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Time : Four Hours

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.,*Ql: Periodontology:(40 marks)---*--------------f --------A: Describe briefly how does plaque induce periodontal disease? B: List the factors influence the prevalence and severity of periodontal disease? C: What are the interdental cleaning measures? Discuss the indicationsof each typ'e. D: What are the essential composition of ordinary dentifrices? dQ2:oral iurgery:(40 marks)-------------:---:----*--A-What are the most common post operative complications after tooth extraction? B-Describe in details your management for a patient having ischemic heart disease need surgical removal of impacted third molar.




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A 60 vears old man referred to the oral medicine clinic complaining of an ulcerated red lesion on the floor ofthe mouth of 3 months duration. Antibiotic and antiseptic mouth wash were useless. Discuss the diagnosis and management then mention two differential diagnosis. *Q4:Pedodontics, Orthodontics, & PreventionA- Pedodontic: (40 marksl 8 years old male healthy child seeking for dental treatment, in{raoral examination reveal a bilateral cross-link caries of lower primary 2nd molars with bifurcation involvement and a carious lower left 1't primary molar, from history taken, the patient localized the pain on lower left qua$rant only, mention: 1-The diagnosis aids used to confirm your diagnosis. 2- The treatment plane according to your diagnosis ..8- Orthodontics : (40 marks) Describgb1iqfly:1-Agly Duckling stage. 2-Lee-way space. 3-The methods of creation space for treatment of crowding in orthodontic cases. - C- Prevention : (40 marks) Describe the uses of laser in dentistry.


*Q5: Prosthodontics A-what are the instructions that the dentist should provide for the patient at tlme of denture insertion B-Answer the following: 1-Define special tray? 2-What are the importance of special tray? 3-What are the characteristics of special tray? 4-What are the materials that used for construction of special tr;y? *Q6: Operative, Crown & Brldge, Endodontic---------$Operative : (40 marks)Discuss the management"of deep seated caries' -'B- crown & Bridge : (40 marks) Write short notes about shade guide in common used for shade selection for crown & bridges work.



Endodontic: (40 marks) 1-Explain lateral condensation techniqub' 2-Differenciat among: File, Reamer, Hed strome'



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Time : Four Hours


Al-Mustansiria University College of Dentistry

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t3-2-2072 *QlrPeriodontology:(40

marks) A: Describe briefly the relation of dental plaque to periodontal disease? 8: Write short notes about the prevention of periodontal disease? c: what are theinterdentar creaning measures? Discuss the indications of each type. D: What are the types and indications of,repositioned fl-apsoin periodontal ,rrg.ryi

. rQ2:Oral surgery:(40 mark)-------


A-What are the most common complications during tooth extraction? B'Describe in details your management for a patient having diabetes mellitus need surgical removal of impacted third molar.

rQ3:Oral medlclne:(4O A- What is the definition of oral ulcer? B- Classify oral ulceration according to etiology.


*Q4:Pedodontics, Orthodontlcs, & prevention-A- Pedodontic : (40 marks) Mention the indications for: A-Distal end shoe space-maintainer. B-Apexifications. C-sedation for pediatric patient. B- Orthodontics : (40 marks) How do you treat anterior spacing of 4mm in an adult patient associated with: A-Cl I mal occlusion. B-Cl ll mal occlusion. C-Cl lll mal occlusion. D-Bimaxillary proclination, write short notes only. C- Preventlon : {40 marks) What are the indications and contraindications of fissure-sealant. rQ5: Prosthodontics (40 marks) A- In try-in, Explain the clinical steps which carried out for complete denture construction? B- Describe lingual bar mgndibular maJor connector, and list the indications for it's use.



rQ6: Operative, Crow4 & Bridge, Endodonfi6---------A-Operative t 140 marksl_ What are the possible causes of fracture of Cl ll amalgam restoration? B- Crown & Eridge : (40 marks) 1-The most suitable impression materials used in crown and bridge. 2-Shade guides in common use in crown and bridge. C- Endodontlc : (40 marks) l-What are the basic rules for canal shaping? 2-Discuss ProTaper NiTi files?