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Academic Projects 01- Graduation Project

- Development of Al-Nahrain University and Design Nano Technology Research Center 02- Master Stage Project - Tactical Design

03- Master Stage Project - Urban Design Rusafa Development 04- Master Stage Project - Urban Design Jadeed Hasan Basha Development


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Different Designs


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A 01

Academic Projects Development of Al-Nahrain University and Design Nano Technology Research Center

Development of Al-Nahrain University and Design Nano Technology Research Center Graduation Project Location Baghdad-Iraq Al-Nahrain University – 5th Stage 2013-2014 The location of the project in Baghdad AlJadria complex nearby University of Baghdad. there are two parts in Al-Nahrain University the 1st part on the left of the site is the complex of colleges and the other part contains few buildings. The concept of the Project consist of 2 layers the first layer inspired from nano technology and changing the properties of the materials and improve the materials. So we get the central Unit of University of Baghdad to improve the Urban properties of this Unit. We change the properties of the Unit to the hierarchy of spaces in the Islamic city. I used 3 units and insert it in 3 zones ( research zone, studying zone and the cultural zone ) and all Units creating the public area in the center of Urban site. The 2nd layer is a support for the 1st layer and it inspired from nano technology in sustainable field. I used the nano scale in the fibers of the leaf and it used as a organic grid in Urban site and it create the mass of the project. The Urban site of project consist of 4 zones: Research zone and it contains nano technology research center. - Studying zone and it contains IT. college buildings and studying halls buildings. - Cultural zone and it contains Al-Mustafa Mosque, Cultural center and reading hall these two functions are in basement in the site. - Public area and it contains Presidential building of University, Engineering consultant office, Central library, Conference Hall for 750 person, Multipurpose Hall for 200 person and Cafeteria of students. Some of buildings are existing in the site and the others designed according to the urban sequence of University and some of them according to the concept.

Nano technology research center consist of 3 floors - Ground floor contains 4 zones: 1- Research zone consist of twin units (each unit has labs and clean rooms), researchers rooms, the head of department and service rooms. 2- Public zone consist of cafeteria, studying halls, seminar hall, teachers rooms and head of department. 3- Management zone consist of Manager zone, meeting hall, offices and service rooms 4- Nano gardens zoon contains nano gardens and labs of the gardens - First floor contains 3 zones: 1- Research zone consist of twin units (each unit has labs and clean rooms), researchers rooms and service rooms 2- Public zone consist of Library, studying halls, Seminar hall and teachers rooms. 3- Management zone consist of offices and internet halls - Basement floor contains the research zone consist

1 of

zone is 2 units.

The principle of the working of project inspired from the surface of the leaf. In the project there are panels have a structure which are able to absorb energy through photovoltaic cells distributed on exterior services, the intermediate panels are organized in such way to collect the rain water, so the pipes transfer the energy, water and ventilation to spaces of project. Every joint in in veins there is a column and there are shafts in it transfer the services of project. The structure of project are the organic veins and in every joint there is a huge column support the structure of the project.



Master Studying 2016-2017 1st Course Location : Baghdad- Shorjah

Tactical Design


 -There alot of problems in this zone and one of t hem is no activities after 3pm.

Hasan Hadi

Main solution

- By using Hologram pyramid it creates 3d holographic show in the piaza, it imparts attractiveactivity and makes revival of space. - Hologram pyramid is a tactical solution don’t needto large economic ballance. 

Secondary and futuristic solutions

- The solutions by convert it to public space by c hanging uses for some commercial buildings to  resturants, cafes, libraries...etc. - Exploitation of the open spaces by green areas,terraces for sitting. 

Al-Nahrain University College of Engineering MSc. of Architecture 2016-2017

Attractive Zone

Tactical Design


Hasan Hadi


Urban Design 1st Course - Master Stage Rusafa Development


Urban Design 2 Course - Master Stage Jadeed Hasan Basha N. development nd

Site Plan

Imaginary views

Enlarge Plan


Different Works

Some of my works during experience moderling by 3dmax and Post production by Photoshop

Villa Designs

House elevation 5m

House elevation 11m

House elevation 10m

3d House Plan

Apartment plan of a hotel

Hotel’s Elevation

Interior Design

A store of women shoeses and purses in Harithia mall with Architect Mohammed Haider Jawad Conecpt the concept from the brand logo of the store which inspired from wings.

Commercial Building

Suggestion Elevation for Tiraz Decorations of kitchens

Doctor Room

Interior Design A medical clinic of a doctor in A’adhamia with Architect Mohammed Haider Jawad

Paintings used in the clinic

Surgery Room

Reception Hall


Post Production

Post Production visualisation by Photoshop after modeling and rendering in 3dmax


Different Designs

Modeling by Grasshopper and rendered by keyshot




Graphic Design Works By Photoshop

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Hasan Architect portfolio  

Portfolio of Architectural and Graphic design works

Hasan Architect portfolio  

Portfolio of Architectural and Graphic design works