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International Days 2012

Sustainability: the next step!

17-19 April 2012

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2 International Days 2012

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Introduction Welcome to HAS Den Bosch Practical information Programme Programme overview

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Programme Tuesday, April 17


Plenary programme Wednesday, April 18 Sustainability & Food Sustainability & Plants Sustainability & Animals Networking lunch Innovative plant production systems HAS Business CafĂŠ Parallel programmes Wednesday, April 18 Parallel programme I (symposium) Parallel programme II (documentaries & films) Parallel programme III (presentations, sessions and discussions)

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Programme Thursday, April 19


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International Days 2012 3

4 International Days 2012


Welcome at HAS Den Bosch, University of Applied Sciences! It is our pleasure to be your host during the International Days at HAS Den Bosch – a 2,5 day event from April 17 to 19, 2012! The International Days will not only offer you the opportunity to attend networking events, lectures and presentations, but will also include the HAS Business Café and a visit to the Floriade, Holland’s unique World Horticulture Expo which takes place only once every decade! We hope the International Days will be an inspiring platform for exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas concerning sustainability, which is one of the main concerns and challenges our societies our facing now and in the future. Laura Lap and Esther Mauriks HAS Den Bosch, University of Applied Sciences

International Days 2012 5

welcome to HAS Den Bosch

Welcome to HAS Den Bosch, University of Applied Sciences HAS Den Bosch, University of Applied Sciences, is the key training institute and a centre of expertise for the food and agriculture sector in the southern part of the Netherlands. HAS Den Bosch specializes in agriculture, horticulture, food, nature conservation and environment. The university is especially known for providing its students personal attention and support as well as professional supervision. HAS Den Bosch maintains excellent relations with the industry and therefore has established a wide network of important companies and organizations in relevant fields of expertise. For approximately 2000 students HAS Den Bosch provides education in 14 four-year bachelor programmes, two of which are being fully-taught in English; Horticulture and Business Management and International Food and Agribusiness. The basic assumption of HAS Den Bosch can be defined as a qualitatively high-standard, talent-based education concept which is linked to a strong connection between education, trade and industry. Identifiers for HAS Den Bosch are:

6 International Days 2012

a strong identification with its origin in agribusiness

excellent links with the industry

flexibility and professionalism

modern facilities in an attractive building

corporate social responsibility

Internationalisation at HAS Den Bosch

our building and its facilities (such as the library,

Internationalisation at HAS Den Bosch aims at pre-

digital environment and internal infrastructure) to

paring the future professionals in the agricultural

become 100% bilingual.

sectors for the international working environment

HAS Den Bosch liaises with rural enterprises and

which they will encounter upon graduation, both

the farming and food industry. From a strong regio-

within The Netherlands and abroad.

nal base, HAS Den Bosch is expanding its range of activities throughout the world. Experts and staff

In order to achieve this goal, HAS Den Bosch offers

members of HAS Den Bosch have been, and are still

her students and employees ample opportunities to

being involved in many projects in Europe, Africa,

develop their international skills and competences.

the Americas and Asia.

To name a few:

On many occasions, staff of HAS Den Bosch has

For all of our students, an internship abroad is a

been participating in supportive programmes for

mandatory part of their study program. HAS Den

education and training facilities overseas, mostly

Bosch is the only university in The Netherlands to

within the domain of agricultural production sys-

maintain this policy.

tems. Our ambition is to further develop our contri-

Many of our staff members (both teaching- and sup-

bution to international projects related to capacity

port staff) have been to Cambridge for an intensive

building, curriculum development and staff training,

training of English. More and more international

especially in developing countries.

components are being added to the curriculum of the study programmes, through - among others joint projects, international case studies and international guest lectures. Moreover, we are preparing International Days 2012 7


Down to earth. Red. Aware. Stimulating. Enthusiastic. Vital. Enterprising. Young. Passionate. Black. Tolerant. Steady. Green. Sharp. Cool. White. Vital. Fierce. Natural.Responsible. Competent. Normal. Pure. Sustainable. To the point. Smart. Vibrating. Natural. Up-to-date. Normal. Productive. Smart. Futuristic. Honest. International. Vital. Harmonious. Sharp. Generous. Personal. Colourful. Friendly. Distinctive. Green. International. Young. 8 International Days 2012

meet our


Down to earth. Red. Aware. Stimulating. Enthusiastic. Vital. Enterprising. Young. Passionate. Black. Tolerant. Steady. Green. Sharp. Cool. White. Vital. Fierce. Natural.Responsible. Competent. Normal. Sustainable.Pure. To the point. Smart. Vibrating. Natural. Up-to-date. Normal. Productive. Smart. Futuristic. Honest. International. Vital. Harmonious. Sharp. Generous. Personal. Colourful. Friendly. Distinctive. Green. International. Young. International Days 2012 9

practical information

Registration In the main hall you find a registration desk where you can register. You will be given an information bag, with, amongst other things, this International Days programme booklet, a time schedule and a name badge. Please, wear this badge at all times during the International Days in order to enhance your networking possibilities. Internet If you need to check your email, or when you need to print something; the library is available for you. A HAS employee will be present for your assistance. Opening hours: Tuesday: 09h00 – 17h00 Wednesday: 09h00 – 17h00 The building is also equipped with WiFi. You can log on by using the following password: hasdb2008 Taxi Below you can find the telephone numbers of two taxi companies:

10 International Days 2012

Avitax BV:

+31 (0)73 6313 200

Voordeel Taxi:

+31 (0)73 6330 000

Drinks & Meals

Financial issues

Coffee, tea and water are available free of charge.

At HAS Den Bosch, you can use your bank card if

• On Tuesday, you will be able to join the fingerfood

you want to buy extra food or drinks (excluding cof-

reception at 16h00 and the dinner buffet which will

fee & tea, which are freely available at any time). If

be served during the closing reception, starting at

you wish to withdraw cash, an ATM machine can be


found at the railway station.

• On Wednesday, lunch will be served at 12h00 in the networking rooms which can be found on the

Emergency Numbers

second floor: 2C-08, 2C-09 and 2C-10.

The emergency number of the Netherlands is 112.

Dinner will be served at 18h00 in the Pavillion,

The country code of the Netherlands is +31 (or

where the HAS Business Café will take place until

0031), and the 0 of the area code is dropped when


calling from abroad. If you are looking for a Dutch

During the evening, (alcoholic) drinks and several

telephone number and in need of directory assis-

refreshments will be served.

tance, you can dial 1850.

• On Thursday, you will be given special lunch vou-

For urgent matters regarding the International Days

chers (worth €20,00 in total) which you can spend

you can contact the following numbers:

anywhere at the Floriade.

+31 (0)73 7520 397 or

During the closing reception in our ‘Nederland

+31 (0)73 7520 248

Bloeit’ Pavillion at the Floriade, a dinner buffet will be at your disposal. The reception will take place from 19h00 to 21h00. International Days 2012 11

programme Central theme

Date Venue

Entrance fee

12 International Days 2012

Sustainability, The Next Step! We are all aware of the importance of sustainable solutions, but how to invent, develop and implement them in a both profitable and responsible way, given the ever growing worldwide food problem and considering trends in agricultural trade? April 17 to 19, 2012 HAS Den Bosch, University of Applied Sciences, Onderwijsboulevard 221, 5223 DE, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands none


16:00 17:30 18:00 19:30

Registration and Welcome Reception Opening speech Guided tour Informal Closing Reception (including buffet)


Plenary Events Special Lectures


De Deel





The sustainability roundabout Food






Global climate monitoring


Computer facilities including internet

ISO 26000: corporate social responsibility


Sustainable Development & Environmental Ethics

Int. entrepreneurship in horticulture and arable farrming

(Post)modern Danish landsape design

2A-04 2A-12


Symposium Moving forward: the biomechanics of locomotion




Documentaries & Films Food production: European & global developments


VION’s sustainability strategy

Regional food production

Native English for Nederlanders

Native English for Nederlanders


LUNCH Sustainability & Food

Networking room Sustainability & Food


LUNCH Sustainability & Plant

Networking room Sustainability & Plant


LUNCH Sustainability & Animal

Networking room Sustainability & Animal

Skype with our student in Barcelona


Rural development in Finland

The Urban Futures Game simulation game

Presentation & Guided tour Innovative plant production systems


18:00 - 22:00

HAS Business CafĂŠ: Sustainability, the next step!


10:00 10:15 19:00 21:15

Assemble at HAS Den Bosch Departure by bus to Floriade, Venlo Closing Reception at Floriade, HAS Pavilion Departure by bus to HAS Den Bosch


programme Tuesday 17 April

Today, all guests can register for the International Days after which you will receive a goodie bag containing, amongst others, the program of the coming days. During the welcome reception, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the other guests and staff members of HAS Den Bosch, while enjoying the fingerfood which was especially created for this occasion by our Food Design students. Furthermore, a guided tour through the building, including fascinating facilities like the Food Design Center, the Food Technology Lab and Environmental Lab will help you become familiar with our university!

14 International Days 2012


Registration and welcome reception


Opening speech by Mrs Frederike Praasterink, Member of the Board of Directors, introduced by Mrs Lindsay Kemps – Saitch (Head of Communication & International Affairs)


Guided tour through the university building and its main facilities


Informal closing reception, including dinner buffet, introduced by Ms Laura Lap (International Mobility Coordinator) and Ms Esther Mauriks MA (International Policy Advisor)

International Days 2012 15

plenary programme Wednesday 18 April


Plenary Session: The Sustainability Roundabout

A dynamic series of presentations divided into three main clusters in which HAS Den Bosch specializes: Food, Plant (crop science and biobased) and Animal. For each cluster, a lecturer, an expert from the professional field as well as an expert working in a public organization, will be giving a presentation of fifteen minutes each. The focus of each individual presentation and the linking pin between all presentations will be sustainability. Afterwards, there will be plenty of possibilities for intensification of the subject, question & answer sessions and, of course, networking. Each presentation can be attended separately.


Kick-off presentation by Mrs Frederike Praasterink, Member of the Board of Directors of HAS Den Bosch and Professor Sustainable Food Production.

16 International Days 2012


“Health and Sustainability in Foods - what are the common themes?” by Mrs Annet Roodenburg, Professor Nutrition & Health


Sustainability and Food

“Unilever Sustainable Living Plan: examples from a fastmoving-consumer-goods company” by Sheila Wiseman, Research Manager Nutrition & Health Unilever


“How to encourage consumers to make healthier and more sustainable food choices” by Ir. Corné van Dooren MSc, Sustainable Food Expert Voedingscentrum (Netherlands Nutrition Centre)

From 12h00 onwards, you can join the network room 2C-08 for further discussion on sustainability & food.

International Days 2012 17

Sustainability and Plant


“Running out of oil – what next?” by Mr Gert-Jan van Delft, Professor Biobased Product Development Our daily life is very dependent on mineral oil, source for energy, fuel and many products based on plastics and other petrochemical products. However, oil supplies are ending sooner or later. In addition, burning fossil fuels increases the CO2 level in the atmosphere which appears to be related to increased temperatures on the entire globe. With a growing world population it becomes clear that pressure on natural resources and the environment is growing towards dangerous levels. Is there any way out of this problem? Can the recently proposed biobased economy be of any help?


“TERRA VITIS, a sensible approach to wine-growing production” by Mr Ferencz Deli, CEO Terra Vitis Wine Company Maintaining a durable agriculture requires respecting the production tool. By taking into account the wine-growing practise impact on the environment in the process of agricultural production, it is possible to institute a certain number of restraints towards practices and by reducing their impact, to protect the environment, the “terroir” or also to produce good quality products ( regarding the

18 International Days 2012

organoleptic and the sanitary). Terra Vitis sets the framework and directions for the application of such constraints.


“Nanotechnology and the Biobased Economy” by Dr. Wim J. Staal, Guest Professor Bio Nanotechnology at Fachhochschule Bonn, Germany In the field of nanotechnology we can learn a lot from nature. Well-known applications are ‘the Lotus effect’ or self cleaning and the ‘the Gecko walking ‘ adhesion without glue. In the field of energy, solar cells are made based on grass clippings and a nano catalist is made to transform biomass in oil. Nanotechnology will be in the future a key factor in the transfer to the Biobased Economy.

From 12h00 onwards, you can join the network room 2C-08 for further discussion on sustainability & food.

International Days 2012 19

Sustainability and Animals


“Future designs for animal housing systems: Jump to sustainable farming” by Mr Han Swinkels, Professor Sustainable Livestock Farming chains


“Going to market; future poultry housing systems” by Mrs Susanne Vonk MA, Vencomatic Group


“Facilitating the building of future animal housing systems” by Mrs Maartje Oonk MA, Ministry of Economic affairs, Agriculture and Innovation

From 12h00 onwards, you can join the network room 2C-10 for further discussion on sustainability & animals.

20 International Days 2012


Lunch & informal theme meetings clustered by theme:

Networking lunch

Room 2C-08 - theme Food Room 2C-09 - theme Plant Room 2C-10 - theme Animal Please note that the lunch will only be served in the above mentioned rooms!

International Days 2012 21

22 International Days 2012

Photo: Margriet Hoffmans

HAS Den Bosch has an excellent reputation in applied research and innovation in horticulture. We offer students challenging learning environments and have accompanying facilities like a greenhouse with infrared heating, a dry hydrophonics cultivation system and high tech LED equipped climate cham-

Innovative plant production systems

bers. After an introduction about these systems we offer a tour through our facilities.


Presentation by Mr Jasper den Besten, Professor Innovative Crop Cultivation Systems


Guided tour by Mr Jasper den Besten, Professor Innovative Crop Cultivation Systems and Mr Emile Clerkx, Senior Lecturer Plant Science

International Days 2012 23

HAS Business Café

including dinner buffet

The HAS Business Café, which takes place every trimester, is a well-known concept among regional professionals in the agricultural sector. Each edition, two enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the so-called ‘green field’ are invited to inspire the public through their presentations about entrepreneurship, the story of their company including both success stories and failures. Furthermore, the event offers ample opportunities for professionals to establish new relationships and collaborations. For the International Days, a very special international edition of the HAS Business Café will be organized. The central theme will, of course, be: Sustainability, The Next Step! The goal is to raise awareness of the importance of internationalisation and sustainability and to discover how entrepreneurs can adapt to the future sustainable challenges in a globalizing world. The presentations by the invited entrepreneurs give an inspiring view on sustainable entrepreneurship. A dynamic exchange between experienced entrepreneurs and young starting professionals (students) can be expected!

24 International Days 2012


Welcome & dinner buffet


Opening speech by Mr Jan Denissen, Member of the Board of Directors of HAS Den Bosch Presentation by Mrs Carlien Helmink of Studio Jux


Studio Jux produces clothes in a responsible way. All used materials are sustainable and the circumstances in the Nepalese plants are being monitored and guaranteed by the Fair Wear Foundation. With their innovative, sustainable concept, Studio Jux has won the Green Fashion Award 2012. 19:45-20:00

Short break, served with snacks


Presentation by (to be announced later)


“Elevator pitch� by some Top Class Entrepreneurs (students which promote their own company) and interaction


Networking drink


End of the evening

International Days 2012 25

26 International Days 2012

International Days 2012 27

parallel programme I

This symposium is organised in honour of Mrs Patricia de Cocq, Deputy



Symposium “Moving Forward: The biomechanics of locomotion”

Opening by Professor Johan van

“History of equine locomotion


research”, by Professor René van

Johan van Leeuwen is Professor of


Experimental Zoology at Wagenin-

René van Weeren is Professor of

gen University. His research focus

Equine Musculoskeletal Biology

is on biofysics, biology, health and

at the University of Utrecht and is

welfare of animals, anatomy and

now mainly involved in research

morphology of animals and zool-

with focus areas articular carti-

ogy. He is the promotor of Patricia

lage, tendons and biomechanics.

de Cocq.

Currently he is the coordinator of

Director of the Animal Science Department at HAS Den Bosch, University of Applied Sciences. She will be defending her PhD thesis later today at Wageningen University. Inspiring lecturers will highlight the current findings in biomechanics in both animal and human locomotion.

scientific research of the Department of Equine Sciences of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University and a member 28 International Days 2012

of the Management Board of the Department.




“Objective assessment of move-

“Quadrupedal to bipedal transi-

“Applications of forward dynamic

ment symmetria in horses with

tions during walking in olive ba-

simulation in the study of human

inertial sensors”, by Dr. Thilo Pfau

boons (Papio anubis): can kinema-

and animal locomotion”,

Thilo Pfau is lecturer at the Royal

tics reveal control strategies?”, by

by Dr. Maarten Bobbert

Veterinary College of the University

Professor Peter Aerts

Maarten Bobbert is associate

of London. He worked as postdoc-

Peter Aerts is professor in Zoology

professor at the Faculty of Human

toral researcher at The Royal Vete-

at the University of Antwerp

Movement Sciences of the VU

rinary College in the Structure and

(Belgium) and currently also chair

University Amsterdam, The Nether-

Motion Lab, Veterinary Basic Scien-

of the Department of Biology. In

lands. He conducted his PhD work

ces and at the International Com-

2002 he became head of the

on muscle functioning and coordi-

puter Science Institute, Berkeley.

Laboratory for Functional Morpho-

nation in vertical jumping. Among

He has a PhD in Speech Recogni-

logy. Much of the research carried

his research interests are the

tion biology, health and welfare of

out under his supervision concerns

design of the musculo-skeletal sys-

animals, anatomy and morphology

musculo-skeletal function during

tem and the organization of control

of animals and zoology. He is the

feeding and primarily locomotion

in the central nervous system.

promotor of Patricia de Cocq.

of vertebrates (fishes, frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards, apes and humans).

11:10-11:30 Coffee & tea break

International Days 2012 29

30 International Days 2012

Room 2A-04 will be equipped as a cinema room, where a wide range of documentaries and films related to various sustainability issues, such as the world food situation, mass consumption, deforestation etc. will be shown. The cinema room will be freely accessible all day long.


De Eeuw van AziĂŤ (Dutch spoken)

parallel programme II Documentaries & films

For over two thousand years, Asia has been the center of the world. Although the past few centuries this hasn’t been the case, the 21st century will become the one in which Asia returns to its former leading position and it is important for the Western countries to acknowledge this fact. This documentary is about the Western impotence to bring up an answer to the changing world.


Taste the Waste (English spoken, Dutch subtitles) The quantity of food we consume, is being exceeded by the quantity of food we throw away. Taste the Waste travels around the world to see how food is being wasted, but also shows how we can reduce the waste without the loss of our current living standard.

International Days 2012 31


Food, Inc. (English spoken, Dutch subtitles) This documentary shows the true face of the food industry. It reveals the mechanized processes which have been long kept secret for the consumer, with the Government’s consent. The truth about what we eat exactly, and how our food is being produced turns out to be surprising and even shocking. What are the consequences for our health? And how does the global food industry develop?


Smakelijk eten (Dutch spoken, English subtitles) The fact that we wish to consume all kinds of vegetables and fruits year-round, in spite of the growing season, causes natural disasters in the producing and exporting countries. This documentary searches for the ecological footprint of the globalizing legumes, the dramatic consequences of shrimp nurseries for the local fisheries sector and the mass destruction of the rainforest due to the Brazilian soy crop.


An Inconvenient Truth (English spoken) In this documentary, former American vice-president Al Gore shows the effects of the global warming caused by human beings. His call for globally entering the lists against the greenhouse effect is a bright, hopeful and inspiring message.

32 International Days 2012


Meat the Truth: the massive impact of livestock farming on climate change (English spoken) This documentary forms an addendum to earlier films that have been made about climate change. Although such films have convincingly succeeded in drawing public attention to the issue of global warming, they have repeatedly ignored one of the most important causes of climate change, namely: intensive livestock production. Meat the Truth has drawn attention to this by demonstrating that livestock farming generates more greenhouse gas emissions worldwide than all cars, lorries, trains, boats and planes added together.


Sea the Truth (English spoken, Dutch subtitles) In this documentary, two marine biologists search for scientific evidence on the condition of our biggest ecosystems, which cover over two-third of our planet. Underwater photographer Don Winkel shows the beauty of our seas and oceans and the enormous threats to which the underwater life is being exposed.

International Days 2012 33

parallel programme III

Today, all our students will be offered a special course which perfectly fits in

Various presentations, sessions and discussions

particular component is an obligatory subject within their curriculum.

34 International Days 2012

their regular study programme and has a special link with sustainability and the international context in which their field of expertise is operating. Please feel free to attend the courses in which you are interested, too! Please note that for each component within this programme, the number of seats is limited. Priority will be given to those students for which the


Presentation on (post)modern landscape design in Denmark by Mrs Annemarie Lund (Editor-in-chief at LANDSKAB in Denmark and author of ‘Danish Landscape Architecture’)


Presentation on current European and global developments in food production by Mr Jakob Brand (International Business Manager Food & Agriculture at Rabobank International)


Landscape Design Business Administration & Agribusiness

“Regional food production: how can the Western European agrarian entrepreneur develop in a global rat race?” Guest lecture by Mr Roel Schutten MA, Director of ZLTO


Skype session with our Dutch HAS Den Bosch exchange student in Barcelona


Environmental Studies

“ISO26000: The international directive for corporate social responsibility”. Guest Lecture of Mr Pierre Hupperts of MVO (Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen – a Dutch sustainable trade initiative)


“Sustainable Development and Environmental Ethics, an introduction”. Lecture by Mr Kees Vromans, lecturer environmental studies at HAS Den Bosch

International Days 2012 35

Food Design

13:00-14:45 and 15:00-16:45

“Native English for Nederlanders: A personal, cultural and grammatical guide”. (This guest lecture will take place twice) Guest lecture by Mr Ronald van de Krol, author of “Native English for Nederlanders”. He will come to HAS Den Bosch to discuss the impact of culture on language and how to cope with that when learning a foreign language, in this case English.

Applied Biology


Global climate monitoring Guest lecture by Mr Arnold van Vliet (Programme Director Biodiversity and Global Change at Foundation for Sustainable Development and biologist at Wageningen University)

Animal Husbandry & Animal Care


Introduction in VION’s sustainability strategy by Mr Paul Jansen, Director Public Affairs at VION Food Group, a producer of high-quality foodstuffs for humans and animals, made from natural materials of agricultural origins. VION Food Group, headquartered in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), is a global food company with 26,756 staff and an annual turnover of almost € 10 billion, making VION one of the leading industrial enterprises in the Netherlands, and a major global food company. VION values the quality of work

36 International Days 2012

as much as the quality of products: VION also has a Passion for People.


Rural development and project management in Finland Lecture by Mrs Kaija Saramaki, Lecturer and Project manager at North Karelia University of Applied Sciences (NKUAS)


Urban & Rural Development

Urban Futures Game (a simulation game) Lecture by Mr Marien Sonneveld, Director at Regiowaarde and owner / managing consultant Regional Development at Interactive Consult


Discussion on International entrepreneurship in horticulture and arable farming by Mrs Ineke van Meggelen (HAS Den Bosch)

Horticulture & Arable Farming

Mrs Anneke Zee (Meset Consult), Mr Ir. Peter Cox (Horatia), MrJochem Rovers (Farm Frites International) and Michel van Rijn (Rijnplant)

International Days 2012 37

programme Thursday 19 April

Today, all guests will be taken to visit the Floriade, Holland’s unique World Horticultural Expo in Venlo. Be a part of the theatre of nature! A theatre you’ll experience with all your senses, because you’ll be playing the leading role alongside nature. Where you’ll learn about nature and find out just how important flowers, plants, trees, vegetables and fruit are in our daily lives. Where you can listen to beautiful music. And enjoy a relaxing moment or two dangling your feet in the water. Everywhere you go there is something new and surprising to discover. Together we will make Floriade 2012 a world of fascination. Spectacular and relaxing. Educational and fun. Active and contemplative.

38 International Days 2012


Assemble at HAS Den Bosch


Departure by bus to the Floriade, the World Horticultural Expo in Venlo


Arrival at the Floriade, joint kick-off at the Nederland Bloeit pavillion, where HAS Den Bosch is also represented. The rest of the day can be spent freely at the Floriade.


Closing reception for all guests of the International Days at the Nederland Bloeit pavillion


Departure by bus to HAS Den Bosch (for those who wish to return to their accommodation in Den Bosch)

International Days 2012 39

Programme booklet International Days 2012  

Programme booklet International Days 2012 by HAS Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences