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Truth will  set  you  free!  

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Leiby Kletzky Sausages Levi Aron, Butcher

Abraham Vote  for  Son  of   ely  for    will  go  exclusiv The  City’s  taxes es!   “PIOUS”  purpos


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Critics charge city's Broadway Triangle's two new prIvate apartment ... 2 days ago – A one-story building on Walton Street in Williamsburg's triangle where ... Last year, a federal judge blocked the city's controversial plan to build housing on ... owners to cater to the dramatically-expanding Hasidic community. ◦

Suit Alleges Pro-Hasidic Bias In Brooklyn Housing FailedMessiah ...

Cached May 22, 2010 – Suit Alleges Pro-Hasidic Bias In Brooklyn Housing ... percent of those on the city's public housing wait lists are nonwhite and request one- and ...

Report: Hasidim Get Disproportionately High Number Of Low ...

Cached Mar 2, 2013 – The area including the hasidic village of New Square has by far the ... Get Disproportionately High Number Of Low Income Housing Vouchers ...

Activists Say Brooklyn Development Is Discriminatory, Favors ...

◦ ◦

Cached Jan 11, 2012 – The plan to create new, low-income housing – known as the ... argue the city plan would have given preference to Hasidic area residents, at the ...

The War for Hasidic Williamsburg -- New York Magazine Cached Similar But is the prize—all of Hasidic Williamsburg—a poisoned chalice? ... pulls down millions of public dollars for health, welfare, food stamps, and public housing.

Welfare Reform? Not For The Orthodox - The Daily Beast

“May be  based  on  truth,  but  it’s  vulgar  and   disloyal!  Needleman  will  roast  in  s-­‐-­‐-­‐  in  Hell   along  with  that  false  messiah  Christ”  I  Abraham     “…oughtt  to  give  this  Needlbaum  guy  a  Boston   pressure  cooker  to  feed  him  something  hot!”  I   Rosenbaum     “Really  great  and  educational  too!”  Anonymous     I  am  pleased  to  say  that  this  publication  has   been  given  a  grant  from  Dee    Felt-­‐a-­‐ man   from  royalties  for  her  book   “Unorthodox  and   Enlightened”      


Somewhere deep  within  the  bowels  of  Hell  is  Satan’s  little   factory  of  ideas.  It  is  run  by  Williamsburg  Hasids,   whose  job  it  is  to  devise  methodologies  of  human   misery.  They  are  an  abundance  of   creativity.  They  are  so  successful   that  they  cannot  keep  their   activities  secret  even  with  their   code  of  silence  in  their  community   under  threats  of  death.  Thus  many  fully   documented  stories  appear  in  newspapers  that   seem  astounding.  They  call  themselves  Jews,  thus   sullying  the  name  of  that  great  religion  that   spawned  both  Mohammed’s  great  religion  as  well  as   Christianity.  They  are  not  Jews,  they  are  Anti-­‐Jews,   they  are  Satan’s  Spawn!  They  alone  inspire  anti-­‐ Semitism  by  their  perfidious  deeds.  They  use   bribery,  extortion  and  many  other  methods  to  get   humans  to  do  things  to  each  other  that  are   abominable.  It  is  absolutely  amazing.  Over  50  Pages   in  this  first  edition,  fully  illustrated.  Only  $3  plus  $1   postage.  


We  will  print  350,000  to  be   freely  distributed  in  English   and  Spanish  at  High  Schools   across  North  America  in   Fall  2013!       Sincerely,  J.  Needleman    

The complete  unabridged  story  of  the  tiny   Williamsburg  Brooklyn  Hasidic  community  that  is    a   cesspool  of  international  criminal  activity!  

A  nation  unto  itself  in  the  midst  of  a  great  US  city,  sworn   to  secrecy  and  raising  an  army  of  brainwashed  children   dedicated  to  perpetuating  crime  for  gain  and   exploitation!     Featured  in  this  book:     (click  on  the  hot  buttons  for  stories  in  the  news)   Levi Aron chops up boy and puts him in his freezer! Murder of Leiby Kletzky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia May 2009 Japan sentences two Hasids for smuggling 90,000 ecstasy pills into Japan

Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz, New York’s most famous child molestor who raped many children in the late 1970’s & 1980’s fled to israel in 1987 and israel refuses to deport him for trial in the US. Click here: Bogus rabbi 'child molester' Avrohom Mondrowitz 'got away with it ...

February 2009 David Silverman and 2 other Hasids of the Satmar community lured 3 Westchester girls aged 14 and 15 into a warehouse and raped them.


â—Ś The Crown Heights affair where 2 Hasids run down a black

child? The Hasid ambulance arrived, ignoring the dying black boy and gave aid to the Hasid driver & passenger of the vehicle. Crown Heights riot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Th

Nechemya Weberman, an unlicensed therapist and respected member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn was sentenced on Tuesday to 103 years in prison for repeatedly sexually abusing a young woman, beginning the attacks when she was 12. Support for Mr. Weberman was strong in powerful circles of the Satmar community after his arrest in 2011, with hundreds turning out for a fund-raiser for his defense. Weberman, Hasidic Therapist, Is Sentenced for Child Sexual Abuse ...

A young Satmar Hasid who wanted to be an actor in the Movie “New York i love You” was threatened by the Elders and had to leave the city for the weekend during the controversy over his participation. His friend said he was threatened with “death” by his own community. Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, and Israeli native who resides in Brooklyn, pleaded guilty in October to brokering three illegal kidney transplants purchased for paltry sums (about $10,000) from mentally deficient donors for New Jersey-based customers in exchange for payments of $120,000 or more. At his trial he was swarmed by well-wishers who had packed the federal courtroom in Trenton to show their support. 'Black market' cash-for-kidneys trader Rosenbaum gets 2-1/2 years ...

Those were  only  recent  stories.  The  wild  corruption  of   these  “Pious  Ones”  goes  deep!       This  book  reveals  all!!!  Written  by  a  former  member  of  the   Hasidic  community.   Info:  59-­‐24  ½  Grand  Ave,  Maspeth,  NY  11378     Remember!  If  you  buy  from  or  sell  to  this  criminal  cult,  you   are  supporting  a  group  that  does  injury  to  everyone!  

'Black market' cash-for-kidneys trader Rosenbaum gets 2-1/2 years ...

Clash of the Bearded Ones - New York Magazine    



Brooklyn Hasid Arrested For Alleged Drunken Attack On Arabic ... Jun 28, 2011 – Cops headed to a Mill Basin synagogue in order to find a Hasidic Jew ... and tried to resist arrest, even kicked out a police cruiser window!

Drug bust at Israel airport, Hasidic Jews arrested - The Seattle Times ◦ Cached Jul 8, 2010 – Drug bust at Israel airport, Hasidic Jews arrested. Police say they've arrested a pair of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men suspected of trying to ...

9 Hasidic Jews Arrested After Protest In New York - Orlando Sentinel ◦ Cached May 11, 1996 – Nine members of a Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn were

Brooklyn D.A.: 85 Orthodox Sexual Abusers Arrested -- Daily ... ◦ Cached

Top Hasidic rabbi of London, Chaim Halpern, arrested after raping ... ◦ Cached A tob Hasidic rabbi in London, England, was arrested and charged with rape related charges after raping numerous women, according to press reports in Israel.

Hasidics Take on City Hall  

How Hasids manipulate to use city resources

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