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Drinks & Meals

Financial issues

Coffee, tea and water are available free of charge.

At HAS Den Bosch, you can use your bank card if

• On Tuesday, you will be able to join the fingerfood

you want to buy extra food or drinks (excluding cof-

reception at 16h00 and the dinner buffet which will

fee & tea, which are freely available at any time). If

be served during the closing reception, starting at

you wish to withdraw cash, an ATM machine can be


found at the railway station.

• On Wednesday, lunch will be served at 12h00 in the networking rooms which can be found on the

Emergency Numbers

second floor: 2C-08, 2C-09 and 2C-10.

The emergency number of the Netherlands is 112.

Dinner will be served at 18h00 in the Pavillion,

The country code of the Netherlands is +31 (or

where the HAS Business Café will take place until

0031), and the 0 of the area code is dropped when


calling from abroad. If you are looking for a Dutch

During the evening, (alcoholic) drinks and several

telephone number and in need of directory assis-

refreshments will be served.

tance, you can dial 1850.

• On Thursday, you will be given special lunch vou-

For urgent matters regarding the International Days

chers (worth €20,00 in total) which you can spend

you can contact the following numbers:

anywhere at the Floriade.

+31 (0)73 7520 397 or

During the closing reception in our ‘Nederland

+31 (0)73 7520 248

Bloeit’ Pavillion at the Floriade, a dinner buffet will be at your disposal. The reception will take place from 19h00 to 21h00. International Days 2012 11

Programme booklet International Days 2012  
Programme booklet International Days 2012  

Programme booklet International Days 2012 by HAS Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences