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Duty cycle: max. current


ULTRA H.D. inverter power source

400 AMPS @ 100%

Technologically advanced MIG/MAG - MMA power source with unrivalled efficiency for performance and energy comsumption Dynamic 4 roll wire feed system PULSE/DOUBLE PULSE optional upgrades Air / Water cooled options User friendly LCD touch screen control panel

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E D I TO R ’ S L E T T E R It is becoming difficult now to count the number of times which I have used the phrase “we are living in interesting times.” From a coalition government through to the Brexit vote and its outcome, we now find ourselves having spent more than a year battling a global pandemic and hopefully looking ahead to a future not blighted by the virus. If anything, it proves that you have to be adaptable as a business and to expect the unexpected. It’s reassuring then to speak to members of the Welding World Association in these past few months and to hear how busy they are and what plans they have ahead for 2021 and next year. Bill Gates is credited as saying if he was down to his last dollar he would spend it on PR. And while balance sheets are much more impressive than that, it’s clear that businesses and organisations are looking to marketing and PR to get their names in front of clients and customers. Businesses within the WWA are seeing the benefit of their membership with our magazine, newsletter and ‘working together’ packages and they are not slow now in coming forward. After a period of great fear, there looks to be a much brighter future ahead and this magazine is testament to the optimist which abounds in the industry. DARREN ISTED Editor, Welding World

J O I N T H E CO N V E RS AT I O N @WeldingWorld1 Welding World @WeldingWorld1 UK manufacturers struggle over triple whammy of lower sales, lower profits and a painful cash squeeze

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A&P GROUP LAUNCHES APPRENTICESHIP RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN A&P Group, one of the largest commercial ship repair and conversion specialists in the UK, is recruiting its next intake of apprentices who will benefit from first class training and the prospect of a long career in the company. Apprenticeship opportunities are available at A&P Tyne and A&P Falmouth, across a number of departments including marine engineering, welding, plating and health and safety. The scheme is open to anyone age 16 or over, with A&P welcoming applications from all ages. Since the scheme was launched in 2008, A&P Group has trained more than 100 apprentices in specialist skills such as engineering, welding, procurement and health and safety and set them on the

“AT A&P WE WANT OUR APPRENTICES TO GROW IN STATURE, LEARN FROM OUR CURRENT EMPLOYEES AND BUILD THEIR LIVES UPON A WORK ETHIC THAT PROMOTES A GOOD TEAM ETHOS” path for future success. A&P recruits at least 20 apprentices each year. David McGinley, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Our management team is committed to building a sustainable future for A&P, and our apprentices play a significant role in developing our

4 / W E L D I N G WO R L D M AG AZ I N E - I SS U E 0 3 - J U N E 2 0 2 1

business in the future. “At A&P we want our apprentices to grow in stature, learn from our current employees and build their lives upon a work ethic that promotes a good team ethos. The development of highly skilled trades people has been a major contributor to obtaining the high level of credibility A&P has within the ship repair industry.” The vast majority of our apprentices have gone straight into full-time employment and many have been able to progress their careers with A&P Group as well as gain further qualifications. If you are aged 16 and over and want to take the first step to becoming an A&P apprentice, please visit

OUR NEW PLAYERS IN THE XQ SERIES CONSISTENT PERFECT RESULTS Maximum operating comfort, low power consumption, long service life and perfect welding seams: EWM is expanding its XQ series around the Titan XQ puls with the new Phoenix XQ puls and the new Taurus XQ Synergic. Welders and companies will find the right MIG/MAG welding machine for every application and every welding task – all of your future welding projects are covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! EWM HIGHTEC WELDING UK Ltd |


Tina Wilkinson

In the last edition of Welding World we put the spotlight on Women in Welding, especially on women who are on the shop floor helping to keep the skills alive. In this edition we look at women who are making a difference in the boardroom, helping to run some of our major businesses and steer them through some of the toughest times we have experienced. Here we speak to Tina Wilkinson-Bell of Wilkinson Star. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself; where you are based and what business do you work for. I have been embedded in the service, sales and supply of welding equipment since the early 1970’s when my Dad, Dr. John A Wilkinson, OBE set up his own company. I work at Wilkinson Star, based in Manchester one of the UK’s largest independent wholesalers of industrial equipment. We supply equipment throughout the UK and Europe and are a brand specialist promoting industrial equipment through global partners. Wilkinson Star is a family owned and run company and we now have three generations working within the business. This year, we celebrate 50 years since dad founded the business and it is certainly something to be very proud of.

marketing director of a professional Rugby League Club which was certainly an experience. In 2013, I returned to Wilkinson Star in a more senior role and became heavily involved in some major projects for the company which included the Jasic launch. Today, I have responsibility for over 90 colleagues. I am still leading the marketing of our company and products which is something I very much enjoy. I am involved in every aspect of the business, from supplier relations, purchasing, HR, sales, marketing, finance, technical support and our visions and ambitions for the future.

Why do you feel women aren’t widely encouraged to consider welding as a career option? Personally I feel manual skills are not promoted widely enough at school level. Today, there is greater emphasis on academic success which is great if you want to move into law, medicine or finance. One young lady who was an apprentice in our Welding Training Academy went on to run her own business, manufacturing weather vanes; we would love to see more women progress through our academy and our doors are always open when it’s safe to do so!

What is your current role within the organisation and how has your career evolved? My current role is marketing director/ deputy chairman and I have responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day activities of the business. I am involved in all aspects of the company and I take an active role in the expansion of Wilkinson Star, partner relationships and creating a healthy, happy and successful environment for all our colleagues. I started out as a marketing assistant in 1988 soon after becoming the marketing manager. In 2001, having two young sons I ventured into other businesses within our group of companies. This move gave me the opportunity to learn and develop my management skills and business knowledge. During the time, I sold events, managed sales teams and became the

What benefits do women bring to various aspects of business, from the shop floor to the boardroom? The welding industry has always been a male dominated industry but over the years I see many more women emerging in the boardroom as well as on site and it is refreshing to see. Success and progress is always down to the individual. We encourage more women to join our workplace and we have many women in key roles in our business from driving the stacker truck to running our IT department. Personally, I feel women bring a calm, pragmatic approach. This has been key to my growth. Having the ability to listen, organise and communicate as well as support colleagues are key ingredients to move up the career ladder.

What should be done to change this? I think it starts with education, being more hands on and practical than always having a head in a book. Encouraging more links with education and local government for students to have a taste of local businesses and the different roles available to all in a business. We were so disappointed to have to cancel the work placements for local children as they were so excited to learn about welding and how a business operates. I hope that this can resume soon.

6 / W E L D I N G WO R L D M AG AZ I N E - I SS U E 0 3 - J U N E 2 0 2 1

Anything that you’d like to add? Whatever career you enter, I firmly believe you really must enjoy your job, work diligently and feel valued and part of a team. I hope I can look back in years to come and be happy knowing I have inspired others to realise their ability and achieve their ambitions. ■


Katie Ventress

Katie Ventress is the young blacksmith who is turning an ancient craft into modern artwork. Indeed when we think of blacksmiths, the typical image is that of a leather-aproned man pounding out a horseshoe with coke fires and power hammers. What we don’t often imagine is anything artistic, modern or female. Until now. Meet Katie Ventress, an award-winning artist-blacksmith who’s made her name forging elegant, soulful and unexpected objects using fire, anvils and metal. She’s been hammering out her creations for eight-and-a-half years, the seeds of her passion planted while taking a 3D Contemporary Craft class at college. Now she has a studio, KV Artist Blacksmith, offering handmade, one-of-a- kind metal artwork for the home and garden. “From tiny, delicate miniatures to furniture and large garden features, I can craft high quality pieces to last more than a lifetime.”

Katie’s customers usually consist of businesses that are looking for memorable public designs to attract clients and create a theme for their establishment, and individuals who are looking for something meaningful and personal for their home. Katie’s proud that her customers “understand the value of handcrafted products over mass produced and want something that reflects their taste and personality, helping to put their own mark on their home and surroundings ” —an ethos that Katie shares.

8 / W E L D I N G WO R L D M AG AZ I N E - I SS U E 0 3 - J U N E 2 0 2 1

Intrigued by a craftsperson who could so successfully bridge the gap between art and functionality, Katie explained what inspired her, and how she combined the ancient craft of blacksmithing with the decidedly modern craft of metal art. “My main challenge is taking the customer’s vision and needs and turning that into my own unique design that reflects my own style but is what the customer envisioned,” she told us. “Although this is a challenge, it is also my driving force of experimentation and love of problem solving.” The end products may look amazing but they’re only achieved through hard work and dedication. Katie likes to get her hands dirty and her visceral approach to metal art has earned the young blacksmith some prestigious commissions and a bevy of fans. One of her bigger pieces, a pair of stingrays hand-forged from mild steel at Katie’s studio-cum-forge in Hinderwell, North Yorkshire, featured as the centrepiece of the 2018 Staithes Festival of Art. Television appearances on BBC2’s Made in Great Britain series, Look North and Countryfile have further elevated her career success.


Energas have been providing Katie with her fuel needs for just over two years. “I chose Energas as they supplied the business where I was previously employed, the prices are competitive, the stockist is relatively close to me and the customer service and sales representatives are friendly and helpful,” Katie told us. “Energas has always provided me with honest pricing that I feel I can trust; they are always easy to contact and always ready to help. It is nice to know that I do not need to shop around for the best deals. I couldn’t be happier!” ■

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L-R Mollie Leach, Chelsea Griffin, Mikaka Eade, Ruth Amos, Chelsea McShane As part of Lincoln Electric UK’s Education programme for 2021 and in conjunction with their Women In Welding campaign, the WeldTech Centre based in Aston, Sheffield, UK opened its doors, for the very first time, to a group of Junior school children, accompanied by three school staff from a local Kiveton Park Meadows Junior school. During the visit, the children were able to experience the world of welding and engineering through four different, 40 minute STEM activities. Each activity was designed to encourage promotion of curiosity through discussion, exploration of ideas and challenges, questioning, scientific terminology, creativity, teamwork and persistence. These four activities included live MMA Welding using the Invertec 275 TPX & live Plasma cutting demonstrations using the Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1025, invention design, virtual welding using the Lincoln Electric, VRTEX Virtual Welders and a chocolate welding practical activity (with real chocolate). The LEUK Women In Welding Ambassadors, Chelsea Griffin – Grimsby Institute, Chelsea McShane – Wood Plc, Mollie Leach – A&P Tyne and Mikala Eade

– Bailey, were present and responsible for each group of children with Ruth Amos at the helm of the ‘Kids Invent Stuff’ activity where each child had the opportunity to invent something that could help make their lives easier. This activity was in line with the most recent Kids Invent

1 0 / W E L D I N G WO R L D M AG AZ I N E - I SS U E 0 3 - J U N E 2 0 2 1

Stuff Wallace & Gromit, ‘Cracking Ideas’ invention challenge in association with Aardman Animation and the Intellectual Property Office. For more information on Kids Invent Stuff, see below. Kiveton Park Meadows Lead Teacher, Mr Neil Pacheco, was thrilled with the day and commented on how excited his class were to be taking part in not only the first school visit since the Covid pandemic, but to visit a local business that were fully committed to encouraging young people to be exposed to and consider a future career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Emma Wallis, Marketing Specialist UK & Northern Europe, stated, ‘Being instrumental in the organisation of such a unique event and then seeing the children’s eyes light up with curiosity when watching sheet metal being easily cut with ‘heat’ whilst listening to their discussions on how best to join together two chocolate bars with melted chocolate, was an absolute joy. You could wholeheartedly tell by their questioning and comments that they were investigating their own ideas and working collaboratively to find the best solutions. There was also more than a hint of competitiveness amongst

WO M E N I N W E L D I N G each group when it came to achieving the highest scores on the virtual welders. Lincoln Electric UK are so proud to be able to share our first class facilities, equipment and expertise in this ground-breaking event.’ The day was a complete success and so Lincoln Electric UK are now looking forward to their next Women In Welding Event on ‘International Women In Engineering Day’, 23rd June when a smaller group of Secondary school kids are visiting their Weldtech in Sheffield for an introduction to STEM, through similar activities, swapping the welding and cutting demonstrations for a practical welding session.

To find out more about the ongoing Women In Welding and STEM events planned for 2021 and beyond, follow us @ lincolnelectricuk on

Or contact Emma Wallis, ewallis@ To learn more:Lincoln Electric UK International Women’s Day Kids Invent Stuff Bailey UK Wood Plc Grimsby Institute A&P Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School

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KEMPPI’S NEW SLOGAN IS ‘DESIGNED FOR WELDERS’ Kemppi has been through many changes during the last few years. In order for their story to portray what Kemppi is today, they have reviewed their brand story and slogan. The new slogan ‘Designed for welders’ crystallises Kemppi’s long lasting commitment to deliver the best possible tools for welders, the heroes of their story. As a forerunner in arc welding Kemppi has constantly shaped the welding market. This has been the position for over seventy years with the welder in the centre. They have now released their updated brand that reflects the user centric design approach that has always been in the core of Kemppi. The new slogan Designed for welders

reflects a focus on developing arc stability, welding properties and improving the welding experience of individual welders. The comprehensive design philosophy covers the entire welding ecosystem from welders’ needs to advanced products and digital solutions, all aiming at delivering high performance and supreme weld quality. But it has never stopped there. They do their best for products to inspire the welders and elevate their professional status with excellent user experience today and tomorrow. The updates to the Kemppi brand will carried out this year and you can follow Kemppi communication channels to learn more about their new brand story. ■

Automated welding: modular production cells

KUKA cell4_arc _Compact, configurable arc welding cells for automated robotic fabrication

With its optimally-coordinated components and tried-and-tested arc welding standards, our KUKA MIG/MAG robot cell is the ideal solution for your automated welding requirements. Pre-assembled and ready to use: KUKA MIG / MAG cells are quickly available and can be individually configured using versatile, modular

standard packages and options. Whether steel or aluminum, KUKA cell4_arc can be flexibly adapted to your production volume and welding processes. Lease options are available for this product: to find out more, please contact: /

June Ad.indd 1

1 2 / W E L D I N G WO R L D M AG AZ I N E - I SS U E 0 3 - J U N E 2 0 2 1

10/05/2021 15:59:08

Whatever the sector, component size or production volume, the fully automated arc welding cell cell4_arc from KUKA provides the perfect solution for those manufacturers who wish to optimise output. Tested in real life environments, the cells are both flexible and portable, and being preconfigured for immediate commissioning into your individual production environment, they can be seamlessly integrated. Undertaking arc welding as a manual process, accommodating different component sizes, product volumes and iterations presents significant challenges, such as: quality output, weld application consistency, and productivity. cell4_arc not only addresses these considerations, but also affords a means through which different weld applications can be easily managed and applied; MIG, MAG, or within additive manufacturing processes. The welding application can be both easily programmed and operated. Whether agricultural, aerospace, fabrication or construction, with short assembly and fast commissioning times we’ll have you up and running in no time. KUKA Robotics UK Ltd 0121 505 9970

Out of the Box Such is our confidence in this technology we offer an unparalleled 5 year full warranty on all models

Exclusive UK Importer /jasicuk


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ARE YOU AN SME EMPLOYER LOOKING TO UPSKILL YOUR TEAM AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS? The Skills for Growth Programme could help… The Skills for Growth Programme can help you identify your business’s skills gaps and access the employee training needed to grow your business. Tees Valley Business’s Skills for Growth Programme is here to help Tees Valley SMEs fill any skills gaps within their team – now, or in the future – to boost productivity, and improve their competitive position. You could access funded support from an expert skills development adviser to help pin-point your business’s skills needs, navigate your options, and access further training, or support needed to grow. From work experience and work placements, to traineeships, apprenticeships and graduate placements, there are a host of opportunities available across Tees Valley to develop your team… How will the support work? The Skills for Growth Programme acts as a streamlined gateway to help Tees Valley SMEs access the skills training and support available locally. Through access to specialist skills development advisors, you will be supported to: 1. Identify skills gaps within your business – now, or in the future. 2. Understand your training needs and create a skills development plan. 3. Navigate the complex training landscape

It’s time to test your knowledge with five multiple choice posers set by our quizmaster extraordinaire Dave Ellwood WWA/AWD board director. Just click on the quiz and using our digital interactive technology see if you can make it five out of five first time. Good luck, and if you think you have five burning questions which could provide a tough test email us at

across Tees Valley, assess your options, and access specialist training or support. Who is the support for? The Skills for Growth Programme is open to applications from SMEs (a small or medium-sized enterprise with fewer than 250 employees) based in the Tees Valley (Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Stockton-onTees). The support is free to access through Tees Valley Business and applications are encouraged from employers across a wide range of sectors, including: • Advanced Manufacturing • Chemical and Process • Logistics

• Life Sciences • Digital • Energy and Renewables • Business and Professional Services • Health and Social Care • Culture and Leisure • Construction Register now if you are: •A  n SME employer with fewer than 250 employees •B  ased in the Tees Valley (Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees). ■ CLICK HERE to register through Tees Valley Business


1 4 / W E L D I N G WO R L D M AG AZ I N E - I SS U E 0 3 - J U N E 2 0 2 1


Date: 26-30th July 2021 Dansom Ln S, Hull HU8 7LA Venue: HETA 27-31



Lincoln Electric respects and values the welding instructor whose knowledge and enthusiasm for the profession helps to inspire and motivate future generations of welders. As part of our commitment to offer training to help welding instructors to do what they do best, we are delighted to announce the following events scheduled to take place over the coming year.



Submerged Arc Technology Advanced MIG Processes Utilizing Modern Technology in Welding Education Developments in Welding Consumables Utilizing Automation in Welding Applications Insight into MIG Wire Manufacturing


Running at our fully equipped Welding Technology Centre in Sheffield, these single day sessions are free of charge and exclusively for welding educators. Numbers for the sessions are limited so contact to check availability today.



* applies 3 years s + 2 addit registra

SUPERIOR t ERGONOMICS* applies 3 years st + 2 additi WARRANTY* registrat






* applies to power sources: 3 years standard warranty + 2 additional years upon registration by the end user.


* applies t 3 years st + 2 additi registrat

* applies t 3 years s + 2 additi registrat

New SPEEDTEC® 400SP and 500SP are the third generation multi-process power sources New SPEEDTEC® 400SP and 500SP are the third generation mul offering superior quality welding and high efficiency processes which increase the offering superior quality welding and high efficiency processes w productivity and are the next step into the future of professional welding. productivity and are the next step into the future of professiona

New SPEEDTEC® 400SP and 500SP are the third generation multi-process power sources offering superior quality welding and high efficiency processes which increase the productivity and are the next step into the future of professional welding.


New SPEEDTEC® 400SP and 500SP are the third generation multi-process power sources New SPEEDTEC® 400SP and 500SP the third offering superior quality welding and high efficiency processes which are increase the generation multi-process power sources • Speed Short Arc™ for faster welding with lower heat input.• Speed Short Arc™ for faster welding with lower heat input. productivity and are the next step into the future of professional offering superior quality weldingwelding. and high efficiency processes which increase the

• High Penetration Speed™ for deep penetration welding. • High Penetration Speed™ for deep penetration welding. productivity arereduces the nextthe step intoand thegives future of professional welding. • Soft Silence and Pulse™ noise clearly better wetting for stainless steel. • Soft Silence Pulse™ reduces the noise and gives clearly better wet • MECHAPULSE™ produces very high quality welds with rippled sea • MECHAPULSE™ produces very high quality welds with rippled seam appearance. New SPEEDTEC® 400SP and 500SP are the third generation multi-process power sources • High duty cycle multi-process power sources. • High duty cycle multi-process power sources. superior qualityPCB welding and highresistance efficiencyfor processes which fully increase thePCB with superior resistance for dust, hum • Double-side •offering Double-side fully potted with superior dust, humidity, jerkpotted or vibrations. and confirmed are the next step into the future of professional welding. • True Heavy Duty confirmed by 5 Years Warranty*. •• productivity True Heavy Duty by 5 Years Warranty*. Speed Short Arc™ for faster welding with lower heat input. • Modular concept to build configuration for any requirements. concept Speed™ to build configuration for any requirements. • Modular Penetration • Speed Short Arc™ for faster• High welding with lower heat input.for deep penetration welding. • Ergonomics design make everyday welders work easier. Ergonomics design make everyday welders workclearly easier.better • High Penetration Speed™ for deepSilence penetration welding. ••Soft Pulse™ reduces the noise and gives wetting for stainless steel. LE-S8-21EN-M970

In the coming months Lincoln Electric will be also hosting the following CPD training sessions: 28th September 2021 9th November 2021 18th January 2022 1st March 2022 10th May 2022 21st June 2022






As part of our upcoming educational partnership program, we are accepting applications to attend our Train the Trainer – UK Master Instructor course. This week long course highlights; Welding Principles, MMA, TIG, MIG and FCAW processes, aiding the instructor in course delivery. Our UK Master Instructors will be given the means and method, to deliver our Train the Trainer course to others wishing to develop their teaching ability. For those interested in this exciting opportunity please contact for more information.






• Soft Silence Pulse™ reduces• MECHAPULSE™ the noise and givesproduces clearly better wetting stainless steel.with rippled seam appearance. very high for quality welds • MECHAPULSE™ produces very high quality welds with rippled welding seam appearance. •• Speed Short Arc™ for faster lower heat input. High duty cycle multi-process power with sources. • High duty cycle multi-process power sources. •• High Penetration Speed™ for deep penetration welding. fully potted PCB with superior • Double-side fully potted PCBDouble-side with superior resistance for dust, humidity, jerk or resistance vibrations. for dust, humidity, jerk or vibrations. Soft Silence Pulse™ reducesby the5 Years noise and gives clearly better wetting for stainless steel. True Heavy Duty confirmed Warranty*. • True Heavy Duty confirmed•• by 5 Years Warranty*. produces very high quality welds with rippled seam appearance. • Modular concept to build configuration for any requirements. Modular concept to build configuration for any requirements. •• MECHAPULSE™ • Ergonomics design make everyday welders work easier. •• High cycle multi-process power sources. Speedduty Short Arc™ for faster welding with lower input. Ergonomics design make everyday welders workheat easier.

• Double-side fully potted resistance for dust, humidity, jerk or vibrations. High Penetration Speed™PCB forwith deepsuperior penetration welding. • True Heavy Duty confirmed 5 Years Soft Silence Pulse™ reducesby the noise Warranty*. and gives clearly better wetting for stainless steel. • Modular conceptproduces to build configuration for any requirements. MECHAPULSE™ very high quality welds with rippled seam appearance. High duty cycle multi-process power sources. • Ergonomics design make everyday welders work easier. • Double-side fully potted PCB with superior resistance for dust, humidity, jerk or vibrations. • True Heavy Duty confirmed by 5 Years Warranty*. • Modular concept to build configuration for any requirements. • Ergonomics design make everyday welders work easier.

NEOPULSE MIGSRANGE MULTI PROCESS MIG/TIG/MMA TRACEABILITY - weld data capture PORTABILITY - share weld parameters and jobs across multiple machines CONNECTIVITY - Automation and robotic connection - Software updates - easy updates of machine evolution SINGLE PHASE - 220A 3 PHASE - 320A / 400A / 500A NO.1 MANUFACTURER OF INVERTER WELDING EQUIPMENT IN EUROPE WORLD LEADER IN CAR BODY WELDING EQUIPMENT

01926 338 609

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ADVANCED NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGIES Advanced Nuclear Technologies have an important role to play in the transition to a low carbon economy. In the Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, and reiterated in the 2020 Energy White Paper, The government has confirmed its commitment to developing large, small, and advanced nuclear projects. The Ten Point Plan announced the Advanced Nuclear Fund of up to £385 million to invest in the next generation of nuclear. This includes up to £215 million for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) to develop a domestic smallerscale power plant technology design, and up to £170 million for a research and development programme to deliver an Advanced Modular Reactor (AMR) demonstrator by the early 2030s. An additional up to £40 million will be invested in developing the regulatory frameworks and supporting UK supply chains to help bring these technologies to market.

What are Advanced Nuclear Technologies? Advanced Nuclear Technologies encompass a wide range of nuclear reactor technologies under development. The technologies share common attributes: • smaller than conventional nuclear power station reactors • designed so that much of the plant can be fabricated in a factory environment and transported to site, reducing construction risk and making them less capital-intensive Generally advanced nuclear technologies fall into one of 2 groups: • Generation III water-cooled Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), similar to existing nuclear power station reactors but on a smaller scale • Generation IV and beyond Advanced Modular Reactors (AMRs), which use novel cooling systems or fuels to offer

1 6 / W E L D I N G WO R L D M AG AZ I N E - I SS U E 0 3 - J U N E 2 0 2 1

new functionality (such as industrial process heat) and potentially a step change reduction in costs As announced in the Energy White Paper, the UK government is opening the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) to Advanced Nuclear Technologies, unlocking a key step on the path to the deployment of advanced nuclear in the UK. The UK government believes that Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) could play an important role alongside large nuclear as a low-carbon energy source to support a secure, affordable decarbonised energy system. SMRs are smaller in size and could use modular, off-site manufacturing for flexible deployment. They have the potential to provide low-cost, low carbon electricity. The Ten Point Plan and the Energy White Paper announced Government’s intention to deploy a First-of-a-Kind SMR by the early 2030s, with up to

N E WS £215m committed through the Advanced Nuclear Fund. Government have announced an additional up to £40m in developing regulatory frameworks and supporting UK supply chains and will continue to progress work on key policy and market enablers, including finalising regulatory access, siting, and financing for SMRs. The Low-Cost Nuclear Challenge The Low-Cost Nuclear Challenge, proposed by a consortium led by RollsRoyce, aims to develop a Small Modular Reactor designed and manufactured in the UK capable of producing cost effective electricity. An initial £36 million joint public and private investment granted in late 2019 has enabled the consortium to further develop their design. The consortium believes that a UK Small Modular Reactor programme can support up to 40,000 jobs at its peak with

each Small Modular Reactor capable of powering 450,000 homes. Advanced Modular Reactors The government refers to Generation IV reactors as Advanced Modular Reactors (AMRs). They use novel and innovative fuels, coolants, and technologies to generate low-carbon electricity, and take advantage of the same modular-build principles as SMRs. There are a wide range of new reactor technologies under development in a diverse advanced nuclear market across many nations. Many designs have the potential for a range of applications beyond low-carbon electricity generation, including: • flexible, load-following electricity generation • production of hydrogen • direct heat for industrial or domestic use • nuclear waste management solutions

The Ten Point Plan announced government’s intention to invest up to £170m through the Advanced Nuclear Fund to support an AMR demonstration reactor by the early 2030s. This builds on the previous Advanced Nuclear research funded through the BEIS’s Nuclear Innovation Programme, including: • up to £40m for the AMR Feasibility and Development Competition to accelerate development of promising reactor designs • up to £46m for the Advanced Fuel Cycle Programme, led by the National Nuclear Laboratory, to develop the next generation of nuclear fuels and fuel cycles • up to £26m for the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Competition, to help demonstrate advanced manufacturing and construction techniques. ■

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B OA R D M E M B E RS Brought to you by:

Welding World Ltd on behalf of the Association of Welding Distribution Adrian Hawkins OBE Managing Director Telephone: 07793 220800 E-mail:

Dave P. Ellwood Director & Company Secretary Telephone: 07860 258309 E-mail:

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Hello Everyone, Peter here, one year older and fully vaccinated. Are you all enjoying some nicer weather? I know I am by spending plenty of time gardening before they let me out fully on the road again. I hope you’ve hit the ground running now summer is finally here. I have seen and heard some great comebacks from companies that found it especially hard during the Pandemic. But whilst out on the road this week, I was shocked at the prices of steel and along with the hike in freight, not an easy ride if what materials you can get cost you an arm and a couple of legs. So it makes me very proud how we work as a individuals and as a nation, continually striving to succeed despite the challenges we seem to continually face. This month I celebrated my 85th Birthday. I was blown away by the amount of well wishes I received from people within our industry. It showed me how far our network reaches around the world so thank you if you were one of them. I really enjoyed my day surrounded by family. I know it’s an old one, but only 5 more years until I start a 4 day week.

Lee Darton Finance Director Telephone: 07734 857044 E-mail:

Gavin Pearson, 5 Parsons Street, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 1JJ. + 44 (0)1952 290 036 + 44 (0)1952 290 037 Editor: Darren Isted Design: David Walters Published on behalf of Welding World by: Tel: 07539 782979 Email: While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, the AWD, the editor and the publisher, Hashtag Digital Media, cannot accept liability for any statement or error, or for any claims made by the advertisers, contained herein ©Welding World 2020. They cannot be held responsible for the failure to use, or for the poor depiction of use of environmental, personal or other equipment, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) equipment in photographs received from editorial contributors or advertisers. Best practice in the use of the correct and appropriate equipment is advocated and strongly recommended by the AWD. Hashtag Digital Media ensures that the paper used for printing this publication has been sourced from sustainably managed forests.

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Myself, Craig and the rest of the team are still actively looking to buy more stock and I am glad that I can finally start getting back out to view but more importantly interact with other humans. I beg you to get in touch if you know anything that could be up for sale (or even just to invite me for a coffee). How are you finding importing and exporting since Brexit? Northern Ireland is certainly the trickiest one. We are lucky to work with a few good transport companies who have been a real help. Let the Office know if you need any recommendations. So the question all on our minds is ‘will all lockdown restrictions be lifted on June 21st’ ? I really hope that the hospitality industry can pull themselves back after a very tricky time, as it was nice to be able to stop at a local cafe and get a cup of tea and a slice of cake. I also hope that the younger generation gets help from the Government to catch up with their learning. It’s been great to give a bit of support to Riverside College, they have some great Engineers in the making!! Appreciate the long awaited catch up times with your loved ones and I for one remain optimistic for positive news and a growing economy for the remainder of 2021. As always my very best wishes PETER WESTERMAN President AWD


Health and Safety Executive inspections focus on occupational lung disease Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is inspecting fabricated metal businesses across Great Britain to check that they are managing the respiratory risks of welding fumes and metalworking fluids. From World Asthma Day 2021 on May 5, health and safety inspectors across GB targeted businesses whose workers undertake welding and use metalworking fluids to check that they are complying with the welding fumes guidance and metalworking fluid guidance. During the visits, dutyholders will need to demonstrate they have measures in place to manage risks to protect their workers from occupational lung disease and ‘WorkRight’ to keep workers healthy and safe. Last year in the UK, 12,000 people died from lung diseases estimated to be linked to past exposure, from work in a range of sectors. There is scientific evidence that exposure to welding fumes can cause lung cancer and exposure to metalworking fluids can cause a range of lung diseases, including occupational asthma and occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis (OHP), which are debilitating diseases with life changing impact. Inspectors will be looking for evidence of employers and workers knowing the risks, planning their work and using the right controls to protect workers’ health. If necessary, they will use enforcement to make sure workers are protected. While the primary focus will be on lung health during this programme of inspections, if an HSE inspector identifies any other areas of concern, they will take the necessary enforcement action to ensure these are dealt with. This will include making sure that businesses are COVID-secure and doing all they can to protect their workers from the risk of coronavirus. HSE’s Acting Head of Manufacturing and Utilities Unit, Clare Owen, said: “12,000 people died last year from lung diseases estimated to be linked to past exposure from work, with thousands more cases of ill-health and working days lost. We want businesses whose workers use metalworking fluids and undertake

welding activities to take action now to protect their workers’ respiratory health. “Through visiting metal fabrication businesses, our inspectors are able to speak to a range of dutyholders and look at the measures they have in place to comply with the law and protect workers from lung diseases such as occupational asthma and lung cancer. “Our inspection initiative aims to ensure employers and workers are aware of the risks associated with the activities they do. They must recognise these dangers and manage these risks through reducing exposure. Dutyholders need to do the right thing, for example, through completing a risk assessment, ensuring workers are trained and reducing exposure using local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and using suitable respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to protect workers, where required.” For more information on the programme of inspections follow the campaign on Twitter

at @H_S_E or on Facebook @hsegovuk. You can also join the conversation at #WorkRight and sign up for HSE’s e-bulletin here. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety. They aim to prevent work-related death, injury and ill health through regulatory actions that range from influencing behaviours across whole industry sectors through to targeted interventions on individual businesses. These activities are supported by globally recognised scientific expertise. HSE news releases are available at http:// The inspection programme will be supported by HSE’s ‘WorkRight’ campaign, aimed to influence employer behaviour by encouraging fabricated metal businesses to download free guidance and advice, increasing knowledge and capability to protect workers’ health. ■

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A quality salesman costs you how much? It’s a very tough world currently, caused by the extent and spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many employers have taken the decision to enable their staff to work from home to keep them safe yet productive. The quality of IT has been vastly improved to encourage and support this new modus operandi and some IT entrepreneurs have become billionaires with new expressions like “Zoom” and “Teams” and “you’re on mute” becoming common in daily conversation. Some employers are saying the world of business as we knew it will never return to normal post the Covid-19 pandemic. Many major employers have told their staff to work from home for the next six months and are predicting that home working will be become a thing of the future and that offices may well become a thing of the past. New office blocks being built for major companies are being hurriedly modified to “collaboration” spaces where individuals can attend site to meet up with their team rather than spaces where they can simply mark their attendance by closing the office door and turning on the light. Work on sites is becoming even more challenging for Employers as we “Risk Assess” the potential fallout of staff visiting other company premises to conduct a site survey, repair or demonstration, let alone make a cold call or attend a usual sales appointment. We are all making adjustments, some of us better than others, but we are greatly reliant on the integrity and diligence of our staff to still make business happen. It’s a whole new landscape for doing business and one that we are just going to have to adjust to, to survive. So now is the time to take full advantage of your industry association and start to recognise another way of doing business. It’s a great opportunity to gain the best value from your professional body which in relation to your continuing trade can be written off completely within your annual business accounts. What better way to utilise a value that costs you nothing to start with! By being a Corporate Member of the Welding World Association which incorporates the AWD, at the very least

your annual membership fee before it’s written off, pays for 1. Representation within the Welding World the voice of the Welding Industry 2. Free standard entry in the Welding World Buyers Guide 3. 35% discount off the advertising costs within the Welding World Magazine 4. Advertising that links to videos of products and services and websites. 5. Access to regular webinars that as a member that you can host or sponsor. 6. Access to the largest welding product customer base nationwide 7. A member highlight, free for any paid up member within the magazine 8. Free membership resulting from your trade body write off in your annual accounts. To demonstrate our importance to you and in recognition of the tough times we are all in currently, Welding World are offering all members that settle their accounts promptly before the end of the year a FREE 1/4 page advert in the Welding World Magazine so that you can

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test for yourself, the reach of the magazine. Additionally if you want to save some further costs of formal representation within in your area and are willing to share your customer email addresses with us, we will happily include your customers FREE of charge in our regular emailing of the Welding World Magazine. Finally, it’s important that Welding World is always seen as your advocate and to this end, we want our magazine to work for you and consequently we are introducing our “let’s work together” scheme where for a single fee of £6,000 (usually £12,000) per annum plus VAT which will provide. 1. Help and assistance with marketing your business for 12 months to include 6 days work. 2. Free 1/4 page advert in 6 issues of the magazine or free classified advertising within the magazine to help you sell that unwanted stock. 3. Regular free coverage of your company or brand in editorial format in each issue up to 150 words and a photo. Let our industry expertise help you rise above the pandemic. Email us now at


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Record, display, compare The ALX III Series Robotic Monitoring Software is designed to record, display, and compare monitored weld data. Connecting to a welding set or a robot-welding cell, it monitors the current, voltage and wire consumed in a weld and creates MS Excel reports of the monitored welds. The software displays weld data, a weld trace graph and project headings. The project comparison feature allows users to select saved projects and simultaneously display project welds for comparison. Weld graph traces The weld graph traces represent: • Amps • Volts • Wire feed The weld graph can display the data as individual plots and the zoom function allowing users to view the weld parameters in more detail. Scanning modes The software has two scan modes: • normal mode to run a single scan • comparison mode to run a scan using a saved project file as a template weld and records a series of scans to compare the recorded weld to the template

Recording appears in real-time on the weld grid and scan modes can operate with an external trigger to automatically start and stop the weld recording. Scan modes can also operate with moment switch type triggers to begin recording when a pulse signal is sent and includes a feature to swap switch inputs if required. Limits feature The software features a limit setting for weld comparison. Limits are calculated from the percentage values of a template weld and compared to the recorded weld, identifying if values are within the template percentages. • Records the number of times the limits were exceeded and the time the limits were exceeded • Limit indicator within the software changes from green to orange to red to visually show when welding is within or out of set limits Reports Saved weld project data can be used to create two types of MS Excel reports: • Basic report containing up to two projects • Analytical report showing up to ten project weld files allowing a comparison of welds against a template weld

Contact us for further information on our range of Weld Monitoring Software The Validation Centre (TVC) Limited, Unit 15, Brinell Way, Harfreys Industrial Estate, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 0LU, UK. +44 (0) 1493 443800

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EuroBLECH Digital Innovation Series ends with positive support The first event of the EuroBLECH Digital Innovation Series on forming technology, which took place online recently, provided the first meeting platform this year for the international sheet metal working community. More than 2,000 visitors registered for the event, with 1,384 visitors from 70 countries worldwide active on the event platform. Participants have used the opportunity to log on to the platform during the two virtual event days to network, watch webinar content live and on demand, view product demonstrations and visit virtual showrooms of exhibitors. This new event format proved successful in current times, as many participants from all over the world joined to discover innovations, trends and current solutions in the sheet metal working industry, with the most important visitor countries being Germany, Turkey, Spain, Italy, India, the UK, the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, the USA and Poland. The event registered a high percentage of participants from the top management with decision-making and buying capacity. More than 80% of participants indicated their involvement in decisionmaking in their company. “We are pleased with the results of the first event of the EuroBLECH Digital

Innovation Series and thank all our exhibitors and participants for joining us at this important digital event for the sheet metal working industry in 2021. We

EuroBLECH goes DIGITAL: The Webinar Programme

A daily programme of webinars by industry experts provided an opportunity for participants to gain useful insights into the latest market developments as well as technical expertise concerning new industry applications and solutions. Key players from the industry as well as associations provided exclusive insights into latest technologies and case studies on Forming Technology. A total of 13 speakers, five webinar sessions and three exhibitor product showcases featured during the event, with participants watching the content for almost 500 streaming hours in total. On average, participants viewed two webinars on the platform during and after the event. The second event of the EuroBLECH Digital Innovation Series 2021 is planned for 29 – 30 June 2021 and will put a focus on Separation and Joining Technologies and Additive Manufacturing. Companies interested in participating as an exhibitor or as a speaker for the webinar programme can contact the organisers now. Further information on EuroBLECH can be found at and

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have seen a good level of engagement and received positive feedback – and of course we will use the valuable feedback we receive following this first event to prepare for the following events in the EuroBLECH Digital Innovation Series in 2021”, said Evelyn Warwick, Event Director of EuroBLECH, on behalf of the organisers Mack-Brooks Exhibitions. “The internationality of participants underlined once more that EuroBLECH is the world’s leading platform for sheet metal working professionals from all over the world. In times like these, it is very important for us to regularly bring our industry together on a global scale to trade and network; in our view this will also support the industry’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic”, continued Evelyn. The EuroBLECH Digital Innovation Series in April was an online trading, networking and webinar event for professionals from the sheet metal working technology area of forming technology. Visitors could virtually meet relevant exhibitors in pre-booked meetings and drop-in meetings, use a new online chat function, watch informative product presentations and follow webinars on current industry trends, followed by live Q&A Sessions. The most important sectors the participants belonged to were mechanical engineering, sheet metal products and the automotive industry. ■


BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING with more than 900 exhibitors

India Essen Welding and Cutting rescheduled to 23 to 25 November 2022 In view of the impending uncertainty during these pandemic times, India’s leading trade fair for welding and cutting technologies cannot take place this year. The event which was originally scheduled from 8 to 10 September 2021 at Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, is now scheduled for 23 to 25 November 2022, at the same venue. The postponement affects the complete family of the Indian Metal Fairs that were originally planned for this autumn: India Essen Welding and Cutting, wire India, Tube India and METEC India. With this decision, the organisers of the quartet account for their obligations towards their clients and partners of the metal and metallurgy industry sector in India and world-wide. The postponement will ensure that the event will continue to play its leading role in bringing the global industry stakeholders together once again – with the needed planning reliability. India Essen Welding and Cutting is the region’s leading platform where trade visitors obtain information about products, services and innovations for welding and cutting technologies and place orders directly. In addition, the offer covers diverse welding processes as well as coating, robotics and automation. The fair is organised by Messe Essen, its partner Messe Düsseldorf India as well as the cooperation partner DVS - German Welding Society.

DATES FOR THE DIARY 2021-3 GLOBAL INDUSTRIE 6-9 September 2021 Eurexpo, Lyon.


5 - 7 October 2021 Evenementenhal Gorinchem, Netherlands. Annual trade event for the metalworking industry


10 - 13 November 2021 Istanbul, Turkey.

Beijing Essen, Welding and Cutting, one of Asia’s leading welding trade fairs, will kick off with over 900 exhibitors. The companies will present their products and services for joining, cutting and coating at Shanghai New International Expo Center from 16 to 19 June 2021. After the trade fair had to be cancelled last year due to the pandemic, the organisers are expecting strong interest from trade visitors this year. Numerous decision-makers from the mechanical and plant engineering, railway transport, infrastructure, automotive, oil pipeline, shipbuilding and aerospace industries are expected to attend. Welding and cutting products are in high demand in China: over 55 percent of global steel production comes from the country. Therefore, there is a high demand for solutions and know-how around further processing. Beijing Essen, Welding and Cutting offers an ideal platform on more than 80,000 square metres to get to know innovations for the key technologies of joining, cutting and coating, to exchange ideas and to place orders. Numerous large companies such as Kjellberg, Eckelmann, Kawasaki and Panasonic will be there. Many niche suppliers and young companies also present themselves at the trade fair. TINFORMATION Welding Association (CWA), the Welding Equipment Committee of CWA and the DVS – Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e. V. An extensive lecture programme, which this year focuses on digitalisation, rounds off the event. Further information:



17 November - 18 November 2021 IFEMA, Madrid, Spain. The leading annual industrial show

25 – 28 October 2022 Hanover, Germany. 26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition exhibitors/exhibitor-hub/


4 - 8 April 2022 NEC, Birmingham, UK. Manufacturing Technologies Event


SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 11 -15 September 2023 Essen, Germany. joining-cutting-surfacing/

3 -7 October 2022 Brno, Czech Republic. International Welding Engineering Fair

CLICK HERE for more events and news updates

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HITACHI RAIL AND RAIL INDUSTRY AGREE SERVICE RECOVERY PLAN TO GET TRAINS BACK Hitachi Rail, train operators, and government have agreed, with oversight from the Office of Rail and Road, a service recovery plan to safely reintroduce more 800 Series and 385 Series trains to the network. The fleet of 800 series trains was removed from service as a precaution when cracks were found on some trains. Following extensive safety checks on their trains, Transpennine Express, Hull Trains and ScotRail were able to operate services across all of their routes. After further safety checks involving ORR’s HM Railway Inspectorate, GWR and LNER will now begin reintroducing trains with a more regular service for passengers. Trains on some routes may be less frequent than usual and train availability could vary, for a number of reasons, so passengers should continue to check with the operators before they travel. Passengers are being advised to check the latest travel advice from their train

operator. Eligible passengers are also being encouraged to claim refunds. The service recovery plan follows joint work between Hitachi Rail, train operators and the regulator around the safe return to service of some trains. Since discovering the faults, Hitachi Rail engineers and independent experts have completed rigorous tests and research to gain a clearer understanding of the cracking issue. Based on the work undertaken to understand the issue, and after extensive engagement, Hitachi Rail and train operators, working with the rail regulator, have put in place suitable criteria for the trains to meet before they can re-enter service. The service recovery plan includes thorough inspections by specialist teams before trains leave the depot. Trains will only re-enter service if they meet agreed safety criteria. Working with Hitachi Rail, the rail regulator will continue to carry out rigorous oversight to ensure robust

2 4 / W E L D I N G WO R L D M AG AZ I N E - I SS U E 0 3 - J U N E 2 0 2 1

processes are being followed. Over time, trains will be subject to a Forward Repair Plan, which will ensure the long-term continued safe running of the fleet. Andrew Barr, Group CEO of Hitachi Rail, said: “Today’s agreement sets out our joint plan for the phased reintroduction of our trains into service, which will continue to deliver the highest possible safety standards. Safety remains our number one priority, and we and our partners have worked round the clock to agree an approach that allows the return of trains to service where they have been deemed safe. “With our service recovery plan now underway, the operators will begin reintroduction of trains as they are individually approved and deemed safe. We would like to thank our partners for their ongoing support as we work collectively to reintroduce more trains into service.” ■


Conversion to EWM welding machines rewards company with €18,000 grant Heinrich Döpke GmbH from Norden, Germany, has converted its welding production to EWM with 13 new welding machines. In addition to the versatility of the Titan XQ 350 puls and the extensive service, other factors were also convincing. Together with EWM, the machine manufacturer took advantage of government subsidies to save not only CO2, but also costs. If sand and gravel are being extracted from an inland lake in Europe, there’s a good chance a suction dredger or cutter-suction dredger from Heinrich Döpke GmbH is being used for the job. Döpke welds both stainless steel and other steels by hand at their production halls, and some of their components can measure over 20 metres long and several metres wide with plate thicknesses of 5 to 80 millimetres. “ Up until 2020, the welders largely used step switch controlled machines for welding, including Messer-EWM models from the 1990s. From time to time, Döpke purchased new machines, but, according to Wilfried Erdmann, Döpke’s production manager, “we only had negative experiences with inverter technology”. That’s why Werner Buß, field staff at EWM in Ibbenbüren, was initially met with reservation when acquiring new customers. After the very first demonstration of the Titan XQ puls on Döpke components at the production hall, though, Erdmann was impressed. The fact that Heinrich Döpke GmbH would soon be tackling a large project and that many of their welding machines had failed at the same time also played a role. “It was then that we considered investing in new machines rather than repairing the old ones,” reported production manager Erdmann. Ultimately, a government grant was the decisive argument for a complete switchover. The next step was to determine the exact number of machines and for EWM to draw up an offer for the replacement investment. The maximum grant for small and mid-sized companies is €700 per tonne of CO2 saved (up to 40% of the total investment costs). For large companies, it’s €500 per tonne of CO2 and up to

Every day, Heinrich Döpke GmbH welds up to 22 meter long components made of black and stainless steel. For this purpose, they have been using the modern EWM Titan XQ 350 puls welding machines with wire feeder and EWM PM 451 welding torch since 2020.

30% of the investment costs. With this grant, the government is accelerating compliance with the new EU Ecodesign Directive, which will result in step switch controlled welding machines completely disappearing from the market starting in 2023 due to their high power consumption. For the application, the amount of savings had to be precisely calculated for each machine. EWM calculated that switching over to the MIG/MAG flagship Titan XQ 350 puls would result in a difference of 3,652 kWh annually, which corresponds to just under two tonnes of CO2 less than before, per machine, per year. In all, this resulted in a total grant of approximately €18,000 for 13 machines including the allowance for the energy consultant. As they had submitted an application of urgency, Ingo Romeike had already received a positive decision in just under three weeks. At this point, ordering of the machines could move forward. Welders impressed by future-oriented EWM inverter technology The welders at Döpke were quick to befriend the Titan XQ puls and Phoenix machines. The fact that all new machines at Döpke have been given names is a sign of affinity: Erika named after the wife, Jenny from Forrest Gump and Dolly named after the sheep. When it comes to advantages, though, their users are objective. “Seam creation is much

smoother than before, gas consumption has dropped by more than half and there’s hardly any preparatory or finishing work to do,” reported welders Matthias Heidkamp and Keno Konken. Production manager Erdmann confirmed that, “we can now weld with the machines with virtually no spatter to speak of, which before wasn’t possible at all”. Use of gas and wear parts reduced enormously Both senior managers at Döpke also agreed that investing in DGC electronic gas flow control was well worth it. “I quickly realised that a large amount of gas was being saved,” said Ingo Romeike with a smile. Wilfried Erdmann put it in more concrete terms: “We used to replace a shielding gas cylinder every two and a half days. Now, we do it about every week and a half.” The use of wear parts has also been reduced. With the EWM PM 451 welding torch, they now use only two or three contact tips a week, as opposed to the previous two or three on a daily basis. The bottom line is that a significant reduction in the consumption of power, gas, wear parts and working time saves an enormous amount of money. EWM technology convinced Ingo Romeike and Wilfried Erdmann. The two have been highly satisfied with EWM’s service and consultation as well. “We’d do everything again exactly the same way.” ■

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FRONIUS UNVEILS SINGLE-PHASE HYBRID INVERTER Fronius has launched the innovative GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter which is also available in a Primo variant for singlephase markets. It will be launched in power categories from 3.0 - 6.0 kW and combines maximum yield, top flexibility and ease of use in one compact and stylish high-tech device. Useful online tools for simple commissioning, real-time system monitoring and 24/7 service support via smartphone or tablet round off this offering. “The Primo GEN24 Plus is our first singlephase hybrid inverter and therefore another milestone on the path towards our vision of 24 hours of sun. Our aim was to develop a versatile and compact all-in-one inverter that takes into account all aspects of sustainability throughout the entire service life of the product,” explained Martin Hackl, Global Director of the Business Unit Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH Using solar power that was generated during the day at night increases the selfsupply rate and guarantees independence from the grid. That is why the Primo GEN24 Plus is compatible with home storage units and features impressively high charging and discharging power. It ensures maximum energy output because the sophisticated Multi Flow Technology enables and intelligently controls simultaneous energy flows. It also doesn’t matter whether the photovoltaic system is equipped with a storage system from the start or at a later date; everything required for this is already there in the inverter. A new feature of the GEN24 Plus is the PV Point – a backup power socket. It is the first of its kind to provide a basic backup power supply without a battery. This can be used to operate vital loads such as laptops, smartphones or small freezers. If an energy storage system is present, the Primo will offer the tried-and-tested Full Backup solution and supply the entire household with backup power. Even in the event of a power outage, the GEN24 Plus allows power that is currently being generated to be used and, if necessary, surplus energy to be stored in the battery.

The uniquely versatile Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter has a variety of emergency power options and numerous integrated interfaces for e-mobility, heating/cooling and storage.

Parallel operation of the modular BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM in combination with the Primo GEN24 Plus enables a storage capacity of up to 57.96 kWh. This makes it possible to create storage solutions for commercial applications, intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicle fleets or a profitable and sustainable alternative to diesel-powered emergency generators. Fronius SuperFlex Design and the improved Active Cooling Technology give the design of the PV system maximum versatility. The Primo GEN24 Plus can be fitted in a range of ways, be it hung up, lying down or in a mounting bracket, indoors or outdoors. Ambient air is drawn in and flows over innovative cooling fins. This ensures that the Primo always keeps a cool head and guarantees the full yield, even at high temperatures. The heart of the inverter, the sensitive power electronics, is thereby protected against so-called hot spots and the service life is extended. The DC input voltage range of the Primo GEN24 Plus starts at 65 V and goes up to 600 V, allowing strings to be implemented from just three PV

2 6 / W E L D I N G WO R L D M AG AZ I N E - I SS U E 0 3 - J U N E 2 0 2 1

modules. Separate battery input and the two MPP trackers available as standard open up a range of options for complex roof surfaces with dormer windows or eaves mouldings as well as in combination with façade modules or garage roofs. The shading-tolerant algorithm of the Dynamic Peak Manager also ensures that the maximum yield is always generated. Thanks to push-in spring-loaded terminals, quick-release screws and the tried-and-tested wall mounting system, it takes no time at all to fit any of the Fronius GEN24 Plus inverters. For simple commissioning, real-time system monitoring and even faster service, Fronius offers three user-friendly apps to installers, service technicians and end customers in the form of Solar. start, Solar.web and Solar.SOS. These can be used anytime and anywhere via smartphone or tablet. The Fronius GEN24 family is set to grow with the three-phase Symo GEN24 Plus being available in the smaller 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 kW power categories. The GEN24 family will thereby cover the entire power range, from 3.0 to 10.0 kW. ■


E3000X THE NEW LEAGUE FOR FRESH AIR AND BREATHING PROTECTION • Highest safety class (TH3) respiratory protection • Protects reliably from smoke, aerosols, and dust • Ready for A1B1E1 gas filter • Integrated, automatic air flow control and calibration • Expendable with mountain breeze odour filter Optrel products offer highest quality and performance levels to protect welders and grinders. With the new e3000X PAPR system you complement your optrel PAPR mask with a protection for your respiratory system, which makes no compromises in matters of safety, health and comfort. During arc welding, grinding and many other dust-intensive activities, your airways are always exposed to harmful smoke, dust and often toxic gases. Wearing a personal breathing protection system is therefore essential – no matter how well ventilated your working environment may be. That‘s why the new e3000X offers you a highly modular breathing protection

solution that you can adapt to your protection needs in seconds. Compared to the widely available TH2 systems, TH3-certified breathing protection systems filter 10 times more dirt out of the air, or in other words: 99.8% of the harmful particles are filtered out of the air. The ABE1 filter protects the user from organic, inorganic and acidic gases and vapours. This optional filter makes the e3000X the perfect companion for any welder who has to work in heavily polluted, smelly or even toxic environments. Optrel consistently avoids any air turbulence inside the helmet that could irritate your eyes. The purified air is led directly to your mouth and nose in an internal air flow channel. After all, this is the only place we need this valuable breathing air. We have also thought of a pleasant cooling. In the forehead area a continuously adjustable air outlet offers you the option to let up to 20% of the air flow onto your forehead. Pleasantly soft! No more eye irritation! ■

Get your optrel filter guide to the different filter types HERE

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Why you should be using newer inverterbased dual pulsed MIG welding technology Dual Pulsed MIG technologies have advanced to provide excellent welding performance on thin gauge aluminium, stainless and other alloys. Upgrading to a modern MIG inverter can improve productivity, reduce weld costs, and improve operator efficiency: • Dual Pulsed MIG can replace AC TIG by giving welders the ability to control heat input, increase travel speeds, eliminate burn through and control the bead profile while welding aluminium. • New Dual Pulsed MIG technology enables operators to tailor the arc length to match their personal preferences. Inverter technologies offer a substantial return-on-investment and quick payback compared to older machines. Many use conventional welding equipment when welding sheet metal, however by comparison, new technology improves the first-pass yield rates, lower cycle times and reduce piece costs. The challenge of welding sheet metal efficiently involves obtaining good fusion while simultaneously controlling: • Heat input • Weld bead profile • Arc starts/stops • Arc performance while welding • Activities that do not add value (e.g. grinding, rework). Conventional and old pulsed welding technology cannot provide the advanced control capabilities of the new technology. Today’s control algorithms, software and microprocessors operate much more efficiently than those developed earlier, while thicker sections of metal might not need advanced control, sheet metal offers little room for error, but lots of room for improvement. Dual Pulsed MIG technology is the solution for welding thin aluminium, dual pulsed MIG gives users: • The ability to control heat input. The pulse of peak current provides the good fusion associated with spray transfer, while the low background current cools the weld puddle and lets it freeze slightly. • Good travel speeds, switching from AC TIG to dual pulsed MIG increases travel speeds by 30%, while cutting heating

input by more than 55%. • The ability to control bead profile. Using a simple function called arc control, operators can adjust the width of the arc cone, which tailors the bead profile to the application. In all cases, a bead of the right size eliminates excess heat input, over-welding and post-weld weld grinding. • Superior arc starts, Dual Pulsed MIG technology automatically provides more energy at the start of the weld which helps ensure good fusion and then reduces energy to normal parameters for optimal welding characteristics. • At the end of the weld, today’s dual pulsed MIG technology can ramp down to a cooler welding parameter to fill in the crater, as well as tailor the amount of ramping to compensate for the different heat dissipation characteristics of aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel. Ensuring accuracy of equipment settings by annual verification In this era of procedures, inspection records and accountability, driven by quality-control standards for welding, such as ISO 3834 and EN 1090, the need to be confident of accurate, consistent welding machine settings has become vitally important. Furthermore, the increased use of part or fully

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mechanised welding processes has led to a requirement for more rigorous verification of welding equipment performance. To ensure machine settings such as current, voltage, speed, gas flow and pulse characteristics are consistently accurate, standards have been developed which stipulate best practice for regular maintenance, and a process for the annual inspection, testing and reporting/ certifying of equipment display meters. The standard for welding equipment is EN 60974-14. This standard sets the level of accuracy and consistency of the output. The future Weldability Sif’s all new sifWELD Evolution range of welding machines combine the very best of inverter dual pulsed technology with synergic programmes and aerospace intelligence for a machine that is at the top end of the market for quality and the low end for cost. The MIG options’ dual pulse function incorporates the built-in synergic facility, meaning the machine will automatically give the optimum welding parameters for the specific material, wire size and shielding gas, including optimum MIG welding of aluminium. They also feature IGBT technology, providing ideal, lightweight, multi-process machines. Find these and the new range of sifWELD Evolution TIG machines and plasma cutters at


Joining Welding World will offer peace of mind, a steady source of information and useful sales initiatives - increasing real business opportunities for our members. Welding World promotes the interests of its membership across the UK and throughout the world. Of principle interest to most is the access provided to the Welding World brand, which supports the magazine, the Apple/ Google app, the website, the Buyers Guide and the Marketplace. Entry to all of these is entirely FREE to members of Welding World. Via the Welding World Magazine, you will access a readership of some 30,000 end users, distributors and students, and more worldwide with access to our FREE, online App and Website. We are actively engaged in tweeting our regular articles, boosting that readership further still.

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A QUICK GUIDE TO CAST IRON OXY-ACETYLENE WELDING Broken castings should be aligned and tack-welded into position before preheating. All castings must be carefully supported on firebricks with a space of at least three inches beneath and preheated in a muffle to between 600ºC and 800ºC. An oxy-acetylene flame, of ample capacity for the thickness of metal to be welded, is adjusted to a neutral condition. The edges of the fracture, or the sides of the vee groove, are melted by flame application; a little Sif Cast Iron Flux sprinkled in the weld area assists in forming a fluid pool of metal. It is recommended that, on completion of welding, the casting should be brought once again to a uniform temperature of 600ºC-800ºC and then allowed to cool very slowly inside the muffle. Cast iron welds correctly made by the oxy-acetylene process using Sif Super Silicon No 9 rods can be relied upon to provide a soft and easily machinable deposit with full physical properties similar to those of the parent metal. For welding spheroidal graphite cast iron (SG cast iron) ensure you are using Sif Super SG Cast Iron. OXY-ACETYLENE BRAZING Ccc Sifbronze No 1 – melts between 875-895o C at which temperature – reds at 300°C. Scratch the surface to melt on filler, the flux will aid bonding to the material.

MIG BRAZING SifMig 8 or SifMig 328 - Pure Nickel electrode for repair work on cast iron. This electrode also makes post weld machining possible.

ARC WELDING SifTrode Cast Iron - Pure Nickel electrode for repair work on cast iron and also allows post weld machining. ■

Technical advice in the original SifTips style was started in 1932. ‘Sifbronzing’ is an almost universally recognised way of describing the low temperature bronze welding of sheet steel, cast iron and other metals. This explains why Sifbronze, the company which first developed and promoted the technique, is generally considered to be a supplier of high quality welding rods, wires, fluxes and equipment. ‘Will the Welder’ was a SifTips magazine that was produced in the early 1930s. The aim was to provide users with ideas and tips on how to get the most out of their welding equipment. Sif is renowned for its UK manufacturing heritage as well as its complete range of quality welding consumables used globally for almost a century.

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At the start of the Covid pandemic in March 2020, my wife and I, like so many, opted for a supermarket home delivery service. We have shopped with Sainsbury’s since we were married 44 years ago, so we naturally tried to arrange for them to deliver to us, only to find that they were too busy to do so. I appreciate that they were suddenly in demand and many other people, including those with special needs were ahead of us able bodied people, but the thought of visiting a supermarket at that time, was quite worrying for many. Sainsbury’s were polite, very polite in turning us away. I remember thinking at the time that a quick look at our nectar loyalty card would show them that we were long serving customers, but it didn’t help. Sainsbury’s were happy to turn loyal customers away as they now had so many to choose from. Tesco’s however stepped up and came to the rescue, regardless of any prior commitment and happily have looked after our shopping needs, ever since! On Saturday the 5th June, Rishi Sunak our Chancellor of the Exchequer completed a historic deal with his G7 finance chiefs to tax global companies at the point of sale rather than where the goods are manufactured, otherwise known as the tax point. The new digital world has created massive cross border trading opportunities and companies such as Amazon and Google have avoided paying taxes in the UK because the previous tax law permitted them to utilise the rate of tax at the tax point which was not the UK . As a result of this new arrangement, firms with a profit margin of 10% or above - which is currently thought to apply to roughly 100 Companies, including Google and Amazon, will now have 20% of their profits assessed above that margin reassigned and taxed in the countries where they are doing business. A little-known fact is that virtually all taxes collected and spent by the Exchequer on the full range of services necessary for our Society to operate, are

created and paid by business as detailed in our last edition of Welding World and that almost 50% of that value is generated from the SME sector. Welding World has congratulated the Chancellor for securing this new tax deal

and has asked the Chancellor if this now means he can reduce taxes to SME’s. It would be good to know if the loyalty of SMEs over many, many years is now equally rewarded by a reduction in the Corporation tax rate of 25%, promised for 2023 at this year’s budget. Whilst accepting that there is no more certain an outcome in life other than Death and Taxes, we live in hope our voice is heard! Death and taxes is a common reference to the famous quotation: Our new Constitution is now established and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. — Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to JeanBaptiste Le Roy, 1789 Kind regards,

Adrian Hawkins OBE Managing Director, Welding World Ltd

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Welding World - Issue 3 - June 2021  

Welding World Magazine is the official journal of The Welding World Association. The magazine includes industry news, product reviews, featu...

Welding World - Issue 3 - June 2021  

Welding World Magazine is the official journal of The Welding World Association. The magazine includes industry news, product reviews, featu...

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