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OFS reveals new plans Mixed public response SINGAPORE - Sources confirmed that OFS has issued a statement outlining their plan to introduce face to face classroom for their students and to deliver all their curriculum online by 2015. Once this project starts, students would not have to come to school and instead all the education will be carried on computers. The new technology will bring an end to an era of in-school classroom teaching. OFS which has been regarded as one of the top MYP schools will be “demolishing its campus by the end of the year” said a member of the board of directors. However this statement has become a subject of criticism as certain students and education analysts are complaining that the inequality gap in the society is broadening day by day as the poor and lower class students remain stuck with the old methods of teaching, while students from rich families are enjoying the new technologies and methods of teaching. Mr. Mao Joseph Castro, minister of education affairs for the Socialist party commented on this with the following words: “If this continues, most of the hidden talent within our youth will stay suppressed... it is becoming clear that only the rich class is being given the opportunities”. It has also been feared that this new technology is just a scheme by the owners to increase their profits and hence increase the share price of the company at the stock market and eventually get out of bankruptcy. “Since this technology will increase the number of visitors to the website, the website will most likely see an increase in advertisement, therefore this claim is being considered as true.” Said a former business teacher at OFS. Meanwhile certain groups of students are also seeing this as positive news, if the motive behind it is just to serve the students and to improve the quality and education in Overseas Family School. “This is a completely new way to get educated, and I’m sure it will be helpful for all students at OFS” said a grade 11 student at the school.

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Rationale: Since our group's profile is based around communism, I wrote this article related to the aspects of communism. First of all, after reading my headline it doesn't seem like the public liked this new project very much and this phrase: 'mixed public response' gives a hint that this article is also not really in favour of the new technology. My first two paragraphs and the picture are not really biased and they are just trying to show what kind of technology this is, I did this just to make sure that the reader doesn't find out that this article is saying nothing about the news ans instead it is just promoting communism. Anyway, my real bias kicks in from start of the third paragraph where I try to prove that this technology will cause the inequality gap to widen. Here I also quote a communist party member to add to the bias. Now this is related to my profile as communists prefer equality in the society. The third paragraph is also hovering around the communist profile as it is trying to show that the basic reason for this technology is to earn more money, which is capitalist thinking and communists are against it. I put the positive perspective and quote in the very last paragraph as readers usually don't get to that point, this adds to the bias as this way the reader would not get to know the positive side of it.

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