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welcome to HAS Den Bosch

Welcome to HAS Den Bosch, University of Applied Sciences HAS Den Bosch, University of Applied Sciences, is the key training institute and a centre of expertise for the food and agriculture sector in the southern part of the Netherlands. HAS Den Bosch specializes in agriculture, horticulture, food, nature conservation and environment. The university is especially known for providing its students personal attention and support as well as professional supervision. HAS Den Bosch maintains excellent relations with the industry and therefore has established a wide network of important companies and organizations in relevant fields of expertise. For approximately 2000 students HAS Den Bosch provides education in 14 four-year bachelor programmes, two of which are being fully-taught in English; Horticulture and Business Management and International Food and Agribusiness. The basic assumption of HAS Den Bosch can be defined as a qualitatively high-standard, talent-based education concept which is linked to a strong connection between education, trade and industry. Identifiers for HAS Den Bosch are:

6 International Days 2012

a strong identification with its origin in agribusiness

excellent links with the industry

flexibility and professionalism

modern facilities in an attractive building

corporate social responsibility

Programme booklet International Days 2012  
Programme booklet International Days 2012  

Programme booklet International Days 2012 by HAS Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences