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7 Tips for Disciplining Children & Family Harmony Growing years for children and their parents can be tough. While many parents resort to undesired behaviors like screaming and hitting children to get them to calm down, the short term benefits do not justify the long term harm. Some of the best ways to calm children down are below:

1. Being consistent — setting limits for your child and sticking to them — is a proven way to inspire cooperation, kindness, good manners, and more. We’ve got tricks to help you stand firm. 2. Predictability: Growing children need rules and must be trained to expect the same response. Wavering can cause serious confusion in their minds and cause them to act out in many ways. 3. Being firm, but not screaming: Standing ground is an art. Many parents cave into their children’s wishes when they cannot take the whining any longer. This give children room to negotiate. 4. Say No, but politely: Saying no need not be a screaming match. Even if your child is screaming, maintaining your composure gives your child the needed communication that their tantrums will not work. 5. Long term consistency yields results: Having the same response to the whines and screams will let your child know over time that they will have to comply. This will reduce any hyperactive tendencies and create respect. 6. Watch how your react: Children see what you DO. They are not mature enough to listen to what you are saying. So, the next time your child is screaming, maintain your composure and rise above the situation. 7. Treat them with respect: Children also deserve respect. While you may not like their behavior, there is more often than not a reason behind it. Try to understand the reason behind their screams and teach them calmly how to express themselves.

7 Tips for Disciplining Children & Family Harmony