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Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center



The year of

Since opening its doors in January 2014, the Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center has become the face of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. The 66,555 square foot facility hosts both university and national events that allows ISU to be a hub of agriculture learning and recruitment, public education, cultural activities, and community celebration in Ames. The Hansen Center provides an opportunity for hands-on learning and student growth. The facility is completely student-run and maintained. Student employees have a wide array of responsibilities such as event planning and coordination, facilities maintenance, marketing, and more.

Table of Contents Awards and Artwork…………………………….………1 Classes………………………………………………………..3 Statistics………………………………………………………5 Sales………………………………………………………..…7

Rodeos………………………………………………………13 Livestock Shows……………….…………………………17 Competitive Events……...…...…………………………29 Educational Workshops.…...…….......................... 37

Events and Expos………………..………………………43 Banquets and Concerts………..………………………53 Events Not Pictured………………..……………………61

ISU Alumni Association

Impact Award

On Friday, October 28th, 2016, the Hansen Center received the Impact Award, one of the most prestigious awards presented by the Iowa State University Alumni Association. This award was created to honor individuals, businesses, organizations, or units whose programs or accomplishments bring broad recognition to the university and increased involvement of ISU constituents in the life of the university during the year prior to nomination. Our facility is the first of its kind to receive this great honor. The Hansen Center was recognized during a special awards ceremony held on the Friday of Homecoming Week, along with two additional recipients. “Brick and mortar development is vital to a thriving university, but it is the commitment to education, the spirit of learning, and the pride of institution you find within those walls that makes a physical campus special. There’s no better example of this vital sense of place than Iowa State’s sprawling Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center.” -Dr. Jeff Johnson 1. CEO of the ISU Alumni Association

May 2nd

Mural Unveiling

50 in attendance

This year, the newest edition to the Hansen Center was the stunning, large mural on the east wall of the atrium. This piece of art, titled Innovation from Production to Plate, represents the cycle of pork production in Iowa. The artwork was funded by contributions from the Iowa Pork Producers Association. The mural was designed and installed by local Iowa artist, Clint Hansen.

“Iowa Pork Producers believe in helping young people establish a strong foundation in agriculture- their investment in the Hansen Center is a powerful establishment on Iowa’s future in the agriculture industry.” -Dr. Don Beermann Animal Science Department Chair


Classes by Semester Spring 10 Courses 772 Students

Fall 12 Courses 1,440 Students


AnS 101-Dr. Brad Skaar (250 students) AnS 190- Mr. Greg Krahn (30 students) AnS 225- Mr. Greg Krahn (120 students) AnS 226-Dr. Brad Skaar (120 students) AnS 229-Dr. Curtis Youngs (30 students) AnS 320- Dr. Cheryl Morris (60 students) AnS 424-Dr. Cheryl Morris (60 students) AnS 426- Dr. Patrick Gunn/Dr. Dan Loy (32 students) AgEd 450- Mr. Andrew McCubbins (60 students) AnS 317B- Ms. Nikki Ferwerda (10 students) AnS 101- Dr. Brad Skaar (400 students) AnS 116- Mrs. Kelly Schulz (20 students) AnS 216- Mrs. Kelly Schulz (90 students) AnS 225- Mr. Greg Krahn (240 students) AnS 226- Dr. Brad Skaar (120 students) AnS 305- Dr. Chris Cassady (30 students) AnS 320- Dr. Cheryl Morris (180 students) AnS 424- Dr. Cheryl Morris (60 students) AnS 425- Dr. Kenneth Stalder (120 students) AgEds 450- Mr. Greg Vogel (60 students) Agron 183- Dr. Brian Hornbuckle (60 students) Agron 212L- Dr. Erik Christian (60 students)


Beef Swine

Poultry 4.

Growth In Numbers Doors Open 19,000 Visitors 18 Classes 1,880 Students 8 Events and Meetings 1,350 Animals

35,245 Visitors 24 Classes 2,040 Students 122 Events and Meetings 1,958 Animals

Facility in use 78% of the year 2014 92% retention rate of classes from 2015 2015 27% increase in events and meetings



52,132 Visitors 22 Classes 2,062 Students 155 Events and Meetings 2,123 Animals

VIP Guests •

Lt. Governor of Iowa: - Kim Reynolds

United States Presidential Candidate: - Donald Trump

Dean of the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: - Dr. Wendy Wintersteen

Iowa State University President: - Dr. Steven Leath

Iowa State University Vice President of Business and Finance: - Warren Madden

United States Secretary of Agriculture - Tom Vilsack

Actress: - Sophia Bush

Iowa State Secretary of Agriculture: - Bill Northey

President of the Iowa Board of Regents: - Bruce Rastetter

Dean of the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine: - Dr. Lisa Nolan

Former Governor of Alaska: - Sarah Palin

Daughter of Actor John Wayne: - Aissa Wayne


Livestock Sales The Royal Edge Sale - January 2nd Sale gross-$390,725 | Hosted by Willie Morris Cattle - Plainfield, Iowa

Tradition of Excellence - January 30th Sale gross: $86,575 | Hosted by Iowa State University Beef Sales Team Iowa State University students are given the opportunity to sell cattle and genetic lots to breeders from across the country. This sale provides ample hands-on learning opportunities while also counting as class credit for the students.

Proven to Win Pig Sale - March 26th Sale Gross: $44,575 | Hosted by ISU Block and Bridle and Swine Genetics International

Midwest Made Sale – October 21st Sale gross-$277,000 | Hosted by JS Simmentals – Prairie City, Iowa

Money Makin’ Mommas Sale – December 17th Sale gross-$210,000 | Hosted by Ruble Cattle Services - Corydon, Iowa


300 in attendance | 98 animals


Royal EdgeSale


250 in attendance | 43 animals

Tradition of

Excellence Photo by: Micayla KimPhotography


300 in attendance | 138 animals

ISU Block and Bridle/SGI Pig Sale

Proven To Win


275 in attendance | 70 animals


Made Sale


75 in attendance | 93 animals

Money Makin’

Mommas Sale


Rodeos Extreme Bull Riding – February 20th Thirty of the best bull riders from across the Midwest, participated in this event as part of the Double S Bull Company Extreme Bull Riding Tour. Spectators enjoyed a variety of adrenaline fueled activities. The Double S Bull Company was presented the New Event of the Year award for hosting the Bull Riding Tour at the HASLC facility in 2015.

Tuff-N-Nuff Miniature Rodeo - September 27th This rodeo was the Junior National Finals Rodeo Competition. The competitors in this event range from the ages of 4 to 18, and participate in many events such as bull riding, bronc riding, and barrel racing. The top riders from this competition were then qualified to compete in the World’s Tour in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Iowa State Cyclone Stampede – September 30th-October 2nd This event is hosted by the Iowa State Rodeo Club. The weekend long event consisted of competitions where students from colleges across the midwest participated in barrel racing, bull riding, and calf roping in order to qualify for a spot to compete in the National College Rodeo Competition.


1,000 in attendance | 40 animals


Bull Riding

Photos by Katy Klopfenstein-Iowa State Daily


300 in attendance | 25 animals

Tuff-N-Nuff Miniature Rodeo


800 in attendance | 50 animals

Cyclone Stampede

Iowa State


Livestock Shows Spring Market Hog Show - February 27th Hosted by Iowa State University Block & Bridle In addition to the market hog show, held by Block & Bridle, the Iowa Pork Producers sponsored an educational competition open to all exhibitors.

Cyclone Classic and Spring Showdown - March 19th-20th Hosted by Iowa State Block & Bridle and Alpha Gamma Rho Youth from across the country participated in the largest cattle show hosted at the Hansen Center. The show attracted exhibitors from 6 different states and brought in over 375 head of cattle during the weekened. This year, the organizers of the event incorporated an ecucational component for participants to enhance their knowledge on the industry.

Block & Bridle Horse Show - April 23rd This year marked the 72nd Annual Block & Bridle Horse Show. There were a wide variety of classes available for competition, including pleasure, halter trail, and more. In addition, a cowgirl queen contest was offered for the participants to contend in.

HYSLC - Spring Kick Off Show - May 14th The Heartland Youth Show Lamb Circuit (HYSLC) held their annual double-header show to kick off the show lamb jackpot season. This is the first of many expositions in the competitive circuit which includes around 25 shows located all over the state of Iowa.


Iowa Simmental Field Day - June 4th-5th

This show is put on by the Iowa Simmental Association for the youth members of the organization. Along with the cattle show, the Hansen Center was used to hold meetings for the breed association throughout the two day period.

Iowa Hereford Field Day - June 10th- June 11th

The Iowa Hereford Field Day consisted of a variety of events aside from the purebred cattle show on Sunday. These events included photography, speech, and fitting competitions, along with an educational seminar presented by Iowa State Beef Extension Specialist, Patrick Wall and a tour of the Iowa State University’s Beef Nutrition Farm, as well.

Mini Hereford Junior Nationals - June 22st – June 26th

This week long, national cattle show is undeniably, one of a kind. Along with hosting the show with exhibitors ranging from the ages of 3 to 18, educational workshops and communication competitions are also available throughout the week.

Little North American Showmanship Competition – October 15th

Hosted by the members of the Block & Bridle Club, this competition allows pro and novice showmen in their club to exhibit their livestock handling skills. The exhibitors practice for several weeks prior to the show, on a species of their choice, then exhibit what they’ve learned through the show.

Block & Bridle Dog Show –November 12th This show is the only obedience dog show that is held at the Hansen Center. This unique event provides the industry’s youth an opportunity to exhibit their dog’s, as well as their own abilities.


360 in attendance | 145 animals

Spring Market Hog Show


1,800 in attendance | 375 animals

Cyclone Classic and Alpha Gamma Rho Spring Showdown

Block & Bridle


35 in attendance | 21 animals

Block & Bridle

Horse Show


400 in attendance | 107 animals

Heartland Youth Show Lamb Circuit

Spring Kick off Show


400 in attendance | 95 animals total

Simmental Iowa

Field Day


185 in attendance | 71 animals


HerefordField Day


1,375 in attendance | 102 animals

MiniJunior Hereford Nationals


135 in attendance |45 animals

Block & Bridle Little North American



30 in attendance |10 animals

Block & Bridle


Dog Show


Competitive Events ISU Crops Competition –February 13th Iowa State University hosts one regional crop competition every year, which is planned and coordinated by the agronomy department and club members. Colleges across the nation are invited to come and compete in the contest held at the Hansen Center.

4-H and FFA State Livestock Judging -August 27th The Iowa 4-H and FFA state livestock judging contest is held to test the judging capabilities of youth from across the state of Iowa. Each participant has the opportunity to judge individually and as a team to be the top youth livestock judge in the state move on to the national level competitions in Denver, Kansas City, or Louisville.

Cyclone Kennel Club Agility Trial –May 27th-29th In this unique competition, dogs of all shapes and sizes compete in agility events including jumps, weaves, tunnels, and seesaws. This contest is hosted by the Cyclone Kennel Club and is open for exhibitors of all ages to compete.


Sigma Alpha Mr. CALS Competition – October 3rd Every year during the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Week, Iowa State’s Sigma Alpha Sorority hosts the Mr. CALS competition. In this competition, one man is chosen from each CALS club at Iowa State to compete in a “beauty” contest. The 2016 winner of the pageant was Andrew McEvoy from the AMMO club. The event also strives to raise money and collect canned goods to be donated to Foods First. This year, there were over 230 canned goods and $2,000 raised.

Iowa Cattleman’s Association Beef Extravaganza – December 7th This event is held to test the knowledge of youth across Iowa and surrounding states on all aspects of the beef industry. The youth compete for prestigious awards and scholarships by completing several educational stations that are conducted and judged by industry personnel.


120 in attendance | 12 universities

ISU Crops



300 in attendance | 40 total animals

4-H and FFA

Livestock Judging


600 in attendance | 90 animals

Cyclone Kennel Club Agility Trial


600 in attendance | 17 contestants



Photos by Ashley Smeby


155 in attendance | 14 animals

Iowa Cattleman’s Foundation

Beef Extravaganza



Educational Events Animal Learning Day - April 9th

The Iowa State Block & Bridle Club invited the public to come learn about animal agriculture during this event. The exhibits included bus tours to the university farms, service dogs, butter making, compost facility, pigs, lambs, poultry, beef, and dairy.

Iowa Select Production Meeting - May 18th Iowa Select employees were trained on new production practices and company goals through speakers and break out sessions at their annual production management meeting. Special guests included Major General, Tim Orr and Brg. General, Brew DeHaes of the Iowa National Guard.

4-H Round Up - June 29st – June 30th Animal Science Round Up is an opportunity for youth from across the state to gather at Iowa State University for three days to obtain a collegiate level learning experience about a domestic animal species of their choice. While at the Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center, the students listen to professors and work though multiple workshops with the other students in attendance.

Seed Science - July 19th – July 21sr A new event to the Hansen Center this year was the seed science workshop, used to showcase new equipment and knowledge of the seed science industry at Iowa State University.

Beef Bash – December 3rd

In a series of four workshops, put on by Iowa State University experts, youth from all over Iowa come to learn and have hands-on experience over the different aspects of beef reproduction.


1,800 in attendance | 61 animals





200 in attendance

Iowa Select Production



Photos provided by Iowa Select Farms

102 in attendance | 8 total animals


Round Up


68 in attendance


Science Workshop


80 in attendance | 10 animals




Events and Expos Van Wall Exposition - January 7th-8th

This event showcased the new John Deere equipment for 2016. Lt. Governor, Kim Reynolds, spoke at the event in contribution to her love for Iowa agriculture; “The ag economy and ag-related industries are the backbone of Iowa’s economy and real driver of our success.”

Ames Convention & Visitor’s Bureau Annual Dinner - January 13th

This event was held to show appreciation toward all of the businesses and organizations that work with the Bureau. The dinner was new and unique to the Hansen Center, bringing in food trucks and the theme “Slightly off Center”.

Hansen Center Open House - January 14th Businesses were invited to this event to showcase their services that could be used at future events held the Hansen Center.

Ames Home and Garden Show - March 5th-6th This beautiful event, hosted by the Ames Home and Builder’s Association, allowed local businesses to showcase their spring décor and merchandise. There were also educational seminars held to teach the visitors about wildlife and landscaping.

Spring Junior Visit Day - April 6th The CALS Ambassadors host this event specifically for high school juniors. These prospective students are able to tour campus, speak with advisors, and ask any questions about being a student at Iowa State University.


Bacon Expo - October 8th A group of students work year round to set up this bacon fueled event to teach the public about pork production. It includes a variety of activities for bacon lovers — bacon bingo, pork fabrication, and bacon eating contests. Vendors, clubs, and sponsors from across the state were invited to serve their products that included bacon.

Fall Junior Visit Day – November 2nd Similar to the Spring Junior Visit Day, this event gives juniors in high school an opportunity to experience Iowa State University through tours, workshops, and one-on-one meetings with current ISU students.

Iowa Cattleman’s Association PAC Fundraiser and Leadership Summit – December 9th- December 10th These events were held in conjunction with the Iowa Cattleman’s Association. On Dec. 9th, a fundraiser was held as an effort to raise money for the Political Action Committee. On the morning of December 10th, events consisted of policy meetings and later, a dinner was held to highlight leaders in the industry and hand out awards.


900 in attendance

Van Wall Exposition


53 Students | 120 in total attendance



Visit Day


340 in attendance

Ames Convention & Visitor’s Bureau Annual Dinner

Theme: “Slightly off Center”

115 in attendance

Hansen Center Open House


1,435 in attendance | 54 exhibitors


Home and Garden Show


800 in attendance | 6 animals



32 students | 76 in attendance



Visit Day


280 in attendance


Cattleman’s Association

PAC Fundraiser and Leadership Summit



Banquets and Concerts Animal Science Banquet - April 10th This banquet honors Animal Science students who were presented scholarships and awards based on their collegiate academic achievements.

Farmhouse Founders –April 9th One of HASLC’s donors, the Farmhouse Fraternity, held this event to commemorate their founders in the form of a formal dinner.

Concerts - April 16th and October 11th Dan + Shay and Waka Flocka Flame were the two concerts hosted by the SUB, Student Union Board, at the Hansen Center this year.

Iowa FFA Events - April 18th-19th The Iowa FFA Convention held their annual social barbecue at the Hansen Center. This event provides FFA members with a fun break from CDE (career development events) competitions that include: poultry evaluation, farm business management, agriculture communication, and more.

Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Summer Conference – June 9th Cattle producers from all over Iowa came to socialize and receive awards for the Iowa Cattlemen’s Carcass Challenge Banquet. Mike Pearson, the host of Market to Market, was the speaker for the event.

Grow Iowa Ag – December 12th This event was held to discuss the future of Iowa Agriculture. Speakers at this event included the Iowa Secretary of Ag: Bill Northey, Dean Wendy Wintersteen, and President of the Iowa Board of Regents: Bruce Rastetter.


150 in attendance

Animal Science



180 in attendance


Founder’s Day


1,300 in attendance


Dan + Shay

with Raelynn and Maren Morris

Photos by Rachel Lium

1,000 in attendance

Waka Flocka Flame


Monday: 3,000 in attendance | Tuesday: 740 in attendance

FFA Events



1,300 in attendance

Iowa Cattleman's Association



150 in attendance

Iowa Agriculture




Events Not Pictured... January 16th- Sheep Extension (30 People) January 23rd- Iowa County Extension Councils (20 People) January 30th- Trump Event (1500 People) February 1st- Democratic Caucus Party (530 People) February 23rd- Iowa Beef Center Event (25 People) February 29th- Iowa Woman Extention Group/ ISU Extension and Outreach Regional Extension (3 People) th March 13 - Midwest Academic Quadrathlon(109 People) March 15th- Kubota Product Training(50 People) March 22nd- ISU Extension Regional Meeting (30 People) March 22nd- Dow Meeting Chemical Test Plots (10 People) March 22nd- Iowa State Extension Regional Meeting (30 People) March 22nd- Dow Meeting--Chemical test Plots (10 people) March 23-24th- ISU Extension Local Foods Team (80 People) March 24th- Iowa Poultry and Egg Council (4 People) March 24th- April 21st- Iowa State Bacon Expo Weekly Meetings (20 Poeple) March 25th- 4H Group from Albert Lea, MN (32 People) March 25th- Simmental Board/ Juniors Nationals Meeting (18 People) March 28th- 4-H Swine Day (30 People, 12 Animals) March 29th- Iowa Farm Credit Meeting (30 People) March 30th- Iowa Stem Workshop (30 People) March 31st- Swine Farm New Employee Training (5 People) April 1st- Animal U Ad Hoc Committee Meeting (30 People) April 2nd- Iowa Red Angus Senior Board Meeting (10 People) April 2nd- Iowa State Rodeo Club Meeting (8 People) April 4th- Extension Crops Team Professional Development (30 People) April 5th- IAEA Meeting (55 People) April 12th- Alvine Photo Shoot (2 People) April 14th- State PQA Training (42 People) April 18th- Tour With Renewable Energy (3 People) April 28th- Greater Iowa Meeting (30 People) May 6th- Farm Credit Meeting (6 People) May 10th- Cheese Guild (18 People) May 18th- Alltech Tour (27 People) May 19th- NCCC -308 Feedlot Committee (30 People)


Events Not Pictured Continued: May 20th- Curtiss league (50 People) May 27th –Farm Credit Meeting (4 People) June 2nd- NRCS Training (20 People) June 7th- Tour for the Multicultural Center (3 People) June 10th- Tours (36 People) June 13th- MEP Team Meeting (50 People) June 15th- 16th- Wine Chemistry Workshop (36 People) June 20th- Dow Meeting (20 People) June 28th- Farm Bureau Meeting (20 People) June 29th- PQA Training (71 People) June 29th- Animal Science Meeting (6 people) July 11th- Tour (6 people) July 12th- Simmental Jr. National’s Tour (35 people) July 19th- Destination Iowa State Retreat (47 people) July 22nd-August 8th- Storage Event (10 people) August 11th- Mathew’s Company Meeting (65 people) August 16th- Greenle School of Journalism Faculty Retreat (55 people) August 17th- Meeting with Vilsack (30 people) August 21st- October 4th- Bacon Expo Meeting (30 people) September 19th- October 13th- Little North American Practice (10 people) September 24th- College of Agriculture Reunion (30 people) September 27th- Waukee High School Tour (19 people) April 27th- County Services Committee Meeting (5 People) September 29th- October 10th - LNA Practice (20 people) September 29th- Meat Science Meeting (10 people) October 4th- Extension Meeting (50 people) October 4th- 5th- Departmental Meeting (8 people) October 9th- Iowa Democratic Fall Barbeque (100 people) October 10th- Swine Industry Dinner (100 people) October 18th- Wine Workshop (30 people) October 18th- Faculty Meeting (5 people) October 19th – Beef Center Meeting (30 people) October 26th – Kubota Demonstration (50 people) October 28th- Open House- Impact Award (7 people) October 31st- Think Tank (10 people)


Events Not Pictured Continued: November 3rd- Iowa Select Farms Tailgate (140 people) November 4th- Pork Industry Center Meeting (11 people) November 9th- Animal Nutrition Behavior Club (11 people) November 19th- Sheep Extension Meeting (41 people) November 22nd- Iowa Beef Council Meeting (10 people) November 28th- Think Tank (10 people) November 29th- Ag Crops Team (26 people) December 1st- Bacon Expo Interviews (6 people) December 13th- Swine Farm Meeting (4 people) December 14th- PQA (30 people) December 16th- ISU EO Crops Team (11 people)

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The year of

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HASLC Portfolio 2016