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Welcome to the first ever issue of Under the more they seem to fade away. The Concrete. The two original photographs shown in our main feature were shot under a tunSo who is our magazine for? Our target nel where Moor Street railway line travaudience is not defined by age or gen- els directly above. To most people, espeder. One of the groups we hope to reach cially those who may walk or drive past out to are commuters, people who regu- this scene most days, the location might larly travel in and out of Birmingham. not top the list of most inspirational Commuters are constantly exposed to places in the city. However, we at UTC uninspiring, soulless adverts and tacky wish to reignite the imaginations of the media design. All photographs featured public. From just two photographs, we in Under The Concrete have been taken have concocted an elaborate, playful within 1.5 miles of New Street and Moor narrative referencing the early versions Street railway stations. The reason for 1980’s versions of Nintendo’s classic this being is that we wanted our readers video game – Mario Bros. We chose this to recognise some of our shoot locations game in particular as original the story – when presented with our photographs, was that the two characters were sent most (if not all) of those who live/work down to the sewers of New York to dein Birmingham announced rather excit- feat nasty creatures. Sewers = under the edly that they recognised the location concrete, like our thinking? but couldn’t pinpoint precisely where it was. I really enjoyed this, it reminded After viewing our magazine, I hope you me of trying to remember a dream but leave with a more positive, creative outthe more you try and recall the details, look as regards to this concrete city.


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Under The Concrete: Draft 3  
Under The Concrete: Draft 3  

Another draft for our magazine