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Background of Accura-Tech We at Accura-Tech, treat our customers with utmost respect while adding value to our company progress as well as the society.

Accura-Tech adapts to any market demand since there can be no progress without a change.

At all times, we demonstrate Professionalism, Strength, and Commitment.

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Company Introduction Accura-Tech was formed to meet the outsourcing needs of global organizations. We provide the most highly advanced, cost effective solutions for computing, accounting and data management needs. ACCURA-tech software development and quality assurance process is called as “ACCURA Unified Process (AUP)”. We have developed this process in lined with agile unified process. As a process oriented company we have derived all processes aligned to CMMI level 3. Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with offices in the United Kingdom, we are able to provide high quality reliable services to meet clients’ outsourcing needs. Our expertise has been built up over a number of years in IT and software development. We pride ourselves in supporting our clients, giving them the confidence to meet their immediate and long term objectives.

Our Mission Accura-Tech’s vision is rooted in our history and our multicultural backgrounds. We recognize the reality of the world today and the continuing challenges we face. Our Corporate Vision is founded on five key principles. These statements together form a shared ambition for all our employees and a worldwide commitment to live in a world that works for everyone. 

Value will be our competitive advantage: In a competitive world we expect our clients to demand the best.

Change is our Opportunity to move ahead: Without change there is no progress.

Innovation is our challenge in everything we do: We will only deliver to our customers the best and innovate in everything we do.

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Waste we do not tolerate: If we cannot do it we will tell you.

Our Standards: We measure ourselves against world-class standards. We are a business with family and spiritual traditions in which people are valued as individuals. Together we recognize that in a fast changing world the only guarantee to success is to offer innovation and value.

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Executive Profiles

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Harsha Samarawickrama


Michael Beydler

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Warwick Wynschenk


Lord Peter Jansen


Jerome Brain Rush


Peter Tensen

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Accura Structure & Project Execution

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Structure & Project Execution

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More than Technology

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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Our Services

Internet Marketing

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Search Engine Optimizing


E-Mail Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing

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Pay Per Click Management


Accura Creates a New Trend Accura-Tech e-books

Charity Programmes Accura-tech Cares for the People of Sri Lanka

Protect Our Environment We Strive to Protect Our Planet

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Harsha Samarawickrama Chief Executive Officer Harsha Samarawickrama overlooks all of Accura-Tech’s business and technological operations. Having obtained his Bsc in Electronics and Communications and MBA from Newport University, UK with an Msc in Computer Engineering from the American World University, US, Harsha also has 20 years of IT industry experience. Harsha possesses extensive know-how in total infrastructure management (TIM). Harsha has worked with clients in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia, thus having the fluency and familiarity required to work with multinational clients. Harsha resides in the UK and has worked for several prestigious IT organizations such as the London Computer Centre, UK (LCC) where he was known for developing a product titled “Non Stop Server”, which targets business continuity (BC), disaster recovery (DR) and fault tolerance. This creation was reviewed by PC Pro UK and awarded five stars. During his tenure at LCC, Harsha was involved in forming various strategic business partnerships with several IT organizations, which leveraged LCC to a cutting edge technology solutions company. Harsha’s wide range of portfolios coupled with his strong domain knowledge has enabled him to form alliances with Also UK, Netscalibur UK, Bull Evidian France, SunGard USA, Computer Associates USA, Sunbelt Software USA and was quintessential in the testing of the BrightStore High Availability beta software developed by Computer Associates until its release. In addition, Computer Associates granted him special privileges to use the Bright store High Availability software and invited him for the product launch in New York. Harsha was involved in facilitating the IT Infrastructure for the British Cross Rail, Thames Water, National Health Service UK, National Federation of Roof Cooperation, etc. In Sri Lanka, Harsha developed offshore business process outsourcing units for several organizations. He strongly believes in quality and would like to form global business relations and network with various worldly businesses.

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Michael Beydler Chief Operating Officer Michael Beydler started a company called Coregenic Technologies Anaheim, California. Coregenic Tech is a full service eBusiness solution provider known for its award winning web design, professional hosting, eCommerce, custom DOT.NET programming, and creative digital marketing. Coregenic Technologies Inc. has combined the best of both worlds; design and technology together creative a true hybrid of talent to the eBusiness space. Clientele range from medium and large-sized businesses. Services are designed to provide an integrated approach to business strategy with respect to the use of web technology. With a strong understanding of business combined with the flexibility of a number of platforms, network technologies and programming software, the group is in a solid position to design and implement a comprehensive solution to meet client needs.

Mr. Beydler cofounded National Recovery Services. Their flagship customer is Capital One Bank. Mr. Beydler and his team developed and deployed a fully automated back office software solution allowing Capital One Bank to properly measure risk assessment with their Chapter 7 subdivision. This system allows Capital One Bank to detect and analyze potential credit card fraud, saving Capital One Bank millions of dollars that would have been lost as a result of fraudulent Chapter 7 filings. From August 1999 through December 2003, Mr. Beydler was Chief Technology Officer for Aloha Continental Travel, Inc.; Mr. Beydler designed, developed and implemented two Internet reservation booking engines in parallel utilizing both Amadeus (API) and Worldspan (DIR) reservation systems. At that time, the travel industry’s technology model was to run reservation booking engines independently. By using this new concurrent and parallel utilization model Aloha Continental Travel was able to offer twice the amount of travel offerings, increase capacity threefold for reservations and improve productivity and efficiencies. Mr. Beydler was charged with the

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implementation of new quality control procedures for reservation tracking and cancellation resolution. Mr. Beydler oversaw all aspects of technology for Aloha Continental Travel, including the development of a network engineering group. Mr. Beydler was responsible for the engineering and installation of technology initiatives nationwide technology network in support of Aloha Continental Travel’s operations and many different value propositions. Prior to Aloha Continental Travel, Inc., from August 1995 through August 1999, Mr. Beydler served as Chief Technology Officer for TravelMax International, Inc. TravelMax was the fastest install of reservation terminals in the entire country, totaling over 400 PC’s/ 10 NT servers/ 2 HP (K-frame) UNIX servers. His responsibilities included all travel agent and affiliate commission tracking and payment solutions supporting more then 75,000 individual travel agents and travel companies. From November 1993 through August 1995, Mr. Beydler was MIS Director for Jostens, Inc., a $1 billion company providing yearbooks and class rings to over 50,000 schools across North America. From November 1989 through June 1993 Mr. Beydler was an aerospace engineer and project manager for Odetics, Inc. Mr. Beydler graduated from the University of California at Irvine in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science Degree.

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Warwick Wynschenk Director of International Sales After business school Warwick embarked on an entrepreneurial career, which spans over 25 years. This has brought him into contact with many aspects of the business community around the world. He is a strategic thinker and excellent people motivator. He enjoys working with scientists and academic thinkers facilitating them in commercializing their ideas. He is strong at spotting good commercial opportunities and turning them into money-making ventures. He is technology aware and in the year 2000 PricewaterhouseCoopers sponsored one of his companies, which he seed funded. He innovated the strategic thinking behind thin client and alternative broadband technologies for this project. Warwick is a co-investor with his partners in Accura-Tech. Warwick lives between London, England and Colombo, Sri Lanka. He continues to attract international clients who identify with the company ethos. Ethos To provide career opportunities with maximum career satisfaction and an equal pay reward program, and attract international clients who identify with this ethos. For Our Clients and Employees To provide sound ethical business opportunities allowing clients and employees to mutually benefit from our local human resources and still remain competitive in the international markets. Interests Vegetarianism, yoga comparative religions, environmental issues and classical music. Favorite Sayings “Do it now” and “If it’s not broken don’t fix it!”

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Lord Peter Jansen Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for Europe Peter A. Jansen is Accura-Tech’s high-level strategic negotiation and management professional. His international experience entails Field Sales Team Management, Process Improvement, International Recruitment Campaign Management, and PSL Creation and Performance Reviews. Peter launched his career as a Sales Manager at Grupo AMA, Mexico in 1996 where he developed and implemented a Supply Chain Management System (SCM), which increased the productivity by 160% in 12 months. He implemented Process and Quality Improvement Strategies (Lean and Six Sigma) in both Sales and Manufacturing reducing the company’s economic cycle and increasing their Return Over Investment Capital (ROIC). “I believe that in today’s world websites and web application need to keep it simple, gone are the days of bloated applications. I want to know what your company’s desire and needs are and bring them to life” Over the years, Peter furthered his accomplishments. A notable few include: Successfully selling consultancy services to the British and Mexican Rail Industries at local and central government level. Created and developed a network of over 600 contractors and clients while developing business relationships at all levels across the UK, Europe and Latin America. Managed a project that had a value of $120 million where he had three Project Managers and two Project Engineers as direct reports and an average of 140 people reporting to them. Peter was published in the Who's Who Historical Society book for accomplishments at international level at age 26. Peter holds an MSc in Finance from AMIB, Mexico and an International Baccalaureate (IB) in Organization from Geneva. Mr. Jansen is a self-starter with sound judgment and strong interpersonal skills who values responsibility, personal integrity, and learning opportunities. - “I place strong emphasis on my creative analytical capabilities and my drive and commitment to deliver results of the highest standards.”

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Jerome Brian Rush Non-Executive Director Jerome was appointed a Non-Executive Director of Accura-Tech in November 2005. Jerome Brian Rush is the main promoter and driving force behind Tenasta. Jerome is a proven entrepreneur with in depth operational and management experience. He has successfully founded and exited from several businesses in the hospitality and manufacturing sectors before specializing as a turn-around consultant for a midlands based company. He developed an interest in and a familiarity with computers and developed a high-speed, non-indexed search engine which he successfully sold to Unisys in 1991. This cemented his interest in the technology sector and Jerome subsequently developed a number of collaborative working and interactive customer support products, all biased towards narrow band. Jerome has invested the last five years and over ÂŁ350K in the development of the Tenasta high performance, narrow band video codec and supporting web infrastructure. Jerome was educated as an economist at Harvard University, Boston.

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Peter Tensen Director of Asia-Pacific Operations Peter has been at the forefront of software development, since his first experience working on the earliest versions of Windows for Microsoft in the late 80’s, through a career on Wall Street developing cutting edge front and back office systems, to his executive experience working for major software and telecommunications companies, to his more recent entrepreneurial forays into IT outsourcing and wholesale distribution. Peter spent ten years refining his craft as a consultant and project manager implementing medium to large size IT projects around multi-tiered and distributed database architectures in the US. For the past decade Peter has been based in Europe. In addition to the managerial positions he has held with Sybase and 3 Mobile, Peter has launched and developed a number of successful businesses including consulting, outsourcing, importing, software, and corporate training. Peter is developing new business opportunities, partnerships, and production centers in the AsiaPacific region for Accura-Tech. He currently splits his time between Asia, Europe and the US, and speaks Mandarin Chinese, French and some Russian.

Over the years, Peter furthered his accomplishments. A notable few include: 

Successfully selling consultancy services to the British and Mexican Rail Industries at local and central government level.

Created and developed a network of over 600 contractors and clients while developing business relationships at all levels across the UK, Europe and Latin America.

Managed a project that had a value of $120 million where he had three Project Managers and two Project Engineers as direct reports and an average of 140 people reporting to them.

Peter was published in the Who's Who Historical Society book for accomplishments at international level at age 26.

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Peter holds an Msc in Finance from AMIB, Mexico and an International Baccalaureate (IB) in Organization from Geneva. Mr. Jansen is a self-starter with sound judgment and strong interpersonal skills who values responsibility, personal integrity, and learning opportunities. - “I place strong emphasis on my creative analytical capabilities and my drive and commitment to deliver results of the highest standards.”

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Team Collaboration

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Project Execution Accura – tech Unified Process Accura-tech has developed a unique software execution model, Accura Unified Process (AUP) centered on application development best practices, global collaboration, and delivery excellence through process maturity. The company's core competence around products and application development, convince successful delivery of dynamic project plans in environments with frequently changing requirements. Product development imperatives are deeply embedded in Accura’s process framework and institutionalized as best practices. Accura’s process includes a focus on key elements such as modularity of design, component technology, re-usability, scalability, portability, extensibility, maintainability and supportability. The AUP’s back-born is well-known Open Unified process (OUP) which is more popular as it’s adaptability to dynamic nature. AUP is built on top of the OUP by slightly customizing it in order to fully align with the business nature of the company while using the essence of the core of OUP. (Full details can be found on ) AUP follows iterative and incremental approaches with in a structured life cycle. (Figure 1) AUP embraces a pragmatic, agile philosophy that focuses on the collaborative nature of software development. It is a tools-agnostic, low-ceremony process that can be extended to address a broad variety of project types.

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Figure 1 Personal effort on an AUP project is organized in micro-increments. These represent short units of work that produce a steady, measurable pace of project progress (typically measured in hours or a few days). The process applies intensive collaboration as the system is incrementally developed by a committed, self-organized team. These micro-increments provide an extremely short feedback loop that drives adaptive decisions within iterations. Iterations and project life cycle AUP divides the project into iterations: planned, time-boxed intervals typically measured in weeks. Iterations focus the team on delivering incremental value to stakeholders in a predictable manner. The iteration plan defines what should be delivered within the iteration, and the result is a demoable or shippable build. AUP teams self-organize around how to accomplish iteration objectives and commit to delivering the results. They do that by defining and "pulling" fine-grained tasks from a work items list. AUP applies an iteration lifecycle that structures how micro-increments are applied to deliver stable, cohesive builds of the system that incrementally progresses towards the iteration objectives.

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AUP structures the project lifecycle into four phases: Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition. (Figure 2) The project lifecycle provides stakeholders and team members with visibility and decision points throughout the project. This enables effective oversight, and allows you to make "go or no-go" decisions at appropriate times. A project plan defines the lifecycle, and the end result is a released application. AUP is based on four mutually supporting core principles. 1. Balance competing priorities to maximize stakeholder value 2. Collaborate to align interests and share understanding 3. Focus on the architecture early to minimize risks and organize development 4. Evolve to continuously obtain feedback and improve AUP defines the team and the team needs to engage in plenty of daily face-to-face interaction. Team members include the stakeholders, developers, architects, project manager, and testers. They make their own decisions about what they need to work on, what the priorities are, and how best to address stakeholder needs. The organization must support the team by allowing them these responsibilities. Team members participate in daily stand-up meetings to communicate status and issues. Problems are addressed outside of the daily meetings. AUP focuses on significantly reducing risk early in the lifecycle. This requires regular risk review meetings and rigorous implementation of mitigation strategies. All work is listed, tracked, and assigned through the Work Items List. Team members use this single repository for all tasks that need to be recorded and tracked. This includes all change requests, bugs, and stakeholder requests. Use cases are used to elicit and describe requirements; therefore, team members need to develop skills in writing good use cases. Stakeholders are responsible for reviewing and certifying that the requirements are correct. Use cases are developed collaboratively.

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Architecturally significant requirements must be identified and stabilized in the Elaboration phase so that a robust architecture can be created as the core of the system. An architecturally significant requirement change that must be addressed may arise later in development, but the risk of this happening is significantly reduced in the Elaboration iteration. Testing is performed multiple times per iteration, every time the solution is incremented with the development of a requirement, change, or bug fix. These tests happen after developers have developed the solution (which should have been unit-tested) and integrate it into the code base. These tests help guarantee that a stable build is created and always available as development progresses.

Figure 2 Disciplines AUP


Development, A




discipline is a collection of






management, and


tasks that are related to a major "area of concern" within

the overall project. Grouping tasks into disciplines is mainly an aid to understanding the project, separating these tasks into distinct disciplines is simply an effective way to organize content, which makes comprehension easier. Several tasks are all categorized by the same discipline is that they represent a part in achieving a higher goal, or performing work tasks that are all related to each other. Every discipline defines standard ways of doing the work it categorizes.

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Work products/Artifacts AUP work products lists the domains being used .below listed are the work products related to each domain. Architecture Architecture Notebook Development Design Build Developer Test Implementation Project Management Iteration Plan Project Plan Risk List Work Items List Requirements Supporting Requirements Specification Vision Use Case Glossary Use-Case Model Test Test Case Test Log Test Script (each item with its full description can find on )

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Roles The list of roles in the AUP includes Architect, Project Manager, Analyst, Tester, Developer,












Each role is not limited to describing the primary performer of some task; instead the roles include a perspective on collaboration by providing additional performers for each task. Playing one or more of these roles can help teams express different points of view when creating a solution. This perspective on roles empowers a new generation of software development processes, more focused on people interaction. Nobody does great software alone but a team working together can do extraordinary things.

Figure 3

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Technology There are giant silos of technologies standing competitive to each other in the current software market place. They are ready to provide total solution although their strength is lies on limited areas. Even though, their solutions are idiosyncratic but success in average. Accura-Tech plays different role but important in this market place, we the people who handshake in between these silos to provide right total solution to our customers. For instance we are not hesitating to bridge the Java to .Net to provide the best solution rather than stick to either open standard or easy proprietary giants. Moreover, we love to marriage with open source as far as which not endanger intellectual properties of our customer. Although Accura-Tech always tends to use emerging technologies, we protect our customer recommending the technology with a few factors in mind such as risk of use, future sustainability and growth. Other factors such as cost, productivity and so on come in the second place. Under the umbrella of AUP we are strict adherence to the software discipline which guarantees our collaboration with our customer in the sense of technology selection and use. Accura-Tech is always candid to her customers. Our customers always trusted that Accura-Tech is flexible of handling technologies to provide best solutions rather biased on where we were expert. This fundamental factor is always driven us to dig into alien technologies and become experts where we are never been to. In other words, we are success on being an active solution provider on proof of concept rather passive solution developers. In the history, we have experienced of main silos of technologies such as Java, .Net and PHP. We have delivered range of products based on these technologies. We played in different domains such as more research and development based video streaming to proven heavy duty ERP systems. To develop these, Java open standards and J2EE have been used in number of projects. No doubt that we have benefit from the .Net web services and thin client to generate better UI. Uses of some open source projects are unforgettable, lightweight frameworks such as Spring Model-View-Control based Struts and Java Server Faces among them. Not only that

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our expertise ranges from the J2EE certified inexpensive JBoss application server to very expensive Weblogic server where mission critical systems are deployable. Although web applications are common, our approach is different which start with user experience analysis which brings incomparable added value to our customer. This is beyond the development of web pages using JSP/Servelt or PHP where we are very capable of doing.

Dot Net Technologies 

Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Services

.NET Framework 2.0,3.0,3.5

C#/ VB .Net


SQL Server 2000, 2005.

Web Services with SOAP/XML.

Crystal Enterprise Reports 9+.

WSE 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 on IIS 6/7.

Web Client software factory

Web services software factory


J2EE Technologies 

JSP 2.1

Servlet 2.3, 2.4, 2.5

EJB 2.1, 3.0

Java Beans 2.1/3.0

Core Java 1.6 update 11


Hibernate 3.2.6

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Spring 2.0, 2.5

Struts 1.3, 2.0.14

Web Logic 10.3


Websphere 7.0

Open Source Technologies 







Ext JS



Presta Shop

Databases 

SQL Server 2000,2005

Oracle 9i / 10g

MySQL 5.0,5.1

PostgreSQL 8.1


Document Management Tool 

Adobe Print Engine

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Operating Systems 

Red Hat Linux


Sun Solaris

Microsoft Windows

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ACCURA-tech offers offshore software testing services and quality assurance services. Our software quality assurance professionals, provides a full range of quality assurance services, software testing services, including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and reporting, test automation, performance testing and control of software development processes. We believe “quality as a habit” and any output from us should maintain that. We manage to build offshore team to support software QA both for small and large development projects. We are able to test software product user-friendliness, stability, security, its adherence to functional and performance requirements, and some other aspects.

Our Services Software Testing Functional and Integration Testing Functional and Integration Testing service is designed to provide you with the objective measure of the quality of the deliverables from the software development process. In the project we have to consider integration testing and system testing are different test phases, however our idea is to plan both together. Basically we validate and verify your requirement with developed software in modules, phases, products or services level.

User Acceptance Testing Our user acceptance testing service help software owner and software end users assure themselves that their software is functionally in a state to use. Whether you are developing software products or services for a small or large scale market, or planning on business focused IT system, we can help you meet your objectives through our comprehensive software testing capabilities and services.

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Total Outsourcing Total Outsourcing service is taking care of your all testing functions in the organization. We provide our services that include cultural focus, process discipline, and relationship building and risk mitigation. We can introduce our well defined QA process to your organization or we can tailor the process suites to your environment. With this you have the freedom on concentrate on your core business activities. We make sure your software services and products always keep you and your customers happy.

Regression Testing Any time you modify an implementation within a program, you should also do regression testing. You have to rerunning test cases or suites. We will help you on your all regression testing need while implementing efficient and cost effective solutions. We develop automated or manual regression test suites or we can automate your current manual regression test cases.

Performance Testing Software products and services today are developed for companies or communities who wish to work innovate, quick and stable mode. One feature that requires significant attention is the level of performance. Our Performance Testing services address performance issues by comprehensively testing for the scalability, stability and speed of applications. We have helped our customers to performance tuning and code refactoring to improve application performance and meet performance benchmarks. We have demonstrated examples on performance improvements while working with our customer applications. Our highly professional quality assurance team with their talent, proven methodologies and best practices deliver you cost effective and maintainable solution. We have been using industry-standard performance testing tools and our professionals are highly capable to work with new tools.

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Configuration Testing Configuration testing service is designed to provide you a process of testing your system with each of the configurations of software and hardware that are supported. Typically amount you spend on this type of testing is small, but the benefit is very large. This will provides additional confidence to stakeholders and end users. We provide you cost effective and technical experts team to test your product or service.

Installation Testing One of the widespread problems with software products is the installation issue. Majority of the web users complained on installation issues, you might have faced the same situation. Through Installation Testing service we help our customers to solve this type of issues. Our testing team, verify that all necessary components of the application are, indeed, installed. They ensure that all Installed features and options function properly.

Code Inspections Code Inspection service is designed to provide you detailed feedback on your product code quality, adhere to organization & industry standards, usage of best practices and report defects available in the code. Our professionals will help you to reduce development cycle time, improve overall product quality, reduce late defect fixing and customer support costs and improve company overall productivity.

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Search Engine Optimizing More than 80% of the entire population using the internet tends to Search for their needs through popular Search Engines such as Google, and Yahoo! Apart from just being on the list, Search Engine Optimization is needed to rank your website at the top of the list making your website visible to your potential visitor at his first glance. Web marketing professionals at Accura-Tech use their knowledge and expertise to understand, and carefully research your target market using advanced SEO tools. Once we have Green flagged your business, you will get the chance to carefully observe the improvement of web traffic into your web site, day by day! Recent industry surveys state that between 78% and 84%of all traffic to a website comes from Search Engines. Between 68% - 72% of searchers believe Natural results produce the most relevant information. Website-based leads are 62% more profitable than other forms of media. Investments in SEO generate higher returns than investments in other media. As a marketing strategy for increasing a site's relevance, SEO considers how search algorithms work and what people search for. Based on key words analysis, and continuous research, Accura sprinkles the right density of keywords over you content which makes spider programs to easily track your site. As always, we are highly customized and give a very competitive rate. It has never been so affordable to publish, rank, and dominate!

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E-Mail Marketing Unlike customers who like to move about searching for stuff on the web, there are an equal percentage of users who are interested in whatever the offers which reach them. Rather than being equally treated, some expect to be individually entertained if you are to generate sales out of them. Accura-Tech gives you another solution with E-mail Marketing for such customers who need to be cared on a red carpet! 54% of small businesses surveyed rated e-mail as the top online promotion to drive site visitors and customers to their web sites and storefronts. Jupiter Communications estimates that while paperbased campaigns receive only a 1 or 2% response rate on average. E-mail campaigns have a response rate of between 5 and 15%. An exact Return on investment (ROI) can be tracked and has proven to be high when done properly We at Accura-tech possess a massive data base of clients on different target markets in the US as well as the United Kingdom. Once our professionals develop an understanding about your aim, they manage campaigns to send creative & customized e-mails to each client about your business. Accura-tech also tracks and manages the feedback which is also important for you to make strategic decisions. Once you receive the replies, all you have t do is place the deal. E-mail marketing may perhaps give you the power to develop an even stronger relationship with the client, which cannot be achieved by Search Engine or Social Media Optimization. Whether you own a small business or a global company, Accura-tech sophisticated, affordable, and client friendly solution is the tool which can give you the well targeted blast message to your business!

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Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing is an efficient, cost-effective web marketing tool. It is based purely on results. Basically you pay per sale / per lead basis so it will guarantee that you won’t run out your marketing budget. Contacts generated via affiliate marketing are often all the more valuable because they derive from domains which your company would have difficulty reaching through traditional advertising channels. Making your online presence accessible through other websites using affiliate channels can be done using a variety of advertising material, including banners as well as simple text links. According to E-Consultancy's 'Network Buyers Guide' 2008, the UK affiliate market grew 45% last year, taking the total value of sales in this channel to a whopping £3 billion. Without a doubt, this is the best opportunity for you to begin an online business that will grow and evolve to new levels at breakneck speeds!

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Pay Per Click Management In Pay Per Click marketing, Accura-Tech will find web site owners who are willing to publish direct links into your business on either text based or graphic based methods. Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is all about paying for performance. A successful PPC advertising campaign will give your website the edge in rising above your competitors by creating awareness to your website on search engines through non organic means. We can publish links on popular web sited who have already become web celebrities. Constantly keeping track of your advertisements, we provide sales as well as invaluable information that will enable you to make decisions to further improve your business. PPC is not just about driving traffic. It’s about taking a continuous health check over your advertising camping. AccuraTech, wish to give you a realistic practical insight into how your campaign could be improved so as to increase the amount of profitable traffic coming through to your website. Our honest and highly professional staff will give valuable suggestions and solutions to any problem you’ll have during the campaign. Our contracts are competitively priced and very simple. Your web site will receive wider exposure than what is given through organic searches and it will enjoy an increased number of visitors who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

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Accura-tech e-Books With the wide expansion of the internet across the globe, knowledge share have become the essence of the present learning culture. People are very often reluctant to visit libraries, purchase books, and pile up book shelves. “E-books” is the next generation compact reading material just right for the pallet of any reader.

E-Books can be much more easily obtained than finding and waiting for printed books to be delivered. Printed books become out dated, while e-books can be easily updated promising to give more up-to-the minute information available for the reader. Paying a few pounds for to an e-book is worth the payment since they reach you with plenty of bonus material and related links. Once an e-book is downloaded, storage is a breeze with a good computer rather than placing, setting, and cleaning a bulky library. Since e-books are all software, they consume very less natural resources. In other words “They are very environment friendly”

After continuous research over the UK Market, Warwick Wynschenk, the Director Sales of AccuraTech have created a very innovative product where e book writers can publish their valuable books for free. Beyond conventional publication, Accura-Tech also adds interesting new technical features to make your e book more appealing, giving a new life to the work.

Advantages in publishing in Accura-Tech e books 1) Books will be published in various book communities. 2) Accura links reader of your book to you in-order to share ideas and thoughts through

conferencing, Blogging, and real time chatting. 3) Upload videos of the writer to create forums. 4) Accura can also link reader to online teachers who will personally coach your readers. 5) Accura-Tech unique software enables personalized screen to screen interaction with

voice and video link.

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6) Accura can provide private Tutors on Demand. 7) Read more about this fascinating product at:

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Accura-Tech cares for the people of Sri Lanka As much as we like providing solutions and services from small to large scale companies, it is also a part of the Accura-Tech culture where we are concerned about the economical and social growth of the country we live in. It is our belief that one needs to make their own contribution to the society since they themselves are a part of it. Hence a percentage of our profits are donated routinely to charitable organization around Sri Lanka. We constantly keep in touch and follow-up on small and large charities. In our project we would like to extend a hand to the needy people of Sri Lanka suffering without proper shelter, food or education as an act of benevolence. Our charity donation Scheme Enables our clients to be a part of a most spiritually rewarding experience of donating to a charity, sponsoring a child or donating towards restoring properties destroyed by natural hazards or protect the environment, etc. While letting Accura-Tech elevate businesses, we invest to elevate children who has lost parental care, or families who lost their homes, or any poor who strive to make ends meet. When a company hands over a project to us, we accept it with an invitation for them to be a part of this movement in person by attending our events and charity programs with us.

Copyright Š2008 Accura-tech All Rights Reserved.


Copyright Š2008 Accura-tech All Rights Reserved.


We strive to protect our planet Our planet is in chaos! Almost every day, we hear newly immerging complications affecting the environment such as pollution, acid rain, global warming, the destruction of rainforests and other wild habitats, the decline and extinction of thousands of species of animals and plants and so on. We must understand that, if mother-nature is running at a risk, we as human beings are the only hope for its survival that can ensure the continuation of life on earth. Nowadays, most of us know that these threats exist and that we ourselves have caused them. Being highly concerned about the climate change, Accura-Tech has an on-going Plant-A-Tree project in an effort to reduce global warming. We also ensure that our business processes generate as small a Carbon Footprint as possible by maintaining a paperless environment, using public transport and saving energy. Above all, efforts are being made to save Sri Lankan wildlife on the brink of extinction and educate the public on the climate crisis.

Copyright Š2008 Accura-tech All Rights Reserved.


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