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AIN SHAMS UNIVERSITY Faculty of Law-English Section Legal Terminology (1st year) Dr Adel Khalil Final Exam Saturday 13 June 2009 12:30 – 2:30 Question {1} Explain the meaning of ONLY TWO of the following terms in no more than 15 lines for each term(2 marks): Pleading – Cross examination – Equitable Servitude Question {2} Mark only 4 of the following statements as true or false. For each statement give reasons in no more than 10 lines. (4 marks): 1. “There is no difference between usufruct and servitude.â€? 2. “In the settlement of international disputes, there is no difference between good offices and mediation.â€? 3. “The legal effects of the distinction between annulment jurisdiction and plenary jurisdiction of the council of state are indistinguishable.â€? 4. “Today, the American legal System is purely case law.â€? 5. “During trial by jury, if an objection is made by either side to any question, the witness must answer it.â€? Question {3} Write on TWO of the following subjects (6 marks): 1. Case law methodology in the American Legal system. 2. Categories of legal writing in the American legal system. 3. Steps of witness preparation for the trial in USA. Question {4} Write the English terms for 6 of the following Arabic terms(3marks): -""# $ ‍   –  ŘĽ ا  – !  ŮˆŮ Ůˆ  ا – ŘĽل‏ .. ‍"Ů„ – ان – ا‏,‍*ŮˆŘ˛ ا(' اŮ„ – ا‏+

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LT 2009 Exam