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Wednesday 17th August 2016. Pre entered Lots If you would like to enter prior to the sale please call on the Monday prior to the Wednesday Sale – Jane – 07967 728835 Or email jane@hassallbrothers.co.uk *PLEASE NOTE OUR OFFICE NUMBER*

Mr Malcolm Jones Vaccinated for IBR Wormed and Fluked All cubicle Trained Lot Hackthorne Drayman Cassy – Giving 29/30kgs UK382280-603119 Born 01.06.14 Calved 30.07.16 Dam Hackthorne Homestead Cassy Sire Bassingthorne Drayman

Lot Hackthorne Zoro Damson 4 – Giving 29/30kgs UK382280-303067 Born 17.04.14 Calved 30.07.16 Dam – Hackthorne McCormick Damson 2 Sire Woodmarsh Zoro

Lot Hackthorne Drayman Allyne 2 – Giving 27kgs Uk382280-503027 Born 13.03.14 Calved 02.08.16 Dam Hackthorne Legend Allyne Sire Bassingthorne Drayman Lot Hackthorne Zoro June UK382280-103100 Born – 16.05.14 Calved 22.07.16 Dam – Hackthorne Topshot June Sire – Woodmarsh Zoro

Lot Anita Chetwood UK706630701807 6th Calver – Calved on the 10.08.13 R H Gregory & Co All Cubicle Trained Lot Whiteash Ponder Lass UK305893-201464 Born 29.11.13 Calved 30.07.16 Dam – White Sheringham Lass Sire – Coldsprings Ponder

Lot Whiteash Burt Iris 2 Uk30589501446 Born 11.08.13 Calved 01.08.16 Dam - Whiteash Tennyson Iris Sire - Lutz Brookview Burt Lot Whiteash Mars Lilac 2 Uk305893-701476 Born 04.04.14 Calved 02.08.16 Dam - Whiteash Lilac 60 Sire – Ballycairn Mascol Mars Lot Whiteash Gameday Ethel Uk305893-401480 Born 30.04.14 Calved 02.08.16 Dam – Whiteash Cash Ethel Sire – R-E-W Gameday Lot Non-pedigree UK305893-201450 Born 15/08/13 Calved 01.08.16 Sire – Marrs (Three Quartered)

Geoff Cornes Lot Foxleyfarm Goldmine Lassie – Giving 25kg Uk202223-701084 Born 24.06.14 Calved 05.08.16 Dam – Foxleyfarm Douglas Lassie GP81 Sire – Hydaways Goldmine

D. B. Jones Lot UK165459-301318 Born 03.02.14 Calved 10.08.16 Giving 28kgs Mark Wheildon Lot Pedigree Polled Hereford Bull Born 15.10.14 By Fardre Skywalker Ideal for Heifers Mrs V E Lloyd Lot Shorthorn/Cross UK7124411700594

Lot Shorthorn/Cross Uk7124438700488 Lot In Calf Friesian Heifer (Details time of sale) UK1663825002447 E. V Lewis & Son Consignment of Well Grown Bulling Heifers have been BVB & Lepto vaccinated and all been wormed with Panacur Bolus on 16/04/16 and Spot on treated on 12/08/16 Lot UK306037301123 Born 09.02.15 Sire – Laddie Lot UK306037501139 Born 07.04.15 Sire – Esquire Lot UK306037401145 Born 12.05.15 Sire – Kodak Lot UK306037501146 Born 16.05.15 Sire – Kodak

Lot UK306037601147 Born 18.05.16 Sire – Kodak Lot UK306037401152 Born 23.05.15 Sire – Kodak Lot UK306037101156 Born 04.06.15 Sire - Kodak Lot UK306037301158 Born 06.06.15 Sire – Kodak Lot UK306037501160 Born 07.06.15 Sire – Kodak Lot UK306037201164 Born 25.06.15 Sire – Kodak

Lot UK306037301165 Born 25.06.15 Sire – Kodak Lot UK306037501167 Born 08.07.15 Sire – Kodak Heifers are sired by Laddie, Esquire and Topseed Kodak Red Colin Pymm 3 In Calf Heifers all in Calf to Aberdeen Angus due to calf around the 18/08/16 Lot UK160814-703015 Born 26.06.14 Sire – Ballyrainey Maygaine In Calf to Aberdeen Angus Lot UK160814-703022 Born 06.07.14 Sire – Cogent Twist In calf to Aberdeen Angus Lot UK160814-403477 Born 21.08.14 Sire – Hydaways Goldmine In calf to Aberdeen Angus

John Whitaker Lot Tabley Genuine Sadie UK160356-101505 Born 08.09.13 Dam – Larcrest Genuine Sire – Brinbower Lucente Sadie 2 Lot Gemini Alexander Kindle 2 UK221384-500932 Born 16.03.14 Dam – Gemini Touchdown Kindle Sire – Golden-Oaks St Alexander Lot Tabley Sharlet 3rd UK160356-601510 Born 01.10.13 Dam – Tabley Starlet 2nd Sire Broadlane King Louis Lot Tabley Lady Uk160356-601517 Born 16.10.13 Dam – Castleside Reflection Lady Sire – Broadlane King Louis

A Group from the ongoing Dispersal of the Longmeg Herd the property of Mr & Mrs S KMorton – Vaccinated & cubicle trained Lot Longmeg Topgun Freda – 2nd Calver UK102287-701741 Born 20/08/12 Calved 29.03.16 - Giving 30.2kg cc 47 Dam– Longmeg Shaker Freda Sire – Warneview Topgun Lot Longmeg Isley Gwennie – 2nd Calver UK102287-501830 Born 04.01.13 Calved 30.06.16 – Giving 30.6kg cc25 Dam – Longmeg Forbidden Gwennie Sire – Regancrest S Isley Lot Longmeg Isley Belinda – 2nd Calver UK102287-501837 Born 25.01.13 Calved 24.06.16 – Giving 27.4kgs cc17 Dam – Longmeg Medal Belinda Sire – Regancrest S Isley Lot Longmeg Frontrunner Harriet 2 UK102287-202023 Born 15.04.14 Calved 12.06.16 – Giving 24.6Kgs – cc41

Lot Longmeg Frontrunner Lucy UK102287-602020 Born – 13.04.14 Calved 14.06.16 – Giving 23.2kgs cc17 Dam – Longmeg Sheridan Lucy 2 Sire – Morsan Frontrunner Lot Longmeg Soudan Shelly UK120287-502012 Born 26.03.14 Calved 28.06.16 – Giving 23kgs cc36 Dam – Longmeg Howie Shelly 2 Sire – Gen-I-Beq Soudan

Lot Longmeg Smokin Gwennie UK102287-401948 Born 15.11.13 Calved 11.05.16 – Giving 24.4 Kgs cc33 Dam – Longmeg Sheridan Gwennie Sire – Misty Springs Smokin (Served to Stanbro Money on the 03.08.16) Lot Longmeg Larson Amy (Served on the 10.08 to Stanbro Money) UK102287-601971 Born 08.01.14 Calved 26.05.16 – Giving 27.6Kgs cc 124 Dam – Longmeg Connection Amy Sire – Willsbro Larson

Lot Longmeg Frontrunner Sheena Uk102287-401990 Born 22.02.14 Calved 15.06.16 – Giving 25Kgs cc 27 Dam – Longmeg Goldfinger Sheena Sire – Morsan Frontrunner Lot Longmeg Promise Belinda UK102287-102043 Born 08.07.14 Calved 18.06.16 – Giving 23Kgs – cc52 Dam – Longmeg Vance Bolton Sire – Warneview Promise Lot Longmeg Promise Alana UK102287-702042 Born – 08.07.14 Calved 26.06.16 – Giving 23.5Kgs cc 35 Dam – Longmeg Vance Alana Sire – Warneview Promise Lot Longmeg Promise Carissa UK102287-302038 Born 10.06.14 Calved – 11.07.16 – Giving 23.4kgs cc69 Dam – Longmeg Howie Carissa Sire – Warneview Promise

Lot Longmeg Trumpet Pauline UK102287-401850 Born 21.02.13 Fresh Calved 29.07.16 Dam – Longmeg Eagle Pauline Sire – Ralma-RH Trumpet Mark Partington Lot 1 Ayrshire Cow (Details will be day of Sale)

Mrs Jane Banks Lot Pedigree Hereford Bull Born – 25.10.13 Dam – Fourcrosses 1 Lilly 1st Sire – Dendor 1 Felix P M & S D Bradbury Lot BrookRoad Snowdrop 44 (Details time of sale of calving etc) UK305786-601247 Born 09.03.14 Dam – Brookroad Snowdrop 38 VG86 G.Dam – Brookroad Snowdrop 24 EX90

Mr Mark Littler Fresh Calved and Cubicle Trained Lot UK160402-602617 (Details day of Sale) Born 08.05.14 Lot UK160402-502616(Details day of Sale) Born 09.05.14 Lot Uk160402-502581(Details day of Sale) Born 11.03.14 Lot 1 Fresh Calved Heifer (Details on day of sale) Mr Alan Eardley Group of 8 young cross-bred calves all well grown Lot UK303937- 203502 – Jersey/Cross Born 27.07.16 Lot Uk303937-503505 – Kwik/Cross Born 29.07.16 Lot Uk303937-603506 – Jersey/Cross Born 30.07.16

Lot UK303937-703507 – Jersey/Cross Born 30.07.16 Lot Uk303937-203509 – Jersey/Cross Born 31.07.16 Lot UK303937-503512 – Jersey/Cross Born 31.07.16 Lot UK303937-603513 – Jersey/Cross Born 31.07.16 Lot Uk303937-103515 – Kwik/Cross Born 01.08.16 Dave Heath 3 Maiden heifers (details day of sale0 Lot Uk160822-602288

Lot Uk160822-702296

Lot UK160822-602274 P H Wynn & Partners Vaccinated for IBR,BVD & Lepto & Cubicles Lot UK707075-201278 Born 09.04.14 Sire – Michelod Calved – 26.07.16 E & P Friend Group of Youngstock including Calves – Have been vaccinated for IBR and Cubicle Trained and Tested BVD Free Lot UK172863-600512 Born 31.01.15 Sire – Cross Bred Bull Easy Rider Lot Uk172863-100535 Born 1702.15 Sire – Fresian Bull Inci Lot Uk172863-701395 Born 16.07.16 Cross Bred Heifer Calf

Lot Uk172863-101396 Born 17.07.16 Cross-Bred Heifer Calf Lot UK172863-201397 Born 19.07.16 Cross-Bred Heifer Calf Also 8, 6 month old Heifer Calves born Feb March by Cross Bred Bulls


Following our normal weekly sales, on Wednesday the 24th August we are pleased to announce our PEDIGREE POWER sale which includes a consignment from Drointon, Sterndale and many more well known herds of milking animals with depth of pedigree and type to match. We also have the complete dispersal of the award winning Strattonley pedigree Holstein herd the property of Goss Brothers Oxfordshire on Thursday 25th August at 10.30am at Elm Farm Uplands Mill Road Stratton Audley Oxford

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Weekly Dairy Sale Catalogue 17.08.2016  

Download the Hassall Brothers Weekly Dairy Sale Catalogue for Wednesday 17th August 2016.

Weekly Dairy Sale Catalogue 17.08.2016  

Download the Hassall Brothers Weekly Dairy Sale Catalogue for Wednesday 17th August 2016.