming "No Line on the Horizon," which was nominated for r

Sean John

Like the Peas, Maxwell and Kanye West received six nominations. Besides Beyonce ("I Am ... Sasha Fierce"), ("Fearless"), the contenders for album of the E.N.D.") and the Dave Matthews Band ("Big omission: U2's commercially underperforming nominated for rock album of the year.

Lady Gaga ("The Fame") and Swift year were The Black Eyed Peas ("The Whiskey and the Groogrux King"). The big "No Line on the Horizon," which was

Nominations for song and record of the year Leon's "Use Somebody" and Swift's "You

went to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," Kings of Belong With Me."

Also nominated for song of the year were Maxwell's "Pretty Wings" and Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." Additional song of the year nominees were Beyonce's "Halo" and the Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling."

In the other big category, best new artist, the nominees were Zac Brown Band, Keri Hilson, MGMT, Silversun Pickups and the Ting Tings.

Once again, LL Cool J served as emcee during the announcement show, making a game attempt to mash up his rap vocals with some of the year's hits -- but I got a feeling he's regretting that decision right about now. There were the awkward table-side interviews with various celebs and the glitch-laden rollout of the nominees. When comic George Lopez announced the song of the year candidates, a picture of Swift popped into view while he was talking about Kings of Leon. And then there was the awkward scenario of Joe and Kevin Jonas introducing a solo project by their brother Nick that sounded like a demo in progress rather than a finished song. How about a few chord changes, Nick? Though the broadcast was only 60 minutes long, it felt twice as arduous because of the clunky timing and a decided lack of energy. Maxwell paid tribute to Michael Jackson with a relaxed -- maybe too relaxed -- interpretation of "The Lady in My Life." Smokey Robinson, in announcing the nominees for record of the year, which included Swift, got off the night's best line: "And don't worry, Taylor, Kanye West is not here." Local nominees included Common for best rap album ("Universal Mind Control"), Neko Case for best contemporary folk album ("Middle Cyclone"), Kurt Elling for best jazz vocal album ("Dedicated To You: Kurt Elling Sings the Music of Coltrane and Hartman"), Wilco for best Americana album ("Wilco [The Album]"), Mavis Staples for best contemporary blues album ("Live: Hope at the Hideout"), and the "Chicago Blues: A Living History" compilation for best traditional blues album. Winners in the 109 Grammy Awards ceremony Recording Academy of Arts Oct. 1, 2008, and Aug. 31,

categories will be announced Jan. 31 at the in Los Angeles. The nominations by the and Sciences cover music released between 2009.

2010 PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS 2010 People’s Choice Awards: The Show, The Winners Gossip Date: 07-01-2010 Author: Celebrity-Gossip Making for quite the star-studded evening at the Nokia Theatre, the 2010 People’s Choice Awards aired live from Los Angeles, California on Wednesday night (January 6).

With Queen Latifah gracefully managing the hosting duties, big winners in the movie categories included Sandra Bullock, Taylor Lautner, Hugh Jackman, Jim Carrey and “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus. As for the TV categories, “House” and Theory” were named favorite drama respectively, while Hugh Laurie, and Alyson Hannigan all picked up well.

“The Big Bang and comedy, Katherine Heigl trophies, as

To cap off the night of celebrity action, was named as favorite movie actor of being given the award by Sacha Baron

Johnny Depp the decade Cohen.

A complete list of Peoples Choice winners is as follows:

Awards 2010

MOVIES: Favorite Movie ACTOR Johnny Depp Favorite Movie ACTRESS Sandra Bullock Favorite Action STAR Hugh Jackman Favorite COMEDIC STAR Jim Carrey Favorite BREAKOUT MOVIE ACTRESS Miley Cyrus Favorite BREAKOUT MOVIE ACTOR Taylor Lautner Favorite ON-screen team “The Twilight Saga” Favorite independent movie “Inglourious Basterds” Favorite Comedy movie “The Proposal” Favorite MOVIE “Twilight”

Favorite FAMILY movie “Up” Favorite Franchise “The Twilight Saga” FAVORITE MOVIE ACTOR OF THE DECADE Johnny Depp TELEVISION Favorite TV Drama “House” Favorite TV Comedy “The Big Bang Theory” Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show “Supernatural” Favorite Competition Show “American Idol” Favorite TV drama actor Hugh Laurie Favorite TV drama actress Katherine Heigl Favorite TV comedy Actor Steve Carell Favorite TV Comedy Actress Alyson Hannigan Favorite tv Obsession “True Blood” favorite animal show “Dog Whisperer” FAVORITE TALK SHOW “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

“Dog Whisperer” FAVORITE TALK SHOW “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” FAVORITE NEW TV COMEDY “Glee” FAVORITE NEW TV DRAMA “Vampire Diaries” MUSIC Favorite Male ARTIST Keith Urban Favorite Female aRTIST Taylor Swift Favorite COUNTRY ARTIST Carrie Underwood Favorite R&B ARTIST Mariah Carey Favorite Pop ARTIST Lady Gaga Favorite Rock BAND Paramore Favorite BREAKOUT MUSIC ARTIST Lady Gaga Favorite MUSIC COLLABORATION Run This Town FAVORITE HIP-HOP ARTIST Eminem

MISCELLANEOUS Favorite WEB CELEB Ashton Kutcher CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS IN JANUARY [Lewis Hamilton's Date of Birth - January 07, 1985] Lewis Hamilton 25 Years Old [Nicolas Cage's Date of Birth - January 07, 1964] Nicolas Cage 46 Years Old [Michelle Obama's Date of Birth - January 17, 1964] Michelle Obama 45 Years Old [Oprah Winfrey's Date of Birth - January 29, 1954] Oprah Winfrey 55 Years Old [Justin Timberlake's Date of Birth - January 31, 1981] Justin Timberlake 28 Years Old CHECK OUT THE THROW BACK ARTIST FOR THIS MONTH!

Queen Latifah. Some HOT January Concerts Lil' Wayne Thu. Jan 7, 2010 7:30 PM Allen Event Center Allen, TX Lil' Wayne Fri. Jan 8, 2010 9:00 PM Cajundome Lafayette, LA lil' Wayne Sat. Jan 9, 2010 8:00 PM Verizon Arena - North Little Rock North Little Rock, AR Mos Def Sat. Jan 30, 2010 8:00 PM Nokia Theatre Times Square New York, NY Fame Kills: Kanye West & Lady Gaga Sat. Jan 16, 2010 8:00 PM United Center Chicago, IL F

Fame Kills: Kanye West & Lady Gaga Sun. Jan 24, 2010 8:00 PM American Airlines Cent.. Dallas, TX

Clinique At MACY'S Best of Clinique! $25 with any Clinique Purchase!

Allure Best of Beauty winners $25.00 with your Clinique purchase.Meet Clinique’s best and brightest from Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips and 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula to hall-of-famer Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Plus High Definition Lashes, Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Bamboo Pink and a limited-edition Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad. You even get a 1-year subscription to Allure magazine plus a silvery tote.Details: * A $62.00 value. * One set to a client, please.Special purchase available while supplies last. Minimum purchase amount for special offer does not include Gift Card purchases, tax, shipping or gift wrap charges * Web ID: 441526

Award-show season kicks off Wednesday night, as Queen Latifah returns to host the 36th Annual People's Choice Awards. Taylor Lautner, Ryan Reynolds and Carrie Underwood are among the celebrities expected to attend. A record 60 million-plus fan votes have been counted, according to producers. New categories this year include favorite Web celeb, which features nominees Andy Samberg, Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus, Diddy and Will Ferrell, as well as favorite on-screen team, in which the Twilight trio of Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will compete against The Proposal's Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, among others. Charlie Sheen is among the five nominees for favorite TV comedy actor. LADY GA GA AT NEW YEARS Lady Gaga hosted the biggest New Year's Eve party by at the fab Fontaine bleau hotel down in South Beach.

performing poolside

Gaga busted her robotic-like dance moves to a crowd of whom paid around that to see the 23-year-old performer.

thousands, some of

Seriously, if you wanted to see the Lady in style, cabanas $25,000!

were going for around

Right when the clock struck midnight, Lady Gaga appeared in a crazy silver getup rocking yellow hair, and the crowd rushed the stage. The audience went wild as she slithered out (coming straight from an earlier performance in Miami), wished the crowd a "happy f--king New Year" and started off by performing "Bad Romance."

Kevin Connolly and Hayden Panettiere happened to find themselves side by side most of the night, hanging in the VIP area near the stage, but don't expect Connettiere to happen anytime soon. "They may be flirty, but there is nothing serious there," dishes a source close to the Hero's star. Looks like she's way over Jesse

And what about the slew of celebs in attendance during all this?

Kevin Connolly and Hayden Panettiere happened to find themselves side by side most of the night, hanging in the VIP area near the stage, but don't expect Connettiere to happen anytime soon. "They may be flirty, but there is nothing serious there," dishes a source close to the Hero's star. Looks like she's way over Jesse McCartney. Also a few feet away?

Chace Crawford, munching on Dominos New Pizza and still looking absolutely delicious with his hair slightly gelled, while watching Gaga perform with a few friends. Looks like he wasn't too worried about finding a New Year's Eve kiss though, since he kept his lips to himself at midnight! With that many girls constantly throwing themselves at him, we're sure he wasn't too stressed ringing in the New Year solo with his guy friends. At the afterparty at LIV nightclub in the Fontainebleau hotel... Chris Brown, Akon, and Bow Wow arrived together, supposedly after they all partied at Diddy's mansion a few miles away. While Brown didn't get into any trouble of note, it seems like Bow Wow did a little drunken tweeting while driving. Not a smart or safe way to start off the New Year! Other celebs also at the Fontainebleau NYE weekend: Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley, Melrose Place's Colin Egglesfield, JC Chasez, Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado.

FaCts AbOuT 2PAC

Tupac's given name was Lesane Crooks. He was the son of Afeni Shakur (government name Alice Fay Walker) who was one of the defendants at the Panther 21 trial. Tupac studied drama at Baltimore's School For The Arts, where he rapped under the name MC New York. At the Baltimore School of the arts, Tupac met Jada Pinkett, who would become a close friend of his Tupac was planned to act in the movies Cool Runnings, Higher Learning, Menace II Society and How To Be A Player. As a young man, Tupac also

studied ballet and dance.

Tupac Amaru Shakur was named "Shining serpent" and "Shakur"

after an Inca Indian chief, "Tupac Amaru" means means "thankful to god" in Arabic.

When Tupac was 12 years old, his Ensemble. He played Travis in "A

mother enrolled him in Harlems 127thSt Raisin in The Sun" in his first acting role.

While he was with Digital shotgun in Tupac's face because King Jr festival.

Underground, someone once shoved a 12 gauge of a dispute over a woman at a Martin Luther

Tupac said the individual letters in his THUG LIFE tattoo stood for "The Hate U Give Little Infants F-ck Everybody" Tupac said that because of his moms ties with the Black Panthers, the FBI was always after him and his family. Tupac wrote his hit song "Dear Mama" while in prison. Tupac's first appearance ever was on Digital Underground's Same Song where he raps wearing West African war clothes in the video.

Tupac said that because of his moms ties with the Black Panthers, the FBI was always after him and his family. Tupac wrote his hit song "Dear Mama" while in prison. Tupac's first appearance ever was on Digital Underground's Same Song where he raps wearing West African war clothes in the video. Kidada Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones and fiancĂŠ of Tupac, has a tattoo of Tupac on her arm. Tupac was a big fan of Jim Carrey Porn Star Spontaneous XXXStacy has a tattoo on her arm with Tupacs name and song "Keep Ya Head Up."

the title of the

Naughty by Nature, also known as Treach, has a tattoo of Tupac on his left arm. Tupac has a huge cross on his back that says Exodus 18:11 a reference to where "Now I know That the Lord is Greater Than All Gods because he delivered the the hands of the Egyptians when they dealt with them arrogantly."

the bible says people from

Tupac started his career on Tommy Boy Records with Digital Underground. Tupac was first inspired to rap when a friend of his was killed while he was playing with a gun. His first rap was about gun control. When he first moved to California, Tupac was homeless for 2 years. In the movie Juice, Tupac plays Bishop and said the now famous line "Yeah I'm crazy, but you know what? I don't give a fck." Tupac wanted to name his first child Star if it was a daughter Michaelangelo if it was a boy. On the song Me and My Girlfriend from Makaveli: 7Day Theory the song is actual about 2pac and his gun not actually him and his girlfriend. This song shows how lyrically talented 2pac was to make a song that would seem as if it was about him and his girlfriend but refers to his gun, its really interesting just to listen to it. For Example: I love finger fuckin you, all of a sudden I'm hearing thunder when you bust a nut, niggaz be duckin. Referring pullin the trigger of his gun :)

2pac Greatest Hits (1998) Song List Album by 2Pac. Disc 1 1. Keep Ya Head Up 2. 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted 3. Temptations 4. God Bless the Dead 5. Hail Mary 6. Me Against the World 7. How Do U Want It 8. So Many Tears 9. Unconditional Love

10. Trapped 11. Life Goes On 12. Hit 'Em Up Disc 2 1. Troublesome '96 2. Brenda's Got a Baby 3. I Ain't Mad at Cha 4. I Get Around 5. Changes 6. California Love (Original Version) 7. Picture Me Rollin' 8. How Long Will They Mourn Me? 9. Toss It Up 10. Dear Mama 11. All About U 12. To Live & Die in L.A. 13. Heartz of Men

For the month of January Someone from a distance could make your life difficult this month. In–laws, friends, relatives and even bosses and coworkers for those of you who are working from home or have a boss in another state. That’s why screening calls and postponing visits is a great idea in January, especially with Mercury and Mars out of phase. However you do get a chance to resolve one long standing, lingering issue during the solar eclipse in Capricorn, your 12th house Jan 15. Browse the self–help section and use your intuition. Dreams can be insightful and make you realize just how close you really are to getting what you really want out of life. You are an air sign and have big dreams and desires and in 2010, there is a very real likelihood they will be fulfilled.

Venus the enchantress of the zodiac moves into your sign December 18 for 3 weeks. Unfortunately combined with retrograding Mars, your love and social life will have its ups and downs. Single? While you’re ready to mingle, your friends may flake or bail on you at the very last moment (annoying). Couples? One day you’re madly in love, the next day, not so much!

Best January days: 3, 15, 22 & 25 Challenging Jan days: 5, 23, 27 & 31 Friend: Leos & Sags Frenemy: Taureans & Cancers Love interests: Capricorns & Aries . Aquarius January 20 February 18



Keyshia ColeR&B singer Keyshia Cole has more than one reason to celebrate the New Year - she is engaged and expecting her first child with fiance, basketball star Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson. Cole, 28, and the Cleveland Cavaliers player, 23, became engaged on New Year's Eve. Her spokesperson has confirmed the baby news after weeks of speculation, adding the proposal was "an absolute surprise". The representative tells, "When he asked her to marry him, she was flabbergasted. He presented her with the ring and her mouth dropped in amazement. It's too beautiful for words." The "Last Night" singer first pregnant with Gibson's baby in sporting a rounder figure at a her bulging belly at a Christmas refused to confirm reports she

sparked speculation she was November when she was spotted party. Last month, she showed off charity event in California, but was with child.

Cole and Gibson have been

dating for less than a year.

Keyshia Cole Looking toned and fabulous, People's Choice Awards red assymetrical one-shoulder Gucci clutch and sky-high heels.

Mary J. Blige arrived on the carpet in a sexy, curve hugging, dress, accessorized with a sassy

Looking lovely in lavender, assymetrical one-shoulder, accessorized with dark nail

Taraji was elegant and chic in her Alberta Ferretti gown, which she polish and a sparkling clutch.

2010 People's Choice Awards' Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Depp

best dressed men: Taylor Lautner,

Ten Ways African Americans Can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes by the National Diabetes Education Program The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) is urging people at high risk for type 2 diabetes to take small steps to lower their risk for the disease and serious complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, and other health problems. Take the first step today. Ask your health care team if you are at risk for type 2 diabetes. Before a person develops type 2 diabetes, they usually have “prediabetes,” which means their blood glucose (blood sugar) levels are higher than normal, but not yet high enough to be called diabetes. People with pre-diabetes are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years and to have a heart attack or stroke. Although African Americans are at high risk for type 2 diabetes, there is good news. You can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes by making small lifestyle changes in diet and physical activity. Follow these tips to help you prevent or delay type 2 diabetes: 1. Set goals you can meet and start by making small changes. First, set a goal you can achieve. Add one or two healthy changes every week. Use NDEP’s Your GAME PLAN to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes booklet to help you

stick to your goals and succeed. 2. Aim to lose at least 5 to 7 percent of your current weight – that’s 10 to 14 pounds for a 200-pound person. The key to preventing type 2 diabetes is to lose weight by making healthy food choices and being physically active. Lose a small amount of weight by getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, five days a week and eating foods lower in calories and fat. 3. For support, team up with friends and family to help you lower your risk for type 2 diabetes. Ask your family and friends to help you stick to your program. Involve them in your activities. You can help each other move more, eat less, and live a healthier life. Be active with your family by going on a walk together after dinner or playing a pick-up game of basketball. Replace watching TV with an activity that gets everyone moving. 4. Make healthy food choices every day. Start with small changes, like ordering the smallest size meal instead of the larger, super-sized version at fast-food restaurants. Choose carbs that have lots of fiber such as fresh fruits and vegetables from every color of the rainbow—red, orange, yellow, white, green, blue, and purple. Eat calcium-rich foods such as low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, and cheese. 5. Make time to prepare and cook healthy foods. Freeze portions so you have healthy meals ready for days when you’re too tired or don’t have time to cook. Instead of fried chicken, try it grilled, baked, or broiled. Use vegetable or canola oil when you choose to fry. For a main dish, try low-fat macaroni and cheese served with your favorite vegetable and a salad. A baked sweet potato topped with reduced-fat or fat-free sour cream is a good option for a side dish. 2 April 2008 6. Cut down on food portion sizes. The portion size that you are used to eating may be equal to two or three standard servings – which equals double or triple the calories and fat! Portion sizes are often smaller than you think. Compare serving sizes to everyday objects. For example, one serving of cereal is about the size of a closed fist. Three ounces of lean meat or fish is about the size of a deck of cards. 7. Choose water to drink instead of sweetened fruit drinks and soda. Find a water bottle you really like from your church, community organization, or favorite sports team and drink water from it wherever and whenever you can. Drink a glass of water 10 minutes before your meal to take the edge off your hunger. 8. Increase your activity level by walking more often. Schedule “walking dates” with friends or family members throughout the week. Organize a walking group with your neighbors, co-workers, or church members. Take your dog – or a friend’s dog – for a brisk walk. 9. Build physical activity into your day. Show the younger people in your life the dances you used to do when you were their age. Turn up the music and jam to the beat of NDEP’s Step by Step CD or your favorite music while doing household chores. Take the stairs instead of the elevator to your office. Deliver a message in person to a co-worker instead of sending an email. 10. For more ways to lower your risk for type 2 diabetes, check out NDEP’s free resources. Order the More Than 50 Ways to Prevent Diabetes tip sheet for African Americans and other resources by calling 1-888-693-NDEP (6337) or visit http:// and click on the Small Steps. Big Rewards. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes. campaign. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Diabetes Education Program is jointly sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with the support of more than 200 partner organizations.

Billboard's Artist Of The Year Billboard. The best and the worst of 2009’s year in music, gee where to start since there’s so much of both. This one can’t be resisted and has to kick things off…so here are the Top 10 Worst Album Covers of 2009 according to We start at the top…1) Bruce Springsteen “Working On A Dream,” 2) Chris Brown “Graffiti,” 3) Claude Vonstroke “Bird Brain,” 4) Cymbals Eat Guitars “Why There Are Mountains,” 5) Ear Pwr. “Super Animal Brothers III,” 6) Fischerspooner “Fischerspooner,” 7) Green Day “21st Century Breakdown,” 8) Jello Biafra “The Audacity of Hype,” 9) Joss Stone “This Way Up,” 10) Neil Young “Fork In The Road.” Now there’s an argument for making album covers smaller and smaller.

Now it’s time to make our way over to Billboard and see what those whacky folks have picked for their Top 10’s…we shall return to Pitchfork momentarily. Billboard’s Top 10 Albums…1) Taylor Swift “Fearless,” 2) Beyonce “I Am...Sasha Fierce,” 3) Nickelback “Dark Horse,” 4) Twilight “Soundtrack,” 5) Hannah Montana “Soundtrack,” 6) Britney Spears “Circus,” 7) Kanye West “808s & Heartbreaks,” 8) Lady Gaga “The Fame,” 9) Eminem “Relapse,” 10) Black Eyed Peas “The E.N.D.” OK, now let’s see if Pitchfork has any different ideas, musically speaking… 1) Animal Collective “Merriweather Post Pavilion,” 2) Dirty Projectors “Bitte Orca,” 3) The xx “The xx,” 4) The Flaming Lips “Embryonic,” 5) Raekwon “Only Built For Cuban Linx…,” 6) Grizzly Bear “Veckatimest,” 7) Bat For Lashes “Two Suns,” 8) Phoenix “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” 9) Fever Ray “Fever Ray,” 10) Girls “Album.” Does anyone else notice any difference between the two? Yikes!

Now, let’s see what tracks did well this year and if there’s any difference between Billboard and Pitchfork. First we shall start with Billboard’s Top 10 Songs…1) Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow” 2) Lady Gaga “Poker Face,” 3) Lady Gaga ft. Colby O’Donis “Just Dance,” 4) Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling,” 5) Taylor Swift “Love Story,” 6) Flo Rida “Right Around,” 7) Jason Mraz “I’m Yours,” 8) Beyonce “Single Lady, Put A Ring…,” 9) Kanye West “Heartless,” 10) All American Rejects “Gives You Hell.” Next up…Pitchfork’s Top 10 songs, so hang onto your iPod! 1) Animal Collective “My Girls,” 2) Dirty Projectors “Stillness Is The Move,” 3) Phoenix “1901,” 4) Bat For Lashes “Daniel,” 5) Grizzly Bear “Two Weeks,” 6) Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Zero,” 7) Big Boi ft. Gucci Mane “Shine Blockas,” 8) Phoenix “Listomania,” 9) Girls “Lust For life,” 10) Washed Out “Feel It All Around.” Once again…Yikes! Are Billboard and Pitchfork working from the same planet?

Here are some other odds and ends that you may want to know. Billboard’s top artist of the year…trumpets please…Taylor Swift, while Pitchfork goes for Animal Collective. Pitchfork’s Best Video Of 2009, Bat for Lashes “Daniel,” live on Letterman. Please see the video below. One other category from our friends at Billboard is the Top Tour of 2009. May I have the envelope please? Why, it’s U2, what a surprise! The band’s tour consisted of 44 out of 44 sold out dates, they had a total gross of $311,637,730 and drew 3,071,290 fans. Not bad for a year’s work. Take the holidays off boys. Congratulations to all the wieners and it looks like Pitchfork takes the prize for best overall picks. Oh and don’t think that we are through here, there’s plenty more lists to come

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