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THE BENEFITS OF HAVING A MOBILE WEBSITE Smart phones and mobile internet have become two integral technologies of our lives today. Smart phones and tablet computers are selling like hot cakes and website owners want to increase their audience by making their websites accessible through these devices. Hence websites are being specifically designed for the mobile platform. They are scaled down in terms of specifications so that the details can be legible while the website retains its original layout that it displays on a laptop and computers. With mobile companies introducing advanced microprocessors in mobile devices like the Blackberry, iPhone and other Android based mobiles you can achieve the same functionality for these websites as on a laptop. Website to mobile website is essentially a miniature version of the website. As with maintaining a website, there is some expense involved in maintaining a mobile website. While this means cutting other costs from the already small website budget, you have to figure out that is maintaining a mobile website justify the reduction in online marketing and whether you will actually gain something out of it. But to find out, you have to know the benefits of a website to mobile website. •

A rapidly growing market will be available to you. As the number of mobile users increase and more and more internet capable smart phones are launched in the market, the number of your potential customers increases every day. Furthermore, the affordable prices at which these technologies are available to common man fuel this growth. And when the smart phone can offer the functionalities of a laptop, a website to mobile website will make much more sense. So having a website today will get you ahead in the competition and you will be able to spread your name quickly.


You will have greater brand visibility. A huge amount of money is spent on online marketing. Companies spend large sums in various SEO tactics like pay-per-click campaign or SEO consultation. However, some customers always slip through because they use a different search engine or because of some other technical issue. Then why not bridge that gap also. Having a mobile website will make your brand visible to every

user. Since such websites are very few, your name will be easily visible and the related information will be readily available •

Mobile websites take your brand closer to the customer. Mobiles are always with us. Whether travelling, enjoying a meal in a restaurant or hard at work, mobiles are our constant companion. They are also not restricted by the laptop’s problem of mobility. Furthermore, there is wireless internet connectivity everywhere. Wi-Fi is available on domestic flights, shopping malls, and other public places. This makes a mobile website a lot more accessible, as the effort involved in accessing a mobile website is lot less. This is the closest the band can get to the customer.

The mobile internet is all set to grow exponential in the coming years and you can expand your customer base rapidly by using website to mobile websites in your favor. Visit for more details about mobile site design.

The benefits of having a mobile website  

Smart phones and mobile internet have become two integral technologies of our lives today. Smart phones and tablet computers are selling lik...

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