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Food Design

13:00-14:45 and 15:00-16:45

“Native English for Nederlanders: A personal, cultural and grammatical guide”. (This guest lecture will take place twice) Guest lecture by Mr Ronald van de Krol, author of “Native English for Nederlanders”. He will come to HAS Den Bosch to discuss the impact of culture on language and how to cope with that when learning a foreign language, in this case English.

Applied Biology


Global climate monitoring Guest lecture by Mr Arnold van Vliet (Programme Director Biodiversity and Global Change at Foundation for Sustainable Development and biologist at Wageningen University)

Animal Husbandry & Animal Care


Introduction in VION’s sustainability strategy by Mr Paul Jansen, Director Public Affairs at VION Food Group, a producer of high-quality foodstuffs for humans and animals, made from natural materials of agricultural origins. VION Food Group, headquartered in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), is a global food company with 26,756 staff and an annual turnover of almost € 10 billion, making VION one of the leading industrial enterprises in the Netherlands, and a major global food company. VION values the quality of work

36 International Days 2012

as much as the quality of products: VION also has a Passion for People.

Programme booklet International Days 2012  
Programme booklet International Days 2012  

Programme booklet International Days 2012 by HAS Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences