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THE EMBASSY OF ISRAEL, ANKARA Issue XXIII 23.12.2010 Israeli Ambassador’s Visit to Ministry of Environment and Forest

Israel and Turkey Becoming a CERN Member The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) approved applications of five countries including Turkey to become full member.

The Israeli Ambassador Gabby Levy The Ambassador showed the gratitute of visited Minister of Environment and his government with the plaquet he Forest. presented to Minister Mr. Eroglu. The aim of his visit was to thank the Turkish government on behalf of Israeli state and Israeli citizens for the planes that were sent at the time of the fire.

CERN told a statement that the delegates adopted launching of candidacy process of Turkey, Southern Cyprus, Israel, Serbia and Slovenia. All candidate countries are foreseen to become full member of CERN after conclusion of formal talks that would last for three years. CERN, established by 12 European States in 1954, currently has 20 members. To read more about Israeli and Turkish membership please click here and here.

He also thanked to Prime Minister Erdoğan for instructing the institutions to send the planes.

Israeli Support on Palestinian Authority Business Israeli Companies Outsourcing to Palestinians

Mayumana is Coming To İstanbul

Within the pastel walls of a modest suburban office, Israeli high-tech workers have accomplished a feat that still eludes their political leaders: They have created a partnership with the Palestinians. Israeli-Palestinian peace talks may be stalled, but that hasn't stopped a small but steady trickle of Israeli technology companies from seeking to work with people on the other side of the decades-old conflict. Learn more about the partnership; click here. The world-famous Israeli dance group Mayumana will meet the art and dance lovers in İstanbul.

The Civil Administration Helps Palestinian Farmers Improve Their Techniques Cooperation between the Civil Administration and Palestinians is getting stronger. The Administration recently began teaching Palestinian farmers how to better till their soil. A few weeks ago, 26 Palestinian foresters attended an unusual seminar where representatives of the Jewish National Fund (an environmental nonprofit organization) and the Ministry of the Environment taught the best way to raise sheep and goats in a given pasture area and keep the soil pest-free.

Mayumana group whom show is based on talent,rhythm,visual effects but most important creativeness and humor is established in 1996 and have demonstrated their shows not only in Istanbul but also on various parts of the world. To see that unique show book your seat for December 23-24, 2010. For detailed info please click here.

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