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parallel programme I

This symposium is organised in honour of Mrs Patricia de Cocq, Deputy



Symposium “Moving Forward: The biomechanics of locomotion”

Opening by Professor Johan van

“History of equine locomotion


research”, by Professor René van

Johan van Leeuwen is Professor of


Experimental Zoology at Wagenin-

René van Weeren is Professor of

gen University. His research focus

Equine Musculoskeletal Biology

is on biofysics, biology, health and

at the University of Utrecht and is

welfare of animals, anatomy and

now mainly involved in research

morphology of animals and zool-

with focus areas articular carti-

ogy. He is the promotor of Patricia

lage, tendons and biomechanics.

de Cocq.

Currently he is the coordinator of

Director of the Animal Science Department at HAS Den Bosch, University of Applied Sciences. She will be defending her PhD thesis later today at Wageningen University. Inspiring lecturers will highlight the current findings in biomechanics in both animal and human locomotion.

scientific research of the Department of Equine Sciences of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University and a member 28 International Days 2012

of the Management Board of the Department.

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Programme booklet International Days 2012 by HAS Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences