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Is technology a double-edged sword? By the editor – 4thFebruary 2014

A week has passed since Overseas Family School released a new statement regarding its plans to introduce face to face classroom teaching, and hence becoming the first IB world school to shift its entire curriculum online. This move has been controversial and the public response varies from person to person, however the response which has caught everyone's eyes came out merely 24 hours ago. It was an English teacher at OFS who responded to this new technology in the following words: 'Student's increasing dependency on technology in every aspect of their academic lives is a double edged sword'. But the main question that arises in one's mind is that is this new technology a sword with two edges i.e having both a good side and a bad side, or is it just a sword with one sharpened edge? With all the criticism arising, the second phrase seems more appropriate. While some people might think that new technology carries both advantages and disadvantages, others think differently. With only international school students being given access to such technology, it is becoming prominent that the inequality gap in our society is broadening day by day. Socialist party leader Mr. Vladimir Marx has repeatedly exclaimed: “Inequality is like a malware in our society, which is preventing us from moving forward, hence it needs to be taken care of”. Since only a small percentage of our students will have access to this technology, it is most certain that only a small group of our youth will be given the opportunity to prosper and get properly educated. Not only that this technology will promote inequality, it will also make a small percentage of our population to fill their pockets with cash and get richer. This will in fact promote yet another form of inequality: 'wealth inequality'. This way the rich will get richer will the poor stay where they started. This is possible because websites in the past have used advertisements as a money making source, instead of using them just as a servant to the people. Responding to the 'double-edged sword' statement, Mr. Tom Stewart, a well known economist said: “The claim that this technology bears both a good and a bad side, is not completely accurate since it can be misused and instead be used as an ATM” Although this technology might seem as a bad news after getting aware of the facts above, we as a society have tons of potential to battle such pests in our society. With a fair and just political system and constitution we can eliminate social hierarchy and distribute wealth equally among our people.

Rationale: Throughout this editorial I have tried to use bias techniques so that it matches and relates to my group profile. But side by side I have also tried my best to maintain the format and style of an editorial. First of all, in my first paragraph I have not really included any bias and I have just tried to deliver the 5 W's and the H about the story. I did this so that the reader develops a trust in this article and doesn't just run away because they realise that it is biased. In the paragraph that follow this opening, I have tried to impose my main idea(my thesis statement), so this is really where the bias comes in. Now my third and fourth paragraphs are the greatest representatives of the bias techniques that I have used, Firstly 'selection of sources' is quite prominent here as I have only added sources which match my viewpoint and opinion and I have clearly omitted the other sources. Yet another technique that is noticeable here is spin, this is because I hardly show the other side(the other argument), and I even try to show the good things of this technology as bad. This sway is also a form of omission as I have omitted the other side's opinion. I have ended the editorial with a conclusion which sort of gives 'rays of hope' and tries to give a solution the problems/issues I mentioned previously, now this was also important as I had to keep it professional and give a solution to the problems as well.